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The number of available long-range routers has exploded in the recent years. This growth has been fueled mainly by the rise of online gaming and high-definition video streaming. But virtually everyone can benefit from owning the best long-range router on the market, and we know which router that is.

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You need to make sure your current WiFi router really needs a replacement before spending money on a new one. Use a WiFi analysis tool like NetSpot to quickly discover all surrounding wireless networks and see whether the issue might be caused by them crowding the same wireless channel as your router is using.

Also look around to see whether there are any physical obstacles near the router that might be just obstructing the signal from getting to where you need it. Some interference might be caused by nearby wireless networks and other electronic devices as well. If everything seems great otherwise, then it may be time to really upgrade your wireless equipment to achieve a better wireless coverage.

To choose the most suitable wireless router for your needs, you have to identify the latter ones. Do you need WiFi coverage to be strong enough for online gaming? Are you going to stream HD movies? Or do you just need a decent WiFi for work and occasional browsing?

If you want to get more information about Wi-Fi, check out the following articles about Wi-Fi routers, the best apps for wireless networking, WiFi signal, etc.

How To Select A Portable Wifi Device

To get the best portable WiFi experience you can, you need to carefully select the right portable WiFi device for your needs. Here are some things you should consider:

  • Data plans: Some portable WiFi devices are unlocked for use with data plans from various internet service providers, while others can only be used with data plans from a single provider, usually the manufacturer of the device. The ability to change your internet service provider at any time is certainly useful, but dont get hung up on it too much. Portable WiFi routers are not too expensive, and internet service providers often offer them at a huge discount if you agree to sign a contract.

  • Simultaneous connections: Count how many devices you would like to connect to your portable WiFi network and make sure to purchase a portable WiFi router that supports at least a few more simultaneous connections than what you really need. You never know when a friend might join you on your adventures.

What Are The Best Data Sim Deals

Wed advise looking for a deal from a well-known mobile operator that has reliable coverage in your area , with a big data allowance, no restrictions on tethering, free or cheap roaming, and a low monthly or PAYG cost.

You can check network coverage in your area for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G on the mobile operators website. Use the following links to jump straight to a mobile operators coverage checker: Vodafone, EE, O2, Three, GiffGaff, Smarty, VOXI, iD Mobile, Virgin Mobile, TalkMobile.

There are many more companies offering data SIMs than we have listed here, but all are what are known as MVNOs, or mobile virtual network operators. This means they piggyback on another mobile network for connectivity. As long as you have coverage with the big four, all the MVNOs should be covered in your area.

The best data SIM deals are always changing. Weve collated more in-depth advice in our frequently updated guide to the best SIM-only deals, but our preference currently falls to Three. All its SIMs support 5G.

At Three youll find a range of SIM options including unlimited data from £22 per month, or you can choose one of four PAYG packages that are valid for up to 12 months. For the latter, 24GB of data costs £60 12GB of data costs £40 3GB costs £16 and 1GB costs £10.

Smarty, which also runs on Threes network, currently has a great deal on 50GB of data for £15 on a one-month rolling plan. Tethering is unlimited in the UK.

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How We Test Wi

We test every router we review to measure performance and range, in addition to hands-on use to evaluate the ease-of-setup and quality of settings and features.

Throughput describes how much data the router can move back and forth over its wireless connection. We measure this at a 5-foot distance without obstructions, so that we can gauge the maximum amount of data that the router can move. Higher throughput will serve you better in data-heavy uses, like streaming video, gaming, or connecting multiple users at once.

Range measures the furthest usable distance for the router. Longer ranges are better for larger homes, where rooms are spread out at a distance. We measure how much data a router can move at 5, 50, 75 and 100 feet, so that you can also choose the best model for smaller homes and apartments, where short-range performance may be the priority.

We also test performance through walls and ceilings, to determine how well a router can provide signal in the Wi-Fi-dampening conditions common to many buildings and homes.

For mesh routers, we perform additional testing to determine how well the mesh system does sending a signal through both the main router and through a satellite unit.

Check out all of our home networking coverage:

Tips For Buying A Travel Router

Synology RT2600ac  AC2600 high

Whatever your reason is for buying a portable router, here are some tips on choosing the best one for you:

  • Make sure that your data plan can handle tethering if you plan to use a mobile hotspot, especially with multiple devices
  • Check whether or not the travel router is compatible with third party networks
  • If you plan to use a mobile hotspot, how much data do you need per day?
  • Where do you travel to? If you travel internationally, youll need to ensure the travel router has maximum flexibility and has a secure wireless network .
  • What devices will be connecting to your portable travel router?
  • What Wi-Fi network speed do you want?

If youll need to use your best portable WiFi for both business and personal purposes while on the move, select one that offers simultaneous dual-band transmission.

The main difference between these types of wireless Internet devices is the networking capacity in terms of bandwidth.

Because single-band routers only transmit data on one channel, they offer lower speeds than dual-band or tri-band models .

Since youre going to use a gaming router for both work and play, its critical that it switches between two 5Ghz networks automatically when you play games.

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Weight Size And Display

The best portable WiFi hotspots are small enough to be carried around everywhere with you. After all, if its heavy or needs to be lugged around, then whats the point of the portable Wifi for traveling? Go for models that are lightweight and slimline. In fact, many excellent models are cleverly compact and even smaller than your smartphone.

