Can Non Wifi Baby Monitors Be Hacked

Which Baby Monitors Cannot Be Hacked

Can your baby monitor be hacked?

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Youve probably heard the horror stories.

A baby monitor camera that starts moving on its own.

Hackers gaining access to cameras, WiFi, personal information, and more.

Baby monitors are meant to keep your children safe, but theyre often riddled with security gaps and vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited by even low-level crooks.

So which baby monitors cannot be hacked?

Sadly, any monitor that transmits a signal through WiFi or over the air CAN be hacked. But some brands and technologies are far more secure than others.

If youre looking for a baby monitor that cant be hacked, here are some of the safest choices:

Now lets dig in a little bit deeper.

Use Strong Password & Unique Id

When you purchase the new monitor, it has its default ID and password, you have to change this password to protect your privacy, most of the people forgot to do it, or because of lack of technical knowledge, they are unable to change it. By changing both the ID and password, you are making their task more difficult.

We also recommend you not to use the same ID and password across all your devices or personal account as most of the people using the same password everywhere. In this condition, once the hacker will know about your master password, he can easily access all your accounts:

  • You can use the password manager if you dont want to memorize lots of passwords.
  • Your password should be the combination of letters, numbers, and unique characters such as and more than a minimum of 6 characters.
  • Please dont use your phone numbers, name, family members name, or such standard information as the password it will increase the risk of getting hacked.

Accessing Your Router Remotely

Your router is usually the first point of contact, and administrative access to the router can be accessed via the internet or a Wide Area Network .

The security settings of most routers would have remote router access disabled unless you decide to make changes.

The settings for remote router access are usually on your admin page under remote setup or allow setup over WAN.

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Sc Mom Says Baby Monitor Was Hacked Experts Say Many Devices Are Vulnerable

    Jamie Summitt, shown holding her infant son, Noah, was alarmed when she noticed her baby video monitor moving without anyone in the family controlling it. Courtesy of Jamie Summitthide caption

    toggle caption

    When Jamie Summitt woke up one Wednesday morning and saw the baby video monitor pointed right at her, she wasn’t worried.

    Yes, it had moved since the South Carolina stay-at-home mom fell asleep. But she assumed it was her husband, Kevin, checking in on her from work using the smartphone app that controls the camera.

    That night, as the family ate dinner and the baby slept, her smartphone alerted her that the camera was being moved again.

    “I looked over on my phone and saw that it was slowly panning over across the room to where our bed was and stopped,” Summitt tells NPR. It was pointing to the spot where she breastfed her son, Noah, several times a day. The camera paused on the empty bed, then moved back to the bassinet.

    This time, everyone who uses the app was together and they weren’t controlling the device. In fact, Kevin said he hadn’t touched the app all day, which made Jamie remember the incident that morning with unease.

    “Honestly, we were naive,” Summitt says. “The first thing I thought … was our app was haunted.”

    But soon they realized the far more likely explanation that either the program or the device had been hacked.

    “I am supposed to be my protector and have failed miserably,” she wrote. “I honestly don’t ever want to go back into my own bedroom.”

    What Type Of Baby Monitor Is Best

    All internet

    There isnt any best type of baby monitor. The one you choose depends on whats going to make you feel the most comfortable.

    • Audio monitors let you listen in on baby.
    • Video monitors keep an eye on their every move.
    • Baby movement monitors track your babys moves and sometimes track vitals like breathing, heart rate, oxygen saturation and room temperature.

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    How Can I Keep My Baby Monitor Safe From Hackers

    Hackers tend to crawl the web to find unsecured cameras, and then exploit them. They may do this for criminal gain, or just for kicks, either way you can protect yourself from this activity.

    If you’ve got a baby monitor that can be used over the internet or one that updates data to the Cloud or any third-party site, here’s how to keep it as secure as possible:

    • Set strong passwords: Set up your camera with a strong password that isn’t a repeat of passwords you’ve used elsewhere. Do not use any default passwords supplied with the baby monitor as they may already be known to hackers. Make sure your home wi-fi router has a strong password, too.
    • Two-factor authentication: Make sure you go the default settings and activate all of the security features available to you, including two-factor authentication if it is available. This is a useful extra layer of security.
    • Run updates: Check for any security software updates for the camera and app regularly and make sure to install them. In some cases you can enable updates to run automatically.
    • Care what you share: Turn off remote access to your baby monitor if you don’t need it. Don’t leave it open as a little eye in the room when it’s not being used.
    • Demand better security: Don’t be afraid to badger a retailer or manufacturer about the security of a device you are considering. The more people ask, the more security will become their priority.

