How Can I Make My Wifi Signal Stronger

Tip #: Change Your Wireless Router Channel

How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength- Tips & Tricks

This tip is fully dependent on your wireless router. However, if you live in an apartment or in a dense suburban neighborhood, your wireless interference issues may be because of your neighbors wi-fi router.

It may be difficult to determine if this is an issue. However, if you use any wireless device, such as a mobile phone or computer, you can check to see how many wireless signals are in range. The more devices in range, the more likely it is that a neighbors wi-fi equipment could be causing issues with yours.

Changing your wireless routers channel will allow it to operate on a slightly different part of the frequency band, clearing up the interference issue. How you go about changing the channel will vary by device and brand. Check your device manual or the manufacturers website to learn how to adjust the channel settings.

Use The 5 Ghz Band For Wi

Most Android smartphones of today support the 5GHz frequency band. While setting up your router, chances are high your ISP technician created two separate Wi-Fi networks to choose from. Most routers name the 5 GHz networks by suffixing the term 5G at the end of the SSID.

If you think you are on a slow 2.4Ghz network, it is always a good idea to switch to the 5 GHz band where there’s much more free space on the spectrum. There are 23 channels of 20 MHz each on the 5 GHz frequency, which is much more than the 14 channels offered on 2.4 GHz. Because the channels don’t overlap, you’re likely to get a better signal on your Wi-Fi when connected to a 5Ghz network.

Note that a 5Ghz network has a much lower range compared to 2.4Ghz. You may see a significant drop in speeds if you are connected to a 5Ghz network, but you are physically far away from the router. In such cases, it is better to switch to the “slower” 2.4 GHz band.

Solution #: Relocate Your Router

When your WiFi signal strength just isnt cutting it for most areas of your home and property, your first step should be to try a different location for your main router .

Clearly, a centralized location in your home is best in order to provide more even WiFi signal coverage. That means moving your router out of the basement if you live in a two or three-storey home and putting it in as central a location as possible on the main floor.

That can be easier said than done if you have a poorly located main internet connection into your home. If thats the case, you could run an ethernet cable from your main signal input to change where your router/modem gets located, but that wont be practical in some cases.

Nobody wants an unsightly tripping hazard like a cable running through the main part of their home.

And running cable through your walls and ceiling can be tricky business if you dont know what youre doing. Contact your internet service provider or an electrician for help in this area.

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Keep Your Router Updated

If you follow the news, youve heard about the growing number of large-scale malware attacks that are costing businesses and individuals alike billions every year. Many of these attacks wouldnt be possible if all routers were kept updated. Once a malware infects a router, it can steal bandwidth and spread itself across the network to other devices.

But even without a presence of a dangerous malware, routers with old firmware perform worse than routers that are properly updated.

To check if your router is running the newest firmware available:

  • Launch a web browser on your computer or mobile device and connect to your routers network.
  • Enter the IP address of the router into the web browser.
  • If you dont know what the IP address is, check if there is an information sticker somewhere on the router.
  • Log in with admin username and password.
  • Again, if you dont know what the right admin password is, look at the information sticker on the bottom or back of your router.
  • Select an option called Firmware Update or Router Update.
  • Because there are many different routers, you may need to do some digging and detective work to find the right option.
  • Wait until your router finds and installs the latest firmware.
  • Never interrupt the update. If it takes a long time and your router appears to be unresponsive, give it a few more minutes before you disconnect the router from power and turn it on again.
  • Consider Your Home Layout

    How To Make A Simple DIY Wi

    The signal from your router is a great feat in technological innovation but unfortunately, it is easily thwarted by distance and barriers. The radio waves are much shorter compared to those used in radio transmission so will lose strength pretty rapidly, meaning keeping your devices closer to your router is an effective way to boost Wi-Fi signal.

