How Can I Get Internet On My Iphone Without Wifi

The Fix For The Iphone That Wouldnt Get Mail Over Cellular

How To Get FREE WiFi ANYWHERE Using Your iPhone in 2021

I looked at Cellular again. Yes, it was on. But this time, I scrolled down. This revealed a section of Cellulars settings that I hadnt looked at. Its called Use Cellular Data For: and heres how it looked .

Scrolling down a little more I saw this:

I was very, very surprised to find that Use Cellular Data For was turned OFF for Mail! So many apps were allowed, but not Mail. Naturally I flipped the switch for Mail to On and the problem went away.

Note: if, for some reason, you turn Use Cellular Data For to OFF for Mail, youll get a big warning telling you your mail wont work right if you do that. Apparently, with Lauras iPhone, the warning was not shown, or not seen, or not understood certainly not remembered.

UPDATE: in iOS 13, Mails settings include the Use Cellular Data switch. If you turn it on here, it turns it on in the Cellular Data/Use Cellular Data For section. One setting, in two places. Looks like this:

Can I Use An Old Iphone As A Wifi

I have an AT& T iPhone 4. If I were to upgrade to an iPhone 5, could I simply pop the SIM out of my iPhone 4 and continue using it on wifi only?

Would I also need to get the SIM deactivated since an iPhone 5 would come with its own SIM?

  • 1Jan 25 ’13 at 21:57
  • Since this has details on AT& T and addresses a newer device, I’m re opening this.

Yes, you can use the device as if it were an iPod Touch without cellular service. No need to remove the SIM. It will automatically be deactivated when your new phone is activated.

You can also purchase a prepaid SIM from a service using provider network to which the phone is attached if you’d like to use it as an emergency or burner phone. For example, h2o pre-paid SIMS work in locked AT& T phones.

  • 3Not only is there no need to remove the SIM, there is a need to keep the SIM so the phone won’t pester you for a SIM to activate e device after each restore. In the case of AT& T you can also unlock your device once it’s off contract so you don’t need an AT& T sim to activate it each time. bmikeJan 26 ’13 at 18:12
  • You don’t need to deactivate cellular data by putting the phone in Airline mode – my son uses an old 3GS, unlocked by AT& T, with cell service and wifi enabled. It says “no service” but even deactivated, it would be usable for emergency calls.

Here are the steps to use either an iPhone or an iPad without cellular activity.

  • Open Settings.
  • Rent Movies From The Itunes Store

    iTunes customers can also enjoy some video entertainment without internet access, but not for free. Movies can be rented, with many promotions and discounts starting available all the time. A rented movie is valid for 30 days from renting. Once you hit the play button, you have to finish watching the movie within the next 24 hours otherwise it expires .

    Because progressively as you watch, its best to rent movies on a computer and synchronize them to your iPhone or iPad for offline viewing. The synchronization process is identical app or music sync with iTunes.

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    How To Airplay To An Airplay 2 Compatible Tv

    If you happen to own an AirPlay 2 Compatible TV, in all likelihood, things have already been configured to work right out of the box.

    If youre watching a video on a streaming app, and you see the AirPlay icon , all you have to do is tap it and select your TV to get AirPlay started.

    You might also see a code on the TV. Youll have to type this code on your iOS device.

    Can I Stream Netflix Or Watch Tiktok If Im Using My Mobile Hotspot For Home Internet

    No Internet Connection/Blocked IP Address (iPhone Wi

    Although you can occasionally stream video from Netflix or TikTok with your mobile hotspot feature, remember that video streaming uses a lot of data. So, watching too many episodes of Umbrella Academy might push you over your data limit and slap you with sluggish speeds of less than 1 Mbps for the rest of the month.

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    Enable Airplane Mode And Disable It On Iphone

    Just like the previous solution, here comes another simple fix when iPhone is connected to wifi but no internet. For this, you can use the Control Centre or open the Settings app and tap on Airplane Mode switch to turn it on. Wait for about 30 seconds and then tap it again to disable Airplane mode.

