How Many Devices Are Connected To My Wifi

Using Command Prompt On Windows

How to see how many Devices are connected to my WiFi router – TP Link

At first glance, this method may appear cryptic for some individuals. Nonetheless, you can see exactly how many devices are connected to your wireless network.

Follow these easy steps and the commands below to access the names of the devices.

  • Navigate to the search box on the far-left corner.
  • Open up the Command Prompt by typing cmd.
  • Make sure you Run this program as an administrator.
  • In the command prompt box, type in a new command net view.
  • The process is complete! You will see a list of devices appear on the command prompt.

    Note: If you have turned off your devices, they wont be visible in the command prompt box.

    How To Interpret This List Of Connected Devices

    Although these routers will show you a list of all connected devices, they arent intelligible. The thing is, the list will contain all the DHCP Client information. It wont give you an exact name of the connected device but instead tell you its IP address , MAC address , and sometimes its hostname.

    It can be hard to precisely know what devices are connected to your network from this data alone. However, it is still helpful information that you can use to your advantage.

    First of all, you can take note of the total number of connected devices. Now compare it to how many devices you know are connected to your Wi-Fi network. If the number of connected devices is more, then you know someone is accessing your home network without your permission.

    Second, you can start switching off your Wi-Fi-enabled devices one after the other. Turning off one device will make it disappear from the list. This will let you know the MAC address and IP address of that device. Alternatively, you can also look for the MAC address of your devices and compare it to the ones shown on the list. Heres a guide on how to find the MAC address for your device.

    That being said, looking at a list of DHCP clients isnt a foolproof way to know which devices are connected to your network. Here is a quick look at some of the cons and security issues that you might face:

    Secure Your Wireless Network

    Cracking out a Wi-Fi password can be all fun and games. However, you should be aware that your personal and confidential information could get into the wrong hands.

    We recommend that you always secure your Wi-Fi network by having a strong password that is hard to decipher. You can also change the Wi-Fi password regularly for better security.

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    Use A Network Scanner To See Whos Using Your Wifi

    Using your routers web interface is the ideal way of checking whos connected to your WiFi. However, there are other methods you can use. If your router doesnt offer an option to see the list via its web interface, you can download software to your computer that will scan the WiFi network youre using and list the connected devices.

    There are quite a few different network scanners out there that you can use. To name a few tools that have proven its worth, we recommend LanScan for Mac, SoftPerfect for Windows and Mac, and Angry IP Scanner for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    The only downside is that these apps will only list active devices the ones that are currently online. That means you wont see any devices that are currently offline on the list.

    S To Trace All The Devices Currently Connected To Your Wifi

    How to see how many Devices are connected to my WiFi router

    Step 1. First of all in your Windows PC download and install the cool tool to scan devices at wifi network that is Wireless Network Watcher. Once you installed, you will see the screen like below.

    Step 2. Now connect to the wifi network in which you want to check the connected devices and launch the tool on your PC and click on Start Scanning

    Step 3. Once you clicked on Start Scanning, you need to wait for few seconds until it finishes the search for your connected devices on your Wifi Network

    Step 4. Now you will see the list of all the devices with their IP address that currently being connected to your device.

    Thats it now you can check out the owner of that IP address and can trace that person.

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    Did You Know That Adding More Devices To Your Network Slows Your Wifi Network

    The number of IoT devices in the average home is on the rise. Theres no doubt that in present to near future, you will be connecting your security cameras, thermostat, lights, laptops, smartphones, smart TVs and much more to your network. Now, whats really happening when all these devices connect to your home network?

    • When multiple devices use the same network, overcrowding occurs as they all compete with each other to connect to the same router. This means low quality or buffering during streaming, latency during gaming, and frustratingly slow browsing speeds. In simple terms, the more devices you bring, the slower the network becomes for all devices.
    • You share the same WiFi spectrum with your neighbors so their network with all of their WiFi devices also impacts your network.

    How can you maximize your networks potential?

    Here are a few things to know that will help you in optimizing your network performance:

    AC WiFi & WiFI 6

    Innovations in wireless technology, like AC WiFi, WiFi 6, and multi-band wireless technology, can help solve your network woes. AC is almost 3x faster than N WiFi, it uses less time to transmit the same data and frees up bandwidth for everyone else, and WiFi 6 is even faster still!

    Multi-Band WiFi Routers

    Tri-Band WiFi Routers

    Check out this article to know more about how tri-band WiFi technology improves speed and performance of a device.

    Abhay Bhorkar

      Too Many Devices On Wifi How To Identify And Correct Limited Wifi Connections

      Broadband Fusion Connect

      Do you have too many devices on WiFi? With todays always-on, always-connected world pushing the limits of your WiFi connection is an issue for many businesses. In fact, limited WiFi connectivity errors confront managers and business owners fairly often. Computers and other devices on a network should be able to comfortably share capacity and function efficiently. However, WiFi connection limits depend upon several factors that those running businesses may not take into account.

      For example, you may realize that when you connect a number of desktops, laptops, and phones on a network, it may be difficult to stream a video to a screen in the conference room. In fact, not only the quality of the video itself is affected, but it also affects the upload and download speeds of each device connected to the network. This is because the WiFi network does not have the bandwidth to handle the number of devices, therefore straining the networking system for all users.

      So, lets take a look at WiFi speed and WiFi connections and how we can make them faster and more reliable.

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      How Can You See What Devices Are Connected To Your Wifi Network

      Is your internet connection slower than usual? It can happen because several people might have access to your wireless network.

      So, if you have some nosy neighbors and suspect them of stealing your Wi-Fi network, then this article is here to help you find out!

      We will cover some easy ways to track all the devices connected to your wireless network.

