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How to Send or Receive Fax Wirelessly: A Step-by-Step Guide 2021

As the business world decreases its dependence on paper, email has grown so much. Attaching PDFs, text documents, and graphics to an email and sending them takes seconds.

Unlike with standard faxing, theres no printing or waiting by a machine involved.

However, faxing is still among the most secure ways to send and receive sensitive information and confidential documents. Many industries rely on it for that exact reasonemails are often too exposed to security issues and cyber threats.

This is where faxing over the internet comes in. It makes the most out of both worlds. It sends documents securely as fax pages, but it doesnt require you to own and maintain a physical fax machine, fax servers, special fax modem, or additional software. Forget about replacing the toner in your fax machine!

Heres what you need to fax online:

  • An internet connection
  • An email account
  • A subscription to an internet fax service

With this setup, you can easily send faxes and receive incoming faxes. The best part? You can get started in a matter of minutes.

How To Fax Wirelessly

Friday, May 22, 2020

For businesses that rely on faxing, the traditional method can seem clunky, slow, and outdated. These days, you can make calls, watch TV, get online, and listen to music without being tethered to cords and cables. So shouldnt you be able fax wirelessly, too?

Fortunately, there are several wireless fax options available. From wireless machines to online apps to fax by email, the world of faxing has never been more mobile. And since these methods dont require phone lines, you dont need an old-fashioned landline to make them work.

Although there are a few different options, they dont all provide the same benefits and convenience. So read on to find out which solution will work best for you and see how to fax wirelessly.

Send A Wireless Fax From Your Cellphone

For even more flexibility and portability, you can also send and receive wireless faxes on your cellphone.

There are a few ways to do this. If you only fax rarely, there are mobile apps that charge a fee per fax or per page. But if you fax often, youll find a subscription service to be much more affordable.

With the eFax mobile fax app, you can fax documents from your phone wherever you are, day or night. You could fax from a mountaintop, as long as you had cell service!

The mobile fax app has the same basic operation as the online portal. But its optimized for a mobile phone or tablet.

The app allows you to eSign important documents right from your phone without printing them. You can fax documents that are stored on your phone, or documents in cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud.

You can also send wireless faxes by email from your phone, just like you would from your computer.

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How To Use Other Devices As A Wireless Fax Machine

As mentioned earlier, recent technological advancements have made it possible to turn your devices like your mobile phone, laptop, and tablets into a wireless fax machine. Its so easy to do.

First thing that you need to do is sign up with iFax. iFax is one of the leading online fax service providers in the market today. They offer a plethora of features including email to fax, military-grade 256-bit encryption, 24/7/365 customer support, and e-signature integration among others. Best of all, they make online faxing integration so easy and seamless.

Their apps are compatible with any operating system such as iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows. Whatever device you prefer to use, you can definitely use it as a wireless fax machine.

# 1 Online Fax Service How To Access Over A Wifi Or Any Internet Connection

Can You Fax Over WiFi

An online fax service can send a fax using email, the internet, a smartphone app, or desktop software. It can be accessed over WiFi or anywhere there is an internet connection. Wired internet and cellular internet connections can also use an online fax service.

Fax services allow for sending and receiving faxes with email, a web application, smartphone app, or desktop software.

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Attach Your Document To Your Email Or A New Fax Message

You can use your online fax service in two ways:

  • Through its dashboard
  • Using your standard email service

In your dashboard, youll simply follow the prompts to enter your recipients fax number and attach your text documents, PDFs, or images to your fax message.

In your email, you can attach your documents to a new email. Then, youll enter your recipients fax number in the To: field, followed by the name of the service youre using. For Nextiva, it looks like this: .

Wireless Home Phone Fax

A fax modem or fax machine can be connected to one of the standard telephone RJ-11 jacks on the Wireless Phone adapter, but faxing with the wireless home phone service is not guaranteed to work. Many of these cellular carriers do not support wireless home phone fax or alarm system monitoring. Check with your specific cellular carrier or Users Guide to verify compatibility.

