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How To See Who Is Connected To My Wifi

See Who Is Using Your Wifi – How To

Also shows any network shares on the LAN

Have you noticed your WiFi working slower than usual? Before digging into how to boost your signal and improve WiFi performance, find out who is connected to your WiFi network.

Many devices in your house could be connected to your WiFi network, like laptops, smartphones, tablets, as well as smart bulbs, and home assistants. However, it could just be strangers logging in thats causing your WiFi signal to lose speed.

There can be many different reasons why youd like to know what devices are connected to your WiFi. Luckily, its an easy check. There are two ways you can go about this: Through your routers web interface, or using network scanning software. For better results, try both ways and see if you find the same connected devices on the list.

Beef Up Your Network Security

Even if you discover that a neighbor is stealing your Wi-Fi, you don’t need to hunt them down and start a fussyou can just kick them off with a change in router security. Head back to your router’s web interface and find the option to change your password . If you don’t have a password, you absolutely need to start using one, and it needs to be strong. Without a password, your personal information is up for grabs to any amateur hacker that drives by. Choose WPA2 for the password type, since it’s far more difficult to crack than the now-outdated WEP.

If WPS is turned on, you should turn it off, since this feature makes it easier for people to crack your Wi-Fi password. If you want to let guests on your Wi-Fi without giving them access to your devices and information, you can always enable your router’s guest network, or simply wirelessly.

If you already had a passwordmaybe it was weak and easy for your neighbors to guesschanging it to something new should be sufficient to kick them off. Of course, you’ll also have to re-authenticate all of your devices, but you should be able to rest a little easier knowing that all the devices on your network belong to you.

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How To See What People Are Doing On Your Wifi

Most modern Web Browsers lets you delete browsing history or users can also use private, or incognito, modes that dont store browsing history information. However, some special Routers and your ISP may still be able to see what people are doing on your WiFi, based on your DNS queries.

There are times when you would like to monitor Internet activity on your router. For instance,

  • You are a parent and wants to monitor your children activity on the Internet
  • You are sharing WiFi with your flatmates and would like to know if they can see your browsing session
  • You just want to know how this is done, to keep yourself safe
  • So here are three ways to monitor Internet activity on your router. However, none of these methods is foolproof, i.e. they all have their pros and cons. And it goes without saying you should test these methods on your own network and not on others WiFi. Because thats not just unethical but can also put you in legal problems.

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    Log Into Your Admin Control Panel

    If none of those other options are fruitful, your last option is to log into your router’s admin control panel in a web browser. To do this, you’ll need to know:

    • Your admin username: By default, this is almost always “admin,” though if you practiced good security hygiene, you changed it to something else when you first set up your router.
    • Your admin password: If you have an older router and you never changed the password, this might be hacker bait like “default” or “password.” Hopefully you’ve changed it.
    • Your IP address: Most of the time, your network’s IP address is enter that address in a web browser and log in if you are offered the opportunity. If that’s not right, you need to find the IP address for your network: In the Start search box, type “ipconfig” and press Enter. Your IP address should be the “Default Gateway.”

    After you’ve logged into your admin control panel, look for a network map, user log, or client list. As we mentioned earlier, every router is different and there’s no standardization among router software, so you’ll need to explore to find it.

    Can Wifi Owner See What Sites I Visit

    How to See Whos Connected to Your Wi

    Yes, definitely. A WiFi owner can see what websites you visit while using WiFi as well as the things that you search on the Internet.

    There are lots of routers with a built-in tracking feature from companies like Netgear.

    When deployed, such a router will track your browsing activities and log your search history so that a WiFi owner could easily check what websites you were visiting on a wireless connection.

    Furthermore, if this person is a tech nerd, he or she can also use special software to check your browsing history on any type of router.

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    Useful Tools To See Who Is Using Your Home Wi

    You want to keep an eye on whos on your home Wi-Fi. This is for a variety of reasons: people could be stealing your bandwidth, resulting in you having trouble . People on your network could also potentially take note of your personal information or company information. This means you should be encrypting your data very carefully, and securing your home wireless network. Even with all these precautions, there could still be someone who manages to gain access.

    Here are three tools to make sure that you have a good idea of whos on your wireless network, and whether or not you have to watch your back.

    How Do I Identify Devices On My Network Using Mac And Ip Addresses

    You can easily find out the information by pinging the device on your command prompt on your Windows Devices.

    Here is a step-by-step process on how to ping the device.

  • Navigate to the Start icon and type in cmd.
  • You will see the command prompt utility and ensure you run it as an administrator.
  • Type ping -a X, where X is the IP address of the item which you want to find.
  • You can see if it is pinging a certain network name.
  • Note: If you have turned off your devices, they wont ping.

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    See Who Is Using Your Wifi On Windows

    There are several Windows programs that show you the list of devices connected to your network. The one, I suggest is Wireless Network Watcher by Nirsoft. Like all the other apps from Nirsoft, this one also weight in few KBs and can be executed directly from the .exe file. No installation required.

    To get Started, download Wireless Network Watcher from Nirsoft official website . Next, open the zip file and run the .exe in it. If you see a warning from your AntiVirus, ignore it. The app is safe.

    The app will display all the connected device, along with their IP and MAC address. It also shows the devices manufacturer name, like Motorola, Apple, etc, which will help you better identify the devices, since remembering MAC address is not convenient.

    You can also set up a sound notification. So when a new device connects to your WiFi, you hear a beep sound. To do that, go to options> beep when a new device is connected.

