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Do You Pay For Cellular Data

Galaxy S21/Ultra/Plus: How to Set Apps to Always Use Mobile Data While Using WiFi

Cellular data is a separate cost that subscribers pay in addition to voice service. Since voice and data travel through the same cell towers, and with data accounting for a more significant portion of the traffic, mobile service providers have separate pricing.

ReasonWhen text messaging became more popular than standard cellular calls, mobile service providers began charging separate pricing for texts. Mobile data is now more popular than cellular calling or text messages. Across a mobile data plan, subscribers can call, text, and have the flexibility to accomplish more. Naturally, cellular carriers shifted pricing to follow consumer demand by separate prices for mobile data.


  • Review your mobile data usage on your bill and adjust your selected package
  • Use prepaid mobile data and top-up or recharge manually as a way to improve your habits
  • Switch mobile data on and off manually to ensure you pay only for what you use

What Is My Data Usage Cycle

Data Usage Cycle runs the 21st through the 20th of each month. Data Usage is billed like long distance charges data used the previous month based on your billing cycle. Data used on the first day of a new bill cycle may be delayed for viewing on E-Care due to cycle cut-off and start of a new bill cycle.

Ios 12 / Ios 13 / Ios 14 Instructions

  • Go to Settings then WiFi
  • Connect to your WiFi network
  • Make note of your IP Address and Subnet Mask
  • Change Configure IP from Automatic to Manual and enter the IP Address and Subnet Mask. DO NOT CONFIGURE ROUTER. The Router setting should be BLANK/EMPTY!
  • Save your changes. iOS will show No Internet Connection next to your WiFi device. iOS should no longer attempt to connect to Internet through this WiFi network.
  • The change above will only affect the WiFi network you are currently connected to. If you connect to another WiFi network, your iOS device will try to use that networks Internet connection unless you repeat these steps.

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    How To Reduce Data Usage On Your Smartphone

    Remember when smartphone plans were all about call minutes and how many text messages you got, while the data was unlimited? Today, its exactly the opposite. At the point when carriers understood that customers really wanted was data, they switched gears to offer unlimited minutes and texts while capping data.

    While carriers do offer unlimited plans see our guide to the best unlimited plans that freedom turns out not to be as free as wed like, as customers often put up with unexpected charges, speed throttling, or hidden limits. Every megabyte must be accounted for, or you might find yourself paying an arm and a leg in overage charges, or having your connection speed throttled at the worst time. Here are some tips to help you reduce your data usage, watch your continued data usage, and maximize your data plans.

    How Much Internet Data Do I Need

    How much data do YOU use on WiFi?

    Data is measured in kilobytes , megabytes and gigabytes . There are 1,024 bytes in a kilobyte, 1,024 kilobytes in a megabyte and 1,024 megabytes in a gigabyte.

    According to software company RescueTime, we spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes a day on our phones. However, the amount of internet data you actually need will depend on what you use your phone for.

    If you only tend to browse websites and check emails from time to time, youre probably safe sticking with a relatively small data allowance. On the other hand, if youre regularly sending and receiving emails, streaming services such as Netflix, and downloading music, your data requirements will be much higher.

    A quick way of working out how much data you need is to log into your online account on your providers website and find out how much data youve used in previous months.

    If youve regularly exceeded your data allowance, you will probably want to choose a larger allowance the next time you switch mobile phone contracts or providers. Your current provider may also be willing to increase your allowance mid-term, since this will earn them extra money.

    But if you often have data left over, you might want to choose a smaller allowance next time around and save yourself some money.

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    How Do You Know If Your Phone Is Using Wifi Or Data

    You can tell from the screen if the phone is using Wifi or LTE. On the top of your screen, if you see the fan symbol, that means that the phone is using Wifi. Similarly, when its using LTE or 3G , that means that its using the cellular network instead.

    If you have both types of connection turned on, it could frequently interchange, depending on the strength of the signal from the router. So you should get on top with what exactly is being used every time you unlock your phone.