    Which? reviewed Top five best baby monitors

    Ibaby Apparently Doesnt Care About Security Warnings

    Bitdefender, the aforementioned security company, just released the results of its research on the iBaby device as part of its partnership with PCMag. The report details several ways potential hackers can remotely access iBabys monitors. They include giving hackers the ability to download recordings, to find the cameras device ID, to pull users personal information using that ID, and even to control the camera.

    Alex Jay Balan, chief security researcher for Bitdefender, told Recode that iBaby should have a relatively easy time fixing these problems. However, when Bitdefender notified iBaby that its M6S smart baby monitor contained potential vulnerabilities that give hackers access to baby videos, its response was initially a whole lot of nothing. It was only after Bitdefender, PCMag, and others made the issues public that iBaby fixed the vulnerabilities.

    Starting in May 2019, Bitdefender made multiple attempts to contact iBaby and inform the company of the vulnerabilities so the company could fix them before they became public. Bitdefender told Recode that it was never able to get in touch with iBaby, and so those issues remained unsolved when the company published its report. Recode had similar difficulty reaching iBaby its press email bounced back and a call to the support line went to voicemail that, more than 24 hours later, still was not returned.

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    The Internet Of Things

    Baby monitor hacking isnt a rare problem and it isnt going away.

    In 2014, the United Kingdoms Information Commissioners Office warned of a Russian website that was live-streaming footage from thousands of webcams, including baby monitors and other Wi-Fi enabled cameras.

    The video feeds came from all over the world and were easily searchable through Google, without the knowledge of the people who own the cameras.

    And when it comes to everyday items that families use, baby monitors arent the only things that can be hacked.

    Baby monitors are just one category of devices in a huge spectrum of household products that make up the internet of things .

    The internet of things is basically the extension of network-capable devices beyond traditional computing devices, Bhatia told Healthline, Everything from a TV to a fridge to weighing scales in the bathroom.

    One of the risks of these devices is that people dont tend to think of them as computers but they are.

    Although people often understand the importance of updating security software on their home or work computer, they may not recognize that network-connected household items can be a security risk, too.

    In actuality, Bhatia thinks IoT devices may be even more vulnerable to hackers than traditional computers.

    The problem isnt much closer to being solved than it was two years ago.

    Pros Of Wifi Baby Monitors:

    ‘Wake up baby! Creep hacks baby monitor at night

    Here are a few of the common advantages of wifi baby monitors

    1. Long Transmission range

    One of the significant advantages of using a wifi baby monitor is its long transmission range. If you are away from work and missing your baby, then a wifi baby monitor can help you check on your baby. Also, you dont have to carry the receiver with you. All you need is a smartphone or tablet which is connected to a fast and reliable internet or the local wifi network.

    2. Easy to use

    Using a wifi baby monitor is very easy as well as convenient. Most wifi monitors out there have their smartphone app, which can be used to configure and set the baby monitor. With the app, you can easily access your baby monitor through your smartphone from anywhere.

    So, if you live in a large house or are used to go outside for a while, you can easily monitor your baby as long as there is a wifi signal. Also, using a wifi monitor is convenient because you dont always have to carry another piece of technology with you.

    3. Multi-Streaming

    Multi-streaming is another excellent feature of wifi baby monitors. These wifi baby monitors allow multiple users to access the camera simultaneously through the smartphone app. But, you will have to manually enable this feature and set an access password on the baby monitor app. Also, you can invite new members on the app and allow them to keep an on your baby when you are away. However, not all the wifi baby monitors have this feature.

    4. Peace of mind

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    Voices Or Noises Coming From The Baby Monitor

    This is the most common sign that a hacker is accessing your baby monitor.

