How Can I See Who Is Using My Wifi

See Who Is Using Your Wifi On Android/ios

See Who Is Using Your Wifi – How To

There are many apps for Android and iOS, which can tell, who is connected to your WiFi. But the best one is Fing. Its a free app and is available for both Android and iOS.

Like all the other apps, we have seen so far Fing also shows you the list of all the connected device along with their IP and MAC address. But what makes it different from rest, is its ability to pinpoint the device name and network card, manufacturer.

For instance, Wireless Network Watcher can only tell the company name. So if you connect an iPad and Macbook, youll see Apple written next to it. But Fing on the other hand also manages to extract the device name. So, you can easily tell which devices are yours and which are not. You can also create a free Fing account and keep track of all devices on various WiFi network.


Though, one thing missing in Fing is that it doesnt give you a notification when a new device joins or leave the network. But luckily there one app on Android WiFi Watch, which can do that. You can enable this notification option from the settings.

How To Secure Your Wifi Network From Intruders

What should you do if you identify someone using your WiFi network without your permission? The first step is to remove them and then make sure they wont be able to do it again.

The instructions below are tested using a Linksys Smart Router. Your router may differ slightly and use different terminology. Just adapt the following instructions to your specific model.

  • Log into your router and access the admin interface.
  • Select the Wireless part of the interface or find Guest network.
  • Turn off the Guest network unless you specifically use it.
  • Turn off wireless. On a Linksys router, this is a toggle. This will kick everyone off your WiFi, so notify anyone beforehand.
  • Select WPA2 as the wireless security mode if it isnt already selected. This is the best option for most users.
  • Change the wireless access password and save changes.
  • Enable wireless once more.
  • Change the password on any devices that connect to WiFi.
  • If your router doesnt support WPA2, you should upgrade its the de facto standard for wireless security.

    Change the password to something that is as difficult as it is practical while still being able to remember it. Mix upper and lower case letters and numbers. If your router allows special characters, use them for good measure.

    See Who Is Using Your Wifi On Windows

    There are several Windows programs that show you the list of devices connected to your network. The one, I suggest is Wireless Network Watcher by Nirsoft. Like all the other apps from Nirsoft, this one also weight in few KBs and can be executed directly from the .exe file. No installation required.

    To get Started, download Wireless Network Watcher from Nirsoft official website . Next, open the zip file and run the .exe in it. If you see a warning from your AntiVirus, ignore it. The app is safe.

    The app will display all the connected device, along with their IP and MAC address. It also shows the devices manufacturer name, like Motorola, Apple, etc, which will help you better identify the devices, since remembering MAC address is not convenient.

    You can also set up a sound notification. So when a new device connects to your WiFi, you hear a beep sound. To do that, go to options> beep when a new device is connected.

    I also tried other popular alternatives like Advance IP scanner and GlassWire, and both in their free version are similar to Wireless Network Watcher. So dont bother trying them. And if you are looking for the advanced option, then try Angry IP Scanner or Wireshark, but they need good technical knowledge.

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    How To Kick Someone Off Your Network

    If you do find an unauthorized device on your home network, there are two simple ways to get rid of them:

    • If you see an unauthorized client in your router’s mobile app or admin control panel, select the entry for that device. You should see the option to block, ban, or eject the device.
    • Rather than blocking devices one at a time, you can throw every device off the network at once by changing the Wi-Fi password. If you don’t already use a password, you should absolutely turn on network security and add a password right now. Even if you already have a password, if someone is using your network and you don’t know how they got access, you should change your password and make it stronger. If your network offers multiple kinds of security, step up to a more secure system, such as moving from WPA or WPA2-TKIP to WPA2-AES.

    How To Access A List Of Connected Devices

    Can I Find Passwords Used On My Computer : How to See All ...

    The most accurate way to access a list of connected devices is to log into your router’s settings page. If your router was provided by your internet service, such as Spectrum, you may be able to easily log into your account to find this info. If you provided your own router, you can access the router settings by using the access information that is typically found on the back of the router. You may also be able to use a related phone app, like Netgear’s Nighthawk and Orbi apps, which are designed to help you manage your router settings for those specific devices.

    To check your router settings and connected devices, remain connected to the WiFi and open your router settings page. Simply type the prescribed IP address into a browser and it will bring you to the page where you can access your router settings. This login information is usually found on the back of your router in the form of an IP address in numbers. When you put the IP into a browser that is connected to your home WiFi, it brings you to a login page. Often, the default login is also listed on the back of the router.

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    See Who’s On Your Network

    Windows users can download a free, portable program called Wireless Network Watcher , which will provide a list of every device currently connected to your network, so you can identify the ones that belong to you.

    To use Wireless Network Watcher, just launch the program, and it will immediately begin scanning your network. This will take a minute or twoyou’ll know it’s working if the bottom-left corner reads “Scanning…” Once it’s done, that message will disappear, and you’ll be presented with a full list of connected devices.

    The resulting list may look a little cryptic, especially if you aren’t super tech-savvy, but don’t worry. You can ignore the IP address and MAC address listings for now. If you’re using Wireless Network Watcher, just focus on the Device Name and Network Adapter Company columns.

    For example, I see an item named “Dulce” in Wireless Network Watcher, which is the name of my wife’s MacBook. I see another with no name, but with “Philips Lighting BV” as the network adapter manufacturer, it’s probably the hub for my Philips Hue lights. You can double-click on a device to add “User Text” that helps you identify each device and narrow down all the items in this list.

