How Can I Extend My Wifi To My Backyard

Solution #: Use A Wifi Extender

How to extend your Wi-Fi to the backyard | Garage Wi-Fi | Pool Wi-Fi | Unboxing TP Link EAP225

Another solution to improve the strength of the WiFi in your garage and around your entire home is to use a WiFi extender. This device is also known as a WiFi repeater, booster, or relay.

Whatever its called, these devices all essentially do the same thing they simply extend the range of the WiFi signal from your main router. You can use more than one extender to expand your WiFi signals area coverage.

Performance in these devices will be affected by features such as the quality of antennas and processors used by the manufacturer.

Higher quality WiFi extenders that feature dual radios or dual routers will minimize the speed loss that WiFi extenders typically experience.

Other features to consider are whether or not the device is universally compatible with most routers and if the extender comes with intelligent roaming capabilities. The latter improves the reliability of the wireless signal when using your mobile devices.

Understanding The Various Types Of Wifi Extension

There are many different types of WiFi extension products on the market, and not all of them are made equally. Youll see terms like extender, repeater, booster, and more used interchangeably.

All of these types of products are meant to do the same thing: make strong WiFi available in more of your house. However, they arent the only way to extend and bolster your existing connection . Lets take a closer look at four types of WiFi extension devices below.

Joowin Ac1200 Outdoor Wifi Extender

JOOWIN AC1200 will be the best partner for your internet source. It is enabled with every such thing that youll ever expect. For starters, the device supports the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, which is 3 times faster than the standard wifi network.

One of the best things about JOWIN AC 1200 is its superior compatibility. This wifi extender supports both 2.4Ghz and 5.0TGhz of the internet band. Here you can expect a zero drop transmission speed of up to 867Mbps and 300Mbps .

The JOOWIN AC1200 is equipped with a pair of 5dBi Omni-Directional antennas. Itll provide you with a complete 360 degree of coverage area. Thus, you can enjoy seamless connectivity incomplete

Needless to say, you can use this wifi extender in multiple operating modes. The devices come with AP/Router/Bridge/Repeater Mode operating modes. For large outdoor purposes, the AP modes work best.

Thanks to the POE adapter of the wifi extender, you use this device for other purposes as well. Whether its connecting to the ethernet cable or bridging the IP cameras, there is nothing to worry about.

The JOOWIN AC1200 is built to serve outdoor purposes only. This means the device is all-weather resistant that works just fine in heavy rain, thunderstorms or any other harsh climate environments.



  • Might cause network drops in specific environments.

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Ways To Get Better Wi

Be ready to surf the web this summer

May 25, 2017

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With summer coming up, you’re probably going to want to spend a lot more time outside. That doesn’t mean you’ll want to give up those gadgets. Music, games, video, email, the latest season of Game of Thrones are all made to travel to the backyard, barbecue, and poolbut sometimes Wi-Fi only goes so far.

Don’t max out your data plan or unplug altogether. Instead, think about improving your Wi-Fi. Sometimes the fix is as easy as rebooting your wireless router. Unplugging seems to solve so much! When that doesnt work, there are plenty of other things you can do to boost that connection.

Choose The Right Location


A very important key factor that makes your WiFi signal strong is the location of your wireless access point . Many brands of wireless routers or APs will broadcast wireless signals omnidirectionally.

That is a fancy way of saying the WiFi signal will broadcast in all directions. Sectorized APs is another concept you need to know and what it does is that it broadcast wireless signals in a 45 or 90 degree area. This is mainly used in commercial applications.

Generally you should position your AP in the exact center of your home. Why? because a centralized location allows the WiFi signal to increase range and equally permeate every square inch of your home or office.

There can be various factors that will prevent a simple repositioning to be the quick fix. Especially when you are trying to increase your WiFi signal outside your home or office.

Because there are large structures such as walls and shelving units, glass, metal and stone just to name of few will weaken your wifi signal.

