How Can I Boost My Wifi Signal On My Android

Make Sure Your Router In The Perfect Spot

How to increase WiFi signal strength on Android – Tutorial

Another trick that can greatly improve the Wi-Fi connection at home is the optimization of the router’s location. Often, it is placed right next to the phone or cable outlet, but this is rarely the best for your connection. There are several apps that help you optimize the position of your router. However, most of the instructions are too technical to be carried out by a layman.

The best recourse, therefore, is to get in touch with your ISP, who will have all the necessary tools to position your router at the best possible location inside your home. Ideally, this should be done by the ISP on the day of installation.

In case you have a large home spread across multiple floors, it is also recommended that you take a look at Wi-Fi Mesh routers.

The Pro Review From Techreviewpro

Though many people believe that Wifi signal strength and internet speed is provided by ISP hence, none other than ISP officials can help you boost Wifi signal strength on Android. But in reality, they are wrong. The fact is, there are so many factors like internet traffic, the server speed of site you are visiting, your Android device configurations, number of apps running in the background, etc. affect your internet speed or signal strength.

In the past popular Android Wifi apps like Network Signal Speed Booster, Fresh Network Booster, Network Booster Free, etc. used to work like a charm for boosting Wifi signal strength on Android but they are no longer active. Hopefully, the provided 15 Best Wifi Booster App for Android will help you get the desired result.

Did I miss any Wifi signal booster app for Android that you think worth mentioning here? Use the comment section below to let me know.

How Can I Tell If My Wifi Signal Is Weak

David Ballard from Performance Networks recommends that the standard WiFi signal you want to be aiming for is -67dBm . ‘The lower that number, the better your WiFi signal will be,’ he says. ‘As soon as your signal is registering anything above -70dBm, that represents intermittent or bad connectivity, depending on the device you are using.’

Know what makes for a good signal

‘If youre next to a Router or Access Point , the likelihood is that your App will be hitting -30dBm to -35dBm. The further away you are, the higher that figure will rise. Right up to -67 represents a good signal. Between that figure and -70 is likely to be intermittent. Your device will be slow but it will still work. Anything above -70dBm, smaller devices, like iPhones, wont work well or fast.’

Know why the signal reading changes across devices

David points out that the signal will differ depending on the device you’re measuring the WiFi signal from. ‘If I ran a test from an iPhone I may see that the signal is -67dBm, but if I use a bigger device, like a tablet, which has a bigger and better chipset, that signal may register at -64dBm,’ he says. ‘Those three decibels may not look like a huge difference, but in reality, it actually means the signal is almost twice as strong. Its a big difference.’

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How To Boost The Wifi Signal On Android For Faster Internet

Don’t give up quite just yet

What use is a smartphone that can barely stay connected to the Internet?

There are a lot of factors in play that can cause your WiFi strength on an Android device to weaken. But theres no need to give up just yet. You can boost your WiFi signal to make your Android devices Internet connection a more stable one.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters For Home Office And Car

Does WIFI Extender Boost Wireless Signal? How to Fix Slow ...

If you know why it says “no signal” on your cell phone, and it is because your house/building materials are blocking the signals, the easiest way to improve your weak cell phone signal is to buy a cell phone booster. Similarly, if you drive down a route where signal cuts out, it may be due to hills, valleys, buildings, etc. blocking the signal from nearest cell tower. Both car and home cell signal boosters consist of an exterior antenna that picks up available cell signal outside .

That signal is channeled to amplifier installed inside the house, building, or vehicle. The signal amplifier then amplifies the signal by up to 32 times and broadcasts the much strengthened reception inside. This provides the powerful signal on your cell phone, which is of the maximum possible strength.

Yes, you can get the full five bars on your phone as long as there’s some signal outside where exterior antenna is placed. A weak signal outside provides boost over smaller coverage space inside. A strong signal outside provides cell boost over larger areas indoors. Upon purchase of appropriate cell phone signal booster, carry your smartphone around the house without having to worry about any dead zones. You wont have to worry about dropped calls or slow internet speeds either.

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The Best Ways To Improve Your Cell Phone Signal

By Courtney ยท January 4, 2021

With so much of our every day life relying on our cell phone, things like weak signal, dropped calls or slow data speeds can have a major impact. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to improve your cell signal for clear calls and fast data speeds.

Well cover 20 things that you can do to help improve your cell signal today.

Identify The Closest Cell Tower From Wherever You Are Located

The biggest reason for your weak cell phone signal reception is the distance from the closest cell tower. Is the tower too far from where you are located? It would really help to know where the nearest cell towers are, no matter where you are.

So it would really help to be as close to the cell tower as possible. This will get you the best possible signal, under the circumstances.

There are many websites and apps that help you detect the nearest cell tower and the distance between yourself and the tower.

Among the websites we like are Antenna Search, Cell Reception and Open Signal. All you need to do is to enter your zip code and you will gain access to information on all the cell towers that are close to where you are. You can also compare your cell signal strength with that in other areas in the country.

Some apps we like best are OpenSignal and RootMetrics . These apps help you find the nearest cell tower, so that you can get a signal of a much better quality.

Another way to detect a cell tower is to use your smartphone. You can use your phone to detect where the signal strength is the strongest. You know how this is done already just pay attention to the bars on the phone do you get the full 5 bars? In that case you are getting a signal of full strength. But those bars aren’t always accurate so we suggest checking signal strength in decibels .

You can find out about the dB signal reading on iPhone by going to the phone mode and dialing *3001#12345#*

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Check How Far You Are From The Router

Without even installing an app, it is always a good idea to check how close you are from your router. In case the speed issues occur only when you are some distance away from the router, it is always a good idea to sit a bit closer. If that is not possible, you may be required to physically move the router to a better location.