    If youre in a big home, buying extra boosters to put in different positions around your house can help to stretch the service throughout the house. These waves also get absorbed and blocked by walls and services so, you know, forgoing all your belongings probably wouldnt hurt either. Who needs furniture when you have the full Sopranos box set just ready and waiting?

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    Tip #: Invest In A Signal Booster

    Sometimes, what you really need is a booster. Signal boosters come in different shapes and sizes, but in general, are designed to increase the strength of your signal by relaying it through another device. Sometimes called wi-fi repeaters, these devices can be used to extend the range and strength of a weak signal.

    Netgear provides more information on boosters and repeaters.

    Why Did I Choose An Asus Router

    The simple answer is because I already had one other Asus router, but the reasoning goes a bit deeper than that. Although not that much because I simply like their interface more than on other routers, but theres also the support for a large variety of devices. Even the older ones that were released way before the Asus-made mesh system called AiMesh was released. I had an Asus RT-AX82U as the main unit and the RT-AX88U as the secondary unit, and, as you may expect, both covered the entire office nicely with WiFi, without any noticeable issues. And whats interesting is the seamless transition between the nodes because even when I was in a conference call, I did not see any dropped frames, but I will test it soon with iperf to get a better idea on whether there are some dropped packets when moving between nodes or if the handshake is truly seamless.

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    Add A Wireless Range Extender

    Since there is a lot of jargon involved with devices used to improve Wi-Fi signal, it is important homeowners understand the difference between them. For example, a Wi-Fi booster is not a unique device but may refer to a repeater, a range extender, or a network extender. The product needed depends on the problem. In many cases, repeaters are not as useful as extenders. Any solution tacked onto the existing router and devices is probably going to work at a lower level of efficacy than a custom-designed system.

    Wi-Fi repeaters are older technology than extenders, which means they may not be as effective. A repeater picks up the signal and sends it on to a place where the router may not be able to reach in one shot. Homeowners who only have a few devices using the router may find this helpful. However, those who have a lot of computers, televisions, or other equipment using the same channel might have problems. Since the repeater uses the same channel, it can slow down network speeds.

    Find Your Router’s Ip Address

    How to improve WiFi SIGNAL STRENGTH

    You log into your router’s firmware through a browser. Any browser will do. At the address field, type the IP address of your router. Most routers use an address of But that’s not always the case, so you may first want to confirm the address of your router.

    To find your router’s IP address, type cmd in the Windows search bar and press Enter to open the command prompt. Type ipconfig in the command prompt and press Enter to run the command. Scroll through the information until you see a setting for Default Gateway under Ethernet adapter or Wireless LAN adapter. That’s your router, and the number next to it is your router’s IP address. Close the window when done.

    In Windows 10, you can also go to Settings > Network & Internet > Status > View hardware and connection properties. The next screen displays details for your different network connections. Scan the entry for Ethernet or Wi-Fi and look for the Default Gateway setting to find your routers IP address. Once you have the correct IP address, type it into your browser’s address field and press Enter.

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    Wifi Products For When The Diy Stuff Isnt Enough

    Reboot Regularly: Just like with any other electronics you use, you may tend to leave the router running constantly without ever rebooting. Dont do this. Make sure to reboot it regularly to make sure youre getting the most out of your wireless provider and help it to refresh itself.

    If all else fails

    Get new hardware

    My IT Project Manager hubs has used these devices in many of his projects and says they are the least complicated to set up and affordable:

    How To Improve Laptop Wifi Connection: Make Sure You Stay Online

    Whether the tips above helped or didn’t help you improve your laptop’s WiFi connection, one thing is for sure: you will need to make sure you stay connected when WiFi fails.

    Sure, you can switch to another WiFi hotspot or even tether your smartphone to your laptop and use its cellular data. But that takes time and those 20-30 seconds from when you realize the Internet is down until you connect another source will surely:

    • disconnect you from any video call / online meeting you may be a part of
    • stop the live stream you’re broadcasting or watching
    • drop you from that game you’re playing online.