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Stretch That Networking Setup

If buying a router, Dr. Tim Lynch, CEO of Psychsoftpc, suggests 802.11ac, which can provide speeds up to 2 Gbps. If you already have an 802.11ac router, consider adding a range extender. This device can put Wi-Fi into some of the weaker spots of your home by extending or repeating the existing signal.

You want to position it near the edge of your current signal or closer to the point where you want your signal to go, Lynch says. So if you want to cover the backyard, place one near the back of the house indoors.

Netgears Nighthawk AC1900 is a popular desktop range extender that uses a dual-core 1 GHz processor to deliver speeds up to 1,900 Mbps. For something less intrusive , the Netgear AC1200 is a plug-in range extender that’s perfect for surfing from your smartphone out on the deck, up to 1,200 Mbps.

How Powerful Is The O2surf Connection Kit Will It Extend Wifi To My Building

RadioLabs Building connection Kit, has AMAZING range. If your building , barn, shop or remote outbuilding is within a few hundred yards and your home router is powerful enough to even give a perceivable, 1-2 bar signal at 50-100 feet outside your house, our kit will connect and give you up to a 150 MBPS WiFi link to virtually any building. This kit is built to save you money, provide a stable link, and save the cost of having to put in a full bridge kit. Well, what happens if I have metal siding or dont have WiFi that will reach outside of my house? Well, theres 2 options. Buying a high power WiFi Router, or if you install our kit and it doesnt work, you can always purchase the rest of the kit to complete your WiFi bridge. Worst case scenario, youll have to spend another $170 plus a CAT-5 Cable to finish of a true point to point bridge. But, our kits have been successful in 9 out of 10 installations. If you have any questions about range, click the live chat box below and we will tell you if we think it will work, but in most cases, unless youre planning on going 1/2 mile through trees, have metal siding on your home, or have an unusually weak router, our kit will likely establish a VERY good link.

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How To Get Internet To A Shed Garage Or Barn

Learn how to extend your home Internet or Wi-Fi to reach a shed, garage, barn, or other outbuildings.

  • How to Get Internet to a Shed, Garage, or Barn
  • Your shed, barn, or garage may not be as far from your house as the buildings in the photo above. However, I will show you how you can provide Internet connectivity at any distance.

    For this article, I’ll assume that you have Internet access in your house and want to extend it to another building. Perhaps you want to use your phone while in or around your second building, which I’ll refer to as your “outbuilding.” Or maybe you want to have a computer set up in the outbuilding too. In either case, the solutions are about the same.

    There are three main categories of strategies for extending your Internet connection to an outbuilding. These strategies include connecting the buildings via wireless communication, a wire, or a fiber optic cable.

    In the remainder of this article, I’ll show you how you can use each strategy and its advantages and disadvantages.

    Stay Away From Repeaters

    Extend WiFi range without range extender

    We repeat: stay away from repeaters. Weve seen people try to solve the issue of extending their WiFi range by installing additional wireless routers or using signal repeaters. This will definitely extend the wireless signal. Although a repeater may get the job done, it wont be a job well done.

    Consider this familiar scenario: You have a 2 story house with your Internet connection and wireless router in one corner of the bottom floor. Your kids rooms are located on the opposite side of the house, on the top floor. Your kids are the biggest WiFi users in your house and are constantly complaining about weak WiFi signals and dropped connections. You install a wireless repeater close to your kids bedrooms with the hopes of extending your WiFi range. The kids can now use WiFi in their rooms without issue. The problem comes when your kids leave their rooms and take their devices downstairs. The devices will stay connected to the upstairs router or repeater and the kids will either have to change their network with every floor or complain to you that the WiFi isnt working right again.

    Unless all equipment is handled by a controller or unified management system, youll basically be creating new wireless networks wherever you place the additional equipment. The equipments radio signals can interfere with one another, rendering roaming around the house and maintaining a strong WiFi signal impossible.

