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Streaming With A Mobile Hotspot

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A mobile hotspot converts your data connection on a mobile device to a Wi-Fi connection that other nearby devices can use, like a mini router. Since Wi-Fi connections are often associated with saving on data plans, people with hotspots may wonder if watching Netflix via the hotspots wireless connection can save data.

It cannot.

A hotspot still requires data use from your carrier plan to function. Converting the data used by your phone into a Wi-Fi signal is actually less efficient than using your data plan directly, so this method eats up more data than you would otherwise use watching Netflix. The only exception would be a particular data plan that reserves extra data for hotspots only, but plans structured like this are not common.

What We Mean When We Talk About Data

Put simply, data is the informal name for what your smartphone uses every time you do anything that connects to the internet over a mobile connection. Wi-Fi doesnt count here.

This can include a wide variety of tasks, including surfing the web, sending messages on WhatsApp, checking your Facebook app, streaming a film or series on Netflix, or playing a move against a friend in your favourite game.

Data is most commonly measured in megabytes and gigabytes . There are around 1000MB in 1GB .

Moving down the scale, 1MB is made up of 1024 kilobytes or KB, though you wont tend to see that smaller unit referenced quite so much on modern mobile contracts and app listings.

How Can I Check How Much Data I’m Using Right Now

Checking exactly how much data you’re getting through is easy. All you need to do is log in to your account on your computer by visiting your network’s website.

Or if you’re with one of the larger networks, you can log in to your network’s customer account app on your phone.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see how much data you’ve used so far this month, as well as in previous months.

If you’re often left with lots of unused data, youre probably paying for a data allowance that’s too generous for your needs.

Accessing your account on your computer is just a case of visiting your network’s website and logging in. Then simply navigate to the section of the app that covers your data allowance.

However, using an app to check your data usage isn’t quite so simple. That’s because networks don’t usually pre-install their customer account apps on phones at the point of purchase, so you may need to download the app first.

Handily, here are links from major network where you can get their customer-account apps:

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Adjust Playback To Control Data Use

In addition to the mobile settings for managing data streaming, Netflix also lets you choose different playback settings to directly control resolution. The lower the resolution, the less data will be used while streaming, so its an effective way to directly cut data consumption .

  • Open up the Netflix application.
  • Select the Menu icon thats present in either the upper-left or upper-right corner, depending on the device youre using.
  • Tap Cellular Data Usage.
  • Select either Automatic, Maximum Data, Save Data, or Wi-Fi Only.

Heres a look at the different data usage options:

  • Automatic: This allows streamers to maintain the best streaming quality corresponding with your provided internet connection speed.
  • Low: Low allows streamers 0.3GB every hour per device.
  • Medium: This allows 0.7 GB per hour on every device at an SD resolution level.
  • High: High allows up to 3GB each hour on every device for HD 7GB per hour per device for 4K Ultra HD.

Set a profile-specific playback option for streaming Netflix with this method:

  • Navigate to on a desktop or laptop and sign in to your account.
  • Select which profile youd like to modify the data usage settings on.
  • Select Account.
  • While under My Profile, choose Playback Settings.
  • Pick your preferred data consumption option and select that choice to lock it in.

Check The Quality Of Your Video And Music Streaming


Streaming movies in HD on Netflix takes three times as much data as streaming in SD. If youre subscribed to the top-tier plan from Netflix and you stream in 4K, youll use seven times the amount of data that SD streaming uses. You can easily change your streaming quality in the settings of your account.

To change your data settings for Netflix on a laptop, go to the home screen and click the user icon in the top right corner. Select Account from the drop down menu. Select Playback Settings, which will be towards the bottom of the page under the My Profile section. Youll be able to select the data usage from this screen.

You can also change the quality of streaming for your music. Spotify has low, normal, high and very high streaming quality options that you can access in your account settings. Keep in mind that streaming music will take a lot less data than streaming video, but if you have music playing in the background all day, it can still add up. You can also change the quality of the music that you download to save data.

