Can You Listen To Spotify Without Wifi

How To Download Spotify Songs Albums And Playlists

How To Play Song On Spotify Without Wifi

One of the features of Spotify is the ability to allow users to listen to songs without an internet connection. However, there are some differences between offline listening on the desktop and on mobile, where on the desktop users will be limited to just playlists and podcasts, while mobile devices can download entire albums. Presumably this is to help combat piracy, but it should be taken note of anyway.

Save Your Music For Offline Listening

If you want to use Spotify offline, you need to make sure youve actually got some music downloaded to listen to. With Spotify Premium, you can download 10,000 songs for offline listening on five different devices. Thats 50,000 total tracks across everything.

Strangely, theres no way to download individual songs you have to download either albums or playlists.

Open Spotify and head to the album or playlist you want to save for offline listening. As long as youre a Premium Subscriber, youll see a toggle that says Download. Tap it and the album or playlist will save to your phone. Once the songs are saved, youll see a little green arrow next to them to show it.

If you want to delete the songs from your phone, just tap the Downloaded toggle again.

Now whenever you play any of the songs youve savedin my case, anything off Twisted Sisters masterpiece, A Twisted Christmasit will play from your phone rather than streaming over mobile data.

How To Download Music On Spotify From Your Iphone Or Android Phone

1. Make sure youre connected to the Internet when you first download the app.

2. Navigate to a song or album you like in the app and tap the Download button at the top of the playlist. Youll be able to download your tracks once youve chosen this option.

3. Remember that youll need Spotify Premium to use this service, and youll require internet access at first. Make sure you have enough data to handle your downloads if youre using the service over cellular.

4. After youve downloaded the music, you want to listen offline, go to your settings, which is located on the left-hand menu, and select Offline mode.

5. Toggle Offline at the top of the options menu, and youll be able to listen to your downloaded tracks whether or not you have internet access.

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Disconnect The Internet On Your Android Or Ios Device Then You’ll Automatically Enter The Offline Mode And Keep Accessing Those Offline Songs On Your Phone

Note: You can also set the Spotify as offline mode by navigating to Settings> Playback and toggling the Offline option.

#2. Download Spotify Music Offline on Mac/PC

It’s not possible to download albums or podcasts in the desktop app. But you can perform the steps below to download the playlist or tracks you want to download.

Download Spotify Songs With A Music Converter

8 Best Free Offline Music Apps without WiFi (Android)

Though you can set music to be offline with Spotify Premium, it’s not a real downloading in the traditional sense. So if you are not keen on monthly subscription fees for Spotify Premium, or want to download the songs to burn them to a CD or copy them to other devices. It’s easy to get Spotify songs with a music converter, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is the best one among them. No matter whether you are a techie or a novice, the converter is easy to use. Working as a powerful Spotify music converter, it allows downloading Spotify songs freely and you can enjoy them on all devices. TuneFab Spotify Music Converter works smoothly on Windows/Mac, it can help to remove DRM from protected OGG audio and convert them into MP3, M4A, etc. with high original quality in no time.

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Block Spotify From Using Mobile Data But Not Wi

Turning on Offline Mode stops Spotify from connecting, even on Wi-Fi. If you want it to be able to connect on Wi-Fi but not when youre on mobile data, you need to use your smartphones data controls to block Spotify from using mobile data. Weve got full guides on how to handle mobile data on Android and on iOS, so check them out for the full run down.

How To Set Up Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect is simple to use. Download the latest version of the Spotify app to your control device a smartphone, tablet or computer, say and make sure both it and your chosen product are connected to the same wi-fi network.

On your smartphone, launch Spotify, log into your subscription account, and select a song to start playing. Click the ‘Now Playing’ bar, then the device logo at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. This will show which of your connected products can play from Spotify. Select a device and music will start playing on that device. Magic!

If you’re using Spotify Connect to listen to a song on another smartphone or tablet, make sure both devices are logged in to the same Spotify account and simply follow the steps above.

On the desktop app, click the ‘Connect to a device’ button in the bottom-right corner. This brings up the devices menu. Select the one you’d like to use, and it’ll do the rest.

