Can I Use Xfinity Wifi For Free

Flex Serves Many Functions If Youre Plugged Into The Xfinity Ecosystem

How to Get XFINITY WiFi for FREE on ANY Device (Working April 2020)

Xfinity customers will find that you can do more than just stream TV with the Flex.

If you rent Xfinitys XFi to serve as your router and WiFi device, youll be able to personalize your WiFi network with your Flex remote control. It gives you access to information like how much data youve used, what time of day youre using the internet the most and a device-by-device analysis of usage that you can monitor and limit with parental controls.

Xfinity subscribers who pay for home security through Xfinity Home can use the Flex to control and monitor settings through their televisions. And with the voice-command remote, youre able to call up these functions with relative ease.

You also can access a local weather report and curated news stories from the Xfinity Flex menu screen.

Setting It Up Was Extremely Easy

The Xfinity Flex setup process was painless. Assembly took me less than two minutes.

There are just four items included with the device:

  • Flex receiver
  • Power adapter
  • HDMI cord

Setup takes just five steps: 1) Connect the power adapter to the back of the Flex receiver 2) Connect the HDMI cord into the back of the Flex receiver 3) Connect the power adapter to a nearby power outlet 4) Connect the HDMI cord to your television 5) Turn on the Flex receiver with your remote control.

Since the device is already paired with your Xfinity internet account, the Flex automatically connects to your in-home Xfinity WiFi. That cuts down on the setup time pretty substantially.

Reducing The Number Of Devices Connected To The Network

The Xfinity WiFi system allows a maximum number of connected devices per user. Different users have different limits. Thus, if youre trying to connect one more device than allowed, youre in for some gnashing of teeth. The issue is easy to resolve, though, so heres how.

So, gather your devices together and identify which ones dont require connection to the Xfinity hotspot at the moment. Next, you should clear the MAC address of the device from your account.

Clearing the Media Access Control address of your device from your account with Xfinity isnt hard at all. Just follow these steps.

  • You need to visit the Xfinity home page, precisely the . Log in with your primary ID and password.
  • Once youre in your Xfinity account, navigate to the device management area. You will see a list of your connected devices here.
  • Assuming that the maximum number of devices have been connected, it is recommended to remove one device and also the current device that you are trying to connect. This creates space for one more device and allows you to connect the current device afresh as well. Also, removing a device will help if your current device isnt already connected because you have reached your maximum permissible number of connected devices.
  • When you have located a device to remove, click the Remove link on the right of the device name.
  • You will be prompted to confirm that you are sure you want to remove this device. Just click Remove again.
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    Using Xfinity Wireless Gateway

    If you opted to do a self install with an Xfinity Wireless Gateway, Comcast will ship you an xFi wireless gateway for speeds under 300 Mbps and an xFi Advanced Wireless Gateway for internet speeds at 300 Mbps and above. Regardless of the device, you are sent, the install process is the same. This device is a combination of modem and router that will manage your Xfinity Internet connection.

    The easiest way to install Xfinity Internet is to to your mobile device and follow the instructions. If youre not presented with the option to activate your Gateway upon opening the app, within the xFi app and navigate to More/Add a Device/xFi Gateway. However, if you want to use a laptop, you can follow the instructions below.

    Set Up Xfinity WiFi

  • Connect the coaxial cable bringing the internet signal into your house connected to the coaxial port on the xFi Wireless gateway.
  • Plug the power cord into the back of your xFi Wireless gateway and then into an electrical outlet
  • Wait until the Power, US/DS, and Online lights remain solid for 1 minute. These lights may flash for up to 20 minutes, and your Wireless Gateway may reboot. When these lights STOP flashing, move on to Step 5
  • Wait for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi lights to START flashing
  • Find the Network Name and Password on the sticker on the side, back, or bottom of your Gateway
  • Access the WiFi settings on your mobile device. Ensure WiFi is turned on. Then select the Network Name that is similar to the sticker on the device
  • How To Get My Free Xfi Pods

    Xfinity Psiphon WiFi Login Hack

    I received an email from Xfinity that my “Whole Home WiFi evaluation is complete” and that I have “Three xFi Pods are available to you at no extra cost”. I followed the link in the email and I get to an Xfinity website that says Temporarily unavailable. I have been checking for over a month and I get the same message.

    I called and have gone through the Xfinity stores and they tell me that I must follow the link in the email.

