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Listen To Audible Offline On Any Player Or App

How to: Switch from Reading to Listening to Audible Audiobooks Using Your Kindle

Before introducing the regular methods to listen to audible offline, I want to share the best way to listen to Audible. It will save your time in trying these regular methods one by one if you think this easiest way is what you are looking for.

Since all audible books are protected by audible drm and only can be played at the audible associated apps or devices, we just need to remove audible DRM and convert audible books to common audio format. Converting Audible to MP3 is always the first choice. Of course, you can also convert audible to M4B. With the help of Epubor Audible Converter, converting audible to drm-free mp3 or m4b is easy like a charm. Please follow the steps below to get your audible books available on any apps or device.

Step 1 Download Audible books to your windows/Mac.

Step 2 Download and install Epubor Audible Converter.

Step 3 Launch Epubor Audible Converter, click “+Add” to navigate to the folder stored your audible books and add audible books.

Step 4 Click on Convert to MP3″ button to start the conversion. Once finished the folder storing the audible books will pop up automatically.

Step 5 Then you can open the audible mp3 files with any mp3 supported apps or device.


1. You split audible into chapters with 100% original quality. This function is not available in trial version.

2. The trial version only converts 10 minutes of each audible books.

To break the limitations, please use the licensed version now.

How To Listen To Audiobooks Offline

Apple Book is the single destination for all the books you love, and the ones youre about to. In the Book Store, you can keep track of what youve read and want to read, and listen to enthralling audiobooks. When it comes to audiobooks, we have to speak highly of the way of reading in this format which lets you can enjoy stories during your commute or learn something new on your run.

Since that, your reading is not limited to paper but can be achieved in the format of listening. You are able to explore another world and get more new knowledge by listening to audiobooks on your digital devices while you work, play, or drive. Here well talk about the listening of Apple audiobooks, as well as, the conversion of Apple audiobooks for playing on any device offline.

Audible Has 500000+ Audiobooks Both Fiction And Non

Audible has 500,000+ audiobooks in its library, which is the biggest of any audiobook subscription service.

About 50% of all titles are fiction meaning mystery, sci-fi, romance, adult & mature, fantasy books etc.

The other 50% is non-fiction, such as history, health, biographies, business and careers, science audiobooks etc.

Finally, Audible also comes with a library of some 100,000+ podcasts, complete with downloadable episodes.

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How The Different Audible Subscriptions Work

How much does an Audible subscription membership cost?

Audible has multiple pricing tiers: $7.95 per month, with no credits, $14.95 with 1 monthly credit, $22.95 with 2 monthly credits, $149.50 per year with 12 credits upfront, or $229.5 per year with 24 credits. All plans include 10,000 free Audiobooks in Plus Catalogue.

How does an Audible subscription membership work?

An Audible audiobook subscription membership gives 1-2 credits per month you can use to redeem any audiobook from Audibles 500,000+ titles, no matter the price. Subscriptions also include Plus Catalogue, a collection of 10,000 free audiobooks.

What does an Audible subscription membership give you?

An Audible subscription membership gives you access to a library of 500,000+ audiobooks and 100,000 podcasts, 1-2 credits per month with which you can purchase any audiobook no matter the price, and a separate library of 10,000 completely free audiobooks called Plus Catalogue and more.

Does Audible require a subscription membership?

Audible does not require a subscription, however you will have to purchase audiobooks at full price from $10 to $50. A $14.95 monthly subscription gives 1 free book per month of your choice, and access to Plus Catalogue, a library of 10,000+ free audiobooks

Does an Audible membership give you any and every available audiobook?

How many types of membership plans does Audible have?

Why does Audible have a subscription?

Step 4 Convert Audible Aa/aax To Mp3

How to Listen to Audible Books Offline Without Wi

Once the customization is done, click the “Convert All” button on the bottom right corner. and TuneFab Audible Audiobook Converter will begin to convert Audible AAX to MP3. The conversion process on Windows and Mac versions can reach the maximum at 60X faster which can save you more time.

When the conversion process is over, you can enjoy the Audible audiobooks in MP3 format on your Sony Walkman MP3 players or any other MP3-compatible device. Go to the “Completed” tab and click on the “Open File” button, then you will be navigated to your chosen output folder to get your converted books.

Right-click the file and select “Properties“, then you will see more details with ID3 information included.

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Here Is How You Can Listen To Audible Offline

Is there a way I can listen to Audible offline? I am used to streaming my favorite Audible audiobooks via the cloud player but it is unfortunate that they wont work unless I am connected to the WiFi. I am planning to leave for a trip and I wish to continuously listen to my Audible favorite even without my WiFi connection. Can somebody help here?

It is true that when you go away from home, your access to WiFi will be limited unless you have your own data connection . Thus, it is quite hard to stream some Audible audiobooks. For you to stream Audible offline, you have to find convenient ways of doing that.

It is a good thing that you can actually download an Audible audiobook to listen to them in offline mode via the Audible app itself. More so, you can further expand your Audible offline listening experience if you try converting the format of the Audible files to MP3 or other flexible formats that are supported by the majority of the media player and gadgets. In this post, you will learn how easy it is to stream Audible offline on any device that you like to use.

Article ContentPart 1. Listen to Audible Books Offline on Android, iOS, Windows, and MacPart 3. Summary

Now You Know How To Use Audible

It can be difficult initially to work out which subscription model is best for you, or how to bundle your purchases in such a way that you’ve got the cheapest possible audiobook price. But once that’s done, and you have the audiobook in your hands, getting started with listening is pretty simple. And the versatility of the app means you can listen pretty much anywhere, while listening via an actual Kindle offers an impressive level of integration.

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Audible Is Not Included For Free In Amazon Prime

Unfortunately, Amazon Plus subscribers dont get access to Audible for free, as they do with Amazon Prime Video.

