How Do I Extend My Wifi Range

How To Extend Wifi

How to Extend Wi-Fi Range on the CHEAP

When faced with the need to extend the range of your WiFi network there are a number of options from which to choose. Some are simple and do not involve the purchase of any additional equipment. In other cases, you may need to make a financial investment to provide the WiFi range that your users require.

Is A Range Extender Good For Wi

Most range extenders will put out their own separate network — usually the name of your original network with “_EXT” added to the end, or something like that. Having a separate network like that under the same roof as your main network could potentially cause a small amount of interference, but I haven’t seen any noticeable slowdowns on my main network during any of these tests.

That said, keep an eye out for client devices that automatically connect to whichever network offers the best signal at the time. If you’ve used a device like that on both your main network and the extender’s network, then it’s possible that your device will jump from one to the other without you realizing it. For instance, if your laptop is on your main network and you move a bit closer to the extender than the router, then your laptop might lose its connection and jump over to the range extender’s network for the stronger signal strength, even though the speeds on that extender network might be slower.

How To Extend Wifi Range With Another Router

If our general recommendations didnt help extend the range of your WiFi, its time for a more drastic solution: extending WiFi range with another router.

Before you purchase another router and set it up, we highly recommend you check your WiFi coverage using NetSpot so that you have reliable data that you can use to determine whether the change you made produced a desirable result.

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Why Would You Need To Extend The Wifi Range

There are several reasons that you might want or need to extend the WiFi range that you currently are achieving.

  • Poor planning Creating a WiFi network without adequate planning can result in poor coverage and can negatively impact your users. All users need access to a strong WiFi signal in order for your network to operate successfully. Later in this article, we will look at how a WiFi tool like NetSpot can help alleviate this type of problem.
  • New requirements This issue can arise in a business setting where additional space is used to house new employees. Despite your best previous efforts in sizing your WiFi network correctly, you now may be faced with the problem of figuring out how to extend the WiFi range to accommodate the influx of new users.
  • Inadequate signal You can be faced with this issue no matter if the WiFi network is used for business or simply for home use. You might have issues connecting to the WiFi from certain rooms in your home. Customers taking advantage of the free WiFi offered by your coffee shop may need to avoid certain parts of your establishment.

How Wifi Extenders Work

How can I extend my WiFi to my backyard? How can I use my ...

Wifi extenders can be a good solution to stretch a wifi signal between a router and an electronic device. Wifi extenders still need to be within a reasonable distance from a wifi router, about 20 feet max, in order for them to work effectively. For homes that are 1500 square feet or under a wifi extender can be a good solution to extend your wifi range. There are many brands of wifi extenders available from electronic stores. The Ring Chime Pro is a wifi extender that was designed to work with Ring devices.

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Changing Your Wifi Channel For Faster Speeds

Switching your WiFi channel can also lead to faster speeds. Often, especially in apartment buildings, modem-router WiFi signals can overlap and interfere with each other, causing slower speeds and dropouts at times. A simple solution to this is to just change the channel.

Just go into the backend of your modem-router and switch the channel to a different number. Consider trying different channels to find the fastest one. This is an easy and cheap solution, although it might not solve the problem.

Can You Use Your Phone As A Router

ofphonesoftheyour cellyourrouter

Isiah Gaisendrees

Set Up the Wireless Network

  • Go to the “Home” screen on your Android device.
  • Open the list of apps by selecting the “Apps” icon.
  • Select the “Settings” option.
  • Select “Wireless & networks,” then “Tethering & portable hotspot,” then “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.”
  • Select “Configure Wi-Fi hotspot.”
  • Learn which Wi-Fi access point is the best.
  • Check if your phone case is blocking signal.
  • Put your router in the perfect spot.
  • Make a DIY radio dish.
  • Switch the Wi-Fi frequency band.
  • Update your radio or firmware.
  • Avoid poor connections
  • Gaetano Persky

    Here’s how you can turn your laptop into a WiFihotspot:

  • Give your Hotspot a Name and Password.
  • Press the ‘Start Hotspot’ button to share your Internetconnection.
  • Connect your devices.
  • What Are the Best WiFi Booster Apps

    • #1. NetSpot is our favorite WiFi booster app because ithas successfully combined professional features with simplicity andusability.
    • #2.

