How Can I Get Wifi In My Rv

Boost Your Cell Signal In A Campervan

RV Internet: How to Get RV WiFi So You Can Stream and Work Remote

The first thing we learned after using a cell phone hotspot in a van is your internet speed is only as fast as your cell signal.

I mean, have you ever tried to load a website only using a 1x cell signal? ItTakesForEver

While in urban areas, this is usually not a problem.

However, much of the time when were traveling in our campervan, were in smaller towns, in National Parks or somewhere in between. And these types of places often dont have the best cell signal.

So what is a van-dwelling-digital-nomad to do?

What if I told you there was a device that could strengthen your cell phones signal, thus, creating a better Internet connection for all your devices?

Allow us to introduce you to a cell signal booster

Great Rv Wifi Means We Can Do So Much More

Having great internet in our RV means that we can travel, work, and live in our RV just how we did back in our house! We are able to do our work, have Zoom calls with clients, upload videos to YouTube, and even stream Netflix, Hulu, and more! In fact, both Josh and I can be streaming at the same time! As long as the cell service is strong, we really dont have hardly any problems with our RV internet with this setup.

Turn Off Background Data And Apps

Some apps run in the background when youre not using your phone

iPhone: Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Turn Off

You can also choose to only turn off certain apps background refresh

Android users: try Chromes Lite mode to reduce image sizes on websites.

Android: Open Chrome App > tap the 3 Dots More > Settings > Advanced > Lite Mode

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What Is An Rv Wifi Booster

An RV WiFi booster is just that, it boosts existing WiFi signal into a stronger, faster signal in your RV.

Maybe youre at a campground and youre far away from where the wifi is, so you arent getting a strong signal.

Or, maybe youre just parked outside a store or restaurant and want to use their wifi.

An RV wifi booster works by pulling in an existing wifi signal with an antenna on the outside of your RV. There is a device inside your RV that is connected to the exterior antenna, and it amplifies the wifi signal.

This can make previously slow wifi blazing fast.

If there is no wifi signal to boost, then a wifi booster wont work. In that case, youre better off going with an RV cell signal booster.

Best Internet For Rv Nomads Advice: Choose Resellers Carefully

Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 long range WiFi repeater RV kit R36A ...

Mike Wendland: Back to the retailers for a moment. Do you recommend at any time that people deal with a reseller?

Cherie: We do. We do. We dont recommend specific dealers because-

Chris: Theyre all basically the .

Cherie: But it does make sense. I mean, you just need to go in eyes wide open. We keep vendor lists. Our staff goes through every single vendor thats out there about every week and updates our vendor list to see whos in business, what the pricing is.

And we have huge, huge disclaimers on those vendor lists is, these are all the things you need to know about this style of plan. And our biggest advice is if you just choose to go with them is always have a backup option ready to go. Because those plans can, they can literally go over night.

Chris: Yeah. Consider youre using those plans until you lose those plans. And so, its great. You might be able to find an amazing deal for 120 bucks a month, its unlimited. But it might last a month. It might last three months. It might last a year. You just have to have that in the back of your mind. What will you do if you turn it on tomorrow and its gone?

Mike Wendland: There you go. And thats a big reason to keep your distance, at least in our book.

Chris: Or have a backup.

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Verizon Rv Internet Hot Spot & Plans

The very first hot spot and mobile internet plan we got was from Verizon. We actually bought a Verizon JetPack hot spot a few years ago from Amazon. Then we went to our local Verizon store in Denver and told them we needed to buy a data package for the hot spot.

Neither of us had our cell phone plans through Verizon, although we could have gotten that too and bundled it. However, they did offer a pre-paid data plan specifically for the hot spot. We purchased that and were able to reload it with however much data we needed. So for example, we could buy 20 GB of data, and then we it ran out we could just reload with more.

It was a good option when we were just traveling on weekends in the RV or for extended vacations. However, once we started traveling and living full-time in our RV we realized we needed an unlimited plan so we didnt have to keep reloading.