Here are some links from Wireless providers with the official support on faxing:

While faxing may not be officially supported using many of these wireless providers, here are some suggestions on configuring the FaxTalk fax software to send and receive faxes using the Wireless Home Phone Adapter.

If you do not use FaxTalk software, you can try positioning your adapter to receive the best cell signal and try reducing your speed and toggling ECM mode for your specific fax hardware device.

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Send Free Faxes Online Or Receive Faxes By Email For Free

  • Queens College
  • Harvard University Extension School
  • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Faxing may seem like outdated technology, but many organizations still conduct business via fax. There’s no need to invest in a fax machine or computer fax modem, however. Free online fax services allow you to send faxes from your computer and receive them in your email.

The free fax offerings from these services may have limited features. Read carefully before choosing one.

  • Great for very limited faxing needs.

  • Faxes straight from Word files.

  • Includes ads on the cover page.

  • No way to receive a fax.

With FaxZero, send a fax for free anywhere in the United States and Canada, as well as many international destinations. Upload a document or PDF file or enter the text you’d like to fax. There is no fax-receiving function, however.

The free service places an ad on the cover page and is limited to a maximum of three pages per fax and up to five free faxes per day. If you need to send more than three pages, send a fax of up to 25 pages with priority delivery and no advertising on the cover page for $2.09. This service is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

  • Very limited number of free faxes.

  • No ability to receive faxes.

  • Great for people with consistent but low-volume fax needs.

  • OCR and document-search capability.

  • Weekly fax receipts to keep your number.

  • Can’t send faxes.

  • Subscription model is pricey.

  • $10 setup fee for a paid tier.

How To Fax Over The Internet

How To Send a Fax from a Computer

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You never know when you need to send a fax until you have to do it. Of course, you can use the fax machine at work to send a quick form to someone. However, what if you don’t have a fax at work to fill that same need? Even if you don’t have a fax machine, you probably do have the Internet! So even if the person you’re faxing is insisting on bringing back 1997, you don’t have to.

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Why Send And Receive Fax Via A Computer

Sending and receiving fax using an online service and your PC is much simpler and more convenient than fiddling around with fax machines and phone lines. There are other advantages, too:

  • Saves time and money you dont need to waste paper or invest in a fax machine
  • Organises documents most online fax services provide you with cloud space for securely storing your documents
  • Sending and receiving faxes from mobile devices when youre not in front of your computer your phone or tablet will do the trick
  • Signing documents online most fax services allow you to digitally sign documents, thus streamlining your workflow
  • Advanced encryption protocols
  • No Fax Machine No Problem Your Multi

    Your smartphone is one of the best tools you could have for working on the road. Its a mobile officescanner and fax machine included. On those rare occasions when sending a document via email or text message wont suffice, you could use your camera phone to photograph a document and use a mobile fax app to send it to a fax machine. Here are some helpful mobile fax apps:

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    How To Send A Fax Over Wifi

    To send a fax over WiFi, the following steps should be followed:

    Step 1. Download and install the Dingtone FAX app on your device.

    Step 2. Register for an account on the Dingtone FAX app and purchase a fax plan based on your demands. The good news, youll have a fax number contained in your Fax plan provided by the Dingtone FAX app.

    Step 3. Fill the fax recipients fax number or select your target fax number from your contacts.

    Step 4. Scan the file youre ready to fax out using the webcam on your smartphone or tablet or directly attach the file to fax from email or cloud.

    Step 5. Edit the document to be faxed out if necessary. FAX app allows its users to add a cover page to the file or a signature.

    Step 6. Click the Send button to finish up faxing.

    Adjusting Error Correction Mode In Faxtalk

    Can I fax via WIFI or do I need to have a phone line plugged...

