Have Wifi But No Internet

I Can Connect To Wifi But Dont Have Internet What To Do

Fix an iPhone thats connected to WiFi but no Internet access after iOS 13.3 update

WiFi is everyones preferred wireless connection to the Internet its fast, its not metered and almost all modern devices support it. Unfortunately, many times when you connect to a WiFi hotspot, theres no working Internet connection.

This can have multiple causes usually its enough to restart your WiFi router. But what if that doesnt work or youre using a public WiFi hotspot you cannot simply restart?

Is your WiFi connected but with no Internet access? Read below to see how to fix this in a matter of minutes!

Why Is My Phone Not Mirroring To My Tv

TV not showing up as an option

Some TVs dont have the screen mirroring option turned on by default. Depending on the type of TV, you may need to navigate to the settings and turn on the screen mirroring capabilities. You may also need to reset the network by turning your TV, router, and your smartphone off and on.

Before You Start Troubleshooting: Is It One Device Or The Network

In order to figure out which resolution steps you need, you must determine if the WiFi connected but no internet error is impacting one single device or your entire local network. This will help us pair down what the likely cause is and then the correct method for solving the problem.

  • A single computer has a WiFi connection but no internet. If your computer is the only device that says it has a connection but no actual internet, it is likely that you have a misconfigured setting, faulty drivers or WiFi adapter, DNS issues, or a problem with your IP address.
  • All devices have a WiFi connection but no internet. If all of your devices on the network have a WiFi connection but do not have access to the internet, it is likely that you have a problem with your router/modem, or your internet service provider is down.

In the section below, we are going to list out the solutions based on whether the error is occurring on a single computer or whether it is a network-wide problem.

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Check Your Ip Address Settings

This step isn’t necessary if your connection issue is affecting multiple devices.

Next, you should walk through one of the key steps for diagnosing network issues: confirming that your computer has a valid IP address. In most home networks, under normal circumstances, the router hands out an address to devices when they connect. If your computer’s IP settings aren’t correct, it can cause this “no internet access” problem or even the “Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” error.

To review this on Windows 10, head back to Settings > Network & Internet > Status. Click the Change adapter options entry and then double-click the connection you’re using.

On Windows 7, right-click the network icon in your System Tray at the bottom-right corner and choose Open Network and Sharing Center. Then click the name of your network next to Connections.

Once you have a window open with information about your connection, click the Properties button. Find Internet Protocol Version 4 in the list and double-click that.

There, make sure you have Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically both selected. Setting an IP address manually is for advanced users chances are if you have something entered here, it’s invalid.

Click OK after telling these to both use automatic values, then try to get online again.

Reset Your Device To The Factory Settings

SOLVED WiFi Connected But No Internet Access Problem ...

If nothing else worked, you can reset your phone as the final resort. This will basically remove everything that you have ever stored on your phone. You will lose all your settings as well.

If you have backed up your data safely and you are ready to proceed, the following is how you reset your Android phone.

Step 1. Head to Settings > System > Reset options on your Android device.

Step 2. Tap the option that says Erase all data and follow the on-screen instructions.

Factory Reset an Android Device

Step 3. Set up your phone when the phone is erased.

This will reset everything on your phone and so be cautious while doing this. You will lose all your files and settings forever. Please backup your device before doing that.

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Fix 4 Disable/enable Airplane Mode

Enabling the Airplane mode is another effective way to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi connectivity on your iPhone 13. When you enable the Airplane mode, your device will disconnect from all networks and reset the network configurations. So, if a network-related error is triggering the Wi-Fi issue, youll be able to restore the Internet connectivity on your device easily.

To enable Airplane mode on your device, swipe up on the home screen to bring up the Control Center. Then, click the Airplane Mode icon to enable the feature. Then, wait for a while and again tap the icon to disable Airplane mode and restore Wi-Fi connectivity.

Locate The Source Of The Problem

Your first step has to be finding out where the problem began. The source could be from the outside or could be because your software or hardware could be corrupt. Only when you find out where the problem comes from will you be able to know what to do and do it to fix the problem.

1. Connect to a different Wi-Fi connection

There are chances that the problem could lie with the wifi connection you are connected to. Or this issue can come up every time you connect to a wireless network. You have to figure out the cause behind the problem to decide what to do.

If you connect to any network and do not get access to the internet, there could be something wrong with your device. The other way around, If only one Wi-Fi network causes problems for you, your router settings could be incorrect.

2. Try Connecting with a different device

Try to connect to the network which has been causing you trouble with a different device. If the trouble exists on the same device, then your wifi is faulty. If it does not, then your internet is good, but your phone, tablet, or computer is not.

3. Check if there is a range extender

A range extender, aka a WiFi repeater, can be causing troubles for your connection. If you own a repeater, Try disabling it and see if it fixes your issues. Use the wireless connection with just the router. If this works out, you can try mesh networking.

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Check Date And Time Settings

Make sure that the date and time on your iPhone are set correctly for your time zone. Heres how:

Launch the Settings app and tap on General, then tap Date & Time.

If the date and time are incorrect, update them or turn on the option to set date and time automatically.

Signing off

We trust one or a combination of these fixes worked for you and your iPhone is no longer connected to Wi-Fi but no Internet. Also, make sure you knowwhat to do if Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on your iPhoneWhich trick worked for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Problem With Your Device

How To Fix WiFi Connected But No Internet Access On Windows 10 – 5 Ways

When other devices are able to access the Internet through your WiFi, the problem lies with your device and its WiFi adapter.

As a first step, restart your device and see if that fixes the problem. As with the router, network and software problems often get fixed automatically with a simple restart.

If that doesnt fix your problem, heres what you can do.

