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Install The Google Wi

Google Nest WiFi | Setup & Review

The Google Wi-Fi app lets you set up your Google Nest Wifi and control your entire network using your phone.

It can be used to control your Wifi points, monitor devices on your network, place restrictions, share your password, etc.

You can also do this using the Google Home app in case you were wondering.

Google Wifi Vs Nest Wifi: Which Mesh Router Should You Buy

A Google Wifi vs. Nest Wifi comparison is a good place to start if you’re looking for one of the best mesh routers around.

Yes, Google isn’t just a major force on the internet, it’s also a big player in how people get on the internet to begin with. Google introduced one of the earliest mainstream mesh Wi-Fi systems in 2016, offering quick and convenient setup with app-based controls.

The original was one of our favorite mesh routers of 2016, but in 2020 Google offered a new mesh Wi-Fi package under the Nest brand name. The Google Nest Wifi mesh kit knocked it out of the park, improving upon the original in almost every way, including the addition of smart features that we wish more companies would adopt.

But the original Google Wifi didn’t disappear. In fact, Google updated it in 2020, giving it a new low price, but retaining the hardware and performance we loved in our original Google Wifi. Both old and new versions are still being sold, but the similarity in hardware means that the only substantial difference is price.

This leaves shoppers wondering which Google-powered mesh Wi-Fi system is better. Comparing the original Google Wifi to the newer Nest Wifi, we’ve got the lowdown on which of these award-winning mesh networking kits is best for you.

Reset Both The Spectrum Router And The Google Nest Wifi

Once you have made the changes, you have to do a hard reset to get access to the internet. It might take a while before it resets completely.

Once you make the changes, the address of your Spectrum router might change to a different one.

Make a note of that and in case you need to login to your router again, make sure that log in using that address instead of the old one.

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Speed & Docsis Standard

The speed and DOCSIS standard also need to be taken into consideration. The DOCSIS standard will actually affect your speed as well.

DOCSIS 3.1 is the current fastest modem standard, but many other cable modems still work off of the DOCSIS 3.0 standard, which is often adequate, though not as fast as DOCSIS 3.1. Your goal should be to get a modem that offers faster speeds than your internet package, getting the most out of what youre paying for.

Difference Between Google Wifi And Nest Wifi

Google Nest Wifi Is All The Router Most People Need

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The concept of wireless mesh networks first appeared in the military applications, but back then it was in its infancy. From the military use, it moved to civil use and today, they are well considered as a remarkable technology that are being deployed as both local area networks and metropolitan area networks worldwide. A mesh network is a type of mobile ad hoc network that aims to provide a high bandwidth internet access through multiple devices acting as a single network. Google first entered into the mesh networking space in 2016 with its own three-piece mesh router called Google WiFi. Later, the Google WiFi was succeeded by the Nest WiFi, the next generation line of mesh wireless routers by Google.

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Google Nest Wifi Setup

Setting up your Google Nest Wifi is relatively easy. If you are setting up a Google Nest Router as the primary device, then you conduct the setup through the Google Home app. If you are adding a Google Nest device to your current Google Wifi mesh network, use the Google Wifi App.

It makes sense to keep Google wifi as your primary mesh router if you are merely adding a Nest Wifi Point. However, if you purchased a Google Nest Wifi Router, adding it to a Google Wifi Mesh network will not allow you to take advantage Nests upgraded hardware. You will want the faster device as the primary mesh node. Also, know that Google Nest Wifi devices do not support onHub devices.