Spotify claims using Connect lets you switch between multiple products “without skipping a beat”. In reality, there’s always a tiny bit of delay when you swap products, but it’s much quicker than having to pair to Bluetooth every time.

Once you’re all set, your smartphone or computer becomes the remote control: select a song or playlist, pause, skip or shuffle through Spotify’s vast catalogue.

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The Tool You’ll Need: Viwizard Spotify Converter

Spotify offers two tiers for its users, named Spotify Free and Spotify Premium. All of them are able to listen to Spotify conent with internet connection. One main difference is that free Spotify users are not allowed to download music for offline listening. To make it work, you need to install a dedicated Spotify playlist downloader called ViWizard Spotify Music Converter. This is an easy-to-use, affordable and powerful tool to help you better enjoy your Spotify music without restriction.

With the program, you’re able to download and save Spotify playlists, albums, and tracks as different common music formats for offline listening. The supported output formats are multiple, including MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, FLAC, M4B. ViWizard enables you to download Spotify songs at a 5X speed, with 100% original quality and ID3 tags info. All you should do is drag Spotify song/playlist to this software and it will convert the Spotify music instantly.

Apple Music App Free For 90 Days If Wifi Free Music

How to Play Music Offline with Spotify

With a 90-day free trial for new users, it’s hard to miss.

Music and video streaming service Apple Music should be familiar to most, and if not, you should at least know its predecessor/cousin/no one knows anymore iTunes. I guess the best way to put it is that Apple Music is an outgrowth of iTunes, which still exists.

Anyway, Apples sleek music streaming platform gives you access to 70 million songs, the ability to download your favorite tracks and play them offline, exclusive playlists and live radio, and the ability to listen across all your devices.

Now, while their app is free to download, the user should be aware that there are three tiers to Apple Music Student, Individual, and Family.

The Student plan costs $4.99 per month, the Individual plan $9.99 per month, and the Family plan $14.99 per month.

New users, however, get a 90-day free trial. Quite generous. And that should give you some time to enjoy offline listening before making any kind of commitment.

All plans offer an ad-free experience, the ability to download 100,000 songs to your library, see what your friends are listening to, original shows, concerts, and exclusives, live on-demand radio stations hosted by artists, and more.

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Apple Watch 4 Music Player With Spotify

Like Samsung Gear 3 of which users are mostly from the Android camp, Apple Watch 4 are for those who are completely Apple guys. It is another Smart Watch which enable you to listen to kinds of music like Apple Music, Spotify when you are doing house chores, running outside and so on.

Apple Watch 4 has very powerful Spotify features to keep it on top as the best portable Spotify music player. You can pause/skip forward music easily, select tracks from playlists by a swipe or scroll, add songs you like to your Spotify library. Also, you can use the “Spotify Connect” feature to cast your music playback to other compatible devices.

Similarly, you can follow the screen wizard to install and setup Spotify on your Apple Watch when you use it for the first time. Then it will be a breeze to listen to Spotify music anywhere.

Can You Listen To Your Playlists Offline

After your music is downloaded, the songs in the playlist will be available offline. A green icon will appear next to the loaded playlist. 1. Launch the Spotify application on your iPhone or Android device and log in to your Spotify Premium account. 2. Tap your library in the lower right corner of the screen.

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How To Listen To Spotify Offline On Your Android Smartphone Or Iphone

This segment of the guide will cover the answer of how to listen to Spotify offline for smartphone users. Though you can listen to free music online without downloading over WiFi seamlessly, you should look into what this has to offer. Both the users of android devices and iPhone will find their way to listen to Spotify with keeping cellular data off. This will also come in handy when you experience Spotify no internet connection error message.

Steps for enjoying Spotify offline mode on an android device or iPhone appear below:

Who Is The Most Listened To On Spotify

Top 10 Free Music Apps Without WiFi For Android

Drake and Ariana Grande topped Spotify’s most listened to 2018 list when the company introduced an app designed to showcase what you’ve heard the most. Drake became the best artist of the year in 2018 with billions of views. Ariana Grande was the top performer with over 48 million listeners per month.

