How Do I Get Wifi At Home

Get 10 Free Hours Of Internet Service Per Month

How to Setup your Home Wi-Fi

NetZero and Juno are two ISPs that offer 10 free hours of internet service per month.

This is perfect for those who arent heavy internet users to save money on the service.

These offers are for dial-up internet rather than broadband. So, it wont work for you if youre into gaming, watching videos, or doing anything on the internet that requires some speed.

You can sign up for NetZeros free service here.

Members of the service are also eligible to receive special discounts on other NetZero products and services.

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Set Up A Mesh Wifi System

Sometimes, a single router no matter how capable cant reliably cover the entire living space with a strong WiFi signal. In such cases, its best to set up a mesh WiFi system, which consists of the main router and multiple satellite units that together provide seamless WiFi coverage.

Some of the most popular mesh WiFi systems available today come from Asus, Eero, Orbi, and Google, and we offer some recommendations later in this article. Whats great about mesh WiFi systems in general is that you can expand them depending on your needs. This means that you can start with just one main router and one satellite unit and upgrade only if your WiFi is still not performing up to your expectations.

Get The Right Equipment

Before you can set up your wireless network, heres what youll need:

Broadband Internet connection and modem. A broadband Internet connection is a high-speed Internet connection. Digital Subscriber Line and cable are two of the most common broadband connections. You can get a broadband connection by contacting an Internet service provider . Typically, ISPs that provide DSL are telephone companies and ISPs that provide cable are cable TV companies. ISPs frequently offer broadband modems. Some ISPs also offer combination modem/wireless routers. You can also find these at computer or electronics stores, and online.

Wireless router. A router sends info between your network and the Internet. With a wireless router, you can connect PCs to your network using radio signals instead of wires. There are several different kinds of wireless network technologies, which include 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac.

Wireless network adapter. A wireless network adapter is a device that connects your PC to a wireless network. To connect your portable or desktop PC to your wireless network, the PC must have a wireless network adapter. Most laptops and tabletsand some desktop PCscome with a wireless network adapter already installed.

To check whether your PC has a wireless network adapter:

  • Select the Start button, type device manager in the search box, and then select Device Manager.

  • Expand Network adapters.

  • Look for a network adapter that might have wireless in the name.

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    Turn Your Smartphone Into A Wi

    Most smartphones can be turned into an internet access point that your other devices, such as tablets or other phones, can connect to. These are called Wi-Fi hotspots, and they can be indispensable when you need to access the internet with other devices.

    The process to set up a personal hotspot depends on the type of phone you have:

    • On iOS devices, go to Settings, then toggle Personal Hotspot on. Once you do, youll be given a Wi-Fi password. Other devices will be able to connect to your phone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth under the name of the phone, and theyll need this password to access the hotspot.

    • On Android devices, the process can differ a little depending on your phones model. Go to Settings, then look for a menu for networks or connections. On Samsung devices, for example, youll need to navigate to Connections, then Mobile Hotspot and Tethering. On Google Pixels, you must go to Network & Internet, then Hotspot & Tethering. After turning the hotspot on, youll be given a Wi-Fi password. Other devices will be able to connect to the hotspot by selecting your device name and entering this password.

    Choose The Best Internet Connection Type For Your New Home

    How do I get faster Wi

    When setting up Wi-Fi for home, youll need to decide which type of Internet connection is best for your circumstances and preferences.

    The four most popular types of wireless Internet include:

    • DSL: Digital Subscriber Line Internet uses a phone line to transmit data over the Internet. It often comes at a lower costs, though Internet speeds are not as fast as some other options.
    • Satellite: Satellite Internet utilizes satellite signals for Internet connectivity. Satellite Internet speeds are similar to DSL connections, but Satellite Internet can also be affected by bad weather. Its best for those in rural areas that do not have Internet access otherwise.
    • Cable: Cable Internet operates like cable television, through the use of coaxial cables. This type of connection is much faster than a phone line, although internet speeds can slow down at peak times when many users are sharing the same area connection.
    • Fiber optic: Fiber optic Internet is considered the fastest option for high-speed connectivity. It utilizes cables made of thin glass or fibers to transmit data.

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    Check Your Wired Internet Connection

    Before you blame the Wi-Fi, make sure the internet coming into your house is performing as it should. Find an Ethernet cable and plug your computer directly into your modemyou may need a USB to Ethernet adapter if your laptop doesnt have an Ethernet port.

    Run a speed test to see your internet speed. If it doesnt match the speed on your internet bill, you may need to call your ISP or replace your modem. If your speed test does match your internet bill, but it still seems slow, it may be time to pony up for a better plan.

    If the modem seems okay, try running the test again wirelessly, standing right next to the router. If you get similarly good speeds next to the router, but not elsewhere in the house, then your Wi-Fi coverage may be to blame. If your internet is still slow standing right next to the router, you may have some outdated gear that needs an upgrade.

    Visit Popular Wifi Hotspot Locations

    There are certain places where youre almost guaranteed to find a free WiFi hotspot. If youve ever wondered how to get free WiFi at home, then you should consider moving right next to one of the places listed below:

    • Libraries The purpose of libraries is to further the education of the local community, and providing free access to the internet is just one way how libraries accomplish their goal. Besides public libraries, your local bookstore is also a good place where to look for a free WiFi hotspot.
    • Public plazas In recent years, cities around the world have started to cover public plazas with free WiFi hotspots to attract more foot traffic to local stores. With hundreds and potentially thousands of people connected at the same time, you shouldnt expect the WiFi hotspot in the historical center of your city to rival the fiber optic connection you have at home, but even a slow internet connection is better than no connection at all.
    • McDonalds/Starbucks McDonald’s, Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, and other popular fast-food chains, ice cream parlors, and restaurants have long discovered the revenue-generating power of free WiFi hotspots. Yes, you might have to order a cheeseburger or a latte to connect, but thats a smalland tastyprice to pay for fast internet access.

