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How to Turn On WiFi Calling for iPhone and Android | T-Mobile

The Wi-Fi calls can be made on an iPhone using FaceTime app. Apple also provides an option to make calls from other devices other than iPhone like the Apple watch, iPod or MacBook Pro. The steps to make a call on iPhone X over Wi-Fi are:

  • Open the FaceTime app
  • Tap on the audio option at the top
  • Browse the contact or enter the phone number and click on the call icon
  • Got Questions We Can Help

    • There are a few reasons you may be having trouble:

    • You dont have a supported phone, plan or LTE SIM card.
    • To buy a LTE NANO SIM card, head to
    • For info on how to change your plan using MyAccount, head to
  • Data could be blocked on your account. To unblock your data head to:
  • Not compatible with T911.
  • If youre still having trouble, please restart your phone.
  • Heads Up! Activation can take up to 24 hours to complete. When you’re ready to activate, you’ll receive an SMS that’ll tell you to head to your phone settings and complete the setup.

    Do You Get Charged For It

    Traditionally, phone calls made using a cellular connection come from your monthly allowance. The Wi-Fi calling feature is similar. Wi-Fi calls have no additional charge its taken from your monthly voice plan.

    It’s a fantastic option for employees that telecommute. You won’t pay sky-high international calling rates for making cross-border calls. Youre simply using data from your allowance to make international long-distance calls. Just for perspective, more than 100 million voice calls are made on WhatsApp every day.

    The best part? Cisco predicts that by 2021, there will be 542 million wireless network hotspots all over the world that support Wi-Fi calls.

    With cloud phone services like Nextiva people can call as much as they want across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. And when it’s time to call abroad, they can call around the world for as low as a penny per minute.

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    What Are The Cons Of Wifi Calling

    Although WiFi calling provides many advantages, as mentioned above, before using this feature, there are a few downsides to consider:

    • Insufficient bandwidth on WiFi. WiFi will lag in hotels, airports, universities, stadiums, and other crowded venues just because of the sheer number of people using the same network.
    • Not all devices support calling via WiFi. With built-in WiFi calling capabilities, you must have a smartphone. WiFi calls are supported by most Android phones and newer iPhones. Go to Settings and search for the WiFi calling feature to check your phones connectivity, or check with your carrier.

    How To Add Devices

    Why doesn

    For adding other devices you will have to sign in to the iCloud from other devices. Also, sign in to the FaceTime app from the other devices. If the ID you used to sign in is same as that on your iPhone X the device will be added.

    I hope this guide was useful in understanding how to enable and use Wi-Fi or internet calling on iPhone X. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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    Set Up Wifi And 4g Calling For Google

    How to set up Wifi and 4G Calling

    GoogleFirst you’ll need to add Wifi and 4G Calling to your account. To do this , go to Device details and tap Wifi and 4G Calling.Once your new services are added to your account, follow the instructions below to enable Wifi and 4G Calling.

  • Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Advanced > Wifi Calling > make sure Wifi Calling is toggled on. To switch off Wifi Calling set the toggle to off.
  • Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced> make sure 4G Calling is toggled on. To switch off 4GCalling set the toggle to off.
  • Does Turning On Wifi Calling Help Me Save More Money

    The quickest answer is better check the policy with your mobile network or carrier provider. In most cases, domestic calls wont add up to your monthly phone bills. But different carriers have their own policy about WiFi Calling like the following major players below with the links to their terms and conditions. Read it especially if you are going outside the country and want to use WiFi calling overseas.

    Turning on WiFi Calling on iPhone is a nice-to-have feature especially you dont have to download a third-party app anymore when you need to place a call. But most of the iPhone users are now inclined in using social media apps. Even in remote conference or meetings in the corporate world uses Skype. It even gives these people the capability to record the meeting session from Skype. Moreover, there is a risk of getting unwanted bill charges with WiFi Calling if you are careless to turn it off especially when overseas. In the end, each of us have their own taste and ways to utilize our iPhone whether to use WiFi calling or not.

    If you want to record your phone calls on iPhone, then you might be interested with this gadget for iPhone.