    • What Is a Good Example of a Strong Password?
    • Using Who Is On My Wifi

      How to check how many devices are connected to my WiFi Router TP Link | Wifi user list Tp Link

      Well, this is another best wireless network watcher which you can use to identify the computers connected to your network. This tool actually carries an awesome interface and it automatically warns you when unknown or unidentified connections are made. This mini tool is available in two version, free and premium. The Free one just lets you scan and find devices on your WiFi Network.

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      How To Check Devices Connected To Wifi

      Are freeloading neighbors connecting to your Wi-Fi network without your permission? Or are your kids secretly connected to the WiFi under your nose? Whatever the situation, it is essential to know who or what devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network. Unwelcomed access to your Wi-Fi can not only slow down your internet speeds, but its also a privacy concern.

      As such, for this article, we have put together a detailed guide on how you can use your computer or router to always keep an eye on all devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. So without wasting any more time, lets get started:

    • Better your WiFi Network Security
    • More Connected Devices Mean A Hit To Performance

      Even though you can likely connect hundreds of devices wirelessly to your router, you won’t want to. Not only will there be a ton of signal interference, the router hardware and services are likely not equipped to handle that many simultaneous connections, so speeds will suffer greatly.

      For example, say your router is classed as AC2300, like the NETGEAR R7000P. This includes a 2.4GHz radio with throughput up to 600 Mbps and a 5GHz radio with throughput up to 1,625 Mbps. These speeds are theoretical and are dependent on other factors, but we can do some simple math to see the performance issue.

      Even though you can likely connect hundreds of devices wirelessly to your router, you won’t want to.

      The R7000P Nighthawk with 10 devices connected simultaneously to its 5GHz radio could theoretically hit speeds of about 160 Mbps per device . As for the 2.4GHz radio at 600 Mbps, 10 devices connected simultaneously would drop theoretical speeds down to about 60 Mbps per device.

      Using 10 devices simultaneously on both radios at once, for most people, is probably a rare occurrence, and the R7000P Nighthawk is still a great multipurpose router that includes a band steering feature to move devices between the radios for optimal performance. We’ve also rounded up a bunch of other awesome routers that can handle larger groups of people at longer range.

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      How To Help Prevent Future Wifiintruders

      So what do you do now? Well, you may be surprised by how many devices are actually connected to your WiFi. If you find devices that you know are not yours, there isn’t much you can do to identify who they belong to. But you can immediately disconnect them by changing your password, and keeping it a secret.

      Not sure how to change your password? This is usually done in that same router settings page we discussed before, but some providers or manufacturers allow you to make changes via their own app or website.

      Some tips on keeping the code secure: Don’t use your name or address as a password. Don’t use a password that matches a network name. And don’t share your password with your neighbors, who might then share it with their neighbors, and so on, and so on, until everyone is connected to your WiFi.

      Using Wireless Network Watcher

      Is there anyway one can know how many devices are connected to my WiFi ...
    • 1Go to in a web browser. You can use any web browser.
    • 2Scroll down and click . It’s the second link below “Feedback” on the page.
    • 3 By default, your downloaded files can be found in your Downloads folder. Click the file that says “wnetwatcher_setup.exe”. This opens the Wireless Network Watcher installer. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation. Wireless Network Watcher will open when it finishes installing.
    • 4Open Wireless Network Watcher. It has an icon that resembles an eyeball over a wireless router. To locate it, click the Windows Start menu and type Wiress Network Watcher. Click the icon to open it. Wireless Network Watcher will automatically scan your network and display a list of connected devices after launching.
    • Use the “Device Name” column to see the name of each device connected to the network and the router it’s connected to.
    • 5 It’s in the upper-left corner of Wireless Network Watcher. This rescans your network and displays a list of connected devices.Advertisement
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      How Do I Identify Devices On My Network Using Mac And Ip Addresses

      You can easily find out the information by pinging the device on your command prompt on your Windows Devices.

      Here is a step-by-step process on how to ping the device.

    • Navigate to the Start icon and type in cmd.
    • You will see the command prompt utility and ensure you run it as an administrator.
    • Type ping -a X, where X is the IP address of the item which you want to find.
    • You can see if it is pinging a certain network name.
    • Note: If you have turned off your devices, they wont ping.

      Using Advanced Ip Scanner

      Advanced IP Scanner is another best tool which can do a number of tasks in addition to scanning your network for connections. This mini tool also features remote options to Wake-on-LAN and shutdown, connect via HTTP/FTP as well as remote control with Remote Desktop and Radmin.

      Step 1. First of all, download and install Advanced IP Scanner on your Windows computer from here.

      Step 2. After Installing the too, you will see the screen like below.

      Step 3. Here you need to tap on the Scan button to start the scanning process and wait for few minutes until it finishes.

      Step 4. Now it will show you all the list of devices that are connected to your Wireless network along with IP Address and MAC address.

      To block any of the connected devices, you need to copy the MAC address and block it by going through your modem settings.

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      Signs That Someone Is Accessing Your Wifi

      Regardless of how many people use WiFi now, most havent been trained or educated in network security. That means your WiFi network may well be vulnerable to malicious hackers or those who simply want to use your Internet access for free either way, its unwanted and unlawful.

      You should be aware of certain warning signs that indicate that someone is connected to your network without permission. One common sign is slower Internet speed. Every Internet connection takes up some bandwidth, and if someone is downloading torrents or playing online games on your network without your permission, then your traffic slows down.

      Knowing who is using your WiFi and when is crucial for keeping your network secure. This tutorial explains how to check if someone is using your WiFi, how to kick them off, and how to help prevent them and anyone else from accessing your WiFi again.

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