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WiFi 6 Explained and Tested – 802.11ax is FAST!

A lot of things can affect your Wi-Fi performance, including router positioning and nearby interference from your neighbor’s router. While you might be able to get some new life out of your router with more optimized positioning, it’s not going to help with congestion the way upgrading to a Wi-Fi 6 router will.

Wi-Fi 6 can also handle more devices at once compared to Wi-Fi 5 and will keep speed and latency more consistently even under heavy load. Most of the best Android phones you can buy today support Wi-Fi 6 and allow for up to 1,200Mbps speeds compared to Wi-Fi 5’s typical 867Mbps.

Since most people keep their routers for years and may upgrade their phones or computers multiple times before getting a new router, it’s best to get a router that’s ready for the future. Thankfully, Wi-Fi 6 routers have come down in price and are finally ready for mainstream users.

There are a ton of options to choose from when it comes to WI-FI 6 routers, whether you’re looking for the best WI-FI 6 router you can get or a seamless coverage with a Wi-Fi 6 mesh system. It really comes down to how much speed you need. For many people, the best bet is a cheaper router like the TP-Link Archer AX21 with a dual-band AX1800 connection. AX1800 routers support Wi-Fi 6 on both bands with around 600Mbps at 2.4GHz and 1,200Mbps at 5GHz. Since most Wi-Fi 6 devices have a maximum connection speed of 1,200Mbps, it’s a good fit.

Difference Between Wifi 6 And Wifi 5wifi 4wifi 3wifi 2wifi 1

This page compares wifi 6 vs wifi 5 vs wifi 4 vs wifi 3 vs wifi 2 vs wifi 1 and mentionsdifference between wifi 6, wifi 5, wifi 4, wifi 3, wifi 2 and wifi 1 with respect tospeed, range and other parameters.

Introduction:LAN is used to provide wired connectivity to computing devices with the help ofethernet cable. As LAN does not support wireless connectivity, WLAN has been developed.WLAN is also known as Wireless Local Area Network or WiFi .In order to establish WiFi network, WiFi router is essential.WiFi router connects one side with wired broadband connection and provide wireless signals to theother side for wireless devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.

IEEE WLAN group has developed series of WiFi standards to support various speeds, ranges, frequencies.The series include 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac and 802.11ax.The same series of WLAN standards can be designated as WiFi-1 to WiFi-6 respectively.

Should You Upgrade Right Away

If you’ve purchased a router in the last few years and you’re happy with it, there’s no reason to ditch it right now, especially if you don’t plan to load up on other WiFi-6-compatible products.

But if youre using a 10-year-old router that no longer receives security updates, it’s not a bad idea to start shopping around.

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Can You Upgrade Your Pc To Wi

Upgrading a PC with Wi-Fi 5 to Wi-Fi 6 is harder than you might hope.

Wi-Fi 6 USB adapters exist, but theyre rather expensive and can be hard to find in stock. , about three times more than a typical Wi-Fi 5 USB adapter. Ive also read that this D-Link model uses a Realtek Wi-Fi adapter that does not support the fastest wireless channels available to Wi-Fi 6, so it may not perform as well as youd hope.

Desktops have more choice in adapter upgrades and typically pay less. MSIs internal Wi-Fi 6 adapter is about $40. Most desktop adapters use the same Intel wireless adapters found in laptops, which perform well, and have an external antenna that can be moved to a better position. Installing an internal adapter means youll have to open your PCs case, however, and may void your warranty.

Its possible to replace the internal Wi-Fi adapter on many PC laptops. Wi-Fi adapters often plug in to a laptops motherboard and can be replaced. This is a difficult install for most people, though, and some laptops are not designed to be opened. As with a desktop, this upgrade may void your warranty.

What Do I Need To Upgrade From Wi


To begin with, you need to have an internet connection with speeds high enough to require a Wi-Fi 6 upgrade. Wi-Fi 6 is a new standard, so youll need a new Wi-Fi 6 router, like the TP-Link Archer AX73 or the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi 6 System to get started. If youre upgrading a network spread over a larger area, like a bigger house, you may want to opt for a mesh system.

A mesh Wi-Fi 6 upgrade needs a mesh system, which consists of several Wi-Fi devices spread across the area for better coverage. Wi-Fi 6 is the perfect standard for mesh networks. Regardless of which type of Wi-Fi 6 upgrade you choose, make sure your routers/mesh devices are positioned in a manner that maximizes connection speeds.