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Napster Free Songs Without Wifi For 30 Days

Wait, Napster? That things still around?

Yes, while it used to be a peer-to-peer file sharing network, over the years, it has transformed into a music streaming service, much like the rest.

Napster is home to millions of songs, and of course, the app is free to download.

Their main claim to fame seems to be their Playlist Maker, which makes the creation of playlists easy. It comes with smart recommendations based on your taste. You can add songs with swipe, personalize your playlist with a fun GIPHY, and adding songs youve favorited or recently played is a cinch.

Of course, listening offline is a key feature, and you can listen on your computer, iOS device, home device, or Android device. Your library and playlists are stored in the cloud.

Napster has a 30-day free trial, but after that, youll need to upgrade to Napster Premier for $9.99 per month.

How To Use Spotify Offline Mode

Do you want to go offline and listen to your downloaded songs on Spotify only? Or do you want to save some mobile data when using the app without Wi-Fi? Either way, we have here a guide for you. Well show you how to use the Spotify Offline mode on your devices. Whether youre using the desktop or mobile app, we got you covered.


For those who dont know, premium Spotify users can download their favorite songs, playlists, and podcast episodes on your device for offline streaming. With the help of this feature, you can listen to your music wherever you are, even if you dont have any internet access.

Playing downloaded songs can also help cut down your data usage while using the streaming service. However, please note that the app automatically uses data once you play something that you havent saved on your device.

Fortunately, you can use the Spotify Offline mode on your computer or phone to disable the online features of the app, allowing you to play only the ones you downloaded on your device.

With that in mind, heres a guide to help you use the Offline mode feature whether youre using your phone or desktop.

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What Is Spotify Connect

As we touched upon above, Spotify Connect is a way of playing Spotify through your wireless speaker, soundbar, AV receiver, voice-control smart speaker, or any other compatible device, over wi-fi. That means you can play your favourite tunes anywhere in the house, all without the need for any convoluted Bluetooth pairing between devices every time you want to listen to music. Just note that it’s a Spotify Premium feature, so you won’t be able to benefit from it if you’re a user of Spotify’s free, ad-supported tier.

Best of all, Spotify Connect doesn’t use your smartphone app to stream music. It plays music directly from its servers to the device, leaving your smartphone free for making calls and all other uses. You only have to use your phone to identify the speaker in the first place and then control music playback.

To ensure the best quality possible, Spotify Connect always streams in 320kbps, which is the highest bitrate Spotify currently offers.

Connect To The Airplane Wifi

How To Play Spotify Without Internet Connection

Of course if you have an internet connection you can stream music using the free Spotify version.

You cannot have cellular data turned on while on the flight. You must set your phone to airplane mode before takeoff.

That means the only way you are getting an internet connection during your flight is if you can connect to the in-flight wi-fi.

Some airlines such as JetBlue offer free internet access to all passengers.

Other airlines charge a fee.

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You Can Finally Stream Spotify From Apple Watch Without Your Iphone

Leave your iPhone at home and stream directly to your Bluetooth headphones…

Spotify has added standalone streaming support to its Apple Watch app. The update means Spotify users can stream music or podcasts over wi-fi or data without connecting to an iPhone.

Spotify has been testing the feature for a few months. It’s currently in beta but the but the music streaming giant has confirmed it’s working on a global rollout .

Were focused on developing experiences that enable users to listen to Spotify wherever and whenever they want regardless of the device or platform, a Spotify spokesman said. After an initial testing period, we are now rolling out streaming capabilities for Spotify on the Apple Watch.”

The ability to stream music straight from your Apple Watch to your wireless headphones or AirPods should come in pretty handy especially when, say, out running.

Want to dive in right away? To stream Spotify directly from your wrist, youll need an Apple Watch Series 3 or later, watchOS 6.0+ and a wi-fi or cellular connection.

The move comes as Spotify and Apple continue to engage in a public war of words. Spotify recently joined forces with other app developers to contest Apple’s App Store fees, while Apple has launched its own online radio station to challenge Spotify.


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