Optionally Boost Your Signal Strength

There are two schools of thought in the wireless boosters camp. Again, our research is not scientific but is anecdotal. We have met folks who swear they get amazing connectivity when using a cell booster and some say they have seen no impact. We have had good success with our booster. We cant always say that when our neighbors cant send or receive texts or check email where we can. We also have personal experience of being on calls that drop as soon as we walk away from the rig and leave our boosted coverage area. If you do go for a booster, we recommend an RV Specific model from weBoost.

We also recommend having your local Camping World do the install because it involves running and hiding an internal cable and antenna as well as one hole in the roof for the external antenna. This shouldnt be more than 2-3 hours on the labor charge.

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High Speed Rv Internet Access Speedify Improves Bandwidth

This is where Speedify steps up:

Even if youre using a single connection with Speedify, it will improve the whole RV Internet experience. We tested this and saw it can deliver up to twice the bandwidth compared to not using Speedify:

But this is only scratching the surface. Speedify can bond two or more RV Internet connections to give you a secure, fast and reliable connection.

Speedify intelligently combines the connections on your device. You wont even pay any extra fees to your mobile provider for going over your plans data allowance. Speedify is cost-aware and can be configured as such.

Heres how Speedify improves your available bandwidth when youre using 2 RV Internet connections:

As you can see, Speedify delivers more than 3 times the bandwidth you can get versus not using Speedify at all. All while traveling in your motorhome with 2 active Internet links. Thats very cool indeed!

Smartphone Hotspot For Campervan Wifi

Getting WiFi in my RV

The quickest way to get WiFi in your campervan is to turn your smartphone into a hotspot. This allows your smartphone to convert its cell signal into a WiFi signal. You can simply sign on from your laptop or other devices.

iPhone users: How to turn on your smartphone hotspot

  • Go to Settings

  • Turn on Allow Others to Join

  • Set the Wi-Fi Password

Android users: How to turn on your smartphone hotspot

  • Swipe down from the top of your screen

  • Tap the Hotspot icon

How to join the hotspot from a laptop of other device:

  • Turn on WiFi

  • Search for the name of the phone

  • Enter the set Password and click Join

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Here Are Your Options For Setting Up Rv Wifi

If youre wondering what your options are for RV WiFi, youre not alone. Our community created a thread to identify the best type of mobile WiFi73 comments later it turns out some options work better than others, depending on your lifestyle and needs. While its not surprising, it doesnt get you closer to a solution, either.

In order to figure out the best RV WiFi for you, determine your biggest WiFi use. Do you work remotely? Do you download documents? Stream Netflix? FaceTime your daughter in the Peace Corps?

Streaming Netflix movies in regular definition will pull about 1GB of data per hour . By contrast, uploading a photo to Instagram will use about 2-4MB of data. Over time, however, Instagram can pull loads of data from your plan .

There are three main options for RV WiFi while youre living on the road: using your phone as a hotspot, adding a hotspot router to your existing mobile plan, or satellite internet.

Rv Wifi: Everything You Need To Know

In this day and age, more and more people are looking to be connected to the internet wherever they roam. For many people this even includes camping trips, leading them to search for a way to have an RV WiFi connection.

Sure, some do still enjoy disconnecting for the weekend and heading out into nature without any electronics whatsoever, but for others, this simply isnt possible. Perhaps they are some of the million Americans who live in RVs full-time and need to work from their rig, or maybe they can only leave work for a vacation if they can still be contacted reliably. Of course, some people just want to have the ability to stream the occasional show or send an email even when out in the wilderness.

Fortunately, there are ways to get internet while camping in an RV. Not only that, but you have options for how to go about it. In this article, well discuss those options so you can hit the road with the RV WiFi connection youve always dreamed about.

There are several options for RV WiFi.