    To avoid this, you need to use all available Internet connections at the same time. This can easily be done with a bonding VPN like Speedify.

    Speedify is a allows you to use all of your Internet connections at once, providing more speed, stability and security. As long as you’re connected to more than one ISP, chances are you will not get disconnected completely from the Internet, thanks to Speedify’s automatic failover protection. Plus, you will get “super-pipe” type connectivity by combining all available connections – WiFi, cellular, wired Ethernet, etc.

    The Speedify app is available on all major operating systems for laptops: Windows , macOS and Linux. You can get it from our website or the Mac Store .

    Now you have more than 10 answers to the question of how to improve laptop WiFi connection. If you want to skip to a proven solution, just use Speedify.

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    Get A Wifi Range Extender Or A Repeater

    One way of improving the WiFi signal around your home is to use a wireless extender or a repeater. Extenders and repeaters look like routers, but act a bit differently: they pick up the WiFi signal from your router, amplify it and re-broadcast it from a different position in your home.

    Whats the difference between WiFi extenders and repeaters?

    Nothing. They do the same thing. They come in boxes that contain two routers, similar to the main router in your home: one connects to the main router and transmits its signal to the second unit through new antennae to the second unit in a different position in your home where you require a better signal.

    Whats a WiFi booster?

    As the name suggests, WiFi boosters tend to do more than just re-broadcast the same WiFi signal, they amplify it. If your signals a bit weak to start with, then a booster might do a better job than an extender or repeater.

    Purchase A Newer High

    WiFi Boosters

    The biggest issue holding back your homes Wi-Fi connection may be your aging router. Thankfully, there are numerous advantages to purchasing a brand new router, so youd be investing in more than faster internet speeds.

    A new router could also give you improved home security features and be compatible with a wider spectrum of devices. Additional security and compatibility help homeowners interested in automating their home or making their network more secure.

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    Kick Out Wifi Intruders

    Security can be an issue with WiFi, especially when we only had WEP passwords, which were notoriously easy to break. Now we have WPA2 passwords, which are much more robust, but it might be worth checking there are no unwanted WiFi piggybackers clogging up your signal. If your neighbour is using your signal to download 4K videogames then your lazy-evening stream of Netflix is going to suffer.

    If you have good broadband speed, very few devices connected to your WIFi signal and the device your using is bang up to date but still running very slow, somebody might be piggybacking your signal.

    You will need to go about this differently depending on the manufacturer of your router. So check with the user documentation given by your provider or ring them for assistance. At Virgin Media we would be happy to help in such an instance.

    You need to check your router logs for a record of any devices that are connecting and disconnecting from your network. Most commonly, routers will show these connections by MAC address. Printers, laptops, TVs, handheld devices and smartphones will all have a unique 12-character field MAC address, each character being a hexadecimal .

    Check the user documentation of all your devices to find their unique MAC address and look at your logs to find any devices that shouldnt be there.

    See Who’s On Your Network

    Windows users can download a free, portable program called Wireless Network Watcher , which will provide a list of every device currently connected to your network, so you can identify the ones that belong to you.

    To use Wireless Network Watcher, just launch the program, and it will immediately begin scanning your network. This will take a minute or twoyou’ll know it’s working if the bottom-left corner reads “Scanning…” Once it’s done, that message will disappear, and you’ll be presented with a full list of connected devices.

    The resulting list may look a little cryptic, especially if you aren’t super tech-savvy, but don’t worry. You can ignore the IP address and MAC address listings for now. If you’re using Wireless Network Watcher, just focus on the Device Name and Network Adapter Company columns.

    For example, I see an item named “Dulce” in Wireless Network Watcher, which is the name of my wife’s MacBook. I see another with no name, but with “Philips Lighting BV” as the network adapter manufacturer, it’s probably the hub for my Philips Hue lights. You can double-click on a device to add “User Text” that helps you identify each device and narrow down all the items in this list.

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