How Do I Turn Off My Wifi At Night

How To Schedule Your Wifi Router To Turn Off

How to Turn Your WiFi Router Off At night

I have a wireless Internet connection for my home office that I enable only during the day. At night, I dont want any wireless devices connecting to the network between the hours of 5pm and 7am. What do I do?

The easiest way to disable the WiFi access at night or at certain hours in the day, is to schedule start and stop times within the WiFi router itself. Scheduling the WiFi to turn off at night is less stressful on the hardware than unplugging the router daily.

Wired Internet Still Works! And while WiFi is turned off, my wired network will continue to function as usual this means my desktop computer and VoIP phone that are both wired to my network, will continue to work. What wont connect, are any devices that connect to the network over WiFi and this is exactly what I am aiming for when I disable WiFi at night.

Schedule A Timer On The Router Itself

The specific steps for setting a schedule on your wireless router will vary by the exact model of wireless router, but the method is the same: youll need to access your routers settings and find the wireless tab to set a schedule for your routers wireless signal.

This is a general outline your router model may vary but the basics are the same. To provide a little more clarity on what type of settings youre looking for, this is how to access the wireless scheduler on a Netgear and TP-Link router:

  • Log in to your router.
  • Make sure your routers time is correct. On my TP-Link router, Advanced > System Tools > Time Settings is where to modify the time.
  • For Netgear: Advanced > > Advanced Setup > > Wireless Settings > > Add a New Period. Now the Wireless Signal by Schedule screen appears.
  • Look for When to turn off wireless signal, select a Start and End time. This will be period when your wireless signal will toggle off and on.
  • Recurrence Pattern, select Daily or Select Days. Choosing daily will toggle your wireless signal on and off at the designated times every day.
  • Click Apply. The Wireless Settings screen is now showing.
  • Click Turn off Wireless Signal by Schedule. Click Apply.
  • For TP-Link: Visit, and log in with the password you set for the router.
  • Advanced > Wireless > Wireless Schedule page.
  • Enable the Wireless Off Time Schedule.
  • Click Add to specify a wireless off period during which you need the wireless off automatically, and click Save.
  • Use Dirty Electricity Filters

    Dirty electricity arises when electronic appliances need to manipulate the electric currents into the setup and voltage that the devices require. It can lead to electrical surges throughout the wiring system.

    Electronic devices such as WiFi Routers, phone chargers, and computers all produce dirty electricity, which can be a vital source of harmful electromagnetic frequencies in the building.

    To lessen this effect, consider installing dirty electricity filters on channels throughout the home and work environment.

    Read about my top recommendations for dirty electricity filters.

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    Turn Off Your Wifi When Youre Asleep At Night

    Think about it. You and your family sleep somewhere between six and nine hours a night. The simple act of turning off your WiFi router at night will cut out that radiation exposure entirely.

    Thats approximately 1/3rd of your life without unnecessary WiFi radiation exposure.

    Turning off your WiFi router at night is a great habit to develop because youll reduce your familys exposure to EMF radiation. In short, turning off your WiFi at night is the absolute best WiFi router EMF protection.

    But there are other benefits to turning off your WiFi, too.

    Turning off your WiFi at night increases your personal security .

    And on top of that, youll save some money on your power bill. These little devices use a lot more electricity than you might realize. According to the National Resources Defense Council :

    There are approximately 145 million of these little boxes in peoples homes and on a per household basis, they consume just under 100 kilowatts per year more than a new energy efficient 32-inch TV, twice as much as a new 14-inch ENERGY STAR laptop computer, and 30 times as much as a cell phone charger.

    In 2012, small network equipment consumed more than three dirty coal power plants worth of electricity.

    These small, innocuous black boxes that never sleep consume enough electricity each year to power all 1.2 million homes in the Silicon Valley area.

    The National Resources Defense Council

    Whathealth Issues Are Associated With Radio Waves Through Wi

    How Do I Turn Off My Wifi At Night

    As radiowaves are a type of electromagnetic field, they produce an electromagneticfield of radiation, known as EMF radiation. EMF radiation is ionizing ornon-ionizing.

    Ionizing radiation is extremely dangerous to a persons body, organs, or skin because of the amount of energy that is within the radiation. Ionizing radiation has so much energy within it that the energy detaches the electrons from the atomic particles and ionizes them. This level of energy has the ability to burn your skin or damage your organs within just a few seconds of exposure.

    This is whya radiology technician will place a lead apron over your body beforeadministering an x-ray. X-rays are ionizing radiation and have the ability todamage your vital organs with just a few seconds of exposure. The lead apronblocks the ionizing radiation from entering your body and causing drasticdamage.

    The EMF radiation emitted from Wi-Fi is called non-ionizing radiation. This is because the radiation from the radio waves does not have enough energy within it to detach the electrons to ionize them. While the EMF radiation is non-ionizing, this does not mean it is not dangerous.

    Non-ionizing EMF radiation is dangerous in the long term and in low doses. This is why constant Wi-Fi use within a home can be dangerous to a persons health.

    EMFradiation through radiofrequency can cause headaches, dizziness, mood swings,ringing in the ears, fatigue, and sleeplessness.

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    How To Completely Turn Off Wi

    Switching phones can be quite a headache for a lot of us, especially when moving between two platforms like iOS and Android. If you recently started using an iPhone from Android, there are a few things that you may find problematic and may need some adapting to. One such thing is the way you switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services on the iPhone, which may look similar to Android at first but its completely different when you start using the iPhone daily.

    This post will help you turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles instantly on your iPhone without requiring you to go to the Settings app every time.

    Turning Wifi Off In Your Home Can Help Your Kids Limit Night

    6600 kids were studied on their night time screen use and the quality of their sleep. Overall, this study showed that night-time screen use is significantly associated with adverse sleep outcomes and poorer quality of life among adolescents.

