Can I Move My Wifi Box To Another House

How To Know Where To Move Your Modem

Relocate your Wi-Fi Router the Easy Way

Before you move your modem, think about why youre moving the modem and where you would rather have it. Its usually a good idea to have the modem centrally located in your residence, which allows you to optimize wireless router placement to create a solid Wi-Fi network throughout your house.

If you have a desktop computer or a game console, you may also want to consider placing the modem in the same room. This setup will allow you to connect these devices to your router via ethernet cable for the strongest, most reliable internet connection possible.

When you move your modem, you should also think about where youre going to put your router. For example, you can place your modem in a hutch, on a shelf, or just about anywhere else as long as it has ventilation and doesnt overheat. However, the router needs to be where the wireless signal wont be interrupted. If you connect other devices, like a printer or network storage, to your router or modem, its also essential to think about where youll place those.

Would The Settings Change If I Move It

Contrary to what a lot of people believe in, the settings of your router would stay the same.

Its not like the name, the password, as well as other features would change just because you transferred it to a different location.

So, if you are concerned about changes and modifications on the routers settings, fret not itll stay the same.

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How To Set Up Wi

The Internet powers the 21st century. Adults and children alike use the web for so many activities, from streaming games to communicating with friends and family around the world. Dont sacrifice that connectivity when you move. Stay connected with all of the people and pastimes that matter to you by setting up internet service for home.

Home Wi-Fi means having a network set up at your new house to ensure high speeds and wireless connectivity to all of the digital devices operating within your household. Wi-Fi allows you to use the Internet from your cell phone, laptop, or tablet without the need for cables. Wireless Internet access makes checking your email, texting your friends, or checking in on Facebook convenient and hassle-free. Read on to find out how to set up Wi-Fi at home, so you can start reaping the benefits of high-speed at your new place.

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Move Internet Connection To A Different Floor

I want to migrate my internet to the second floor of my house, where i will have two PCs, leaving none at the ground floor. I already have a cat5 cable going from this floor to the second one, and just the router/modem from my ISP.

Im just not sure if i need a bridge or a switch, or another router.

  • 1Do you intend to move the modem upstairs as well? Do you have a phone jack where you intend to move it for your DSL connection? If so, its as simple as moving the modem upstairs and plugging everything in. Plug your computers in to the modem.Dec 4 ’18 at 20:55
  • 1

If you have your router upstairs with the two computers, then all you need is connect two ethernet cables, one for each computer. Run the cables from the back of the modem to the ethenet socket in each of the computers.Hope this helps and I hope I’m understanding you correctly.

If you leave the router/modem on the ground floor & already have a single cable running to the new location, then to achieve your requirements with no further inter-floor wiring, add an unmanaged switch at the end of your link cable & spur everything else from that.

Unless you are running some very serious in-house data transmission, that will be unlikely to be any slower than having the router moved up to the 2nd floor.

Where To Place Your Modem And Router

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The modem is connected to a wire that goes outside, so there are some restrictions on where you can place your modem. The modem needs to be placed closer to a phone jack or the cable connection.

The technician from your cable provider may have run an entirely new line to connect the modem in this case, you may not be able to move your modem or router.

First, check the back of your modem to see what kind of connection your modem has. If you have DSL internet, they use a phone jack type of connection however, cable internet uses a cable connection similar to your television cable line. If you have a compatible connector in another room, you are in luck of having an easy reinstallation process.

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Will I Be Charged While My Service Is Disconnected

Once your current service has been disconnected, you wont be charged until service is installed and activated at your new home. For uninterrupted service, well do our best to schedule the disconnect of your service on the day of installation at your new home. Please note that Pro Connect installation appointments are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. So placing your request as early as possible at will give us the best opportunity to provide you the most convenient Pro Connect installation times.

Watch Out For Signal Interference

Appliances and electronics like microwaves, baby monitors, cordless phones, and Bluetooth speakers can mess with Wi-Fi signals because they use similar radio frequencies. Try to avoid putting any of these things too close to your router, or you might get some signals crossed.

Actually its a good idea to keep your router a bit of a distance from other electronics in generaltheyre just full of wires and things that can block your Wi-Fi.

Another possible cause of signal interference is other Wi-Fi networks. If you live in close quarters to your neighbors, their Wi-Fi network could cause problems for yours . A fix for this issue is to change your Wi-Fi band channel to one your neighbor isnt using. And as a courtesy, dont put your router right up against any common walls if you can help it.

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Your Router Will Work With Most Modems

Lets say youre moving and youll have a different ISP for your new home. As a result, you need to get a new modem thats compatible with your new internet provider.

If this applies to you, you shouldnt have to worry about your router. Routers that are used in home networks are compatible with the vast majority of modems. As long as they both have an RJ45 ethernet port , you should be in good shape.

Pack Up Your Equipment For The Move

How I move PLDT Wifi Modem to New location

Alright, now youve gotten to the easiest part. Moving your router is easyjust unplug it from the wall and pack it up with your modem and any related cables. Make sure to label the box as Wi-Fi stuff so your Wi-Fi goodies dont get lost in the shuffle.

As for your modem, it will need to be authenticated with your ISP to work at the new location. It will work fine in the new place if you rented it from your internet providerjust let them know that youre taking it with you and have the same equipment. If you bought the modem yourself, look on the box or search online to confirm that its cleared to work on your ISPs network.

Pro tip:

You can use your phone as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot if theres a delay between your move date and when you can reactivate your internet. Learn to set up your phones Wi-Fi tethering function with our phone hotspot guide.

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The Easiest Way To Fix Wi

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Are there Wi-Fi dead zones in your house? Before you do anything drastic, you might be able to fix it by simply moving your router.