You can find full setup instructions on . Below is an abridged version of the setup:

  • If you dont have the Google Home App, download the latest version of the Google Home app on Android or iOS. Open it. If you dont have a Home in the app, create one by tapping Add and following the instructions.
  • Choose a location for your router and Connect the Ethernet cable to your Nest Wifi routers WAN port. Then, connect the other end to your modem or ONT.
  • Plug your Nest Wifi router into a power outlet. After about a minute, the light will pulse white to indicate that its on and ready for setup.
  • On your phone or tablet, open the Google Home app.
  • Tap Add Set up device and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • When finished setting up the primary device, you can add more Wifi points by tapping Add then Set up device.
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      Hey! I’m Doug, My passion for tech started by fixing phones and computers for my friends and family. I worked in several technology companies and startups in the bay area after graduating from Santa Clara University. I currently work as a consultant for startups and tech companies. I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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      Compatibility With Your Isp

      To put it simply, your modem is never going to work with an ISP that is not compatible. Modems typically works with either cable internet or DSL, but a cable modem cannot work with DSL and vice versa.

      You have to confirm compatibility before your commit to a modem. Remember as well that if you have fiber internet, you will not need a modem at all, because fiber doesnt use modems.

      Design Changes And Nest Wifi Point Features

      Google Nest WiFi hands-on: a smart speaker now with WiFi

      One of the biggest changes between the Google Nest Wifi and the Google Wifi is the design.

      The new routers are taller, wider, and heavier than their predecessors. Theyve also gone through an aesthetic overhaul, with the Nest Wifi adopting a rounded dome-like shape and a smoother finish with options for snow, sand, and mist colorways. Its certainly more appealing than the plastic, puck-like design from before.

      The Nest Wifi is larger, but has a more subtle, dome-like look compared to the old Google Wifi pucks.

      Flip the routers over, and its a similar story on both devices two ethernet ports and a power port. Strangely, Google has opted for a barrel jack power connector for the Nest Wifi. The original Google Wifi uses USB-C.

      A particularly welcome change is the subtle LED indicator light, which is now a small dot instead of the large pulsing ring wrapped around the Google Wifi pucks. The Nest Wifi Points sit somewhere in the middle with a round LED around the bottom edge.

      Of course, the biggest change to the ecosystem that comes with Nest Wifi Points addition is support.

      Each Point essentially doubles up as a Google Nest Mini with all the voice commands, music playback, and smart home controls you get with any . Theres also a mute button on the back in case you want some privacy.

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      The Google Nest Point

      A Nest Point is an extension unit that helps increase your Wi-Fi coverage to the farthest reaches of your home or business. The Point doesnt have an ethernet jack and is solely wireless, meaning you need at least one Nest Wifi router to use the Point. The Nest Point isnt just an internet extender, it also has all the functionality of a Nest Mini baked in. In addition to complete , the Nest Mini also has a few router-specific commands for running speed tests or pausing connections to groups of devices via the Home app.

      The sound quality of the Nest Wifi Point is very similar to the Nest Mini. You also get the same touch controls as the Nest Mini, and theres a glowing ring that illuminates white light when you speak or orange light when its muted. While Googles Point bundles come with a white model, Google wants its Points to blend into your decor, so it also offers pale blue or pale pink options.

      Google Wifi Vs Nest Wifi: Which Is Best For You

      When you get right down to it, both the Google Wifi and Nest Wifi are highly capable mesh systems, with decent features and reasonable prices. But if you want the best mesh Wi-Fi kit you can get right now, the Nest Wifi is the clear winner.

      The Nest Wifi offers a much more comprehensive feature set, including broader smart home compatibility and powerful parental controls. The Nest offers better range and faster performance. And the inclusion of Google Home in every Wifi point is a no-brainer for anyone looking to add a great smart speaker to one or more rooms in the house.

      That said, the Google Wifi is still a smart choice for budget shoppers, and while the feature set isn’t as rich, the performance is still quite good, especially if range is less of a concern. If you don’t care about Google Home, or if you’re already an Alexa household, then the lack of smart speaker in the Google Wifi isn’t even making it to your pros/cons list.

      The Nest Wifi is the latest and greatest, to be sure, but there’s still plenty of reason to get Google Wifi.

