How Can I Extend My Wifi Outside

Indoor Range Extenders Are Cheaper Less Reliable

Extend WiFi range without range extender

You can replicate the mesh setup mentioned above with a regular router combined with indoor Wi-Fi range extenders or repeaters. This option is a little more affordable. The extenders would be in place of the mesh satellite units. The setup is slightly more complicated, but if you follow the quick start guide included with the extender, you shouldn’t have much of an issue.

Also, make sure that the extender you purchase is compatible with your router, especially if it is older. For simplicity, look into extenders made by the same manufacturer as your router. Many newer devices devices are mix-and-match though, like the D-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi extender , which is advertised to help extend Wi-Fi into your backyard and is compatible with any router.

D-Link’s AC2600 range extender is compatible with any router.

Keep in mind that most wireless extenders will cut your Wi-Fi in half, because they receive the wireless signal then rebroadcast it using the same radio on the same channel. Expect your speeds, when connected to an extender instead of the router, to be slower. One way around this is to use a tri-band extender, which has an extra 5GHz network that can act as a dedicated link to your router. This will help you get the maximum bandwidth out of the extender.

The Linksys EA8300 Wi-Fi router can also be used as a wired access point or a wireless extender.

What Is A Mesh Network

Mesh networks can be easily thought of as a series of access points spread throughout your home working together to create a mesh of connections, though this isnt entirely accurate from a technical point of view. All the same, this is essentially how a mesh network functions a number of nodes provide distributed internet access across a large area. In fact, similar mesh networks have been used to cover whole cities, and even entire swaths of a country, in some situations.

Up until recently, mesh networks have required some fairly advanced networking knowledge to set up properly, but new consumer-level products such as and Plume have begun to streamline the entire experience, making it practically effortless to be up and running in minutes.

However, these types of solutions are far and away the most expensive in this guide, with many of these products running in excess of $200. Whats more, a mesh network may be complete overkill for your needs, and likely is if youre just looking to plug a few holes in your network.

Bottom Line: Mesh networks are the most robust form of WiFi extension out there, but they come at a cost. They are the easiest to install for non-technical customers.

Run Ethernet To A New Location

If youre looking to get internet access to a shed or some other location that doesnt have power running to it, one final option to consider is just running a buried Ethernet cable from your house to that location. This is obviously quite a bit more work than the options mentioned above, since youll need to dig up a trench and spend some money on materials and labor. But if you really want internet access outside of your house and nothing else works, this is the way to go.

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Just keep in mind that Ethernet cable has a maximum length of 328 feet, which should be plenty long anyway , but its important to know just in case you live on a large lot and your detached shed or shop is farther away from your house.

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List Of Top Long Range Wifi Extenders

Perfect for: Power users, parties, and businesses

Jumping into the deep end with our first pick from the networking giants TP-LINK, the Omada EAP225-Outdoor Wireless Access Point is a heavy-duty outdoor wireless extender to ensure that all your guests or customers have a perfect wireless connection. This dual-band WAP features a 5.8GHz connection to reduce network congestion and interference.

This Wireless Access Point connects through Gigabit ethernet and supports speeds up to 1200MBits/s. On the 2.4Ghz band, you can expect a reliable internet connection at 60m or 200ft upwards of 400Mbit/s. The extender features 6KV Lightning Protection, and 15KV ESD Protection is fully waterproof. The Omada app can be used to manage multiple wireless access points centrally. If youre looking to provide coverage for a large complex like a school or campus, multiple Omada EAP225s can be used in a mesh network to provide excellent coverage everywhere.

Coming in at just under $75, the Omada EAP225 is a professional grade piece of kit for a modest price. If youre looking for an extender for your business, or if youre looking to have a festival in your backyard, this is a worthy contender for your pick of WiFi WAP.

Perfect for: full house coverage and gardens

With support for the latest wireless standard, 802.11ac/a/b/g/n, this extender is both great value and offers fantastic performance.

Perfect for: connecting a small home on a budget

The Smart Option but comes at a cost.

Adding Wifi Internet To A Detached Garage

How to extend my wifi signal to another building 400 feet away

Running reliable high speed internet from one building to another can be challenging. Standard household routers are designed to send a WiFi signal throughout a home and have a limited range. Once the signal leaves your router, it has to travel through the exterior wall, to the detached garage, and through the garages walls. Thats a lot to ask from a generic router.

Luckily, there are some great solutions that Ive used many times and work really well. They all work, some better than others, and prices vary.

Here are the three best ways to extend WiFi internet to a detached garage:

  • Run an Ethernet cable from the main router to the garage. This is one of best ways to run internet from a house to a detached garage. Especially if the garage is being built new. The cable should be buried in an underground trench and housed in a conduit. Since the Ethernet cable carries the signal directly to the garage and not through the air via WiFi, you dont get signal to the entire property.
  • Install an Outdoor WiFi range extender. Another great way to run internet WiFi to a detached garage is with an outdoor WiFi extender. It can not only send the signal to your garage but also the rest of your property.
  • Install a powerline networking kit. A powerline kit includes two identical devices. One adapter connected to your homes router that you then plug into a nearby electrical outlet, and a second adapter you plug into the detached garage.

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Get A More Powerful Router

If youre using an older router or a router with weak transmission power, you can greatly increase your range by upgrading to a modern and powerful router with a higher power level.