    Is there another way to get these xFi Pods?


    Hi all,

    I’m going through this experience myself and have highlighted to the relevant teams the experience gaps I’ve encountered. I’m not the product owner or expert of xFi Complete / Pods. Your best bet on your individal status is to chat/call in.

    Here are a few things to note:

  • Has the model number “XE2”
  • Larger/heavier
  • One Gen 2 should cover the work of 3 Gen 1 pods. So if you got 1 and not the 3, it’s because you received the 2nd generation one with more speed and coverage.
  • Spec-wise:
  • Tops out at 300Mbps
  • Dual-band antennas
  • Tops out at 500Mbps
  • Tri-band antennas
  • Sometimes, it’s not just all about xFi Pods, or any 3rd party mesh system, that will fix your issue, double check the fundamentals:

    Things to note about speed:


    1 y ago

    And, also by the way, why does it seem that people who want to pay $110 for the Pods have no problem entering their orders? I already paid, and xFinity is prioritizing other orders in front of mine? Something is rotten in Denmark.


    1 y ago


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    Xfinity Wifi Hotspot Map

    In addition to offering up Verizons Network for prices that are much cheaper than Verizon , Xfinity Mobile sets itself apart from the competition in that you can tap in to over 18 million WiFi hotspots. Xfinity makes this possible through using modems it leases to customers as WiFi hotspots. Devilishly clever.

    This can allow you to keep your mobile data usage to a minimum, if youre able to find a hotspot to connect to. Here is an Xfinity WiFi hotspot map or you can use the Xfinity app, which can be used offline.

    Does It Really Work 1

    If I find a hotspot and I can get it to let me connect it boots me after 5 minutes or less! It always asks for my password! What’s with this? I’ve got The Xfinity security, the app, and 1 time in a month it scrolled a list for me to connect to. Let’s see if they really read this! It took 3 yes 3 installs at my home and a month without TV , Phone , and WIFI , And to top it off they lost my old phone number too! At least the company I was with worked. They were slow but worked! My home wifi is the only good thing! Oh 2 year LOCKED IN PRICE YEA RIGHT! ITS INCREASINGLY RAISES EVERY MONTH SINCE MARCH! Until I’m helped and answered my rating stays 1 ! If I get help and answers I will raise my 1to what it deserves! Plz watch this post! People do ur homework! They have good home wifi if u stay inside. That’s only reason they got 1! GOD BLESS

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    How To Repeat An Xfinitywifi Wifi Signal As Your Own Home Wifi Using Dd

    Do you have a neighbor broadcasting an “xfinitywifi” signal, a friend or family member with xfinity internet, and some old wifi routers laying around the house? Well great news – you just got free internet.

    Follow these instructions and you will soon have home wifi that you and your friends can connect to using the xfinitywifi AP as your internet backbone. You can rebroadcast this signal in your own home with your own AP name and wifi password – totally transparent to your guests.

    What you need:

    • A router running ddwrt firmware.

    • Another router. Needs no special firmware.

    • A username and password that allows you to connect to xfinitywifi access point. Only use an account that you are allowed to use and don’t abuse xfinity’s wifi access point program.

    • Some patience.

    Authenticate your router

    You’ll notice that when you connect your computer to xfinitywifi you will get a portal page asking you to log in with your xfinity credentials. This is great for authenticating your computer, but if we want to connect your ddwrt router as a client to xfinitywifi, you will need to authenticate it somehow as well.

    Authentication is managed by mac address. When you log in with your computer, xfinitywifi stores and recognizes your mac address as authenticated and doesn’t ask you to log in again. Therefore, step 1 is to log into xfinitywifi using your computer but using your router’s mac address.

    Configure DDWRT Router

  • Under Setup > > Basic Setup

  • Configure AP

    Good luck. Don’t do anything illegal.

    How To Connect To Xfinity Wi

    How to get free Xfinity wifi anywhere anytime

    Here’s how to connect to an Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Access your device’s Settings and turn on the Wi-Fi function if it is not already turned on.

  • When your device’s Wi-Ii is turned on, a list of available wireless networks will appear on the screen. From this list, select the network labeled xfinitywifi. If prompted to do so, select Connect.

    Depending on your device, the browser may automatically display the Xfinity Wi-Fi sign-in portal. If it does not, you can trigger it by opening your browser and trying to load a website.

  • Enter your Xfinity username and password in the text box fields, then choose Sign In.

