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What Devices Are Compatible With The Ring Chime Pro

Ring Chime Pro Review (Wi-Fi Extender And Chime)

Unfortunately, the Ring Chime Pro is not compatible with non-Ring devices. Therefore, if you want to extend the Wi-Fi of your other smart devices besides Ring, youll need to invest in a different Wi-Fi extender.

However, the Ring Chime Pro can work with several Ring products. Rings website provides an extensive list of doorbell chimes that are compatible with the Ring Doorbell, as well as a list of chimes that are incompatible.

Does Your Wifi Repeater Chime

The Chime Pro is a WiFi repeater delivering audible alerts from Ring doorbell and surveillance cameras. Users can choose from a variety of customizable alert tones and volume levels as well as a Do Not Disturb mode should one want to ignore any unwelcome callers.

Naturally, Chime Pro offers separate chimes for doorbell and motion sensor alerts, and users can assign different chimes to identify alerts from various Ring devices.

To its credit, Chime Pro is very easy to setup. Merely plug the device into an electrical outlet. Once the Ring logo starts flashing blue, open the Ring app. Then select Add device to begin startup. The app painlessly walks the user through the entire process. Since Chime Pro is now owned by Amazon , its functionality has been integrated into Amazons virtual assistant Alexa.

But Chime Pro isnt the only company hawking WiFi repeaters that send audible alerts. Google Nest WiFi points do too, and at faster data speeds and throughputs since it has 5 GHz capability.

Best Wifi Extenders For Ring Doorbells In 2021

By Robin Owens 10 days ago, Extenders

Affordable and high-quality WiFi extenders for ring doorbells.

The best WiFi extender for ring doorbell lets you enhance the doorbell performance by extending the range of the network near the door. The ideal placement of the device is about halfway between the router and the doorbell but no more than 20 feet for the device to work efficiently. For homes of 1,500 square feet or below, the best WiFi extender for ring doorbell will be a nice solution for extending the range.

Also, WiFi extenders for ring doorbell differ in the installation site: outdoors or indoors. The outdoor ones have a strong case that reliably protects the hardware internals from mechanical and climatic influences. The efficiency of operation isnt reduced at critical temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

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Our Take On The Ring Chime Pro

The Ring Chime Pro is the perfect smart camera addition to anyone who has spotty wifi or whoâs looking for more out of their in-home doorbell alert system. Itâs not a must-have unless you have Ring surveillance and wifi problems. But if you do, the Ring Chime Pro is a great addition that gives you more than other wifi extenders on the market. You can add multiple throughout the house to give you the best wifi connection for your Ring cameras, a night light, and chimes that you canât miss if someoneâs at your door.

Ring Chime Pro Connects Wirelessly To The Router

1200Mbps WiFi Range Extender Repeater Wireless Dual Band ...

The technology that exists between Ring Chime pro and Wi-Fi extenders is different. Its actually the same technology with all Wi-Fi repeaters and Wi-Fi extenders. A repeater like Ring Chime pro will connect to a Wi-Fi connection wirelessly and re-broadcast the same signals. This means it will connect with an internet signal from a router and multiply the signals range.

It will repeat the same signals to another place that had weaker signals. With that in your head, its easy to realize that the further you place the Ring Chime pro from the Router, the weaker the signals will be.

Another thing, Ring Chime pro connects to the Router with the same frequency as your smartphone and laptops. Consequently, the Bandwidth will be cut by half. Any cordless phone signals, radio waves, microwaves, and thick walls will also slow down the Wi-Fi.

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How To Get A Wifi Extender That Works With Ring Security Systems

One of the most common problems people have with their ring security system is poor WiFi coverage.

To get good video quality from the cameras, you need to have a solid WiFi connection, and thats easier said than done. The problem is that WiFi extenders can be difficult to set up and even more difficult to configure.

To get a good WiFi extender that works with the Ring, you need to check that they are compatible. Therefore, weve tested and compared what we think is the best Wi-Fi extender for a ring camera on the market today.

We considered all the factors to arrive at what we think is the best all-around solution according to the important criteria and a wide range of needs.

Therefore, we endorse the NETGEAR EX7500 as a reliable WiFi extender for a ring camera system.