    On some phones that consume both at the same time, it can be difficult to keep track. You might only see the Wi-fi connected at the top of your screen. This can make it tricky to know exactly which one is more dominant in terms of usage, but you can always check it manually in settings.

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    Will Using Wireless Tv Receivers Count Against My Monthly Data Usage

    Access for Citizens Digital TV on Citizens CitiZip Fiber will not affect your monthly usage. Utilizing our WatchTVEverywhere service if used at home would count as data usage.

    Viewing standard video content through a satellite provided TV receiver connecting to your Wi-Fi gateway may count as data usage. Pay-per-view video, On-demand content, software updates, and DVR schedule data may use your internet connection and therefore could count as data usage.

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    Citizens Citizip Fiber Service Includes The Following Monthly Data Plans:

    • CitiZip Fiber 150: up to 150 Gigabytes usage per month
    • CitiZip Fiber 400: up to 400 GB usage per month
    • CitiZip Fiber 800: up to 800 GB usage per month
    • CitiZip Fiber 1.5TB: up to 1.5TB usage per month
    • CitiZip Fiber 3TB: up to 3TB usage per month
    • CitiZip Fiber 6TB: up to 6TB usage per month
    • Discount Bundles available to include Internet for the home, telephone, and Citizens Digital TV.
    • An overage charge of $5 per 50GB increments will be added to your monthly invoice should you exceed your data subscribed plan.

    For example: If you are on the 50GB plan and your usage is 123GB one month then you would be billed $10 in overages .

    Amount Of Mobile Data On Your Plan

    Why 4G Cellular Data is Always On Even When Connected to Wifi and How to Turn It Off – Android

    When cellular providers set up their plans, they will go for one of two options. These are throttling and data caps. As we mentioned, throttling means that your mobile data speed will be limited either from the start or after a certain amount of data usage has been reached. Data caps are limits on the amount of data available on a given plan. However, although many carriers advertise unlimited data plans, no such thing truly exists. They will always have a behind-the-scenes data cap for customers who decide to abuse the system. Also note, due to the recent repeal of the Net Neutrality agreement, ISPs and cellular service carriers have much more say in how they provide data to the end user. Again, always double-check the fine print before signing any contracts or leasing agreements.

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    The Speed Of Your Cell Phone Data Plan

    Many carriers today use throttling to cut down on network load. Usually, the specifics can be found buried deep in your cellular service agreement. This may be a set data speed limit right out of the gate, or it could be reduced after a certain amount of data is used. Be sure to ask whether your data is throttled before signing on to a plan that sounds too good to be true!

    Stop Paying Extra For Free Internet

    If you already have access to a good Wi-Fi network in the places you frequent the most, you may want to reduce the cost of your mobile data. Some phones can also access the internet via USB or Bluetooth hotspots.

    Feel free to tell us how big was your biggest monthly phone bill? Was it worth it? Or are you the type of person that tries to save as many wireless networks to their phone to avoid using mobile data?

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    Heres Everything You Need To Know About Wi

    Buried inside just about every smartphone is a capability that few people take advantage of but that I have come to rely on more and more: the ability to turn the phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

    Using my phone as a hotspot means that whenever I have a couple of bars of signal strength, I can get my tablet or laptop online and share my internet connection with work colleagues. Its my way to stay on top of work wherever I am, allowing me to read and send emails, move data back and forth with the companys servers and even get a taste of the latest office gossip from the comfort of a full-sized device.

    A phone hotspot can be a serious collaboration tool for a group of businesspeople attempting to work together. The potential ranges from a group on the way to the airport in a van finishing a group presentation to an accounting team working in a conference room with an internet connection independent of the company theyre auditing. It can also provide a connectivity lifeline for a home office when the Wi-Fi goes down.

    It works just like a dedicated mobile hotspot, but because its inside your phone, theres nothing extra to charge, carry, and try not to lose. When the phone is connected to the mobile data network, it can convert the data stream into a Wi-Fi signal for other devices to share. Happily, the phone can still view web sites on its screen, make calls and respond to texts while its hosting the hotspot connection.