  • Once you’ve logged in, the hotspot will be ready to use. Test your connection by opening the browser to load a webpage.

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    Call And Text Performance

    I had a great experience with Verizons network in the past, so I wasnt really worried about Xfinity Mobiles call and text performance where I live.

    Since Xfinity Mobile runs on Verizons network, the coverage map looks a lot like the one for Verizons postpaid service. The difference is that Xfinity Mobile also has millions of Wi-Fi hotspots.

    Take a look at the coverage maps below:

    A great feature is that Xfinity Mobile supports Voice over LTE , which let me talk and use data at the same time. Wi-Fi calling has also been expanded to all but a few devices.

    How Do Xfinity Wi

    Youve probably spotted a Wi-Fi network named XFINITY or xfinitywifi near youthats an Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot.

    These hotspot networks come built into Xfinitys xFi gateways . If youve got an xFi gateway at home, you probably host two Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot networks in addition to your secure personal Wi-Fi network.

    Dont fret, because these host networks wont slow down your browsing or compromise your home Wi-Fi security. Instead, you can think of the Wi-Fi hotspot networks you host as a neighborly gesture to visitors looking for internet in your area.

    And youre not alone. The Xfinity hotspots your xFi gateway supports are part of over 18 million Xfinity public Wi-Fi hotspots in the US.

    This vast network helps you and other Xfinity customers get Wi-Fi while youre visiting different neighborhoods, as well as arenas and airports, bakeries and bars, and malls and medical facilities.

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    Handling Old And New Devices On The Same Network

    Mesh WiFi systems mash-up the signals running on both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz radio bands, so the two bands are accessed with a single SSID and password. Intelligent band steering and beamforming technology then directs the traffic, so your gear connects to the most appropriate frequency and node. 2.4 GHz signals travel farther but more slowly 5 GHz signals are shorter in range but run far faster so are better for data-intensive applications like video gaming.

    A complication can arise with creating a single network, though, when you have older products like security and baby cams, smart door locks and multi-room speaker systems that only work on 2.4 GHz. Sometimes, these older products can’t “see” the new mesh WiFi network because the new network is trying to connect on the 5Ghz band. The best mesh WiFi systems can identify devices that require a 2.4Ghz and provide a temporary separation of the two bands so that devices that require a 2.4Ghz connection are identified and handled accordingly.

    How Do I Find An Xfinity Hotspot

    Download Xfinity App On Laptop

    In the big cities Xfinity supports, you probably wouldnt be able to throw a rock without it landing within an Xfinity hotspot. But in more rural areas, the Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot map and Xfinity WiFi Hotspots app help big-time to locate hard-to-find internet.

    If you dont see an Xfinity hotspot pop up in your Wi-Fi settings, head over to the online Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot map. Scroll down that page to find a box to enter your zip code into. With that info, Xfinity will show you all the hotspots in your area.

    While the website works just fine, the Xfinity WiFi Hotspots app will knock your socks off by comparison. It offers both a map and list view, and it even works with your phone maps to direct you to hotspots.

    So if youre thirsty in a Wi-Fi desert, pop open your Xfinity WiFi Hotspots app and use it to guide you to adventure and internet connection.

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    Why Cant I Connect To An Xfinity Wi

    Xfinity limits how many devices can use a hotspot at a time. If thats the case, trying another nearby hotspot could help.

    But sometimes Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots have crummy connectivity or Xfinitys network drops, so you might be out of luck.

    When youve put in your correct login information, and you still cant connect to an Xfinity hotspot, theres not much more you can do but pray to the internet gods that the hotspot sorts itself out quickly.

    The Remote Is A Little Clunky

    After a few years of using a smaller, more minimalist remote with Roku and Amazon Fire devices, it was kind of hard to turn back the clock to use the remote Xfinity gave me for the Flex.

    Take a look. From left to right: Roku Premiere, Amazon Fire TV Stick, TiVo Stream 4K and the Xfinity Flex remote.

    As you can see, theres a noticeable size difference. From the appearance, Flexs remote is much closer to a traditional cable or satellite TV remote.

    The functionality is probably closer to a classic box receiver remote as well. While there are some slight differences, the Xfinity Flex remote feels and functions much like the remote you get with Xfinitys X1 cable television service.

    As I mentioned earlier, the remote does have a responsive voice command system, so its not all bad news.

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