Which Ring And Nest Devices Support 5 Ghz Wifi

When it was first released, 5 GHz WiFi was advertised as being faster and sometimes more reliable than 2.4 GHz WiFi. Whilst this is broadly true, many Ring and Nest devices still seem to only support 2.4 GHz WiFi. This got me wondering whether this can lead to worse connections for your smart devices, and which of Ring and Nests devices actually do support 5 GHz connections?

Some of Rings smart devices and the majority of Nests products support 5 GHz connections, which is good for improving connection speeds but it can be bad if theres various walls in-between your device and the router. In these cases, 2.4 GHz WiFi can actually still be better.

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Ring Chime Vs Chime Pro: Does It Make A Difference

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With the rising trend of making your home smarter, people are looking to replace their traditional doorbells with a smart video camera doorbell.

In the market for smart doorbells, Ring, owned by Amazon, is one of the most popular brands.

You can use your regular old chime, but with a smart doorbell, a smart chime would fit in much better.

Ring offers top-of-the-line chimes, namely, Ring Chime and Chime Pro.

So what are the differences between the Ring Chime and Chime Pro?

The Chime Pro is an improved version of the Ring Chime.

It has all the functionalities offered by the Ring Chime along with two additional features- Wi-Fi Extender and Alert Amplification. These two features will provide a lot of convenience for you.

In this article, I shall provide an in-depth comparison between the Ring Chime and Chime Pro to help you decide which one your house needs.

Question: Does Any Wifi Extender Work With Ring

Ring Chime Pro WiFi Extender Review – Unboxing, Installation, Setup, Sample Tones
  • How many ring cameras can you have?
  • Best answer: It is a proprietary unit with a specific purpose, to extend wifi for the RING devices.

    Its setup is done in the RING app specifically for their devices to connect to it instead of connecting directly to the local wifi network.

    It is not meant, nor is it compatible for standard wifi extender use.

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    Will Any Wifi Extender Work With Ring

    All security cameras, including Rings, have a built-in wireless extender. This allows the camera to connect to the internet directly, without using a hard-wired connection. However, to increase your rings WiFi range, you need a WiFi extender that works with ring.

    Seeing that not every WiFi works with ring, we have compiled some of the best WiFi range extenders that works perfectly with the ring security system.

    The extender also allows the camera to work from places where there is no internet, such as inside walls or over water, which most people use as a deterrent to burglary. Ring is a popular security system that lets you view and talk to visitors virtually through your smartphone.

    One of the features of the system is the ability to use a wifi extender to provide a wireless connection for your home. WiFi extenders help to boost your ring WiFi range. Does the Ring wifi extender work with Ring? Can you use one with Ring? We want to know!

    Devices The Ring Chime Pro Is Compatible With

    The Ring Chime Pro is compatible with any Ring Doorbell or Ring Security Camera . It does not matter which version of these devices you have the Ring Chime Pro will work with any of them as long as they are connected to Wi-Fi.

    Here is a list of the specific devices the Ring Chime Pro is compatible with:

    • Ring Video Doorbell

    Note that the Ring Chime Pro is only compatible with Ring products and does not work as a Wi-Fi extender for any other devices in your home that are not powered by Ring.

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    Top 4 Wifi Extenders For Ring Doorbells

  • NETGEAR EAX20 – WiFi 6
  • The best WiFi extender for ring doorbell is supposed to work in 2 frequencies 2.4 and 5 GHz. Besides, some devices support technological methods of network encryption and most authentication standards.

    When purchasing the best WiFi extender for ring doorbell, see the cost, size, coverage area, speed of the network provided, usability, frequency band and more. Such devices can be conveniently used in offices, homes and other places where a speedy network is required. The extension cord shouldnt be difficult to install. The devices are also present in single- and dual-band versions.

    Price And Alternative Options

    Brand New Ring Chime Pro Wi

    Normally I would list competing brands, but if you are reading a review of the Ring Chime Pro, it is safe to say you have a Ring Doorbell.

    With this priced at £49, it is £20 more than the standard all-new Chime.

    Amazon doesn’t list the old Chimes anymore, and Ring sells them for the same price. However, if you show about you can save a few quid on the older models. Currys has the old Chime Pro available for £39.