This sounds fake, because Wi-Fi seems like magicsomething that can only be made better by wizards who understand its mysterious ways. But Wi-Fi isnt magic. Your laptop and iPad connect to the Internet using a century old technology: radio waves.

And radio waves have limits. If you drive through a tunnel with the FM radio on, youll mostly hear a bunch of static. This is because the signal from the radio tower cant reach you underground. There are barriers that block the signal.

The same principle applies to your Wi-Fi: barriers between your router and your devices make the signal worse. So the physical placement of your device makes a startlingly big difference in your signal across the house.

Make Sure The Router Is Getting A Signal

The next thing you should check is that the router is receiving a signal from your ISP.

Each router may look different, but all routers have indicator lights that show their status.

Look for the indicator that reads Internet or, on some models, looks like a globe.

The indicator should be on or flickering even if you dont have any data traffic.

If the indicator is off, it shows that your router isnt connected to the local network.

Thats where you should check your modem.

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Check Whether Your Provider Will Be Available

Before you decide to transfer your internet service, you must determine whether the provider is available at your new residence. If you will still be within the town or metro area, you can retain your ISP, but is it advisable to confirm first.

This is essential because you will not have to look for a new ISP. So, if your current provider will be at your new location, it is good to let them know you are relocating so that they can arrange how you will get internet connection in your new home.

Also, you can check what ISPs are available in your new area and try to get in touch with them. This is essential if your ISP will not be available in your new location.

How The Nbn Hybrid Fibre Coaxial Connection Works

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The nbn hybrid fibre coaxial is a technology that combines an optical fibre and coaxial cable and is the same technology used to connect Foxtel.

  • nbn co technician cabling only

    Connects from the nbn co connection box outside your home to the nearest wall socket inside your home.

  • Network boundary

    Where the nbn co cabling ends and the customer cabling begins. The network boundary is at the first wall socket.

  • Customer cabling only

    Cabling that begins inside your home where the nbn co cabling ends. A registered cabler is needed to connect the cable to different locations, or wall sockets, inside your home.

  • Connecting to a wall phone socket

    To connect to an existing or new phone socket in another room, you will need a registered cabler.

  • A splitter is only needed if you have Foxtel

    A splitter is a device that sits between the nbn co connection wall socket inside your home and your devices. It splits the cable signal to two or more devices, e.g. your Smart Modem and Foxtel.

  • Telstra Smart Modem

    Your Smart Modem is connected via an ethernet cable to the nbn co connection device.

  • Ethernet cable

    A cable used to connect the Smart Modem to the nbn co connection device and to your in-home devices in place of Wi-Fi.

  • nbn co connection device inside your home

    A device supplied by the nbn co that sits next to your Smart Modem and is connected via an ethernet cable.

  • LAN outlet

    A registered cabler can connect a LAN outlet on the wall of another room to relocate your Smart Modem.

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    Can I Take My Internet Modem To Another House

    Ever since the technology has evolved enough to give the wireless means of communication, various broadband internet connections have come forward and expanded their services in this regard. Speaking of the Internet modem, many users wonder if they can take their internet modems to another house or different locations. Moving modem mainly depends upon the broadband you are using.

    When To Relocate Your Nbn Box & Steps Involved:

    It is likely that if youre on this page, youre already considering relocating your NBN box. However, for those unsure, relocating your box is recommended if has been placed in an area that is:

    • poorly ventilated, such as a tightly enclosed cupboard
    • where the average air temperature regularly drops below 10°C
    • where the average air temperature regularly exceeds 40°C e.g. in ceiling, wall or floor cavities
    • that are damp or wet such as the bathroom or laundry
    • that have high traffic flow where the box can easily be knocked, e.g. a hallway
    • near or below a heater

    While these specifications are all in line with the NBNs guidelines, unfortunately, it is not unheard of for NBN contractors to install boxes outside of these requirements.

    We have also often had clients request to have their NBN box relocated if they have felt it is an eyesore or has been installed in another area they feel is inappropriate e.g. in the bedroom.

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    Find Out If Your Current Provider Is Available At Your New Residence

    It seems simple, but its a big oversight for some. An Internet Service Provider available to you in your current neighborhood might not be a part of the wireless network on the other side of the country, or even county.

    To find the best Internet Service Provider with high speed internet where youre going to enter your zip codehere.

    Bandwidth Place shows a full listing of providers that offer internet based on zip code. If your provider is still listed, you still need to call and check if they service the exact address . If they do, youre in lucksimply call customer service and have them transfer your account.

    How The Nbn Fibre To The Premises Works

    How to extend your WiFi range with another router

    nbn fibre to the premises uses fibre optic cabling to connect to the broadband internet via an nbn co premises connection device located outside your home. The fibre cabling continues inside your home and connects to an nbn co network termination device.

  • nbn co technician cabling only

    nbn co fibre cabling runs from the nbn co premises connection device outside your home to the nbn co network termination device inside your home.

  • Network boundary

    Where the nbn co fibre cabling ends and the customer cabling begins. The network boundary is the nbn co network termination device inside your home.

  • Customer cabling only

    Cabling that begins inside your home where the nbn co cabling ends, i.e. at the network boundary. A registered cabler is needed to connect the cable to different locations, or wall sockets, inside your home.

  • nbn co premises connection device

    The nbn co premises connection device is fitted to the external wall of your home by an nbn co technician.

  • nbn fibre cabling

    The nbn co technician will run a fibre cable from the nbn co premises connection device fitted on the external wall of your home to the nbn co network termination device inside your home.

  • nbn co network termination device

    A device supplied by the nbn co that sits next to your Smart Modem and is connected via an ethernet cable.

  • Ethernet cable

    A cable used to connect the Smart Modem to the nbn co network termination device and to your in-home devices in place of Wi-Fi.

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