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Easy Ways To Improve Your Rv Wifi Connection

When it comes to WiFi in your RV, we all know the frustration that comes from poor signal, slow speeds and at times no connectivity at all. Even though the campground offers free WiFi for guests, using it successfully in your RV a whole different story that can come with its own set of challenges.

Here are 5 ways to make your RV WiFi better:

1. Get close to the source: WiFi is a near field signal, meaning unlike AM, FM and Cell bands proximity to the transmitter makes a big impact. In this case the transmitter being the router at the campground office or perhaps some access points around the park is where the signal is coming from. Try to park your RV as close as you can to one of this transmitting sources for the best signal quality and speed.

2. Obtain line of sight : Being that WiFi signals are higher on the radio frequency spectrum than the aforementioned bands, line of sight between the signal receivers and transmitter can play a huge role in your signal performance. Obstructions like trees, buildings and even other RVs will block your precious signal from reaching you at its highest potential.

3. Go outside the RV: Your RV is like a faraday cage, blocking signals outside from entering inside the RV at its full potential. Campers made of aluminum, fiberglass and other materials degrade signal quality. Add to that all the furnishings inside and you make the problem worse. Simply going outside can result in a big improvement in your WiFi connection.

Speedify Is Easy To Setup To Get High Speed Internet For Rv

ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit ...

On your smartphones, you can combine cellular Internet with any WiFi network:

  • Get Speedify on your mobile device
  • Enable both connections WiFi and cellular
  • Connect to a Speedify server
  • Enjoy high speed Internet in your RV.
  • But Speedify is also available for Windows and macOS. If youre using computers, youll have a lot more available combinations to work with.

    Want to share your fast and stable Internet with all devices in your RV? You need a Windows laptop and you can heres a video on how to do that.

    Did we mention its a proven solution, already used on a large scale? Heres an advanced RV high speed Internet setupfrom David Bott :

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    Can I Have A Wifi Booster And A Cell Booster

    Absolutely! Many seasoned RVers who spend a lot of time out on the road utilize both of these powerful tools. While we do not currently carry an all-in-one Wi-Fi and cellular device, we do carry three powerful options for cellular boosting products. The plus of having both is that no matter where you are, you will be able to utilize the best option for connecting to the internet. If youre at a campsite or RV park that provides Wi-Fi, you would want to use your Wi Fi antenna to connect to that, since its free. If youre camping somewhere that does not provide free public Wi-Fi, you would utilize your cellular boosting product to allow you to maintain a better connection to the internet via your cell phone data plan or hotspot device. Our cellular boosters provide coverage for 4G LTE and 3G LTE and are 5G ready!

    No need to choose just ONE of these fabulous devices, you can have the best of both cellular and Wi Fi if you choose to install both.

    Which Option Is Best For You

    If you’re even reading this article, you’ve likely decided that staying connected is essential while RVing. The question then becomes: which option should you use? We believe there are two critical factors: how much connection you need, and what your budget is.

    As discussed above, satellite internet can be a hefty investment, so it’s usually best for full-timers that need reliable connections and has the money to spare on hardware, installation, and service costs. Otherwise, you’re burning money instead, and installing a satellite isn’t an option if you’re renting an RV.

    However, relying entirely on hotspots can become expensive, mainly if you use a lot of data regularly. If you’re the type of RVer that only takes the occasional trip, we recommend trying out working with your cellphone’s available hotspot options and seeing if that’s enough. Usually, you won’t break your cap with occasional use, and you don’t need to worry about adding any extra cost.

    Additionally, you can choose to trust the public wi-fi available at campgrounds when it’s reliable, then use hotspots when prospects don’t look good. This approach can give you some leeway in budgeting that doesn’t leave you completely stranded if you need to make a connection.

    While RV manufacturers haven’t gotten around to figuring out how to make wi-fi an included amenity, there’s still plenty of options for staying connected on the roadyou just need to know how to find them.

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