You can argue this is nitpicking, but it would have been nice if Amazon at least allowed you to add Audible as an add-on to Prime at a discounted rate .

As it currently stands, the only benefit Audible gives to Amazon Prime subscribers is that they get 2 credits instead of 1 during their free trial period. Thats pretty much it.

Maybe in the future Amazon will bundle up the two subscriptions together, but until then separate subscriptions is how it has to be.

Sync Audible To Apple Watch Via Audible Watch App For Listening Offline

How to use Your Android as a WiFi Repeater – [NO ROOT]

Since Apple Watch OS5, you can listen to your Audible audiobooks and podcasts without an iPhone with the help of Audible app for iPhone. Want to know how? Read the following detailed guide on syncing Audible to Apple watch and listening to audible on Apple watch via Audible app.

Requirement for syncing Audible to Apple Watch via Audible app:

  • 1. Audible for iOS App version 3.0 or higher
  • 2. iOS version 12 or higher on your iPhone
  • 3. Apple Watch OS5 or higher

1Add Audible app to your apple watch.

  • 1. Pair your Apple watch with your iPhone.
  • 2. Tap “Apple Watch” app on your iPhone and then “My Watch”.
  • 3. Scroll down to “Available APPS” and tap “Install” besides Audible to install Audible app to your apple watch.
  • 1. Before syncing your audible books to apple watch, please download your audible books to your iPhone at first.
  • 2. Tap the ellipsis besides the book title at Audible library on iPhone and then “Sync to Apple Watch”. Note: Remember to keep your Apple Watch on its charger while the book syncs.
  • 3. Once the audible book has been added to Apple watch, a watch icon will show next to ellipsis on your iPhone.

3Listen to audible on Apple watch without iPhone.

To listen to audible books on your Apple watch, you need to pair Bluetooth headphones to your Apple watch. Just say “Siri, open the Audible app” to open the Audible app, and find the book you want to listen and tap “Play” button to start your listening.

Q2: Audible sync to Apple watch slowly.

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  • Incredibly Easy To Refund Audiobooks And Get Back Credits Spent

    Audible has a no-questions asked refund policy, where you can refund an audiobook and get back the credit you spent on buying the audiobook.

    The refund policy is so generous, you can refund even audiobooks youve listened in full.

    You can do this around 5-6 times in a 2 month period. After that the refund button will be grayed out.

    Its still possible to get a refund even in this case, you just have to contact Audible support.

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    Earning Money On Audible: Tip #1 Affiliate Marketing

    How to Play Audible Audiobooks through Bluetooth

    Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money on Audible, as stated earlier. In affiliate marketing, you just have to give out your affiliate link that leads to the landing page of the product or services you want to promote.

    Your referrals click on the link, and voila, they get a free trial of the product or service you wish to promote, making it easy for you to make money. For every successful free trial sign-up through your link, you earn $15 paid through check or direct deposit every month once you hit a minimum balance of $30.

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    How To Listen To Audible Audiobooks On Any Player With Leawo Prof Drm

    As mentioned above, Audible apps have been available on many platforms currently. However, you need to download and install Audible app on these platforms to listen to Audible audiobooks offline. If you have other audiobooks player apps installed, you may not be able to listen to Audible audiobooks with them. What should you do then to listen to Audible audiobooks offline without using Audible app?

    You could convert Audible audiobooks to general MP3 audio files and then play and listen to converted Audible audiobooks on your own players. Leawo Prof. DRM could help you do so. Including a professional Audible audiobook converter, Leawo Prof. DRM could help you remove DRM protection from Audible audiobooks and then convert Audible audiobooks to DRM-free MP3 audio files. Therefore you could freely listen to downloaded Audible audiobooks offline on any player you like.

    The below steps would show you how to remove Audible audiobook DRM protection and convert Audible DRM audiobooks to DRM free audio files. But you should firstly download and install Audible Download Manager on your computer to let the downloaded Audible audiobooks be saved in iTunes, as mentioned above. Then, download and install Leawo Prof. DRM on your computer.

    Sync Audiobooks From Audible To Your Apple Watch

    Now that everything is updated and Audible is added to your Apple Watch, it’s time to pick a book and sync it.

    Make sure your Apple Watch is on its charger while you are syncing books. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep the Audible app open on your Apple Watch during the entire syncing process.

  • Launch the Audible app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the Library tab.
  • Tap the more button next to the book you want to sync to your Apple Watch. It looks like three dots.
  • Tap Sync to Apple Watch. *Remember to keep your Apple Watch on its charger while the book syncs. This step takes about 20 – 25 minutes.

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    So Are Some Smart Speakers

    Amazon and Sonos Alexa-powered smart speakers can also play Audible audiobooks. Amazon currently sells five different Echo smart speakers. These range from the Echo Dot to the Echo Show , which has a 10in screen that can play Amazon Prime videos. The standard Echo does a decent job of playing music so audiobooks should sound good. One point to watch is that Echos dont recognise Audible account names, so you have to merge that with your Amazon account.

    Echo devices can do lots of useful things for children. These include playing music from Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn and other services, playing live radio stations, setting reminders, timers and alarms, predicting the weather and making Skype calls. You can add various educational skills, such as learning foreign languages. Alexa, Amazons virtual assistant, can also answer some homework queries, usually by quoting from Wikipedia.

    There are two bonus features. First, provides free stories for children aged five to 12. Second, Alexa will read ordinary Kindle books aloud, though this text-to-speech rendering is nothing like as good as a human narrator.

    Theres an Audible help page with a list of the voice commands used for listening on Alexa devices, starting with Alexa, read my book. A quick scan should help you to decide whether its worth pursuing this route rather than buying an MP3 player or a Kindle.

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