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    Wireless Broadband Deals Explained

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a home or business that still relied on a wired internet connection, as pretty much all broadband deals are now wireless broadband deals.

    Wireless broadband connections can handle some of the fastest internet speeds widely available, and wireless broadband deals have long been the standard for getting access to the internet at home, at work and in public spaces.

    Wireless broadband means that everyone at home can get online via their smartphones, laptops and tablets, and everyone at work can log on with whatever device they use for work.

    To set up a Wi-Fi connection in your home or workspace you’ll need a wireless router, which comes included in all the Wi-Fi deals available from major UK providers. Theyre usually free of charge and are very simple to plug in and set up, with no technical skills required.

    Internet Providers With Unlimited Wi

    How to setup and configure Wi-Fi for home
    $37.00/mo.*200 Mbps

    *Price per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. Last updated 09/30/21.

    AT& Ts Fiber plans come with unlimited data, but their DSL plans come with a 1 TB/mo. data allowance. If you want unlimited data, you can opt for unlimited data for around $30/mo. extra, or get unlimited Wi-Fi data when you bundle with a qualifying AT& T service. Xfinity also offers unlimited data for an added monthly cost, around $50/mo. extra.

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    Turn An Old Router Into A Wi

    Powerline network adapters are almost always the better option to extend your wireless network’s reach. However, they won’t work across separate circuits.

    When you need to extend your network and power line network adapters won’t do, the next best option is to put your old router to use and turn it into a wireless bridge. This is rather involved and will usually require you to install custom firmware on your router. Not to mention, the network speeds will be dramatically cut. But it might be the only way — short of running a wire — to get Wi-Fi on the outer limits or your property.

    A New Kind Of Wireless Broadband

    Recently, a new type of wireless broadband technology has emerged, currently being trialled in certain areas of the UK.

    While wireless broadband traditionally means that you can connect your device to your home router wirelessly, this new type of wireless broadband is transmitted by a broadband provider to your home.

    This means that physical broadband cables, like fibre-optic or copper lines, wouldn’t need to be installed at your property for broadband to be connected. Instead, all you’d need installed is a receiver that can pick up the wireless broadband signals.

    It’s big news for many people because it will could ultrafast internet speeds to get to homes that currently can’t access them. It costs a lot of money for providers to lay fibre-optic cables to every single property, so installing one wireless transmitter per area would be a lot easier and more cost-effective.

    But you shouldn’t expect it to be available to you anytime soon. It’s very early days for the technology, and it’ll be a long while before it’s commercially available to the country.

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    Consider The Size Of Your Home

    The size of your home also plays a role in determining how to set up your Wi-Fi at home. Homes that contain 1,500 square feet or less should be able to get by with one Wi-Fi access point or router. However, homes between 1,500 and 3,000 square feet will require two Wi-Fi access points, and homes larger than 3,000 square feet may require three routers.

    Century Link Home Wifi Without Cable

    How do you get your COVR Home WiFi System up and running ...

    The internet services from this company are available in over 30 states. Some of the states are Arkansas, Montana, Colorado, North Carolina, Minnesota, Ohio, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Florida, Arizona, Alabama, and many more. The following are the different plans offered by Century Link.

    Century link 20 Mbps plan

    As the name suggests, you will enjoy a speed of 20 Mbps when using this plan. It costs subscribers a total of $45 per month.

    Century Link 40-80 Mbps Plan

    The maximum speed that you enjoy while using this plan is 80 Mbps. The plan comes at the same price as the Century Link 20 Mbps that is $45 per month. According to Century Link, this plan can be more effective for online gamers and others who are heavy internet users.

    Century Link 100-140 Mbps Plan

    This is the real deal. It is a plan that comes with a speed of up to 140 Mbps. Besides, you can link up to 10+ devices and use Wi-Fi effectively. You will only be required to pay $60 per month. If century Link plans are available in your area then, you have all the reasons to smile since they dont inconvenience you in any way. Besides, you are not required to sign any contract with the company to use their plans.

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    Buying A Portable Cellular Router

    Remember how we said that using your smartphones data plan through a WiFi hotspot could be expensive? Well, some mobile internet providers have seen a gap in the market and will sell you a data-only SIM card which isnt meant to go in a phone.

    Instead, you can use these SIM cards with battery-powered portable 4G routers. These offer a dedicated WiFi hotspot and also network your devices together as a bonus. So youll have WiFi without an internet provider wherever you go.

    If your mobile data plan is good enough, you can simply use this for all your internet needs whether out on the road or when you get home. Simply plug the mobile router in to stop the battery from running dry.

    Creating A Mobile Hot Spot

    You can also get a dedicated mobile hot spot from the carrier of your choice, which is similar to tethering but designed specifically for mobile devices when you are on the go.

    On an Android phone, for example, you simply swipe down from the top of the screen and select Hotspot. You should also check with your provider settings to make sure that mobile hot spot features are turned on. This is an increasingly common feature for smartphones and phone plans, so its certainly worth checking if you arent sure. Typically these hot spots have limits on how many devices they can connect, around 5 to 10 depending on plans. You will also want to make sure your phone is being charged because this can sap a lot of battery life.

    Theres another way to get mobile hot spots if your phone doesnt support them: Separate hot spot devices help you get reliable internet connections wherever you are going. There are a variety of these hot spot devices, and many are carrier-specific, but it can be nice to have a dedicated hot spot that you can keep in your pack when you travel. Plans may be required to use them. If you are interested, take a look at this Nighthawk M1 mobile router, or this Somewear Global Hotspot that uses satellite connections.

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