    While I would strongly recommend one Chime in your house, I have found the doorbell and motion alerts on the Amazon Echo Dot to work just as well as the Chime. I guess it is not quite as loud, but I have a few dotted about the place, and you then have the added benefit of all the things Alexa offers. Currently, you can pick up the .


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    How Does The Ring Chime Pro Work As A Wi

    The Ring Chime Pro works by repeating and rebroadcasting your Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. It has a range of 2,000 square feet and is optimal if placed within 20 feet of your router.

    The Chime Pro is also compatible with 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequencies, so it can take advantage of the convenience of dual-band Wi-Fi. The Ring Chime Pro also functions as a doorbell chime when connected to a Ring Video Doorbell.

    With its ability to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network and connect to every Ring device in your home, the Ring Chime Pro strengthens the speed and reliability of your Ring security setup.

    It plugs into a standard power outlet and doesnt need any additional accommodations. It also comes with a built-in night light to illuminate the immediate area.

    Allyag Wifi Extenders For Ring Cameras

    The product comes with a secure setup facility. It has 4 x antennas for better reception. The product gets a frequency of 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz on dual-band simultaneously boosts the internet in hard to access spots. The product works on IOS and Android devices as well as on Echo and Alexa based devices.

    After a lot of contemplation, my choice is the TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi extender. The product comes with two Antennas with MIMO Technology for improved range. The product is ideal for lag-free connection and for expanding Wi-Fi coverage for Ring cameras. You can find the products link in table.

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    About The Ring Chime Pro

    The Ring Chime Pro is more than a range extender. It sends instant notifications from your Ring doorbell or camera. You can adjust the volume and choose between several in-home classic and seasonal doorbell alert tones. We like that itâs easy to install by plugging into your wall outlet, and it comes with a built-in night light. And at $50, it costs less than most other home security equipment. Here are a few pros and cons to consider:


    • Doesnât work with power outages
    • Only works with Ring cameras and doorbells

    How Wifi Extenders Work

    Ring Chime Pro Wi Fi Extender

    Wifi extenders can be a good solution to stretch a wifi signal between a router and an electronic device. Wifi extenders still need to be within a reasonable distance from a wifi router, about 20 feet max, in order for them to work effectively. For homes that are 1500 square feet or under a wifi extender can be a good solution to extend your wifi range. There are many brands of wifi extenders available from electronic stores. The Ring Chime Pro is a wifi extender that was designed to work with Ring devices. To find out more about the Ring Chime Pro, click here.

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    Availability Of Lan Ports

    WiFi signal repeaters are sometimes equipped with LAN ports, but many modifications do not have them. Ethernet ports are required in two cases. The first case is when the Internet user is connected to the amplifier via a network cable. This can be a PC system unit or a TV without a WiFi unit. The second case is functioning in the hotspot mode. This lets you achieve a more stable connection with the router and raise the speed of signal transmission.

    Also, I recommend paying attention to the characteristics of the LAN ports. Low-cost repeater models feature low-speed ports, up to 100 MB/s. More expensive versions of devices have gigabyte ports, which significantly boosts the flow of data transmitted per time unit.

    Nd Gen Ring Chime Pro Review Is The 2020 Chime Pro Much Better Than The Old One And Is The Pro Model Worth It

    All-new Ring Chime Pro 2020 Review Rating


    Well worth the extra over the standard Chime if you are investing in a new system. The Wi-Fi extender can be hit or miss in some scenarios, but the combination of this and the dual-band 2.4 GHz/5.0GHz give you the best chance for a high quality signal to your Ring Doorbell.


    Attractive design Easy to set up Dual-band


      I have covered Ring quite a bit now, while the company has had a few PR nightmares in the past year or so, they have addressed most of these issues. With little competition in the wire-free smart doorbell market, they are still the best option by a significant margin, and while not perfect, the Ring Doorbell has been one of my favourite pieces of tech in recent years .

      The biggest issue with the doorbells is their truly awful Wi-Fi reception. Between the thick UK brick walls and presumably small Wi-Fi antennas they squeezed into the Ring, it can be challenging to get the RSSI number down.

      The original Chime Pro was good, but has it improved much with the 2nd generation?

      No products found.

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