To change the streaming quality of your music on Spotify, go to the home screen, which is under home icon on the bottom left of the screen. Click the gear icon in the top left corner. Once in your settings, scroll down to music quality. You can then select the quality of streaming you want from the menu.

Streaming Netflix in SD

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Mbps Vs Gbps: Whats The Difference

Internet speeds are measured in Megabits per second, often abbreviated as Mbps. These commonly range anywhere from 1 Mbps up to 1000+ Mbps.

  • One Mbps: one Megabit per second
  • One Gbps: one Gigabit per second, or one thousand Megabits.

An average mp3 song in your iTunes ranges from 3 to 5 megabytes, whereas a 4K movie or tv show can be several gigabytes, so its important to gauge the types of speeds youll need accordingly.

The Bottom Line: 25 Mbps Is The Minimum Speed For Modern Households

So how much speed do you need? If you dont have time to dig into the details, just make sure you get a plan with at least 25 Mbps download speed. For most people, this is good enough.

However, plans are constantly changing, sometimes offering faster speeds for lower prices. We recommend getting the fastest plan your preferred provider offers under $100/month especially since its possible to get gigabit fiber internet for only $60-$70/month.

For more detailed recommendations based on your specific household size and number of devices, visit our Internet speed calculator.



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Reduce The Load From Data

The likes of Netflix and Facebook can really run away with your data allowance if you let them. But both have built-in tools to help lessen the impact.

In Netflix, go into the App Settings menu, tap on Mobile Data Usage and change the option to Save Data .. Your videos will look marginally less sharp on the Save Data setting, but youll go from using around 1GB every 20 minutes on the top option to just 1GB every six hours.. If you select Automatic then youll use around 1GB every four hours. This is the equivalent of normal quality.

Video content can be a major data hog in Facebook too, especially when it plays automatically. To disable this, head into the apps Settings menu, then Media and contacts and change the Autoplay setting to On Wi-Fi Connections Only.

Turn mobile data off when not needed

This is a blunt but very easy and effective method. If youre going into a situation where you dont need to use any mobile data , why not turn your mobile data connection off altogether?

Youll still get your calls and texts through as normal, but none of the apps running in the background will be able to make use of your data allowance.

On iOS, simply head to Settings > Mobile Data, and turn the Mobile Data toggle off. On most Android phones you can swipe down from the top of the screen and hit the mobile data icon to turn it off.

What Does ‘internet Data Usage’ Mean

1 change DOUBLES your WiFi Mobile Hotspot Speed to increase your internet speed – TheTechieGuy

Everything you do on the internet uses a certain amount of data. While web browsing and checking your email consume small amounts of data, playing online video games and streaming catch-up TV uses up a lot more.

If you download or stream lots of video or live with several other people who all use the internet a lot, you definitely need a broadband package with unlimited usage.

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How Much Data Can I Get With Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is a great option for those who live in rural or remote areas. A lot of times satellite is the only option available. However, its not a great option for those who use a lot of data. HughesNet, one of the largest satellite providers in U.S., lets customers choose data plans with anywhere from 10 GB to 50 GB per month.

If you just want to send emails or surf the web, you should be good to go with one of the lower data plans. On the other hand, if you like to stream in HD or play online games, that might not cut it. With 50 GB of data, you could watch a little over 15 hours of Netflix in HD every month. While that might sound like a lot, if youre a binge-watcher youd burn through that data in a season or two of your favorite show. Plus, that would use up all of your data for the month and you wouldnt have any left for the other things that you would normally do on the internet. For gamers, downloading a single game could easily take more than half of your 50 GB data allotment. If satellite is your only option, youll definitely want to take advantage of the providers bonus zone hours that offer free data.

Do All Wifi Security Cameras Use Data

Nearly all WiFi security cameras require an internet connection with good upload and download speed, including good bandwidth. There are a few reasons why a WiFi security camera uses data:

  • To upload video footage to cloud storage.
  • General cloud communication and pinging.
  • To stream live video upon request.
  • To keep their firmware up to date.

