Does Comcast Have Wifi 6

Term Agreements: None Or One

“Free Router” Xfinity XB7-T Comcast “Wi-Fi 6” How to Upgrade Routers Full Review 2022 ð¯ð?

With the exception of the Gigabit Pro plan which requires a two-year term agreement, Xfinity lets you opt for no contract, but with a catch. In some areas, choosing a no-term agreement will likely raise the introductory price of your plan by $10/mo. or more.

Xfinity plans in service areas in the Western and Northeast regions are also likely to come with no-contract options, but with less price increases than other regions. The exception is Xfinitys lowest-priced plan, which does come with a higher price if you choose no term agreement.

Another option if you are looking for no contracts and cheap internet is the Xfinity Prepaid Internet plan. With this plan, you get refurbished internet equipment for a one-time fee of $35 and 20 Mbps for $45/mo. or $15/week. This plan does not require any contracts.

Upgrade One Step At A Time

If you’re panicking at the number of network and client devices you need to upgrade, relax. There’s no need to replace every Wi-Fi 5 device and network component simultaneously. Wi-Fi 6 routers will support Wi-Fi 5 devices just fine, though the latter will run at their rated 802.11ac speeds. Similarly, Wi-Fi 6 devices can still talk to a Wi-Fi 5 router, though again, their throughput will be constrained and most of the advanced features mentioned above will be disabled until they can find supporting devices. If you’re a gamer, you might start with a Wi-Fi 6 gaming router and then move on out to supporting devices. If, perhaps, work dictates certain high-performance clients, you can start there and work inward.

Bottom line: you can upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 one step at a time, which will definitely make things easier. You’ll not only save your wallet from a sudden pummeling, you’ll also be able to configure and master one device at a time instead of finding yourself frustrated with a slew of new features and documentation.

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Xfinity Mobile: How Much It Costs

Xfinity Mobile’s prices vary from $15 a month up to $60 a month, depending on the options you choose. Be aware that these do not include taxes and fees, which will vary from state to state.

The bare minimum $15 plan gets you 1GB of data along with unlimited talk and text. If you go beyond 1GB, you are charged an additional $15 per GB. Comcast unfortunately rounds up, so 2.1GB or 2.9GB of data usage would both be treated as 3GB, and cost you $45. This is different from something like , which refunds you for the data that you don’t use.

Xfinity modified By the Gig for new customers that share the same bucket of data across multiple lines. Under the new system, you choose the amount of data you want to use upfront, with reduced costs for the more data you use. For example, whereas 1GB normally costs $15, 3GB costs $30 and 10GB is just $60.

Xfinity Mobiles unlimited plan costs $45 a month for a single line of data. And unlimited plans just became more attractive to families, as Xfinity now offers discounts as you add more lines to your service.

Two lines of unlimited data cost you $80 a month . With four lines of data, you’re paying $120 each month, which breaks down to $30 for each line.

Unlimited plans restrict video resolution to 480p when streaming over cellular. Hotspot speeds are similarly capped at 600 kbps. If you want HD video at all times, you can pay an extra $20 per month.

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Gryphon Ac3000 Wifi Router

One of our favourite routers that we have found for Comcast is the Gryphon AC3000. You really wont see another router like it out on the market in both its design and its performance.


Lets start with its design. The Gryphon has a white casing and is an upright tower design, which means it will stay cooler and have better longevity. The antennas are all hidden internally, so while you cannot move them around, they are high-gain and still have a great range to work with.

The Gryphon offers 24/7 security and protection, daily security updates to prevent any recent threats from new malware, and even ad blocking software for all connected devices within the network.

This means that if you have any IoT devices, it will actively prevent breeches from them as well, which is nice since they are often forgot about with malware. The router is also easy to setup so you will not need to worry about a learning curve.


You should be very happy with the performance of the Gryphon AC3000. It is is a tri-band router. The router can also act like a mesh system and can extend as far as you need it to if you add on more points.

With just one Gryphon router, you can get up to 3,000 square feet in coverage, but you can always take advantage of the mesh capabilities for more.