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    The Steps That Led To Wi

    When I sold iPhones for Apple, I used to tell customers, Phone calls and your wireless data connection to the internet are completely separate. They use different antennas and connect on different frequencies.

    And thats no longer true.

    The technology behind making phone calls didnt change for years because it didnt have to. People were using more and more data, not making more phone calls, so wireless carriers focused on the quality of the internet connection.

    Think about it. All of the wireless carrier TV commercials for the last several years have focused around one theme: Faster, more reliable internet. The wireless carriers sell you on what theyre pouring money into.

    Why didnt people stop and say, Hey, the voice quality on my iPhone stinks! It wasnt just iPhones it was every mobile phone. For years, weve been streaming CD-quality music on our iPhones. So why do our loved ones voices sound like theyre coming through an AM radio?

    Lte Voice Meet Your New Best Friend: Wi

    How To – Wifi Calling On iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 5s, 5c

    Wi-Fi Calling extends the coverage area of LTE Voice by including Wi-Fi networks. Remember, LTE Voice improves call quality by using your iPhones internet connection to make phone calls, instead of the traditional cellular voice network. Since Wi-Fi also connects your iPhone to the internet, its a logical next step for LTE and Wi-Fi to work together.

    With Wi-Fi calling turned on, every Wi-Fi network your iPhone connects to acts like a mini cell tower. Wi-Fi calling allows you to make high-quality phone calls to people with LTE data coverage or who are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

    This is especially good news for people who have poor cellular reception at home. If they have Wi-Fi, they can bypass the cellular network and make phone calls using their Wi-Fi internet connection, as long as the other party is connected to Wi-Fi or LTE, too.

    In short, Wi-Fi Calling and LTE Voice both use your iPhones connection to the internet to make high-quality phone calls the only difference is how they connect to the internet. LTE Voice uses your iPhones cellular data connection to the internet that you buy from your wireless carrier, and Wi-Fi Calling uses the cable or fiber internet connection you pay for at home or use at Starbucks.

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    How To Enable Wifi Calling On Iphone

  • Go to Settings> Phone > WiFi Calling
  • Switch the Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone slider on, to the right.
  • Choose Enable to turn on Wi-Fi Calling. You can ignore the warning about what data your carrier collects.
  • Note: enabling WiFi on any Apple device requires making changes in the setting, which also requires a carrier bundle directly from Apple. Were working with Apple to get this feature to US Mobile.

    Is There A Drawback To Using Wi

    Wi-Fi Calling is a feature that lets an iPhone effectively re-route mobile calls over the Wi-Fi network to which youre connectedif it has the right qualities instead of using the cellular network. Most carriers support Wi-Fi Calling.

    Macworld reader Steve wonders if theres a drawback to Wi-Fi Calling. His iPhone typically picks up a stronger Wi-Fi signal than a cellular one.

    Theres none that I can think of, even though carriers mostly offer no benefit to you offloading phone calls from their networks to your own or someone elses.

    Voice calls over 3G and 4G networks are just data, anyway. Calls use up very little bandwidth, so even on a lower-speed broadband network or one that has usage caps, the data consumed is minimal.


    Turning on Wi-Fi Calling seems to have no drawbacks.

    Wi-Fi Calling also optionally lets you connect all other kinds of Apple devices using the same iCloud account so you can make calls from them even if the iPhone is powered down or not on the same Wi-Fi network! Thats a big advantage depending on how you work.

    Apple doesnt reveal the specific means by which it tests that a Wi-Fi network has suitable characteristics for Wi-Fi Calling, but I expect it performs a quick test for data loss and latency, or the time it takes for data to start transmitting rather than its overall speed.

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    How Do I Switch Between The Wi

    In most cases, when you move between Wi-Fi Calling and the mobile network, your call will drop. To ensure your call does not drop, you should remain in your Wi-Fi or mobile networks range for the duration of the call. However, if you have an Apple VoLTE-enabled device, or an Android VoLTE-enabled device with the Wi-Fi Calling-preferred setting on, and you are moving between Wi-Fi Calling and our LTE network, your call should not drop. Visit to see where you are covered by our mobile network.

