Do Cruise Ships Have Wifi

Cruise Ship Internet Packages By Cruise Line

Do cruise ships have good Wi-Fi?

Royal Caribbean Royal Caribbean proclaims that its VOOM internet is the fastest internet at sea. The VOOM Surf + Stream Package allows for all your basic surfing, social media, and email needs in addition to streaming movies and music. The VOOM Surf Package is the cheaper of the plans and offers all the basics without steaming abilities. These packages work onboard the ship as well as on the private island of Perfect Day at CocoCay. Guests can also receive a discount when booking pre-cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Cruise Line offers a variety of cruise ship internet packages. These options include Unlimited WiFi, Unlimited Premium WiFi, Unlimited Social Media WiFi, and 250 Minutes Anytime Internet. As the name implies, the Unlimited Premium WiFi package is the most inclusive allowing for unlimited surfing, social media, and streaming options. Only one device at a time can be used with these packages. Further, cruisers will save 15% off onboard prices when purchasing online.

Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Cruises offers two internet packages, Stream and Surf. The Stream package allows for full WiFi access including video chat and streaming of music and movies. The Surf package is the cheaper of the plans but does not include streaming, the ability to send or receive photos, or use technology such as FaceTime.

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Cruise Internet Package Prices

speed up to 50x faster than “Basic”, allowing steaming, accessing VPN networks, using smart-phone applications.

additional per cruise plans

at a 50% discountapplies to per sailing plans purchased by the same stateroom, the credit will appear on the guest’s S& S account within 24 hours.

Note: The above-listed Internet package plans are currently offered not on all ships in the fleet, but only on Dream, Glory, and Magic. The Breeze was excluded from this indeed small list. The line’s official excuse is the slow satellite connection speeds at sea.

Companies Free Wifi Included

Almost all river cruise companies include complimentary or free WiFi service. Although, there are a couple that do not offer free WiFi on all ships in their fleet.

Public computer stations are often available in a designated area of the ship for guests who do not have their own mobile internet device. Not all companies specifically address it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that an internet connection might not always be available depending on weather and location of the ship. Also, the internet connection is likely to be much slower than most people are used to at home.

Viking River Cruises

All Viking ships in Europe, Russia and Ukraine feature free WiFi. Guests can use their own laptops or one of the public computes available onboard each ship. Viking does offer access to desktop computers in Russia and laptops in Europe.

There is no onboard wireless network internet in China or Southeast Asia, which means there is no internet access on Viking ships in these regions. In China guests may use computers free of charge at an Internet café. And internet access may be available in the hotels during the land tour portion of the trip.

In Egypt there is a charge for using the internet. There are two computers available on each ship. Internet service is available throughout the ship in Egypt. Guests may also use their own laptops.

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Can You Stream Movies On A Cruise Ship

Wifi is getting better for certain and more readily available. While the speed of an individual cruise ship might be enough to stream movies, you might end up going through your available bandwidth quickly.

Additional charges in most cases will apply for streaming or higher/longer coverage periods and can have a significant impact on the cost of your cruise experience if not booked in advance.

That being said, it is not the same on every ship, and the costs are specific to each cruise line, so dont make assumptions that just because you sail on one two years ago and want to pick a new line, the services may not be the same.

Depending on the destination, cruise ship capabilities, and even your stateroom location, the variances in coverage can be significant.

Look at the cruise line websites and reviewers on popular websites like the CruiseCritic Forums who can be brutally honest on reviewing such amenities. Real-life examples may help you from being frustrated mid-cruise and not enjoying a hard-earned vacation due to slow internet when you are already out to sea.

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Why Is Medallion Class Better

designerdivainc: Do You Have Wifi On Cruise Ships

Medallion Class makes Ocean Vacations more personal, immersive, simple and seamless than previously considered possible. At the heart of this personalized experience is the Ocean Medallion, which enables endless vacation possibilities.

The Ocean Medallion has no discernible technology no on-off switch, no charging, no menu to navigate and can be worn as a pendant on a wristband in a clip or simply placed in a pocket to reveal enhanced services and personalized experiences without guests having to push a button or take any action.

The pre-cruise engage will allow guests to provide preferences that detail their wants, needs and desires so that their onboard experience can be personalized.

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Carnival Cruise Internet Cost

  • before the sailing convert your email settings to basic
  • if you’re planning to work online while sailing, discuss VPN limitations with your firm’s IT specialist .
  • packing checklist: WiFi-enabled laptop/mobile devices, power supply , data cables, headphones.
  • You can connect to a free WiFi when the ship is at call ports – ask some from the crew where. There’s also free WiFi on the ship, but it’s relatively slow .
  • phone calls from a Carnival ship cost $2 per minute . And remember:
  • 1 – the satellite Internet is a lot slower than the high-speed connection onshore . Tip: the onboard Internet speed is much better in the early morning and also around dinner times .
  • 2 – the onboard Internet access is not guaranteed at all times
  • 3 – “extremely slow”, “slower than dial-up”, “minutes are eaten pretty quickly”, “because of the connection sometimes not everything is sent”.
  • 4 – Verizon text message prices on cruise ships : sent and received .

Can I Use A Vpn On The Cruise Ship

In many cases, the use of Virtual Private Networks wont work. Many people use a VPN in order to access their work privately. Unfortunately, these dont always work on a cruise.

Carnival, for instance, states clearly that VPN connections are not supported on their network. Royal Caribbean doesnt explicitly state one way or the other, but weve seen several reports that using a VPN can be hit or miss for passengers.

Norwegian Cruise Lines is one of the few weve found that will let you access via a VPN. If you purchase their Unlimited Premium package, you are allowed access using one. Lower tier packages do not allow VPN access.