    Wi-Fi DirectWi-FiWi-FiWi-Fi Directdirect Wi-Fi

    Humaira Bekuh

    WiFi boosterwirelessWiFi extendersWiFidifferencesWiFi extenders

    Ingrida Kludt

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    Get A Wifi Bar Boost For Enhanced Garage Functionality

    Having a strong WiFi signal allows you to do things like use your mobile devices to check sports scores, the news, or reference an instructional YouTube video while working in your garage.

    And now that you know how to get better WiFi in your garage, you can take advantage of the numerous smart garage products available.

    Garage Living carries LiftMaster garage door openers that feature innovative MyQ smart technology. The MyQ tech is hooked up to your WiFi and allows you to monitor and operate your garage doors remotely from a smartphone app. You can also get alerts sent to your phone if theres suspicious activity with your garage doors.

    In addition to these smart tech features, a garage door opener upgrade is worth considering if your current opener is more than ten years old. Modern garage door openers are more energy efficient, have better security features, and operate more quietly.

    Here are three more smart home tech products worth considering that can use the WiFi in your garage:

    • security cameras
    • lighting
    • climate control system

    Yes, setting up and troubleshooting some smart home tech products and the network they run on can require a little patience. But when everything works perfectly, you can definitely simplify some aspects of your life with the conveniences they offer.

    How To Extend Your Wifi To The Back Yard

    How to extend your WiFi range with another router

    Now that summer is in full swing and the days are long and warm, its time to spend more time outside. Whether youre looking to create a back yard home office as you work remotely, want to stream an outdoor movie night with your friends, or tend your vegetable patch with smart gardening tools, you can bring your tech to the great outdoors with you. All you need is to extend your home WiFi to your back yard.

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    And Yes Nighthawk Mesh Works With Any Router

    The Nighthawk Mesh Extender is designed to work with any WiFi router, from the most basic ISP-provided equipment to the latest state-of-the-art WiFi routers of any brand or manufacturer. If your goal is whole-home WiFi coverage using your existing router configuration, then installing the Nighthawk Mesh Extender system will deliver the highest level of performance available. Furthermore, should you ever choose to upgrade your WiFi router, Nighthawk Mesh will grow with you. Adding it will broaden WiFi coverage in even the largest of homes, and it does so without the complexities and inconveniences of the range extension solutions before it.

    Who Needs A Wi

    The average router is designed to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal up to 150 feet through open space. So if you want your home internet signal to reach the corners of your home and throughout your property, youll probably need to do some tinkering.

    Wi-Fi dead zones are the everyday reality of living in a large home, having an unusual home layout with multiple floors, or having outbuildings.

    Home construction materials can also interfere with Wi-Fi signals. Stone or brick interior walls are notorious for creating dead zones. Appliances, mirrors, walls, and flooring can also interfere with your home Wi-Fi signal.

    This doesn’t mean that everyone needs an extender, booster, or repeater , but for some people, they can be just the solution they’re looking for.

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    Having Trouble Getting A Solid Reliable Wifi Signal In Some Parts Of Your Home A Wifi Repeater Could Be The Solution For You

    A WiFi repeater or extender is used to extend the coverage area of your WiFi network. It works by receiving your existing WiFi signal, amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal. With a WiFi repeater you can effectively double the coverage area of your WiFi network – reaching far corners of your home or office, different floors, or even extend coverage to your yard.

    Whats the difference between a WiFi booster, repeater, or extender?

    WiFi boosters, repeaters, and extenders are mostly the same thing – devices to improve WiFi coverage. There isnt a clearly defined difference between devices that manufacturers describe as repeaters and devices described as extenders. However, not all WiFi extenders work in the exact same way. There are several different kinds of devices available and below we aim to explain what those differences are and how they work, so that you can choose the best WiFi repeater for your circumstances.

    I have trouble getting WiFi signal in some corners of my house. What should I try first?

    There are a couple of solutions to try before opting for a WiFi extender. The simplest is to try moving the location of your WiFi router. It should be in the most central location possible. If that doesnt help check if your router needs to be upgraded. If youve had an older model for many years, it could be time for an upgrade to a more powerful model.

    My WiFi is in the best location possible! My router is up-to-date! But my coverage is still unreliable!

    Get A Mesh Router System

    How do I improve my wifi Range Extender?

    A mesh router system is a great option for people who want to cure multiple Wi-Fi dead zones in and around their home. You can think of them as a system of Wi-Fi extenders that all talk to each other and create a larger Wi-Fi throughout your home one mesh hub plugs into your modem and then you place other hubs all-around your home. Its a modular system so the great thing is you can scale up by getting more mesh points anytime you want.