    How To Check If Someone Is Using Your Wifi

    Robert Hayes Robert is a freelance editor and writer living in Colorado. Read more October 21, 2021

    A network administrator used to be a job for IT specialists in big companies. However, the world has grown more technologically advanced, so now, small and large businesses, households, and libraries have their own network to manage and maintain. These days, setting up a WiFi connection is easy and inexpensive.

    Some users have a WiFi network running off their cable or DSL Internet service, while others run WiFi using their smartphone as an access point. Most smartphones have the capacity to act as a mobile hot spot. In any case, there is always the risk of unauthorized access to your wi-Fi network and router. This article explains various methods to discover if someone is using your Wi-Fi without permission, as well as summarized ways to secure your Wi-Fi from potential intruders.

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    See Who Is Using Your Wifi On Macos

    There is no Mac version of Wireless Network Watcher. And other popular options, which are free in Windows becomes paid in Mac . But luckily, there is one app.

    Whos on my WiFi is a free MacOS utility, that does exactly what it says, i.e. it show the list of all devices connected to your WiFi. The app is available on iTunes, and it weighs only 1 MB.

    When you open the app, itll automatically scan your network and give you the list of all the connected devices. It also gives you a notification when a new device joins your WiFi.

    But unlike network watcher in Windows, its not that good at fetching the company name of the devices. So, youll have to add the names of your devices manually. This way, next time you see a new device, youll know its not yours.

    Wifi Security Is Important

    How To See Who Is Connected To My WiFi

    Recently, two Belgian researchers discovered a critical vulnerability in the Wi-Fi Protected Access II implementations on most wireless networking devices that use the protocol. The name of this vulnerability is KRACK , and it allows attackers to steal sensitive data, including passwords, credit card numbers, or chat messages.

    According to Wired, Security analysts say its a tricky vulnerability to take advantage of, and major platforms like iOS, macOS, and Windows are either unaffected or have already been patched. But given the millions of routers and other IoT devices that will likely never see a fix, the true cost of KRACK could play out for years.

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    Use Your Router’s App

    If you have a relatively modern Wi-Fi router, it probably works with a mobile app in fact, you might have initially configured the router using the app. If that’s the case, you can start the app on your phone and look for a network map, log, or client list.

    Every router is different and there’s no standardization among router software, so you’ll need to explore. But if you can find this list, it’s essentially an “official” version of the device list from the third-party Wi-Fi detective app. If you have a multiband router, the app will probably even show which radio each device is connected to.

    Probe Lights Of Your Wireless Router

    Wireless routers are equipped with status lights to show internet connectivity, hardware network connections, and other wireless activities. By and large, checking your routers lights is the simple way to see if theres an unknown device connected to it.

    However, before checking the lights, disconnect all your attached devices from the wi-fi. Now, go and check if the light is still blinking.

    Typically, lights stop flickering when there are no devices connected to the wi-fi network. But if the lights do not stop flashing even after you disconnect all your devices, someone indeed is stealing your wifi connection.

    Although it is a swift technique, it is not feasible if you have many Wi-Fi devices at home.

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    Use A Web Browser To Access Your Router To Check For Unidentified Devices

    The next step is to use a web browser to log onto your wireless routers access page. Nearly all home routers have an online access page that you can get to from any computer that is linked to the router. Here are the most common procedures based on brand.

    Common URLS for Routers

    The URL to type into your browser window varies from router to router, but its almost always an IP address. You can find the exact URL by checking your router documentation. The information is also usually found on the back of the router. Check to see if the address is printed on the label, or by using the default addresses: a huge number of routers use or .

    If you use Xfinity to access the Internet, the default URL for accessing your router/modem is most likely .

    You can just enter the number in the address bar of your browser and hit enter. This will take you to the administrative interface for your router. You can find details on Netgear router setup procedures, Belkin router setup help, and information on Asus router setup processes.

    Default Router Login Credentials

    Youll need to know the administrator password for your router to log in. Of course, you should change it from the default password to one you can remember, but dont make it too easy! Regardless, you should have recorded the default or the new password when you set up your router, or after it was set for you by an installation technician.

    Identifying Connected Devices

    How To Check Who Is Using My Wifi Network

    So Iâm using my laptop to bridge a connection to my Xbox ...

    You can check the list of connected devices to your WiFi network from your router/modem. But it only shows the MAC addresses of the devices and doesnt show the name of the company of devices. On the other side, many software and apps available for both PC and smartphones, which shows the list of connected devices to your WiFi with the company name.

    So, it is easy to identify the unauthorized devices that are using your WiFi without your permission. After that, you can block those users with MAC address filtering. So, Here is how to check who is using my WiFi.

    1. Check The List Of Connected Devices From Router/Modem

    This is the first and easy way to know who is using your WiFi, without any tool. Every router or modem has an inbuilt feature to know how many devices are connected to the router and access the WiFi network. You must know the MAC addresses of all your devices. Because you need to find the MAC address of an unauthorized device. Else, you can disconnect all devices from the WiFi and check this list from only one device. Because, with this method, it is easy to find unknown devices connected to WiFi.

    Connect your Smartphone or PC/Laptop to WiFi and open browser. Enter the IP address of your Router/Modem. By Default, The IP address is or . After that, Enter the Username and Password. By default, Username and Password are admin in both fields. So, enter admin in username and password and click on the OK button to log in.


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