In other words, unless you are sailing on Norwegian, then you should just assume you cant access with a virtual private network. You might get lucky and be able to, but chances are slim.

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Use The Shipboard App

Most cruise lines now have their own app you can use onboard the ship, complimentary. Simply connect your phone to the ships wifi network and youll be able to use this app without incurring any wifi charges.

These cruise apps are free to use for tasks such as checking your onboard account balance, browsing the days up-to-date activities, reading up on your next port, checking menus, accessing a ship map, or even making dinner reservations.

Be sure to so that you dont incur wifi fees or roaming charges that youll otherwise get hit with if you wait to download the app while at sea.

Heres a listing of the major cruise lines app to download before you embark.

Cruise line

Do Any Cruise Lines Have Their Own Free Messaging Apps

WiFi HACKS on the DISNEY CRUISE Line Ships

Today, several of the larger cruise lines offer text messaging as part of their onboard apps. Most are free for you to use while youre on the ship! The catch? You can only send and receive texts with other passengers on your ship, and only while youre on board. The chat function wont work when youre in port and on land.

But, these texting apps are a handy way to stay in touch with friends and family youre cruising with, or to reach out to new friends youve met on board.

Lets look at which cruise lines have a texting or chat function in their onboard apps:

Tip: Be sure to download your cruise lines app before you set sail. Once youre at sea, the only way to get the app on your device is by connecting to the ships WiFi.

None of these cruise lines require you to purchase an internet package to use their apps. However, a few of them charge a small fee to use the chat function during your cruise.

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Use Phones Data On The Cruise To Access Internet When Near Land

Whenever in port or even near land, consider using the data plan on your mobile phone to connect to the Internet. Before you cruise, be sure to check your phone carriers international roaming coverage. Some carriers, such as T-mobile or , provide free data and texting in over 170 countries. Thats exactly what we use and it has worked very well for us all over the world.

But using your phone data plan is not just limited to being in port. When were cruising through areas within a few miles of the coastline, its possible to connect phones to have Internetaccess through mobile data while on the cruise.

When on the cruise, take a look at the route map to note if youll be passing by any islands or coastline where you may have data coverage. For example, during a sea day on a recent Caribbean cruise, we noticed that we were passing within close proximately to a Bahamian island. So we strategically checked our phones data signal when the island was near. Turns out, we were indeed able to access the Internet for nearly an hour since Google Fis coverage covers the Bahamas.

You can even tether your phone data to a laptop or other device while cruising near land. Just be sure that when youre attempting to access land-based mobile data, that you do so outside on your balcony or on deck. Weve found the cruise ship walls can sometimes block data signals to interior spaces of a cruise.

Method One: Get Free Perks When You Book Your Cruise

Royal Caribbean often offers free perks and incentives to encourage you to book a cruise. Sometimes, these special offers include free wifi packages and sometimes they include free onboard credit, which you can then use to buy a wifi package.

Free onboard credit is a common incentive thats often used to encourage people to upgrade from an inside to an outside cabin, or from an outside to a balcony stateroom.

If you happen to get free on-board credit when you book your cruise, its easy to use this to buy a wifi package just go to the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner and purchase the wifi with your on-board credit before you cruise.

Its important to note that when free perks like free wifi are included in a cruise holiday, its often the case that the cruise fare is higher than if you were to book it outside of this promotional period.

So, whilst it can seem that youre getting free wifi, you could actually be paying for it by paying more for your cruise overall.

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Save Minutes And Megabytes

If you selected Pay as you Go or minutes pay, each minute is costing. It is quite expensive. Find ways to save minutes as follow.

For emails:

  • Turn on WiFi and Log on the internet.
  • Check out all the texts are visible properly.
  • Turn off WiFi and log out the connection.
  • Check out your emails and write replies.
  • When you finished writing, turn on WiFi and log on the internet.

For web browsing:

  • Once you loaded the web page, turn off WiFi and log out.
  • Enjoy reading it.

Eat Free Dessert In The Cruises Coffee Shop

Do Cruise Ships Have Wifi? {AND OTHER IMPORTANT INFO ...

The specialty coffee shops on board cruise ships are revenue centers where passengers can spend money on expensive cappuccinos and lattes. But what many cruise passengers dont realize is that you can also find beautiful desserts at the ships coffee shops that are all complimentary.

Those wonderful cheesecakes, cookies, and pies wont cost you a dime. No coffee purchase is required to indulge in them. So if dinner is running long and you need to make it to a show, skip dessert in the main dining room and instead enjoy an alternate sweet treat later at the coffee shop.

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Connecting To The Internet Via Wifi

Some people just want to sign off and unplug during their cruise holiday.

But there are also some of us that want to have that connection to friends and family back home. For others there may be some urgent work emails that just cant be left alone.

But connecting to the internet to keep in touch on a cruise, whilst moving from port to port, and country to country, can be expensive.

At home, we nowadays move around freely with our different devices. We seamlessly connect to our WiFi for access to all our favorite apps and programs.

Should we venture far from home our devices will instead connect to our ISP that today, in most places, also serves as your phone company.

And we move between these areas without a thought.


Because the cost is the same as long as we stay within our area of coverage. And today the region of coverage often extends to the size of countries and beyond.

But this behavior does not translate well when being on board a cruise ship.

Why Is Internet Access On Cruise Ships So Expensive

The internet access service is fairly expensive on board. The cruise lines are getting aware of the needs of internet access. High-speed internet is the key to attract millennials cruisers.

If cruise lines want to attract the millennials, it is inevitable to implement high-speed internet system on the ships.

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