    I also tried other popular alternatives like Advance IP scanner and GlassWire, and both in their free version are similar to Wireless Network Watcher. So dont bother trying them. And if you are looking for the advanced option, then try Angry IP Scanner or Wireshark, but they need good technical knowledge.

    How To Access A List Of Connected Devices

    How To Check Who Is Using Your WiFi

    The most accurate way to access a list of connected devices is to log into your router’s settings page. If your router was provided by your internet service, such as Spectrum, you may be able to easily log into your account to find this info. If you provided your own router, you can access the router settings by using the access information that is typically found on the back of the router. You may also be able to use a related phone app, like Netgear’s Nighthawk and Orbi apps, which are designed to help you manage your router settings for those specific devices.

    To check your router settings and connected devices, remain connected to the WiFi and open your router settings page. Simply type the prescribed IP address into a browser and it will bring you to the page where you can access your router settings. This login information is usually found on the back of your router in the form of an IP address in numbers. When you put the IP into a browser that is connected to your home WiFi, it brings you to a login page. Often, the default login is also listed on the back of the router.

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    Consult Your Router Settings

    If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to recognize all the items on that list, but there may be a few that don’t have enough information. After going through my list, for example, I was left with a couple devices that listed no name and no manufacturer. However, I was able to get a little more information from my router’s web interface.

    You can open your router’s management page by typing its IP address in your browser’s address bar. Once there, look for an option that sounds like “Attached Devices” or “Client List.” This will present you with a similar list as Wireless Network Watcher, but the information may be slightly different. After cross-referencing the unknown devices between the two, I found one of them was listed as “AzureWave Technology, Inc” in my router’s interface, but not Wireless Network Watcher. A little Googling revealed that this was my Rachio sprinkler system, so I was able to mark that down and move on.

    If you see any other unlabeled devices in the list, check around your house for any internet-connected gadgets you might have missed. I realized that my wasnt listed, so after checking the Alexa app on my phone, I was able to match its MAC address to one of the unlabeled items in Wireless Network Watcher.

    Use Your Wireless Router

    You can easily find out devices that connect to your Wi-Fi by tracking them from your wireless routers IP address. This method is straightforward and doesnt require any assistance from third-party applications.

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

  • Go to your computer or mobile device and open up your web browser.
  • Type your Routers Gateway IP address in the URL address field and hit Enter.
  • Once you are in the webpage portal, enter your Login credentials.
  • Default usernames and passwords can be Admin and password. If not, consult with your Internet Service Providers to access login.
  • The user interface in routers can differ from one another. Navigate to find the connected devices.
  • After locating the option, you can access all the devices connected to your wireless network.
  • Alternatively, some Internet Service Providers also provide this access through their own router management application. You can head over and download the app. Launch it, Go to the router settings, and search for the Connected Devices option on your mobile or tablet devices.

    Some apps can even have options of choosing to block devices from your wireless network. Make sure you consult your manufacturer or your Internet Service Providers for more information.

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    How To See Whos Using Your Wi

    One of the easiest ways to monitor your Wi-Fi network on your Windows PC is to use the free program Wireless Network Watcher. Created by the prolific software developer Nir Sofer, aka NirSoft, this simple tool shows you exactly which devices are currently connected to your network, so you can quickly identify unusual and unauthorized activity. Here’s how to use it.

    1. First, Wireless Network Watcher from NirSoft. Youll find the download link about two-thirds of the way down the web page.

    We recommend choosing the wnetwatcher_setup.exe option, though you can also download the tool as a ZIP file.

    2. Run the installer to install Wireless Network Watcher on your PC. Once the setup wizard is complete, select Run NirSoft Wireless Network Watcher and click Finish.

    3. Wireless Network Watcher will immediately start scanning your Wi-Fi network and list all the devices that it detects to be connected.

    You can also run a scan manually by Make sure your computer is connected to Wi-Fi and not Ethernet before scanning.

    4. When the scan is complete, you can review Wireless Network Watchers findings. Pay particular attention to the Device Name and Network Adapter columns to see if any unknown or unauthorized devices are currently connected to your network.

    Double-click an entry to view more information about that device in a Properties window.

    and select Beep On New Deviceand/or Beep On Disconnected Device,to receive audio alerts about Wi-Fi activity.

    Use Glasswire Pro To See Who Is Connected

    How to see who

    Were big fans of the GlassWire firewall and security system, and one of the great features they have in the Pro version is a quick and easy Network view that shows you all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

    GlassWire isnt just a firewall, it also has beautiful graphs to show your bandwidth usage, see what applications are connecting to what, and exactly how much bandwidth each application is using. You can get alerts when an application changes something, or when an installer tries to install a new system driver. There are tons of features, too many to list here.

    But what makes GlassWire even better for todays topic is that if you go into the Settings panel, you can actually enable alerts whenever a new device tries to connect to your Wi-Fi. Now thats a great feature!

    GlassWire is free for basic use, but the network device monitoring is only included in the paid version .

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    Check Activity Log On Your Router

    Almost every router in the market shows Activity log if your router does not then other methods help you. Here we are considering one of the widely used Netgear routers to show how it works. Log in to the admin area of your router on your web browser. Make sure your web browser is connected to the same router. After successful login, go to Log option on the left side. Here you will see the website earlier visited, IP address, date and time of browsing.

    Another widely used Router is a Cisco router. Here also log in with your credential and on the top navigating menu, click on Administation> Log. You have to Enable this option to view complete log history.

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