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Make The Most Of Your Xfinity Wifi Hotspot: Xfinity Speed Test And Optimization

Xfinity WiFi 101: Speed for every device

Comcast® has over 23 million internet customers, with most using the Xfinity® router to broadcast public WiFi for others to connect to. With so many people broadcasting at the same time, the 2.4GHz range can become very crowded, and the download and upload speeds can come to crawl.

Fortunately, you can easily optimize your Xfinity® internet speed using NetSpot, a professional wireless site surveys, WiFi analysis, and troubleshooting app for Windows and Mac OS X. NetSpot can help you discover WiFi networks around you and create detailed WiFi strength heatmaps.

To use the tool, all you need is a laptop or desktop computer running Windows 7 or higher or Mac OS X 10.10 or higher.

Xfinity Mobile Plans & Prices

Xfinity Mobile plan costs are low and flexible. Certainly lower than any of the big 3 carriers, but lower than even most of the cheapest of bare-bones MVNOs .

For starters, everyone gets:

  • Unlimited nationwide talk and text, at no added charge
  • Up to 10 lines included
  • Free access to the 18 million+ WiFi hotspots

Additionally, Xfinity Mobile offers international roaming coverage .

Beyond talk, text, & WiFi if needed , you have a choice of data plan options:

  • $1 GB for $15, 3 GB for $30, or 10 GB for $60. Data can be shared on up to 10 lines. No rollover.
  • Unlimited: $45/line/month . Note: this is the lowest price Ive seen for that much 5G.

You can switch from by the gig to an unlimited plan within the same month or from unlimited to by the gig at the start of the next billing cycle. You can find lower price per GB data plans out there, but you typically have to pay for talk and text with those plans, which would wipe out the benefit.

The Xfinity Mobile app shows you where your data usage is each month, in order to keep your data usage in check.

Why You Should Not Be Using Xfinitywifi Hotspots

Screw the heavy lifting, the most annoying part of moving in 2020 was the lack of Internet in my new place while waiting to get my service setup. This was compounded by the fact that the apartment is basically one gigantic LTE deadzone.

One available Wi-Fi network represented a siren call of connectivity: xfinitywifi. This is Comcasts public network for its customers to use when out and about, broadcast from many of its customers modems. While this was a tempting choice, public Wi-Fi networks are always extremely risky. Plus, Comcast introduces its own customers to security risks when it uses their hardware to broadcast a public network.

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Xfinity Mobile: How It Works

Xfinity Mobile is available exclusively to Comcast subscribers. The wireless service relies on Verizons network , along with access to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide.

If you subscribe, you can pick between an unlimited data plan and paying only for the data you use. Unlimited nationwide talk and text are included regardless of your data choice. Xfinity Mobile users pay no access fees for up to five lines. Some carriers charge subscribers as much as $20 per line in access fees on top of their regular monthly data plan rate, though for unlimited plans, those access fees are often baked into the monthly rate.

Comcast TV subscribers will be able to use the Xfinity Stream TV App on their smartphone to stream live TV, on-demand content and shows stored on a cloud-DVR, no matter where they are it will count against your data allotment, though, if you dont have an unlimited plan with the carrier. More on that in a moment.

Can I Get Xfinity Mobile Xfinity Mobile Availability

Comcast Xfinity xFi turn sgateway into a Wi

In order to become an Xfinity Mobile customer, you must first be a residential Xfinity Internet service customer, residing within Xfinitys market map.

If youre unsure about Xfinity availability, you can check if Xfinity internet service is available in your area here. If it is, and youre an Internet service customer, you can get Xfinity Mobile.

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Mobile Hotspot Plans Provided By Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile’s network includes millions of secure WiFi hotspots across the country that customers can access from any WiFi-enabled device. These access points are other Xfinity Internet customers whose broadband routers broadcast a second signal, which is usable by any Xfinity Mobile customer.

The main advantage of these unlimited hotspots is they dont use the data from your mobile plan, meaning you can:

  • Save your data if you don’t have unlimited.
  • Access the Internet when traveling without worrying about reception or roaming charges.
  • Have Internet access without paying more, even if youve used all your monthly data.