If the issues remain even after you are relatively close to the router, it is always advisable to restart it once.

What If I Do Not Have Any Existing Outside Cell Signal

Weak Or Low WiFi Signal Android [Fixed] || How To Increase WiFi Signal Strength Android/Samsung

If you do not have any existing outside signal, but do have a quality broadband internet connection and Verizon is your carrier, then you can contact Verizon about getting a network extender.

If you have a carrier other than Verizon, then your best option is going to be to use WiFi calling on your mobile devices while in your home or business.

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Android Apps To Check Cell Signal Strength

There are a variety of apps you can use to check the signal strength on your Android.

  • Network Cell Info Lite This app received 5 stars on Google Play and is one that we highly recommend. If you have a slow connection, this app helps you to test cellular and Wi-Fi signal strength and save your measurements on the app. It also shows you your nearest cell tower location.
  • OpenSignal This app received 4 stars on Google Play and checks Android network speeds. It allows you to compare cell coverage in your area from Sprint, T-Mobile, AT& T, and Verizon. A newly released feature on this app allows you to check the streaming speed for online streaming services.
  • Phone signal information Rated at 5 stars, this app lets you check your dBm reading on 4G and 3G networks. It also can display a signal graph which shows signal levels for up to 60 minutes.
  • LTE Discovery This app got 4 stars on Google Play and shows the LTE bands for a variety of carriers. Please note that this app is advanced and offers a lot of detailed information.

Upgrade Your Router’s Firmware

  • To upgrade your router’s firmware , head to the manufacturer’s website.

  • On the website, look for your specific model.

  • Once you find it, look for a “support” or “downloads” page and then “firmware.”

  • Unzip it if needed.

  • Open a browser and visit your router’s unique IP address to get to its settings page.

  • Look for the firmware upgrade setting in areas like “system tools,” “advanced settings,” or “administrative settings”. This varies per router.

  • When you find it, hit browse and locate the firmware file you downloaded.

  • Hit the update button and let the router do its thing.

  • The router might need to reboot.

  • Grab a device and see whether the firmware update was able to boost your Wi-Fi signal or not.

  • With these tweaks, you should see a boost in your Wi-Fi signal. Whether it’s general coverage or throughput, your router’s options can suit your needs. Plus, knowing how to enable and change settings like which band you’re using or which channel you’re using can help you in the future if you end up deciding to upgrade. It’s always important to understand a little bit about how your router works. That knowledge can go a long way, and keep your latest devices running fast.

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    Update Your Wifi Router Password

    If you havent updated your routers password, you should do so right away. Strangers could be stealing your WiFi connection, causing your Internet speed to drop.

    Enter your WiFi settings page and look for the section that lets you update your SSID and password.

    Update your SSID and password accordingly. Be sure to use WPA2, the latest in network encryption technology.

    Do Cell Phone Signal Boosters Actually Work

    a2fdesigns: How Can I Boost My Spectrum Wifi Signal

    One of the biggest questions that we get is “do cell phone signal boosters really work?”. This is a reasonable question, especially with all of the scammy products that have been released in the past claiming to give you better signal.

    The answer is yes, they absolutely do.

    But you don’t have to take our word for it, the FCC and the major cellular carriers have all independently tested every signal booster that is sold on the market today, and have not only approved them for use, but recommend them as a preferred solution for getting better cell signal in your home, office or vehicle.

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    How Do Hotspot Boosters Work

    A cell phone signal booster picks up an existing exterior cell signal and makes it up to 32 times stronger inside a building or vehicle.

    A booster is made up of three components:

    • An outside antenna that pulls in even the weakest cellular signal.
    • An amplifier that boosts the cellular signal.
    • An inside antenna that distributes the signal to devices.

    To optimize your hotspot, place it as close as possible to the inside antenna.

    G: Remove And Reinsert The Sim Card

    If none of the measures described above work, please remove the SIM card. Then gently wipe it with a dry piece of cloth and reinsert it. Sometimes dust and grime accumulates on the metallic surfaces causing a bad connection. Then restart the iPhone. Do this very carefully and make sure that the SIM card is not damaged in any way.

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    How Do I Find The Strongest Wifi Signal In My House

    Use a Smartphone or Tablet Look under a Settings, Wi-Fi, or Network menu. For example, in the settings on a Google Pixel with Android 10, select Network & internet, select the Wi-Fi youre using, and then select the gear icon next to the network youre connected to. There you can see the signal strength.

    Wifi Signal Booster + Extender

    How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed On Android [Easiest Method]

    If you are worried about your poor wifi signal strength, then Wifi Signal Booster can boost Wifi signal up to a certain percentage to help you get better Wifi signals for higher internet speed. Wifi Signal Booster is one of the best Wifi booster app for Android that improves your Wifi signals for better internet speed on your Android device.

    Wifi Signal Booster app for Android optimizes wireless module and improves the efficiency of Wireless network up to a certain percentage thus improving signal stability and increasing Wifi signal strength. So just install and boost your Wifi signal for free with the best Android Wifi booster App.

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    Do Wifi Boosters Work

    WiFi extenders can, in fact, expand the range of your wireless network. But their effectiveness is limited by a host of factors, including the speed of the internet connection coming into your home, the distance from your router, the areas in your home in need of WiFi coverage, and the WiFi demands of your family.

    How To Boost Wi

    If you notice that your Wi-Fi is consuming a lot more battery than it usually does, or you always appear to be connected, but the internet isn’t exactly lightning fast, then you might be suffering from a poor Wi-Fi connection. Here’s our guide for how to improve the Wi-Fi signal on your Android and iOS smartphones.

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