    Most of the horror stories surrounding baby monitors came from reports that somebody is speaking with the child through the devices talk balk feature.

    In reality, that could be the hacker.

    Even if you dont hear anyone speaking from the baby monitor, though, as long as you hear strange noises coming out of it, you should be worried.

    There is a chance that it has already been compromised, and the hacker has accessed it.

    Keep Prying Eyes Out Of Your Home By Securing Your Internet

    There must have been more than a few parents uneasily eyeing their smart baby monitors in the past couple of weeks.

    The monitors, which connect to your homes wifi network and are accessed via an app on your smartphone, have become increasingly common in recent years, giving parents a way to check on their child no matter where they are in the world.

    Reports of wifi-enabled baby monitors being hacked and strangers having access to the camera feed are not new, but it was the subject of discussion on RTÉ1, bringing home to parents the risks posed by connected cameras.

    Viewers of Claire Byrne Live last week heard about Michaela Beirnes experience with her Owlet smart baby monitor, where someone unknown to the family gained access to the camera and began to mess around with its video feed and settings.

    One night, she said, the app displayed an empty cot instead of her sleeping one-year-old son. My mind went to Hes fallen out of the cot, how did this happen? My partners went to Theres an intruder in the house, she said. Beirne and her partner, Dean, raced up the stairs, but found their child sleeping peacefully.

    A small LED light that indicated someone was streaming the monitors footage was displayed on the camera. It was then they realised that someone had access to the monitor.

    But while the incident may be the most recent, it certainly isnt the first time that wifi monitors have hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.

    Degree of risk

    Security basics

    Unplug it

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    Great Features Of Original Babysense Video Baby Monitor

    • Long-range of 960 ft. This is range is longer than several other non-wifi baby monitors such as Infant Optics which has less 700 ft. range and Eufy baby monitor which has 460 ft. range.
    • Zoom: 2x Digital Zoom
    Budget friendly, accurate temperature monitoring,

    Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Two Digital Cameras

    Six months after the release of Babysense video baby monitor, Hisense released a similar model of a baby monitor with two cameras. The model hit the markets in September 2017 and you get the Babysense video baby monitor with two cameras. You can check the price of the two camera Babysense on Amazon here.

    Babysense is currently our top non-wifi baby monitors for monitoring twins. It is affordable and reliable and I personally recommend parents with more than one baby to consider Babysense Video Baby Monitor with two digital cameras.

    DBPower video baby monitor is our best non-wifi baby monitor with a recording feature using a local 32 TF micro-sd card . This video baby monitor did not originally appear on this list but we added it following an update where it edged out Motorola MBP36XL.

    It is among the few non-wifi monitors that allow you to record videos of your baby and play it back later. Its recording is sound-activated and does so automatically like most wifi monitors. Both brands, the 4.3-inch and 3.5-inch screen video monitors of DBPower have this recording feature.


    Hellobaby Video Baby Monitor Without Wifi

    Can Digital Baby Monitors Be Hacked?

    Hellobaby HB65 is the most pocket-friendly baby monitor that does not rely on wifi and perhaps the oldest video baby monitor model that made our list of best non-wifi baby monitors in 2021. Like other monitors on this list, Hellobaby uses secure FHSS technology to transmit audio and visual signals. It does not have a smartphone app.

    Hellobabys first brand, HB24 was originally released to the market in 2012 and it gained great reception from parents mostly because of its low prices. The initial HB24 model has a 2.4-inch screen, a zoom feature, 2-way communication, room temperature display, and is expandable. With all these features, you get the most value for your money.

    The latest brand of Hellobaby, the Hellobaby HB65 was released in February 2019 and my favorite because of its enhanced features especially the pan and tilt. Some of the features we liked about HB65 and what made it rank higher were features that earlier models had but have been enhanced with HB65.

    Below are the main reasons I like Hellobaby HB65:

    Hellobaby HB65s design is incredibly great compared to earlier models that looked similar to UU Infant and Anmeate video baby monitors. Below is a picture of Hellobaby HB65.

    The table below shows the summary of Hellobaby HB65 features

    Transmission Technology
    Check Price



    Oldest Babysense Video Baby Monitor Brand

    3.5-inch upgraded Babysense video baby monitor


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