Home security cameras can vary a lot in their features and capabilities, which inadvertently affects how much data they can and will use.

WiFi security cameras use a lot of data when used for live viewing or while uploading videos to the cloud service. And the amount of data they will use can vary a lot depending on the videos size and quality.

Generally, WiFi security cameras, when armed, will always remain on and working. However, it is important to know how they operate when a triggering event occurs.

Most cameras use motion sensors to detect movement, at which point they will start recording and uploading video footage.

But even when security cameras do not record videos, they tend to use tiny bits of data for pinging back and forth to the server or saving snapshots during the rest of the time.

So the WiFi camera will use some data even when not streaming or uploading videos, but the amount of data tends to be negligible.

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Top 10 Internet Plans Right Now

We help millions of Australians choose a better broadband plan every year. Our dedicated product team read over 1,400 plan documents a month and make over 400 changes to our database each week to ensure our information is always up-to-date.

Here are the 10 most popular NBN 50 plans with our website visitors right now.

Best Hotspot Data Plans 2021

Archos 605 WiFi 30GB  Archos 605 WiFi 30GB Review ...
  • Quick compatibility with multiple Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Limited network size compared to bigger providers
  • Lots of options for getting more data
  • Easy access to ultrafast 5G network
  • Best mobile hotspots to choose from
  • High monthly price
  • Easy access to Wi-Fi when you need it
  • Inconsistent speeds depending on country
  • *Per connected device with AutoPay. Plus Taxes & fees.

    Data effective 3/3/2021. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

    We dug into the specifics of all the major cellular providers to get you the best mobile hotspot data plans for your dollar. Read on for the highlights of monthly packages, prepaid options, and data deals for international roaming.

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    What Is A Gb

    A GB stands for a gigabyte. In terms of internet usage, it determines how much data you can use when not connected to Wi-Fi. The more GB you have, the longer you can use the internet while not connected to a router.

    How much GB you need depends on how often you need to use your phone outside your home. Most people need at least a couple of gigabytes of data per month to be able to stream or use social media.

    SIM deals with higher amounts of data have increased in popularity in recent years. More and more people are choosing to have huge bouts of data, to avoid the worry of running out before the months end.

    Is 50gb Of Data Enough For Me

    For the above average phone user, 50GB looks to be more than enough to last for a whole months activity, particularly when you consider that you probably wont need to use your mobile data for that entire time if you have Wi-Fi at home.

    50GB is most ideal for those who:

    • Watch a lot of high-quality videos and movies whilst not connected to Wi-Fi
    • Play games online
    • Access the internet and social media constantly

    If you only tend to browse lightly on your mobile data, choosing a 50GB data plan may mean you end up paying for more than you need to. Its best to find a plan where you pay for what you use, rather than having an excessive amount of data you cant take advantage of each month.

    We wouldnt recommend a 50GB data plan if you only browse the internet for several hours per day, or only use it for sending and receiving emails.

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    What Can I Do For Less Than 15gb

    If 15GB is too much for you, heres what you could do with a smaller data allowance:

    • 1GB: Send 5,000 emails
    • 2GB: Watch 200 videos on YouTube
    • 3GB: Browse Facebook for 150 hours
    • 4GB: Browse the web for 180 hours
    • 5GB: Browse Instagram for 15 hours
    • 6GB: Stream the Lord of the Rings trilogy
    • 7GB: Receive 4,000 Snapchat messages
    • 8GB: Video call on Skype or FaceTime for 32 hours
    • 9GB: Listen to 100 hours of a podcast
    • 10GB: Stream 2,500 songs on Spotify
    • 11GB: Send 400,000 WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger messages
    • 12GB: Stream standard definition videos for 24 hours

    So how much data do you think you need? With one of our pay-as-you-go bundles, you can choose anything from 750MB to 15GB. If youre still not sure how much data youll get through, you can easily change your allowance from month to month with Asda Mobile. Order your free SIM today.

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