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All of this is considering you have devices that support Wi-Fi 6. Many new phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronics do support Wi-Fi 6, but many others dont. Its likely that your older electronics are limited to Wi-Fi 5, or maybe even Wi-Fi 4, and wont be able to take full advantage of a Wi-Fi 6 setup.

However, Wi-Fi 6 is backwards compatible, which means it will support your older devices. Keeping that in mind, you can choose to upgrade your network first, and your devices later, as the situation demands.

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What Router Has The Longest Range

The NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 is our pick for a long-range router that doesnt compromise on power. This speed demon can handle speeds up to 7,200 Mbps while still reaching a range of around 3,000 square feet. Its also packed with technology like beamforming and adjustable antennas to extend your signal.

What Signals Does Wi

Wi-Fi uses radio waves to transmit data from your wireless router to your Wi-Fi enabled devices like your TV, smartphone, tablet and computer. Because they communicate with each other over airwaves, your devices and personal information can become vulnerable to hackers, cyber-attacks and other threats.

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Wifi 6 Provides The Fastest Real

In WiFi technology, each frequency band is made of component streams. It is on these streams that our WiFi data travels. WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 carry the highest number of streams, thus allowing for gigabit WiFi speeds. WiFi 6 increases the number of streams to a new high of 12 across the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, whereas WiFi 5 has a limit of 8 in a dual band configuration.

This increase of streams provides higher connection speed, and your client devices have more paths to communicate with your WiFi router. In fact, WiFi 6 enabled client devices enjoy a 40% increase in speed over their WiFi 5 counterparts.

Check out our blog post on Why WiFi Streams Matter.

Is It Time To Buy A Wifi 6 Router

Do You Need A Wi-Fi 6 Router?

If you have a WiFi 4 router or older, then you really should upgrade to WiFi 6, as your devices probably are capable of better technology than WiFi 4. Otherwise, if you have a WiFi 5 Router then an upgrade is not really necessary, as Fisco says: If you still have a WiFi 4 router but your smartphone, TV, and laptop all support WiFi 5, get a WiFi 5 router instead. I would be very comfortable saying youre good for five yearsprobably more.

So if you don’t live with way too many people , then you should save your money.

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Is It Best For Smart Home Devices

The features of the Wi-Fi 6 makes it capable of being used even with the home gadgets. It will make your home a smarter place to live, but it also has a similar story, no home gadget that has been developed yet for the latest technology. For getting most out of this, you have to wait for Right time.

Is 80211ax An Official Wi

The IEEE is currently scheduled to ratify the 802.11ax amendment in Q1 2021. However, WLAN vendors have already released 802.11ax products before the ratification of the amendment. Extreme Networks has an entire family of 802.11ax APs, with more on the way in 2021. The Wi-Fi Alliance began certifying 802.11ax technology in August 2019 with a new certification called Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6.

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So Should You Upgrade Now

The short answer is likely “yes” if your current router is more than three years old. Notebooks that support Wi-Fi 6 are becoming more common, including both higher-end models, like the Editors’ Choice-winning Dell XPS 15 OLED, as well as lower-priced units such as the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3. The same goes for newer tablets and smartphones, like the OnePlus 9 Pro and the Apple iPhone 13.

The Apple iPhone 13 is among the many new devices that support Wi-Fi 6.

Even if your devices are still operating on 802.11ac, it’s still worth the trouble to consider a Wi-Fi 6 router upgrade now. Prices are coming down on both standalone Wi-Fi 6 routers as well as Wi-Fi-6-compatible wireless mesh systems that provide wall-to-wall coverage for homes of all sizes. Among the latter, the TP-Link Deco X20 is an affordable three-piece Wi-Fi 6 mesh system designed for homes of up to 5,800 square feet. It’s around $200 less than many alternatives, which almost lets it qualify as a budget router. At the higher end of the spectrum is the Asus ZenWiFi AX , one of the best-performing mesh options we’ve tested.

Meanwhile, adding a Wi-Fi 6 range extender could be an alternative if you’re happy with your existing Wi-Fi 6 router but have a larger home or live in a dense neighborhood with lots of competing wireless signals.

Network Benefits Beyond Speed


Speed is probably the most important thing to the average user, especially for gamers, but theres more to a wireless network. Wi-Fi 6 also promises improvements in security.


Wi-Fi Protected Access is a common Wi-Fi security protocol that uses passwords for encryption. Anytime a password is required to sign into a Wi-Fi network, thats WPA in action. WPA2 has been the standard for a long time, but thats changing with Wi-Fi 6.