    Solution: How To Turn Off Cellular Data Access When On Wifi

    Using Wi

    Fortunately theres a way with an iPhone and iOS to turn off this annoying feature. Apple calls this technique Wi-Fi Assist, and you can disable it by:

    • Go to Settings on your iPhone
    • Tap Cellular
    • Scroll down on that screen until you see the Wi-Fi Assist setting. Disable it.

    This is what that cellular setting looks like on my iPhone running iOS 10.2:

    If the button background is green , tap it once to turn off this feature. After you do this your iPhone should just use WiFi data.

    Note: It would be nice if you could turn this feature on for poor networks but off for your home network, but unfortunately Apple doesnt let you do that.

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    Tutorial: Apples Native Podcast App

    Im gonna be honest: Apple Podcasts is a uniquely complicated app. I do not personally use it , even though its where I first discovered podcasts years ago, and even though Im an Apple products user in all other ways. Adjusting your settings in Apple Podcasts is tricky, but well worth your time.

    Step 1: Open Your iPhones general Settings tab

    Scroll down until you see the Podcasts app.

    Step 2: Tap on the Podcasts app

    Step 3: Turn off Cellular Data & Turn on Only Download on Wi-Fi

    To turn off Cellular Data, tap the toggle switch to turn it to white .To turn on Only Download on Wi-Fi, tap the toggle switch to turn it to green .

    Step 4: From the same screen, select the Notifications setting

    Step 5: Turn on/off notifications for new episodes

    This screen will show you all podcasts to which you are subscribed. Tap the toggle button to turn notifications on or off.

    Now youre all set to download podcasts on your iPhone without using data.

    Step 6 : Further adjust settings on a per-podcast basis from inside the Podcasts app

    To make more adjustments to individual podcasts to which you are subscribed, go into the Podcasts app and tap on a show . Within each show, you have more settings options.

    Apps that you use for music, videos, or podcasts? Those also use data when you use them off WiFi, but since the content isnt location dependent, you can plan ahead and choose not to use them when youre not on WiFi.

    What Does It Mean To Have Mobile Data On

    Having mobile data on means that a smartphone or tablet is set to use a cellular data network when the device is not within range of a stable Wi-Fi connection. The mobile device will continuously test Wi-Fi and switch when the signal is weak or dropped.

    We usually keep this setting on. My son was home and within range of our Wi-Fi coverage. Yet his phone used the cellular connection during his lengthy YouTube binging. Uggg.

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    How To Tell Whether Your Phone Is Connected To Wi

    Look for the Wi-Fi signal icon at the top of your screen.

    If you see the Wi-Fi signal icon, your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. Check your Wi-Fi and cellular signals to see how strong they are.

    In Settings, go to Wi-Fi and make sure it is turned on. You can also see which Wi-Fi network you are connected to as well as any other Wi-Fi network options.

    iPhone and iPad users may want to turn off Wi-Fi Assist in Settings to be sure you stay connected to Wi-Fi.

    Why Is My Phone Using Data When I Am Connected To Wifi


    After lots of searching i have found that there is a setting called switch to mobile data automatically. I am connected to wifi at home all the time and at work and use less than 2g of data a month.

    Get Unlimited Internet Free Wifi Expose Wifi Internet 2019 Youtube Wifi Internet Free Wifi Wifi Hack

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    Managing Data Usage When Streaming Video

    Streaming video is often the biggest contributor to Internet data usage. So understanding how it works is especially important.

    Most video streaming services allow users to control video quality รข which has a direct effect on data usage. Be aware of two factors:

    • Both YouTube and Netflix have an Auto setting. If selected, the streaming service will deliver the optimal quality setting, based on the speed of your Internet connection. If you have a very fast connection, a higher quality signal will be delivered
    • If you upgrade your Internet speed, your data usage may increase. This is because the faster speed allows for a higher quality image, which in turn consumes more data

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