    Once your iPhone reconnects to Wi-Fi, launch your browser and visit a website of your choice and see if it loads or not.

    Troubleshooting Airplay On Apple Tv

    If you have trouble connecting your Apple TV, follow these directions

  • Turn ON Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your iOS system.
  • Turn ON Bluetooth on your Apple TV.
  • Restart your Apple TV. You will see the LED light glow. If the Apple TV light starts blinking instead, you might need to factory reset your Apple TV.
  • Select the control panel from your iOS system and pick Apple TV mirroring.
  • The Require Device Verification setting will need to be turned ON for your Apple TV.
  • If it couldnt connect, you can try the following:

  • Update all of your Apple TV and iOS devices to the latest operating systems.
  • Then restart your iOS device and Apple TV while keeping Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ON.
  • Activate AirPlay in your Apple TV, and then enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in your iPad or iOS device.
  • Keeping your Wi-Fi ON, disable your Wi-Fi network in your device
  • You need to forget the home network from your iPad.
  • If you are signing in to the same iCloud account on both systems, there wont be any security to prevent unidentified people from connecting to your TV.

    If you are not signed in to the same iCloud account, you will have to enter a 4-digit PIN that Apple TV creates.

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    How To Connect To Someone’s Wifi Network Without Their Password

    It is impossible to use someone’s WiFi network without their password. However, there are a number of applications that allow you to crack the WiFi network’s password so you can use the network even if you don’t know it. Here’s a list of some of the most popular pieces of WiFi network hacking software available. Some crack the password automatically, Note: some of these applications cost money, while some are free.

    Depending on where you live, this could be incredibly illegal. Before you attempt to use any of these applications or methods, contact local law enforcement to learn about your area’s laws regarding WiFi network hacking.

    Turn Off Sms Messaging To Avoid Carrier Fees

    How to Get Your Mac on the Internet Without Wifi (Personal Hotspot)

    If you are texting over WiFi abroad your message will be sent as an iMessage. Or if you purchased a small data plan to text using data you will also only want to text using iMessage to avoid texting charges. In both situations it is key to not text using SMS , however if the iMessage cannot be sent it will attempt to send using SMS by default. You can disable this feature while abroad to avoid charges.

    Turn off Send as SMS to avoid carrier messaging rates.

    This is found in Settings> Send as SMS and turn this off.

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    How Do I Download Ios Update Without Wifi

  • To get started with iTunes, you need to download it for your computer.
  • You can open iTunes on your computer by installing it.
  • The USB cable should be used to connect the iPhone and computer.
  • You can click on the summary in the left panel.
  • You can now check for updates by clicking check for updates.
  • How To Use Instabridge To Access Locked Wifi At A Residence

    Can you please tell me the steps of connecting to password protected WiFi on instabridge. I’ve already downloaded the app to my Android phone

    Instabridge allows you to share passwords with other trusted devices and finds open WiFi spots. So if the hotel does not have an open network and the instabridge app is not finding any other options, it means that the WiFi where you are is locked all over and there are no open spots such as the WiFi from the Starbucks in the lobby.

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    Ways How To Track Iphone Without Internet

    The device that tracks the location of a phone is not the internet but the GPS chip embedded in your phone. However, the phone needs an internet connection to transmit the GPS location to a third party provider such as Waze that incorporates it in their app. The GPS data is required as input for the location data based on its usage and objectives.

    So, can you track a phone if the phone is not connected tothe internet? There are several ways how you can track a phone without theinternet. However, the steps shown here is more for your friend or family tosend the location to you voluntarily.

    If your phone is stolen or lost, it might be hard to findand track your phone without internet. This is due to the need for the app onyour iPhone to be sending you the location using the internet. So, if there isno internet connection, the next thing is the mobile network connection thatyour iPhone already has.