Look for a router with many external antennas and powerful amplifiers for the most widespread signal. Just upgrading to a new and more powerful router might be all you need to do to increase the range of your network signal effectively.

The first step to choosing a high-quality modern router is to select an AC router. This is currently the fastest specification, and one of the most reliable for achieving long-range WiFi networks because the router can broadcast both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signals at the same time.

The next thing you should look at is the antennas that are included with the router. External and long antennas are important investments. Larger antennas often indicate a larger range transmission as well. Most quality routers have at least four antennas and some have as many as eight antennas that you can rely on. External antennas are important because you can change the direction of your router antenna and increase the Wi-Fi range even further.

Carefully purchase an AC router with a large distance rating and several external antennas for the best results when upgrading your router to help you get an internet connection out to your garage or into your yard.

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Get A Mesh Router System

A mesh router system is a great option for people who want to cure multiple Wi-Fi dead zones in and around their home. You can think of them as a system of Wi-Fi extenders that all talk to each other and create a larger Wi-Fi throughout your home one mesh hub plugs into your modem and then you place other hubs all-around your home. Its a modular system so the great thing is you can scale up by getting more mesh points anytime you want.

The other big advantage of a mesh Wi-Fi network is that it creates one signal Wi-Fi network, whereas each Wi-Fi extender makes a separate network . Mesh routers that support the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, like Nest Wifi or , are a bit expensive at the moment, but it’s the best way to guarantee amazing connection everywhere in your space.

Keep Your Router Updated


Just like computers and smartphones, routers receive updates from their manufacturers, and its important that you install them as soon as possible to keep your router secure and in good working order.

The good news is that most routers make the update process easy, and you should be able to accomplish it directly from the administrator interface. Some routers even have a companion app for Android and iOS mobile devices, allowing you to take care of firmware updates with a simple tap.

Even if the update doesnt solve your problems with insufficient WiFi range, you can at least be happy, knowing that your router is more secure.

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Why Extend Wifi Into A Detached Garage Or Outbuilding

Most people think of internet and WiFi as just being for computers. But thats not really the case anymore. There are lots of reasons why youd benefit from having strong WiFi in a detached garage. Here are a few:

  • Garage Door Openers: Many new model garage door openers work on a WiFi signal which you can control via an app. Its a nice feature because you can open and close the doors while your away. I use it all the time so FedEx and UPS can drop packages inside my garage when Im away.
  • Security: Cameras, lighting and video are all features I like having on my detached garage. Especially because its set back from the house which blocks my view of the back yard. I use the cameras not only for security reasons but also to keep an eye on my kids and the dogs.
  • TV: I have a workout room in my garage with a TV but I dont use traditional cable anymore. I need WiFi to go online and use the TV.
  • Electronics: I also have a small work area in the garage with a computer, printer and scanner. All of which run on WiFi.
  • Iphone: When Im at home my iphone uses WiFi instead of a cell signal. I want that same benefit in the garage too.
  • Hot Water Heater: Believe it or not my electric hot water heater has WiFi too. I can monitor it via an app on my phone and get signals if theres a problem. It helps a lot because I never go check on it.
  • Living Space: If youve got living space above or inside the garage, youll probably want the same internet service as the main house.

How To Choose Omada Outdoor Wifi Access Points For Wifi Outside

Currently, TP-Link Omada offers three kinds of outdoor WiFi access points for outdoor WiFi. As for the switches connecting with the outdoor access points, TP-Link offers dozens of kinds of products. Go to TP-Link Switches to find the suitable switches for you. The guide of Switches for Business WiFi will further help you pick the right switches.


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How Powerful Is The O2surf Connection Kit Will It Extend Wifi To My Building

RadioLabs Building connection Kit, has AMAZING range. If your building , barn, shop or remote outbuilding is within a few hundred yards and your home router is powerful enough to even give a perceivable, 1-2 bar signal at 50-100 feet outside your house, our kit will connect and give you up to a 150 MBPS WiFi link to virtually any building. This kit is built to save you money, provide a stable link, and save the cost of having to put in a full bridge kit. Well, what happens if I have metal siding or dont have WiFi that will reach outside of my house? Well, theres 2 options. Buying a high power WiFi Router, or if you install our kit and it doesnt work, you can always purchase the rest of the kit to complete your WiFi bridge. Worst case scenario, youll have to spend another $170 plus a CAT-5 Cable to finish of a true point to point bridge. But, our kits have been successful in 9 out of 10 installations. If you have any questions about range, click the live chat box below and we will tell you if we think it will work, but in most cases, unless youre planning on going 1/2 mile through trees, have metal siding on your home, or have an unusually weak router, our kit will likely establish a VERY good link.

Several Things Can Impact Your Wi

SuperLinxs Long Range Outdoor WIFI Extender Repeater Antenna Router ...

Think of Wi-Fi as a bridge between your devices and the internet. Wi-Fi lets you use your smartphone to send or receive information on your home network rather than on your mobile data plan. To access it, you need a Wi-Fi router, which distributes a signal to your computer, printer, phone, tablet and any other device and creates a network.

Wi-Fi isnt perfect. The signal gets weaker the longer the distance between you and the Wi-Fi router or the more physical obstacles such as a corner or a brick wall between your device and the router.

In a pinch, you can temporarily create a hotspot with your mobile phone to supplement your Wi-Fi. But for a long-term fix, its worth it to check whether your Wi-Fi router is placed correctly or whether you can supplement the signal with a Wi-Fi booster.

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