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    Use The Right Equipment

    Extending WiFi range in an office or commercial environment requires not only the right equipment, but the right amount of equipment. Depending on the size of your office, the number of connected devices and the type of work performed over the wireless network, you may need 2, 3 or even more APs to fully cover your entire space and to support what can easily be hundreds of devices connected to your network. Offices with bring your own device policies need to prepare their network to support the laptops, phones, tablets, smartwatches and other gadgets that their employees might connect to the network on any given day.

    There are hundreds of wireless routers and access points on the market and they all have their pros and cons. Keep in mind that some equipment is designed to support hundreds of simultaneous devices, but may not be able to support high speed data transfers. The equipment you use should be researched and selected based on your specific needs. The research and selection process can be daunting. If youd like help, we recommend working with a company like Made By WiFi, that can help you select the right equipment and even install it for you. Learn more about our professional wireless network installation services and office WiFi solutions.

    What Is A Wifi Extender Or Repeater

    These types of products are some of the most common you will find in retail stores and online. Though they go by different names, their function is the same take in an existing wireless signal, and repeat or boost it outwards, ideally to an area of your home not properly covered by the initial signal.

    Do Wi-Fi Repeaters Work?

    Although this may sound like exactly what youre looking for, WiFi repeaters have several practical limitations that make them a less attractive option. Firstly, these devices can only put out what they take in, meaning that a weak signal in = a weak signal out. Youll have to position these close enough to your home router that it still gets a quality signal, which may be difficult depending on your home layout.

    Even if positioned properly, its important to realize that each and every person or device connected to your wireless network shaves off a slice of its total bandwidth. This holds true for a Wi-Fi repeater, which means that youll be receiving a lower speed by default when connecting to your new, extended network. In some situations, this may not be too much of an issue, but in homes with many users or connected devices, it can ultimately mean disappointingly slow performance.

    Bottom Line: A repeater can help you shore up your WiFi coverage, but may slow you down if your connection isnt great to begin with.

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    Choose The Right Location For Your Router Or Access Point

    One of the key elements of a strong WiFi signal is the location of your wireless router or access point . Most wireless routers or APs broadcast wireless signals omnidirectionally, a fancy way of saying the WiFi signal is broadcast in all directions. There are sectorized APs that broadcast wireless signals in a 45 or 90 degree area, but you typically dont find these used outside of commercial applications.

    In a perfect world, you would position your AP in the exact center of your home. A centralized location allows the WiFi signal to extend and permeate every square inch of your home equally. However, in most scenarios, a variety of factors prevent a simple repositioning from being the quick fix, especially if you are trying to extend your WiFi signal to an outdoor location, such as the garage or backyard. Large structures, like walls and shelving units, as well as materials, such as glass, metal and stone will weaken your wireless signal.

    Your APs optimal position may also conflict with your aesthetic. People place their wireless routers in discreet locations for a reason-theyre ugly! Its true, most wireless routers meant for home use look like something out of a science fiction movie with blinking lights and large antennas.

    Complete Guide To Extending Your Wifi Network

    How can I extend my Wi

    The bottom line: before you buy any new hardware, make sure your current router is positioned in the center of the home and not obstructed by walls or furniture. For the average consumer, mesh extenders like Eero and Plume are the easiest way to extend WiFi in a large home.

    Put another way: WiFi is a fundamental part of everyday life.

    It is frustrating when your connection doesnt work as well as it should. Ideally, Wi-Fi setup should be set it and forget it. But all too often, customers are left struggling with that one dead zone in the upstairs bedroom.

    There are many reasons why you may be experiencing less-than-stellar wireless performance in your home . But before you jump to conclusions, its worthwhile to ask yourself whether you need to extend your network in the first place:

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    Ways To Get Better Wifi In Your Garage

    Theres an ever-increasing reliance on internet connectivity with so many aspects of our daily lives.

    Getting the most out of your smart tech products and mobile devices in your house means having a good WiFi signal if you dont have a data plan or want to limit your data usage while at home.

    That can be a hit-or-miss thing, however, especially when it comes to getting reliable WiFi in your garage or some of the far-reaching areas of your property.

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