How Do I Get Wifi In My Camper

How To Get Mobile Wifi Using A Wifi Booster

Getting WiFi in my RV

A motorhome WiFi booster can pick up an existing WiFi signal via a directional external antenna from over 1.5km away. This means you can get motorhome internet access for free from your camp site or BT hotspots in UK. Free WiFi sounds good to us!

We would recommend this motorhome Kuma WiFi Kit Internet Hotspot Booster for the best quality and extra long cable, enabling you to get a close as possible to the signal source. This sytem works much like a wireless repeater or WiFi extended which you might have at home, to ensure the signal reaches all areas.

A SIM card is not required to use these plug and play ready motorhome WiFi boosters, which are compatible with any smartphone, tablet or laptop and will extend the WiFi to up to five devices, including your smart tv.

Be aware that cheaper models will need a laptop to download a driver and access the free internet.

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Kuma 4g Wifi System For Motorhomes

The Kuma system is a complete wifi system designed for motorhomes, campers and boats.

There are two main types- a 4G wifi dongle which comes with an antenna to improve the signal. You can put any SIM card in this- make sure it’s a data sim.

The other type is a wifi booster, with antenna and router.

Both systems allow up to 5 devices to be connected to the box at once, which isn’t enough for us, but this might be the best solution for you- you can even use both systems together to make your life even easier.

Can I Get Starlink For My Rv

You may have heard rumors about Starlink offering portable, on-the-road satellite internet service. Although it’s not available yet, this rumor has been confirmed. In March 2021, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced via Twitter that Starlink is developing vehicle antennas so that semi trucks and RVs can get portable internet on the road. The antennas will be too big for average-sized vehicles but will be a boon for busses, trains, planes, yachts, and RVs. Plus, it will likely offer higher speeds and more data than other portable satellite services.

As far as a timeline for launching the portable service, Elon Musk said he anticipates that Starlink will go mobile in late 2021. There isnt information available on how much equipment or plans will cost to get Starlink in your truck or RV. Currently, stationary Starlink satellite internet service costs $99 per month, with a $499 upfront investment for equipment. If Starlink keeps costs similar for its portable service, itll be a great option for RVers. Well keep you updated as the mobile version of the Starlink service rolls out.

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Getting Your Devices Connected

Next you need a Router/Wi-Fi combo for your RV network. Most people have a router/Wi-Fi combination in their home Internet connection setup. Many will even have a combination, Modem/Router/Wi-Fi combination. For our purposes, we are talking a Router/Wi-Fi only as we have the modem covered in the section above.

If you are a gear head, you can go top of the line or if you just want something that will work reliably and provide good Wi-Fi coverage, any $40-$80 model that supports 802. 11AC will do fine.

Lets hook things up in 4 easy steps:

  • Put your newly ordered SIM card in your new LTE Modem and go through setup and activation
  • Create a space to install your two new pieces of hardware
  • Follow the steps to configure your new Router with Wi-Fi
  • Connect the two and start surfing the web on your own, private, broadband, mobile Internet, using Wi-Fi, on all your devices.
  • How To Get Wifi In Rv

    Boost Your RV WiFi

    Wireless connection has become the go-to solution in home network setups thanks to its convenience and reliability. However, it created someterminology confusion in the process. In this context, when people ask how to get WiFi in an RV, they can mean two different things. Sometimes they will refer to atravel modem router mentioned above essentially a WiFi inside the car.

    Sometimes, however, they will think about a hotspot on the RV camps premises. Going online in this way has its own set of challenges. First, such hotspots often struggle to deliver consistent speeds to all the campers. This will be especially noticeable in large areas with uneven coverage. Second, the walls of your RV will make the reception even worse. While this problem might be addressed with a WiFi booster or a repeater. However, you still end up with a subpar connection, so if you are ready to purchase a separate gadget for the Internet on the road a mobile modem is probably a better option.

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    Why Mobile Broadband Hardware Is The Future Of Motorhome Internet

    The future of motorhome internet connectivity is no doubt mobile broadband. Your experience of this may be limited to using a smartphone and you will be in one of two camps. The first is that your phone works everywhere you go and you havent got a problem. The second is that you struggle with a connection depending on how far off the beaten track you like to use your motorhome. If youre in the second camp, mobile broadband could help.

    Firstly, most smartphones can share a connection from the phone itself to other WiFi-enabled devices, called tethering. Look for Personal Hotspot in your settings menu. You can purchase a little gadget called a MiFi , which does the same job, but slightly more efficiently. A MiFi will accept its own SIM card and will produce a WiFi connection for five to 10 devices depending on the model. This means you dont need a phone at all and you can easily monitor and control your data usage, so that you dont find your phone has unexpectedly run out of data because a device is connected to it.

    A MiFi device is a great tool, but it still needs two things a decent 3G or 4G data connection and its own SIM card with paid-for data, either on a contract or a pay-as-you-go basis. When picking up a connection, a MiFi device is not much better than a phone and so just having a MiFi doesnt necessarily mean that you will be any better connected. However, some MiFi devices have the facility to connect an external antenna.

    Do I Need To Buy A Hot Spot Or Can I Use The Hot Spot On My Cell Phone

    Yes, you can use your hot spot on your cell phone! The hot spot on your cell phone works the exact same way as the cellular hot spot devices do, which we mentioned above. However, you must make sure that your cell phone plan allows this feature. I know some people with certain carriers who have to pay for a hot spot as an add-on feature. So be sure to check.

    If your phone is super fast and you have a lot of data, then you might just be able to use your cell phone hot spot and tether your computer to it if you need to send emails, etc.