    Here’s something interesting: It turns out the worse effects come from using those screens in the dark. Night-time use of mobile phones in a room with the light on is associated with some adverse sleep outcomes but not to the same degree as using them in complete darkness.

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    S To Take To Reduce The Negative Impact Of Wifi

    In order to reduce the negative impacts of this technology, there are several measures that you can take:

    • Turn off your router at night or when no one is using it.
    • If you have your device in your kitchen or bedroom, try to move it to an area thats used less often.
    • Ask your network provider to install a cable connection, including the telephone. While cordless phones are more convenient, they too emit harmful radiation.
    • Use mobile devices and laptops only for limited periods of time. Avoid keeping them in your bedroom.

    Physically Lock Up Your Router

    Xfinity How To Turn off Wifi At Night – Xfinity xFi How To Setup Parental Controls Instructions

    One of the easiest ways for your child to circumvent your security settings is to reset your router to its factory default settings. This usually involves simply pressing and holding a reset button located on the back of the router. Once the router is reset, most routers will default to wide-open wireless with no encryption, revert to an easily googled factory-set password, and have most of their security features disabled. The kids have an easy alibi because they can plead ignorance and blame it on a power spike. Lock the router in a closet or somewhere way out of reach to prevent them from pressing the reset button.

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    Re: Turning Off Internet At Night

    02-15-201505:30 AM

    Yes, the Verizon routers have “parental controls.” They do exactly what you’re asking about.

    Parental controls are accessed by logging into the router’s administration page. If you’ve never done this before, find the label on the router with the admin password. Then, click here while on a computer connected to your home network:

    If you have the new Quantum router, you can also manage parental controls from the “My FiOS” app on a phone.

    If you can’t figure out how to setup the blocks you want, post back with the specific model of router you have.

    How Do I Turn Off Xfinity Wifi

    There are different ways you can go about turning off your Xfinity WiFi at night. Whether you want all the devices in your house not to be able to connect to the internet at night or maybe just specific devices that you can allocate to specific individuals in your home, you have all those different options.

    How to Begin

    Navigate to the and input your username and password. You will then be directed to the Overview page that will show you default information about your gateway.

    Select People

    Select People from the top menu. To turn off your WiFi at night, you need to create new profiles. You can create new profiles for specific family members, and you can assign the different devices that are connected to your Xfinity gateway to specific individuals. However, if you want your entire home not to have access to the internet at night, you can just create one profile and call it Home or something like that. Now you can put in those specific criteria that you want to set up.

    Create a Profile

    Once your profile is created, click on the arrow next to the Home profile you just created.

    It will redirect you to the settings page. In the upper right corner, there is a gear that will give you access to additional settings. So clicking on the gear will open up some more settings.

    Create a Downtime Schedule

    You have now successfully created a downtime schedule for the Home profile. So your Xfinity WiFi will turn off automatically at night at the set time.

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    You Can Sleep Better Throughout The Night

    EMFradiation can affect your health in a variety of ways. This includes increasedheadaches, sleeplessness, fatigue, ringing in the ears, mood swings, and blurryvision. By reducing the amount of EMF radiation you receive throughout thenight, you can get a better nights sleep, helping you feel well-rested for theday ahead.

    Problems With Not Turning Off Wifi At Night

    LG Smart TV wifi won

    Lack Of Sleep: You feel like this guy looks in the image to the right! You dont get any sleep and feel exhausted. Well at least many people do.

    Our body is made up mostly of water and it runs off of electrical impulses like a giant electrical circuit board. When you have too much electromagnetic radiation, especially unnatural man-made electromagnetic radiation going through you it can interfere with your normal bodily electrical impulses.

    The most obvious problem this can cause is that it keeps our brains from being able to completely relax and rem sleep during the night. This is when we get our best rest and when our bodies rebuild themselves. When this function is not able to happen normally, we drag, and cant completely rejuvenate. This affects everything we do during the day as well, such as work and play.

    Poor Health: Earlier in this article we talked about the real health problems scientists say the various types of EMF Radiation , cause us to have to go through. Well the more we are exposed to this radiation, the more it will affect us. Turning off the WiFi at night can reduce by at least half the amount of this radiation that we are exposed to in a 24 hour period of time.

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    Why Does My Wifi Keep Turning Off

    I am a writer who loves researching and writing on many different topics, from health to tech and back again.

    Read on to find out some tips to fix your pesky WiFi signal.

    The term WiFi comes from a slogan that was originally part of the WiFi marketing platform, The Standard for Wireless Fidelity. Today though, WiFi is better known for the fact that it allows people to access the internet from almost any device without having to plug into a modem or wall socket of any kind. This makes life a lot easier as it allows people the convenience of moving around as much as they wish with their devices, without being tethered to one particular spot.

    Sometimes though, there are issues with WiFi and it can be very irritating to have intermittent connections to the internet or have it drop out during an important online conversation or task. Here are the steps you should take to troubleshoot a solution.

    How To Turn Off Xfinity Wifi At Night

    WiFi routers are a major source of EMF radiation in many homes. And most people tend to keep their routers on throughout the day, resulting in significant and uninterrupted cumulative EMF exposure. Changing this habit is a great way to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields. Comcast Xfinity is one of the most widely available internet providers in the United States. This article will guide you through the steps to turn off Xfinity WiFi at night.

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    Turn It Off Before Going To Bed

    Its a good idea to turn it off at night as it allows you to rest better and makes you available to your family. A lot of people prefer browsing at night having a curfew will improve your family life.

    A lot of routers come with a provision that allows users to shut off connections automatically and power back up at their convenience. This feature is useful to you if you decide to turn off before going to bed.

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