    The other big advantage of a mesh Wi-Fi network is that it creates one signal Wi-Fi network, whereas each Wi-Fi extender makes a separate network . Mesh routers that support the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, like Nest Wifi or , are a bit expensive at the moment, but it’s the best way to guarantee amazing connection everywhere in your space.

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    Can I Extend My Wi

    Before looking at any solution, ensure that extending your Wi-Fi makes sense in the first place.

  • Make a note of outdoor outlets, other power sources, and the proximity of interior spaces like garages and sheds to the area where you want Wi-Fi. Equipment next to exterior walls will have a good range. If there’s a plug next to the door on your deck, you may only need one device in that outlet for good coverage.

  • Humidity, temperature, and rainfall can interfere with Wi-Fi signals. These weather events reduce the power and range of any device you use. Choose equipment with enough power and weatherproofing features to compensate for these factors.

  • Use a Wi-Fi signal testing app to see how much range you currently have and how strong it is.

  • Look for natural and manufactured features that may interfere with Wi-Fi, such as thick walls or metal fencing.

  • Solution #: Use A Wifi Extender

    Another solution to improve the strength of the WiFi in your garage and around your entire home is to use a WiFi extender. This device is also known as a WiFi repeater, booster, or relay.

    Whatever its called, these devices all essentially do the same thing they simply extend the range of the WiFi signal from your main router. You can use more than one extender to expand your WiFi signals area coverage.

    Performance in these devices will be affected by features such as the quality of antennas and processors used by the manufacturer.

    Higher quality WiFi extenders that feature dual radios or dual routers will minimize the speed loss that WiFi extenders typically experience.

    Other features to consider are whether or not the device is universally compatible with most routers and if the extender comes with intelligent roaming capabilities. The latter improves the reliability of the wireless signal when using your mobile devices.

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    How To Fix Wi

    The good news is that people fix Wi-Fi dead zone issues all the time. Businesses broadcast Wi-Fi in large areas with complicated layouts every day, so it’s not impossible to bring your Wi-Fi into the backyard. Or the attic. Or your bedroom.

    Here are three steps you can try to fix the Wi-Fi dead zone issues at your house. Start with the first one and if it doesnt help, move to the next, and so on.

  • Move your router. You want your modem and router next to each other and as close to the middle of the house as possible.
  • Change your wavelength. 2.4 GHz covers a wider area, but it isnt as fast. The 5 GHz wavelength is faster, but it doesnt go as far and doesnt pass through walls as well as 2.4 GHz. You can try switching from one to the other to see if you get better results. Didnt know you could switch? Try it.
  • Get a wireless range extender. You can position an extender midway between a dead zone and the router, acting like a bridge between rich Wi-Fi areas and dead zones.
  • Without additional help from boosters and such, a router can broadcast a signal within a limited area of about 150 feet . Boosters, extenders, and repeaters can spread your Wi-Fi signal much fartherup to 2,500 feet.

    To picture your router’s built-in Wi-Fi range, think of a 150-foot bubble around your router. This includes up, down, and side to side. Anything outside that bubble wont get Wi-Fi.

    Turn Your Cable Or Electrical Outlets Into Wireless Access Points

    How to Extend WIFI RANGE and Get FASTER Internet

    If you want to double or even triple your wireless network range, you can try adding additional wireless access points to the network. The traditional and generally more reliable way is to buy access points and run ethernet cables from your router to each additional AP, a process well discuss later. But if you dont already have ethernet ports around your home or office, you can try utilizing your existing cable or electrical outlets instead.

    To use your cable outlets, look into products certified by MoCA or, for electrical outlets, consider Powerline products certified by HomePlug. Both types of technology work in a similar fashion: You plug an adapter into an electrical/cable outlet and connect it to the router, bridging your network to the electrical/cable lines . If that works for your network, you can plug additional adapters into different electrical/cable outlets throughout the home or office and connect them via an ethernet cable to a computer or a wireless AP. If thats not feasible, you can also buy an adapter with a built-in wireless AP and use it to extend your network.

    If you want to try this method, we recommend MoCA adapters from D-Link and Actiontec or HomePlug routers and adapters from TRENDnet, D-Link, Linksys or ZyXEL.

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