    For example, my parents dont use a ton of internet and they dont stream. But they travel half of the year in their RV and often need internet for small things like checking emails and sending documents, etc. For them, they dont really need to invest in an expensive device because their cell phone hot spot works just fine.

    However, Josh and I work full-time even when we are traveling and we tend to use a lot of data! And it can overload our cell phones. For example, we use the hot spots on our phones a lot but when we need to download or upload big files, we find that our cell phones get too hot and are a bit slow. So thats when well switch to the dedicated hot spot device rather than our cell phone.

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    Verizon Rv Internet Hot Spot & Plans

    The very first hot spot and mobile internet plan we got was from Verizon. We actually bought a Verizon JetPack hot spot a few years ago from Amazon. Then we went to our local Verizon store in Denver and told them we needed to buy a data package for the hot spot.

    Neither of us had our cell phone plans through Verizon, although we could have gotten that too and bundled it. However, they did offer a pre-paid data plan specifically for the hot spot. We purchased that and were able to reload it with however much data we needed. So for example, we could buy 20 GB of data, and then we it ran out we could just reload with more.

    It was a good option when we were just traveling on weekends in the RV or for extended vacations. However, once we started traveling and living full-time in our RV we realized we needed an unlimited plan so we didnt have to keep reloading.

    Tips For Installing Rv Wifi

    RV Internet: How to Get RV WiFi So You Can Stream and Work Remote

    Professional installation is available for any WiFi device you decide to buy. Before you start tackling installation on your own, make sure you read the manufacturers installation guide and that you have all the required tools and accessories.

    Your router and antennae should attach to the roof of your rig to maximize your signal. There will be a few screws, plus youll need to run a cable inside. That means drilling holes into your roof, so be sure to seal the holes with a manufacturer-approved sealant.

    Different WiFi product manufacturers may recommend different mounting locations on the roof. Make sure it has a clear line of sight, as anything that may interfere with a signal will impede your WiFi.

    Then theres the power switch. Your product will come with instructions for installing the power switch, but a professional can also install it for you. Also, note that adding the router or antennae to the roof of your RV will raise the height of your rig.

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    Alfa Network Wifi Camp Pro

    The Alfa Network WiFi Camp Pro is a great and inexpensive RV WiFi booster. Its very easy to install and set up. It works with any network provider. To set it up all you need to do is scan the QR code on the device and connect it to your router. For a fairly cheap price you can have confidence that you will have a good signal.

    Turn Off Background Data And Apps

    Some apps run in the background when youre not using your phone

    iPhone: Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Turn Off

    You can also choose to only turn off certain apps background refresh

    Android users: try Chromes Lite mode to reduce image sizes on websites.

    Android: Open Chrome App > tap the 3 Dots More > Settings > Advanced > Lite Mode

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    The Importance Of Internet Service While Traveling In An Rv

    In todays society, the internet is as essential as breathing for most of us. It increases in value when you need to keep working, either while taking a short camping trip or if your full-time RV lifestyle relies on a good internet connection to keep your cash flow positive.

    Most people do have cellphone plans that include a set amount of data every month, but if you need to be online for hours every day using their cellphone as a hotspot wont cover their internet needs.

    The biggest mistake newbie campers make is to believe a campground when they say their free Wi-Fi works great and you wont have to worry about connecting to the internet at their park.

    Why is this a mistake?

    The majority of RV parks and resorts understand the value of offering free WiFi to their guests. Being able to advertise their free internet service to entice a camper to stay at their park is why they have it, but the reality of how well that service works is debatable.

    How To Find Somewhere Nearby For Wi

    Winegard ConnecT RV WiFi Extender Review

    This one may require a bit of brainstorming and will only help if youre near civilization. Many places offer free Wi-Fi to their customers, such as coffee shops, fast food restaurants, or libraries. But there are even more places you may find free Wi-Fi.

    • Malls often offer free Wi-Fi to shoppers
    • Many superstores
    • Some grocery stores
    • If you have a gym membership with multiple locations, they also commonly offer Wi-Fi, as well as showers if youve been camping.

    Numerous other places are offering Wi-Fi as well that you may not expect. One idea is to venture around and look for anything you may recognize. Chain stores or restaurants tend to be more likely to offer free Wi-Fi than small, local stores.

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    Speedify Is Easy To Setup To Get High Speed Internet For Rv

    On your smartphones, you can combine cellular Internet with any WiFi network:

  • Get Speedify on your mobile device
  • Enable both connections WiFi and cellular
  • Connect to a Speedify server
  • Enjoy high speed Internet in your RV.
  • But Speedify is also available for Windows and macOS. If youre using computers, youll have a lot more available combinations to work with.

    Want to share your fast and stable Internet with all devices in your RV? You need a Windows laptop and you can heres a video on how to do that.

    Did we mention its a proven solution, already used on a large scale? Heres an advanced RV high speed Internet setupfrom David Bott :

    What Is Rv Wifi

    RV wifi is much the same as any other wifi and provides a wireless connection to the internet.

    In a house, typically, you connect a router to the internet through a landline. The router broadcasts a WiFi signal. Any wifi-enabled device within range can connect to it, using the signal to access the internet.

    Theres no landline in an RV, campervan, or motorhome to connect the router to, so an alternative solution is needed.

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    How To Have Reliable Rv Internet Service

    The only way to have a secure and reliable internet connection while traveling is to have an arsenal of equipment that will keep you online just about anywhere. I want to tell you that you will need only one hotspot to cover your needs, but this is just not true.

    Next, I will go over the main equipment you should have on hand while in your RV like:

    • Mi-Fi hotspots
    • Cellphone hotspot
    • Satellite service and direct cable modem

    While using free campground Wi-Fi is a smart move while in your RV, you should never rely on it, especially if you need access to the internet to work.

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