One of the biggest improvements is the implementation of increased password security via the Dragonfly Key Exchange system, also called SAE or Simultaneous Authentication of Equals. This authentication method helps make passwords harder to crack by using a more sophisticated method of establishing the handshake with the Wi-Fi network. This added layer of security, coupled with stronger encryption, means Wi-Fi will have more robust security options than ever.

This extra layer of security is a great example of how Wi-Fi 6 changes things for the better without negatively impacting the user experience.

Battery Life and TWT

Another forward-facing development incorporated into Wi-Fi 6, Target Wake Time , has the ability to potentially increase battery life on some devices.

This can enhance battery life.

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How Fast Is Wi

The speeds of Wi-Fi 6 have been a big hype, and theres a large gap between the theoretical and the real ones. And it can be confusing, too. Make sure you take your time in this part.

To know a Wi-Fi connections real-world speed, we need a broadcaster and a client . Both have to be of the same standard and performance tier, determined by the number of streamsa single Wi-Fi bandcan handle.

How To Start Using Wifi 6

You can already purchase routers with Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax standard.

Brands like ASUS, D-Link, and Aerohive have started manufacturing Wi-Fi 6 enabled routers and they are up for grab at most stores.

Also, all the latest mobile devices have next generation wifi technology or Wi-Fi 6 standard so making the most of the routers wont be an issue.

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How Do I Increase My Wifi Range

Before hurrying to expand your network with new hardware, try some of these quick tips on how to improve your WiFi signal to make the most of your network setup:

  • Place your router in a central location
  • Elevate your router
  • Keep your router away from other electronics
  • Disconnect unnecessary devices to lower bandwidth consumption
  • Spread devices over the recommended WiFi channels

Following these tips will ensure your signal reaches as far as it possibly can. A central router location spreads signal throughout as much of your home as possible, elevating your router utilizes its downward signals, and avoiding other electronics that could cause interference keeps your signals clean. Moreover, if you have too many devices interfering with each other on poorly spaced WiFi channels or simply commandeering too much bandwidth, your range will start to suffer. For more insight on improving WiFi signal, this article from CNet is another great resource.

How About Battery Life

Best Mesh WiFi 6 Routers for Every Scenario

Battery life applies mainly to the client-side. And yes, Wi-Fi 6 clients will generally get better battery life. Thats partly thanks to the higher speed a client will take much less time than older Wi-Fi standards to deliver the same amount of data, hence using less energy.

However, what significantly helps reduce energy use is Wi-Fi 6s new feature called target wake time . TWT automatically puts the Wi-Fi adapter into sleep mode when its idle, no matter how brief, and wakes it back up when need be.

This method is similar to making a car automatically shut down its engine at a traffic stop and instantly start up when you hit the gas

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Unlimited Premium Evening Speed Plans

The table below shows a selection of published unlimited Premium Evening Speed plans on Canstar Blues database, listed in order of monthly cost, from the lowest to highest, and then by alphabetical order of provider. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to referral partners.

When Will We See 80211ax Products And Adoption

Quantenna Communications was first out of the gate, announcing the first 802.11ax silicon in October 2016. The chipset supports eight 5GHz streams and four 2.4 GHz streams. In January 2017, Quantenna added a second chipset to its portfolio with support for four streams in both bands.

Other Wi-Fi chipset vendors have followed suit. Qualcomm announced their first 802.11ax silicon in early 2017, followed by Broadcom and Marvell.

The first 802.11ax router was introduced by Asus last August. Using Broadcom silicon, the Asus router has 4×4 MIMO in both bands and achieves a maximum throughput of 1.1Gbps on 2.4 GHz and 4.8 Gbps on 5 GHz.

Huawei has announced an 802.11ax access point that uses 8×8 MIMO and is based on Qualcomm hardware. And in January, Aerohive Networks announced its first family of 802.11ax access points based on Broadcom chipsets. These are expected to start shipping mid-2018.

The IEEE approved 802.11n in 2007 and 802.11ac in 2013, so theyre sticking with the six-year interval when it comes to 802.11ax. A draft 802.11ax standard is expected to be published in the first quarter of 2018, with the final standard wrapping up in Q1 2019.

Interim Wi-Fi certification of 802.11ax gear by the Wi-Fi Alliance will begin in the fourth quarter of this year, with volume production of 802.11ax products expected to ramp up next year.

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