    So, here are several ways how you can ask somebody to sendyou their location using their iPhone.


    First of all, you need to Install Google Map on your iPhone.Once that is done, you can then send SMS to send the location of your iPhone.

    Here are the steps

    Open your iPhone. Tap Messages

    Step 2

    In Messages, tap the edit button at the top right

    Step 3

    At the New Message window, tap the Google Map icon below

    Step 4

    Tap the Send icon below to send your location using SMS

    Step 5

    Your new message will show the GPS of the iPhone currentlocation

    How To Update Ios Without Wi

    How to Turn an iPhone into a Wi

    Step 1 â Start with downloading the tool in your PC and then go for ‘Standard Mode’ available at the main window, which will help you fix the issue without data loss. Now, connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

    Step 2 â If your device can be detected, then you can directly go to the next step. But if your iPhone cannot be recognized, you need to put it in DFU or recovery mode. For this, you can just follow the instructions given on the screen.

    Step 3 â The specialty of this program is that it easily detects your iPhone and will automatically give you the latest and the appropriate iOS for your device. Now, you are only left with clicking ‘Download’ option. Click on it and the program will get you the latest iOS version.

    Step 4 â Hit on ‘Start’ as the last step, then you just need to wait for a while and your iOS will be updated soon .

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    Contact Your Wireless Carrier

    Contact your wireless carrier if youre having issues using cellular data, or if you think there might be an issue with your cell phone plan. You can quickly find the customer support number of your wireless carrier by Googling its name and customer support.

    If youre fed up with cellular data issues, it may be time to switch carriers. Check out UpPhones cell phone plan comparison tool to find a better plan!

    Check Date And Time Settings

    Make sure that the date and time on your iPhone are set correctly for your time zone. Heres how:

    Launch the Settings app and tap on General, then tap Date & Time.

    If the date and time are incorrect, update them or turn on the option to set date and time automatically.

    Signing off

    We trust one or a combination of these fixes worked for you and your iPhone is no longer connected to Wi-Fi but no Internet. Also, make sure you knowwhat to do if Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on your iPhoneWhich trick worked for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Connect Iphone To A Wi

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, then turn on Wi-Fi.

  • Tap one of the following:

  • A network: Enter the password, if required.

  • Other: Joins a hidden network. Enter the name of the hidden network, security type, and password.

  • If appears at the top of the screen, iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. iPhone reconnects when you return to the same location.

    How To Update Iphone Apps Without Wifi


    Now that you have achieved update iOS in the absence of a wireless network, would you like to know how to upgrade applications ? In this case, although, by default, the applications are only installed when there is a wireless network, Apple allows update iPhone app without WiFi without having to apply tricks or complex changes, acting on a precise configuration of the App Store.

    But bear in mind, even in this case, that the amount of data to download could be very important and consequently quickly deplete the number of Gigs of your data plan. Activate automatic app updates only if you have a suitable data plan for that purpose.

    Everything clear? Let’s proceed.

    First, touch the icon configurations from iOS, then iTunes Store and App Store and put in ON the lever relative to Automatic downloads, located below Cellular data.

    If you consider it appropriate, you can enable an additional verification of the downloads, to receive a confirmation request before the start of the download.

    To do this, click on the item and choose whether to always allow updates without the need for any request , either to allow the automatic download of updates through mobile data only for applications of less than 200 MB, requesting confirmation for large amounts of data or if you always ask permission before via mobile data .

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    Does My Cell Phone Allow Me To Create A Mobile Hotspot

    Some cell phone plans don’t allow you to create a mobile hotspot at all. You can find out quickly if your phone plan allows it by going to Settings and trying to turn on the personal hotspot. If you dont see the option for Personal Hotspot or Wi-Fi Hotspot, or its greyed out, your plan does not support this feature. You can learn specifics about your plan by contacting your cell phone provider or reviewing details about your phone plan on their website.

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