    How To Set Up Wifi Calling Iphone

    How to enable Wi

    After youve switched the toggle for this feature on, your device will automatically re-route calls to WiFi if possible.

    Now, you can be charged for this, depending on your cellular plan. This feature rates the same like you are making a cellular call from the US. So, if you are being charged for regular cellular calls, you will be charged for the WiFi calling iPhone made the call as well. If you have a certain amount of minutes in your cellular plan, you will notice the deduction of the minutes after you finish the call.

    If you are abroad, this option is much better since your cellular network can be poor. However, you will be charged for an international cal. Bear in mind that WiFi calling is not enabled in some countries such as Australia, China, Cuba, Singapore, etc.

    An important thing to know is that the other side needs to be connected to WiFi as well. If its not, your call will be made as a regular cellular call.

    Here, I will list major US carriers and their WiFi calling iPhone options to explore. Good luck!

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    Here Is How To Enable Wifi Calling On A Verizon Iphone 6

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Select the Wi-Fi Calling option.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi Calling on this iPhone option.
  • Touch the Enable button.
  • Fill out your emergency address information.
  • Accept the terms and conditions, then tap the Continue button.
  • These steps are repeated below with pictures

    Step 1: Tap the Settings icon.

    Step 2: Scroll down and tap the Phone button.

    Step 3: Tap the Wi-Fi Calling button.

    Step 4: Tap the button to the right of Wi-Fi Calling on the iPhone.

    Step 5: Tap the Enable button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

    Step 6: Enter the requested information for your emergency 911 address.

    Step 7: Tap the box at the bottom of the screen to accept the terms and conditions, then tap the red Continue button.

    Is your iPhone automatically forwarding calls to your iPad when they are both on the same Wi-Fi network? If you would like that to stop, then read this article on disabling call forwarding from your iPhone.

    Why Or When Is The Best Time To Use Wifi Calling

    Have you experienced where you are in a location where the carrier signal is weak? And it frustrates you when youre make calls because of weak carrier network coverage or signal? Or let us say you are inside a building or establishment where you get a poor signal. Isnt it you find your voice call choppy and spotty? But if there is an available Internet WiFi hotspot in the area then using WiFi calling from your iPhone will be your best option. However, you should be careful as there could be security dangers of public WiFi connectivity.

    This feature uses the same technology or idea of VoIP . You just need to hook your iPhone device to the WiFi hotspot, enable the WiFi Calling from your iPhone, and use your native phone dialer to make outgoing or receive incoming calls.

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    Why Do I Need To Set Up An Address To Use Wi

    To offer voice service over the internet, Verizon is required by the FCC to support 911 calls and collect a registered location to enable the service.By registering an address, youre providing information that determines how your 911 call is routed. This information:

  • Is provided to emergency services if youre unable to report your physical location.
  • Is also used if you call 911 using Wi-Fi Calling in an area or location where cellular service isnt available.
  • Isn’t used for billing or other purposes.
  • Note: Be sure to update your emergency address whenever you change locations.

    How Much Internet Speed Is Needed To Make Calls In Wifi Calling

    Wi-Fi Calling Not Working On iPhone? Here’s The Fix!

    It is very rare that you will find an Internet WiFi connection that is lower than 1Mbps. This is the most ideal minimum Internet connection throughput that you might need to make a solid voice call. Lower than 1Mbps, like if you hit 80kbps, surely the quality of the voice call will be poor and you will experience drop calls. So before you start using WiFi Calling, you might need to check the speed where you are going to connect.

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    How To Enable Wifi Calling On Iphone 6

    Use the following steps to enable wifi calling on iPhone 6:

    • Open iPhones main menu.
    • Tap on the gear-shaped icon, which will take you to the settings folder.
    • Scroll down and tap on the phone button in the settings window.
    • Slide the button to the right to turn this feature on.
    • A popup window will appear, and you should press the enable button.
    • Type in the requested information for your emergency 911 address.
    • Accept the given terms and conditions by clicking on the box located at the bottom of the screen.
    • Tap on the red continue button.

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