Xfinity Internet Customer Satisfaction

Best smart home gadgets from CES 2020

Xfinitys customer satisfaction ratings usually fall in the middle of the pack. The American Customer Satisfaction Index scored Xfinity internet a 67/100 in 2021, which is third-best of any internet provider. Consumer Reports readers gave it a 65/100, with low marks for technical support and value.

While these scores arent amazing, Xfinity does have a reputation for being more flexible than other providers about the deals they offer to existing customers. If you have an issue with your bill or service, theres a decent chance that a phone call to Xfinitys customer service can solve the issue.

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Are There Extra Wifi Fees

When you sign up for a plan with Comcast there are extra fees that might not be made quite clear. For example, if you have Xfinity Wi-Fi, the Gateway, or the modem and router you use, is an additional $14 every month. If you live in a house that is bigger than 2000 square feet, your wife I might not reach the entire house so if you get a repeater, it will cost an additional $25 per month.

Each of the fees listed above are subject to change at any time. While Comcast does offer a range of promotions for new customers, the freebies you get usually have an expiration date. For example, you might get an additional streaming service as part of the promotion when you sign up, but after three months it expires and you will be charged unless you cancel. Many customers have complained that the rug was pulled out from underneath them so to speak when it came to bonuses.

The monthly cost listed above is also contingent upon signing up for automatic payments and paperless billing. Technically Comcast says you can save $10 each month when you use automatic payments and paperless billing, but that $10 of savings is automatically calculated into the price they advertise so if you dont sign up for these two features when you start a new contract, your monthly bill will be $10 extra.

Modem/router Combo Vs Separate Devices

If you have Xfinity cable internet, you can decide if you want a modem/router combo or separate devices.

With a gateway being a modem and a router as one device. While Separate has them as two.

Both options have their merits, but as a Network Engineer, I recommend separate devices.

The reason for this is with separate devices, you can change one device if it breaks or needs an upgrade, rather than both. It also enables better performance and more customization.

This is not to say that gateways are bad. They do often have a lower up-front cost and are generally easier to set up.

Just dont get a gateway if you have Xfinity fiber. Because fiber doesnt use modems. It only needs a router.

To learn more about the topic, check out modem/router combo vs. separate.

What about Mesh?

If youre planning on getting a router, you have two options. Either a traditional router or whats called a Mesh network.

The difference is that a Mesh network is a group of devices that creates a single Wi-Fi network.

And because it uses multiple devices, the network has better coverage than a single router.

Mesh Benefit
  • Generally cheaper
  • Easier setup

In short, a Mesh system is suitable if you have a large home because of its good coverage. While a traditional router is enough for most other situations.

check out Mesh Wi-Fi Vs. Traditional router if you want more information.

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Comcast Launches Xfi Advanced Gateway Featuring Wi

Comcast the largest home Internet service provider in the USA and the worlds second-largest provider of cable TV by revenue this week launched their first Wi-Fi 6E-capable home gateway. The new unit is called the xFi Advanced Gateway and includes not only new and much faster Wi-Fi 6E-based connectivity but a range of features and technology updates to support Comcasts 10G smart home vision.

Awaited with some anticipation US cable giant Comcast this week launched their first Wi-Fi 6E-capable home gateway dubbed the xFi Advanced Gateway. Comcast says the new device will reduce interference and increase bandwidth in the home by 3X to support the massive influx of connected devices used by consumers today .

Comcast also says the new gateway supports twice as many simultaneous Wi-Fi-connected devices compared to previous gateways and that the unit is prepared to deliver multi-gigabit speeds in both uplink and downlink directions. The unit connects to the Internet with ultra-low lag times . Available at a fraction of the cost, it competes effectively against the Wi-Fi 6E-capable retail devices available today, which can set you back more than US$1,000, Comcast says.

Best Router For Xfinity Voice

Comcast’s New Streaming Box – The XiOne | 4GB RAM, WiFi 6, 4K UHD, HDR, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos

If you are looking for a router that works with Xfinity Voice, we suggest that you take a look at the Motorola MT7711. This is another great and powerful router from Motorola and will have all of the features that you should be looking for.