Overview Of Xfinity Internet Deals

If you are searching for an internet service provider that gives you a little bit of everything, Xfinity by Comcast is one of the best choices. Xfinity has a blend of internet speeds, streaming app access, and cable television that is nearly unmatched, not to mention home phone and home security services. Here is just a sample of what Xfinity offers its subscribers:

  • Multiple Levels of Service Usually, with most internet providers you will find two or three internet speeds to choose from. Xfinity has six levels of speed.
  • Free Cable TV We will get into this a bit later, but Peacock TV is included with your internet service.
  • Home Security Not many internet companies, if any, will offer video monitoring of your home. You may receive a type of firewall on your computer system from hackers, but Xfinity takes your safety a step further with 24/7 video recording.
  • Mobile Services This is another feature that many may not know about. You can add this service to your internet plan for only $40 per month.

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Reliable Home Security With Xfinity Home

Fast and reliable internet speeds are essential for all users of Xfinity® Home, Comcasts home security system with around-the-clock monitoring, remote control, real-time alert, and voice control. Xfinity® Home equipment, including window sensors, motion sensors, cameras, and water sensors, transmit data over WiFi, freeing users from messy cables.

As such, Xfinity® Home is a subject to signal interference and potential signal dropouts. With NetSpot, you can quickly and easily ensure that all security devices connected to your Xfinity® Home security system are covered by your home WiFi network. Use the Survey mode to select the optimal places for your security cameras and other equipment.

Note: All trademarks mentioned are property of their respective owners.

Wi-Fi Site Surveys, Analysis, Troubleshooting

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  • Wi-Fi Site Surveys, Analysis, Troubleshooting
  • 500K

Xfinity Wifi Hotspot Map

Xfinity Mobile Now Available: Verizon Wi-Fi, $45/mo Unlimited – for Comcast Internet Customers

In addition to offering up Verizons Network for prices that are much cheaper than Verizon , Xfinity Mobile sets itself apart from the competition in that you can tap in to over 18 million WiFi hotspots. Xfinity makes this possible through using modems it leases to customers as WiFi hotspots. Devilishly clever.

This can allow you to keep your mobile data usage to a minimum, if youre able to find a hotspot to connect to. Here is an Xfinity WiFi hotspot map or you can use the Xfinity app, which can be used offline.

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Xfinity Mobile Review: From A Customer

This Xfinity Mobile review has been updated for 2021. Long-time readers may be quite surprised to find this Xfinity Mobile Review on this site. Given my extensive collection of diatribes against Xfinity in recent years, Im as surprised as you are.


  • Ive previously and extensively reviewed the cheapest data plans, cheapest prepaid plans, and cheapest mobile WiFi hotspot plans on the market, and Ive come to the conclusion that, at this moment, Xfinity Mobile may be one of the most compelling budget offerings of them all and can potentially save you some serious money.
  • Despite my prior grievances with Xfinity Mobiles parent company, Comcast, I have been an actual Xfinity Mobile customer we have tested Xfinity Mobile on one of our mobile devices for many months.
  • Xfinity is not holding me hostage. Nor did they compensate me to write this review.
  • So lets jump right in. Heres what youll find in this Xfinity Mobile review:

    Article Table of Contents:

    Final Thoughts On Xfinity Wi

    If youre subscribed to Comcast Business Internet or Xfinity Mobile, you should have access to public Xfinity Wi-Fi Hotspots.

    Hotspot usage doesnt count against the monthly data usage allowance for Xfinity Internet customers.

    If youre unable to access it despite trying all the troubleshooting methods, please contact Xfinity Customer Support.

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    Comcast Pops $25 Mobile Hotspot

    ByTodd Spangler06 May 2011

    Comcast launched a 4G/3G mobile “hotspot” router that lets mobile broadband subscribers connect up to five Wi-Fi devices to the Internet at once.

    The MiFi 4082 from Novatel Wireless is $25 for users with the Xfinity Internet 2go Nationwide Preferred plan, which starts at $40 per month for the first 12 months as part of a bundle.

    Comcast’s Xfinity Internet 2go services are provided through Clearwire’s 4G WiMax network that reaches 119 million Americans and Sprint Nextel’s nationwide 3G network. The 4G service provides download speeds of up to 6 Mbps, while Sprint’s 3G is advertised as up to 1.4 Mbps.

    The MiFi router, which measures about 3.5-by-2.4-by-0.5 inches, includes a rechargeable battery and provides access range of 30 feet. It also supports industry-standard Wi-Fi security, and requires users to enter their password before being able to connect.

    Comcast offers 4G WiMax coverage through Clearwire in metro areas including: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Baltimore, Boston, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Philadelphia, Houston, Washington, D.C., Sacramento, Calif., Hartford, Conn., Wilmington, Del., Miami and Orlando, Fla.