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      Use Google Nest Wifi Or Google Wifi With Wireless Extenders

      Wireless bridges and mesh devices which are used to extend the range of an existing Wi-Fi network may not work with Google Nest Wifi or Google Wifi. Compatibility depends on the device and how it tries to extend your network. But here are some helpful things to know:

      • Google Nest Wifi and Google Wifi are compatible with most universal range extenders, repeaters, travel routers, and devices that support:
      • Client mode

      Why You Should Use Google Nest Wifi Instead Of The Router Provided By Spectrum

      Google Nest Wifi review: Effortless whole

      If you are not very tech-savvy, it is easy to make the mistake of thinking that you should not bother with the hassle of getting your own equipment.

      However, there are some significant advantages to using Google Nest Wifi instead of the router provided by Spectrum.

      • Routers provided by Spectrum may not offer the best performance which significantly affects the coverage you receive, the speed that you can leverage, etc. A Google Nest Wifi with its mesh capability can really boost the connectivity in your house, improve your internet speed. This will make it easier to play games, watch movies, and more.
      • Google Nest Wifi is an extremely simple to use device that gives you a lot more control over your network. This added customization and control will allow you to extend your Wi-Fi, restrict the use of certain websites, etc.
      • You no longer have to pay the monthly rent for using Spectrums router. Thus, in a way, your Google Nest Wifi will pay for itself, in addition to all the benefits that it offers.

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      Google Nest Wifi Compatibility

      The following is a brief overview of Google Nest Wifis compatibility with different wireless networks.

      • Does Nest Wifi work with Verizon Fios ? Yes!
      • Does Nest Wifi work with Xfinity ? Yes!
      • Does Nest Wifi work with AT& T ? Yes!
      • Does Nest Wifi work with BT ? No, because BT TV only works with BT Hub because of the inbuilt authentication required.
      • Does Nest Wifi work with Sky ? Yes!
      • Does Nest Wifi work with Virgin Media ? Yes!
      • Does Nest Wifi work with Spectrum ? Yes!

      Google Wifi Vs Nest Wifi: A Detailed Comparison

      Google started its line of intelligent home routers with Google Onhub. Later on, Google decided to expand this range by including two new models: Google Wifi and Nest Wifi.

      Users have appreciated these devices because of their advanced features, which have made them a definite upgrade compared to traditional routers.

      Many people undermine the intricate features of these two devices by labeling them to be the same device. On the surface, Google Wifi and Nest Wifi appear to be the same because of similar exterior designs.

      However, a closer examination will tell you that these two router systems are entirely different from each other. If you are interested in getting more information about this, then read the following post as we dive deep into a detailed Google Wifi Vs. Nest Wifi analysis.

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      The Difference In Speed And Software System

      Google Wifi came out three years before Google Nest Wifi. Being the older mesh router system, Google Wifi has a much lower speed. Google Wifi is equipped with an AC1200 mesh system and 2×2 antennas. The total speed of its 2.4GHz and 5GHz band is 1200Mbps. Its RAM has a capacity of 512MB, and a quad-core 710 Mhz processor supports it.

      Google Nest Wifi is powered with a mesh system of AC 22OO and 4×4 antennas. These antennas perform better than Google Wifi antennas due to their MU-MIMO transmission.

      This mesh router systems overall speed jumps to its maximum with 2200 Mbps for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The RAM of Nest mesh Wi fi has 1GB, and it works with a 1.4GHz quad-core processor.

      Google Wifi mesh network provides coverage of 1500 square feet. The new Nest wifi base offers 2,200 fair feet coverage, whereas its wifi points cover 1,600 square feet.

      Both of these mesh routers work with Wi-Fi 5 but, Google Nest Wifi does not support the Wi-Fi 6 . Google Nest Wifi is designed according to the WPA3 encryption standards but, you can not find this feature in Google Wifi.

      Place Router In Bridge Mode

      Google Nest Wifi Review – 6 Months Later

      After you have logged into your router, head to LAN Setup and then you can switch the NAT mode to Bridged. Based on which router you have chances are that the settings might be organized or located differently. Therefore, it is best to search how you can enable the bridge mode on the router that you have. If you cannot find the bridge mode, then you can disable the DCHP lease. It will allocate a specific IP address to a particular device. This way, there will be no conflicts between the two devices in the future.

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