    Error Correction Mode can improve fax transmission quality by verifying the data received is the same as the data sent. This may help in cases where VOIP connections result in some minor data packet loss. However, when there are many errors and retries due to line noise or packet loss/jitter, faxes will usually fail completely. To enable or disable Error Correction Mode support in FaxTalk:

  • From FaxTalk, click on the Tools menu, and click Options.
  • In the configuration list on the left, click Modem.
  • On the Modem configuration page, click Properties.
  • On the Fax tab check Enable Error Correction Mode support, uncheck to disable..
  • Click OK to close the Modem Settings dialog.
  • Click OK to save the changes and close FaxTalk Settings.
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    How To Fax Via Email

    Faxing over email is extra handy if youre on the go and need to send a fax. Your email service is probably already open, so if you want to skip logging into your online faxing dashboardyou can.

    Heres how to send a fax via email with your Nextiva vFAX subscription:

  • Retrieve the fax number youre looking to send a fax to
  • Open your usual email service and start creating a new email
  • In the To: field, enter the fax number followed by
  • Add up to ten files as email attachments
  • Add text to the body of the email if you want to add additional notes
  • Send!
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    Fax Through The Web Browser

    Step 1: Go to the “Choose your fax number” page, by clicking on the “Start faxing” button. Fill in all the required details, and choose a fax number of your preference.

    Step 2: Once youve completed the sign-up process, click on the +New Fax button, and a new fax window will open.

    Step 3: In the New Fax window, fill in all the required details. Type the fax number of the recipient. You can even send a fax to multiple users at the same time by entering their fax numbers and separating them with a semicolon.

    You also have the option to add the subject and cover page to your fax. The Subject will appear on the top of the fax document and the Cover Page will form the first page printed out on the receivers end. After filling in the above details you now need to attach the fax file. The supported formats of the fax file are Doc, Docx, Xls, Jpg, and Png.

    Step 4: After double-checking all the provided information, click on the Send button. CocoFax will connect with the receivers fax machine and send your fax to them.

    Step 5: You will get an email confirmation from CocoFax in your email inbox if the fax is sent successfully or not.

    You can also watch the video below:

    **If your fax is undelivered, the possible reasons are that the receivers fax machine is busy, or it is switched off, or youve entered an incorrect fax number. **

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    Fax Machines With A Wireless Connection

    The final option is a wireless fax machine a physical fax machine that connects to a mobile phone connection.

    While the terms vary, these are typically called GSM fax machines or CDMA fax machines depending on the type of network they operate on .

    With this approach, the fax machine would have a separate fax number and cellular account and operate over the cellular connection to send and receive faxes .

    It should be noted that reception quality is important for this approach any static or loss of quality on the connection, and a GSM or CDMA fax machine will not be able to understand the message.

    Online Fax Reviews

    Sign Up For An Online Faxing Service

    How To Send And Receive Faxes Over The Internet

    To get access to such an online interface to send and receive faxes through, you need to sign up for an internet fax service. Our vFAX service is one example of it.

    Creating your account shouldnt take longer than a minute or two. It usually involves entering your name, company name, email, and phone number, as well as address and payment details.

    Many services will give you free pages to send and receive before starting your paid plan.

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    Discover The Wonders Of A Wireless Fax Machine: 4 Key Points

    Faxing might be considered old technology, but it certainly still is one of the most essential and reliable communication tools today. While there are now newer tools that have come out over the last ten or so years, you still can count on faxing to be efficient and secure.

    As technology evolved, so did the faxing industry. Gone are the days when you have to invest a considerable amount of money in a bulky piece of equipment and a dedicated phone line. Nowadays, wireless fax machine is the norm. Sending faxes now is much quicker and more efficient than it once was only a decade ago.

    In fact, you can easily send and receive documents over the internet. This can be achieved via wireless fax using Voice Over Internet Protocol and Fax Over IP . Through FOIP technology, you can use your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop as your very own wireless fax machine. Its quite cool, isnt it?

    In this article, well tackle the many facets of wireless faxing technology. So if you want to know more about this matter as well as everything you need to know about wireless faxing, keep on reading.

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