    Comcast is in investor in Clearwire, which is majority owned by Sprint. In the first quarter of 2011, Clearwire added 1.6 million subscribers through wholesale partners including Sprint, Comcast and Time Warner Cable to stand at 6.15 million at the end of March.

    Xfinity Mobile: What Devices Are Supported

    Comcast extends free Xfinity Wi

    Device selection had been the biggest downside to Xfinity Mobile, which largely sells top flagships. However, in recent years Xfinity has broadened its selection of Android devices, and now allows users to bring some of those handsets to the network as well.

    iPhone users will notice an up-to-date selection. You can opt for any of the new iPhones the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, You can also save money by buying the iPhone 11, iPhone XRor iPhone SE 2020.

    As for Android devices, both the Galaxy S21 and Note 20 models are available at Xfinity. The Pixel 4a 5G is there, too, if you want to spend less on a 5G-ready device. You find a pair of handsets available for less than $200 the Moto E and LG K51.

    Device-payment options and flat pricing both compare well to other carriers, so while the need to purchase a new device is inconvenient, you at least have solid options at reasonable prices.

    If you prefer to bring your own phone, Xfinity lets iPhone users bring their own device, provided it’s an iPhone 6 or newer. The company is now making an effort to include Android users too, though BYOD service is currently limited to select Samsung and Pixel models.

    If you’ve got a supported phone, you send away for a free SIM card from Xfinity, and then sign in once you’ve received it to activate your account.

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    Wifi Hotspot Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Having a Portable WiFi Hotspot Faster Than Traditional WiFi?

    Since the connection speeds rely on the signal strength of the cellular network youre using, it depends on where you live. In many cases, a WiFi network installed by an internet service provider will be much quicker because there isnt as much traffic congestion.

    Is My Connection Secure?

    If you have to enter credentials such as a network name and password, it is more secure than using a public connection where there are no log-in credentials required. However, its important to ensure your device doesnt connect to public WiFi hotspots automatically, as doing so could expose your information to hackers.

    What Should I Look For in a Provider?

    The coverage map of where the provider offers the fastest speeds is of paramount importance since you want access to the fastest speeds with reliability. The price will also be another factor, especially if youre in an area where you can choose between multiple companies.

    Xfinity Mobile $60 Per Month 10gb

    Everyone can have access to Xfinity mobile but the prices listed are strictly for enrolled customers. Hence, if youre yet to become an active Xfinity TV, internet or even Voice customer, youll have to pay +$20 for any line or $80 for each month.

    This plan includes the following:

    • High-speed data of 10GB but youll be charged $15 per GB whenever you go over.
    • Comprises of full speed Hotspot.
    • Youll get to access Wi-Fi hotspots.
    • Video streaming of about 720p.
    • Optional data saver to limit streaming. Though this is optional, its about 600Kbps to conserve data.
    • Access to VoLTE
    • Ability to use Wi-Fi for calls.
    • Access to 5G networks This is strictly for 5G mobile phones already on the Xfinity network which still makes use of 5G on Verizon network for coverage. These are available Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20+5G.

    This plan does not support the following:

    • There is no Unlimited 2G data.
    • Non-availability of any domestic roaming.
    • Does not support eSIM

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    How Do You Set Up A Portable Wifi Hotspot

    There are several ways you can set up a WiFi hotspot. If you bought a portable device through a retailer or cellular provider, heres how you set it up.

    Step 1: Open the box of the portable device and read the instructions. Normally, this involves charging the device for an hour to give it more power so it can connect.

    Step 2: After charging the device, go to the manufacturers website and activate it.

    Step 3: Upon activation, select a data plan from the provider.

    Step 4: If youre doing a prepaid plan, enter your payment or gift card information to set up service.

    Step 5: After completing the activation and plan purchase, your device is ready to go. From here, go to the internet settings on your computer. Most have a shortcut on the bottom right-hand corner with the WiFi icon. Click on that.

    Step 6: Doing this will bring up all available WiFi networks in the area. Look at the bottom of your device or at the side of the box it comes in, as there will be the name of the device and the passcode. Find the device name on the available WiFi networks then enter the passcode.

    Step 7: If youve entered the information correctly and activated the device, your computer should connect. If it does, try several websites to make sure theyre loading properly.

    Meanwhile, if you want to use your smartphone as a portable WiFi hotspot, then go to the settings. From here, youll want to select the internet settings then go down to the hotspot.

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