  • Right-click on the network icon in your task tray at the bottom right-hand corner. Click on troubleshoot problems
  • Windows will attempt to automatically diagnose the problem and will try to fix it for you.
  • If Windows is unable to fix your problem, it will in some cases tell you what the problem is.
  • You can search for a solution to this problem online or you can ask experts.

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Obtain Ip And Dns Automatically

Can you connect the same computer/smartphone to another Wi-Fi network? Try using a mobile hotspot to check. It can be a DNS or IP address conflict. Another way to check that is by pinging your router from the command line. If you get a timeout response or destination host unreachable, then its probably an IP address conflict.

Open Command Prompt with admin rights and give this command:


Ideally, you should set network settings to automatically obtain the IP address and DNS settings from the router to ensure minimum conflicts. However, sometimes assigning a static IP address to your devices or changing the DNS server helps fix Wi-Fi connected but no internet access error.

The following are the steps to change IP settings in Windows. If you are running macOS or Android, then check out our article on how to change DNS on all platforms and how to assign static IP addresses on all platforms.

On Windows, we need to change the network adapter settings to obtain an IP Address automatically. To do that, click on Start menu and find Network and Sharing Center.

Once the network window opens, then click on Change Adapter Options.

On the Network Connections window, right-click on your current network adapter or Wi-Fi and choose Properties.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click on Properties in the pop-up.

Select Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS Server address automatically here and click on OK to save changes.

Three: Check Your Router Settings To Ensure Your Permissions Are Correct

When there is no internet connection, yet your internet service or router isnt the problem, then there may be a problem with your network permissions. Every home WiFi network has Media Access Control identifiers that allow certain machines access to your network. If these permissions are not set correctly, it can automatically boot off your devices. So, you need to check whether this system is in approve or deny mode.

Heres how to fix no internet connection issues, if this is indeed your problem:

  • Locate your Windows key and press it. When you get a search field to come up, type in cmd
  • Right click the Command Prompt app and click the option that says run as administrator
  • Right click again, and youll get a command prompt window. Now type in the command ipconfig and press Enter.
  • Your Default gateway IP address should come up now. This will give you a number that looks something like this: 192.168.X.X. Copy this number.
  • Open up your web browser, and type or paste the number into your browser, and press enter. This should open your routers management console.
  • To access this console, however, youll need to type in your credentials. Its important to note that these credentials are not the same as your WiFi username and password. How do you find this information? Look on the back of your router, where the username is usually printed. If you havent changed your router password, chances are the password is admin.
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    Iphone Connected To Wi

    At times, you may come across a situation when your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi, but there is no internet access. You will even notice the Wi-Fi icon at the top of your screen, signifying everything is fine. However, when you open the Settings app and tap Wi-Fi, you may see No Internet Connection. At times, you may not even get this error message. Still, Wi-Fi wont work. The following are eight ways to fix it.

  • Reset All Network Settings
  • Change Wireless Mode On Router

    What to do When You Have Connected to the Wi

    This is an exceptional case and happens only if you have an old Wi-Fi card or device installed. If you are getting internet access on your PC by connecting to the router via ethernet cable, chances are there is a communication barrier between these two devices. And one way to fix that is by changing the wireless mode.

    There are several wireless modes on a router. For instance, you might have seen something like 802.11 b or 802.11 b/g or 802.11 b/g/n, etc. This b, g, n, and ac are different wireless standards. Usually, the wireless mode is set to 802.11 b/g/n/ and it works fine for most users. Sometimes, old devices like smartphones are not compatible with this mode and result in network issues.

    Log in to your router dashboard and look for the Wireless Mode option. It should be under the Wireless settings where you set Wi-Fi SSID and password. Select 802.11 b in the drop-down menu next to Wireless Mode and save changes. Restart the Wi-Fi and see if this fixes the problem. If this doesnt work then try 802.11 g instead. Check again if the Wi-Fi connected but no internet access error is resolved or not.

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    Check If The Internet Cable

    Check whether or not the Internet cable is properly connected to WAN port of your router:

    If the cable is not connected to Internet port you will have working WiFi but no Internet access. Ensure your Ethernet cable is well-attached and the connector is not broken. Replace the patch cord is it is damaged.

    By the way, the same issue emerges if you start the hotspot on your Android phone but forget to turn on mobile data:

    As a result your laptop or PC connects to a WiFi hotspot but there is no Internet.

    Also check: have you paid for your Internet? Log in to your client area at your ISPs website and ensure you have enough money on your account. Contact ISP support if necessary.

    Using The Windows Network Troubleshooter

    Windows has got a nifty feature that lets you troubleshoot your connection problems. The Windows Network Troubleshooter runs a diagnostic test and looks for prominent issues that might be causing the network failure problem.

    To use the Windows Network Troubleshooter,

  • Go to Settings by pressing the Windows Button and clicking/tapping on the Settings icon on top of the Power icon.
  • Now click on the Network & Internet option.
  • After opening that, you can see that your internet is connected but not working in the Status tab. Scroll down a bit and click on Network Troubleshooter which will diagnose and fix network problems.
  • Run the test and check if your internet connection is back online. If not, follow the succeeding step.

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    Connected A New Access Point

    But what if you have connected a new access point? You can connect to the new wireless network, but you dont have internet access. This happens because of a configuration error in your access point.

    The access point extends your network wireless, but your router is still in control of the assigned IP Addresses in your network. So the first thing you need to check is if you have disabled DHCP in your access point. The router will assign an Ip address to the wireless connected clients.

    When both devices are running DHCP you could end up with Ip conflicts or the access point may give the wrong information .

    Also, make sure that the access point has an Ip address in the range of the router. If you want to know more about setting up your home network, you can check this article with the best practices for your home network.

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