The design of the MT7711 is actually pretty nice. It is a tower router, which means that it will always keep cooler than routers that are stuck being horizontal. It is an appealing grey and black as well, so overall it is a great design.

You do get some level of security from this router as well. It has an advanced firewall, a browser-based configuration, and a guest network capability.

The MT7711 also comes with four 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, which will allow for a wired connection for the devices that need one.

It also has two Xfinity Voice compatible phone ports to let you wire the voice function in directly. Additionally, it has an optional battery backup to allow you to make phone calls if you lose power.


Looking at this routers performance, it is a dual band router with AnyBeam Beamforming. This means that the reach of both the h2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands will extend even further than they would have otherwise.

The Wireless Power Boost is there for amplifying the wireless signal. It also has full-band Capture Digital Tuning, which allows for higher speeds while saving you on energy.

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Rent Vs Buy Comcast Xfinity Router

Comcasts equipment fee is $15 each month. This means that you need to pay $180 per year.

If you do some math, you realize that buying your own devices will be much cheaper in the long run.

And its probably because of this you are reading this article.

Many, however, still rent due to worrying about the setup and other problems.

But you dont have to worry. Modern network devices are generally easy to set up.

And I have picked devices with extra simple setups that have good reputations for having few problems.

Therefore, I advise everyone, stop renting equipment from Comcast and buy a third-party option.

Even though I should note that Im a bit biased. I do make a small commission if you buy a router.

Handling Old And New Devices On The Same Network

Mesh WiFi systems mash-up the signals running on both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz radio bands, so the two bands are accessed with a single SSID and password. Intelligent band steering and beamforming technology then directs the traffic, so your gear connects to the most appropriate frequency and node. 2.4 GHz signals travel farther but more slowly 5 GHz signals are shorter in range but run far faster so are better for data-intensive applications like video gaming.

A complication can arise with creating a single network, though, when you have older products like security and baby cams, smart door locks and multi-room speaker systems that only work on 2.4 GHz. Sometimes, these older products can’t “see” the new mesh WiFi network because the new network is trying to connect on the 5Ghz band. The best mesh WiFi systems can identify devices that require a 2.4Ghz and provide a temporary separation of the two bands so that devices that require a 2.4Ghz connection are identified and handled accordingly.

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The Best Xfinity Wifi Extender For Heavy Users: Eero Pro

While mesh WiFi systems can handle up to 100 devices, most have trouble smartly juggling the data demands of four or five simultaneous heavy users. The eero Pro mesh WiFi system not only manages heavy data loads with ease, but it also outperforms other systems in reach and speed at the far ends of the network, making it our pick for the best Xfinity extender for heavy users.

In lab testing by Wirecutter, they found that even with six devices pounding simultaneously at the system, the eero Pro base router and nodes, called Beacons, connected seamlessly to devices all over the lab. And despite signal hops through two Beacons, the measurable signal speed was still plentiful at the other end of the 80-foot long, multi-room facility with speeds reduced by just one-third from that measured at the base station. Reviewers at Android Central also marvel at how seamless the handoff of service is when moving a smartphone or tablet from one eero node to another a talent observable in the app.

How does all that happen? The eero Pro is a tri-band system with a separate, second 5GHz channel radio that is devoted to communicating the millisecond-by-millisecond needs for signal apportioning and steering.

Like the Nest WiFi Points, the Beacons have a second function. Each Beacon has a built-in LED nightlight with an ambient light sensor and automatic dimmer, befitting its wall-hugging, night-light-like appearance.

Your Internet Speed Package

Comcast Xfinity Xfi Pods Wifi Extender Repeater 6

While it is a great idea to get a router that offers speeds up to 1 Gbps, if your service package does not offer that level of speeds, you cannot reach it.

You will need to pay close attention to the speeds that you are paying for and if you get a router that is faster than them, your speeds are still limited to your service package and what the ISP is capable of giving you.

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