These portable Wifi devices for traveling might be small, but they are still mighty useful and most of them even have in-built displays. This is very useful for determining the signal strength of the Wifi, how much data you have left, and the remaining battery life as well. The best ones might even offer bonus features such as touchscreen modes or SMS messages.

Netgear Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot 4g Lte Router

This may be the best portable wifi router for you if you have lots of money you dont know what to do with as its on the pricey side. But it offers super fast internet speeds even in super remote areas.

Thats because this portable travel router is also a 4G mobile hotspot, and it supports Gigabit LTE. So no matter where you are, youre going to get fast internet for up to 20 devices.

Definitely watch your data usage if your plan has limits. To help conserve data, you can also connect the travel router to hotel or other facility wifi with the helpful Offloading feature.

The ethernet function is a bit slow and only uses 2.4 GHz band. The data transfer rate for this traveling router unit is 150.0 Mb per second on dual bands. It has an app so the face of the thing can be programmed as you like.

It will show you, though, at a glance how many devices are connected, how much data is getting used, unit battery level, and its network password.

Despite the comparatively large dimensions, this dual-band travel router still only weighs 8.5 ounces.

Comes with a 19.78 Wh lithium-ion battery and additional batteries can be purchased and a charger is also included.

Other wireless travel router reviews report that depending on how much youre doing with it, you can go through power pretty fast.

But with moderate use, the NETGEAR portable wireless router for travel should last the day.

Pros: Gigabit LTE access, dual-band, very customizable

Cons: pricey, large

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Best Wireless Router For Game Performance Tweaking


  • Solid throughput performance in testing
  • Fast file transfer speeds

With COVID-19 still keeping so many people working from home, your Wi-Fi router is piling up some serious overtime, doing a lot more than just helping you stream movies and play games. Home Wi-Fi routers keep millions of people working, and they’re also connecting an ever-growing range of smart home devices. That means picking one that does the best job for both you and your wallet is trickier than ever, especially now that we’re seeing more Wi-Fi 6 devices becoming available.

When you’re shopping for a new router, it’s best to start by considering the size of your coverage area and the number of clients you need to support, as well as the types of devices that you’ll be connecting. Not everybody needs the kind of performance that you get with the latest and greatest models, and there’s no reason to pay for features that you will likely never use. If you’re looking for a lower price rather than a big bundle of bleeding-edge features, check out this list of budget routers. But if you have several family members vying for bandwidth for things like streaming Netflix video and playing PC games online, a new router with modern management capabilities can make a world of difference and help keep the peace. Below we guide you through choosing a router that will handle your current and future wireless networking needs, and offer our top picks to get you started.

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Wireless Network Adapter Price

Wireless network adapters offer different speeds and bandwidths, with mid-range adapters averaging a cost of around $40 for a high-speed Wi-Fi adapter. Some older computers and desktop models dont have built-in wireless connectivity, so you will need to add one to complete your network. It gives technicians the needed hardware to install the wireless network. Usually, USB wireless adapters are the most affordable, while more advanced models can cost up to $100 to install.

Can I Use Any Sim In A Mobile Hotspot

Technically, yes. If you have a significant or unlimited data allowance with your mobile tariff you could simply take the SIM out your smartphone and insert it into a mobile router.

However, not all mobile operators support unlimited tethering , various phone functions are not going to be available on your smartphone while its missing its SIM, and you might regret the decision if you are overly generous with that shared mobile Wi-Fi connection and run out of data some time before the allowance renews.

You can now purchase data SIMs or SIM-only plans with big data allowances on PAYG or contract from all the UKs major mobile operators. Which option you choose is largely going to be based on how much data you need to use, and how frequently you need to use it.

If you want something only for when you go on holiday, choose a PAYG plan and pay for data only when you need it. If you want something to get around a flaky home broadband connection or for use on your daily commute, choose either a rolling one-month contract option or save a bit of money with a 12- or 24-month plan.

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What Is Portable Wifi Router And How To Use One

We have become accustomed to having internet in the palm of our hand 24 hours a day, whenever we need it so when we travel and the excessive costs of data roaming come into play we become frustrated. This is where a portable WiFi router saves the day, hoorah! It might sound and look very high tech but these palm-sized gadgets can get you online, anywhere in the world, at affordable prices and they are very easy to use.

What is a portable WiFi router?

A portable WiFi router is just like your internet box at home, but instead of being attached to a phone cable, they have a SIM card inside instead. If you get an ‘unlocked’ portable WiFi device, this means you can use any SIM card, from anywhere in the world, inside it. The benefit of this is that you can therefore always get the lowest rates as you can use a worldwide data SIM or a local SIM in it. A portable WiFi device will enable you to set up your own private internet connection, practically anywhere in the world, on at least 10 devices simultaneously, including phones, laptops, tablets and iPads, games consoles and cameras, etc.

How easy are they to use?

How reliable are they?

What can I use a portable WiFi router for?

What options are out there?

There is a huge variation of portable WiFi hotspots on the market these vary quite a lot by:

Size:some are pocket-size some are larger.

Speed: There are both 3G and 4G and 4G+ WiFi hotspots on the market, with 4G+ being the fastest with speeds twice as fast as 4G.

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