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Why I Dont Use My Google Nest Hub Max Anymore

I use my Google Home a lot for things like reminders, alarms in the kitchen, playing tunes, the list goes on. I do actually use the Google Nest Hub Max some as well, I just typically use my voice to control it.

Sure I will sometimes use the UI to put on video or control my smart home, but most of the time I control my smart home by voice. If I want to watch a video I tend to just use my phone, laptop, or television. Itd say that over the last two weeks Ive directly interacted with the display less than five times. For me, theres just not many situations where I actually feel the need to use a smart displays screen. And while the Google Photos pictures are nice, its not like I spend a lot of time staring at old photos like some nostalgic old man.

One area where smart displays make the most sense is in the kitchen. This is a place you might want to watch video passively while cooking, and there are some great recipe book functions baked into Google Assistant-powered smart displays. Thats the place I used the Hub Max the most at first, but then the honeymoon phase ended.

The Nest Hub Max has a lot of great features, but I just don’t see many reasons to use its display on a regular basis.

The recipes interface and step-by-step features are great but the recipe catalog is a bit limited, compared to just putting my laptop in tent mode and using it in the kitchen. With a laptop I can bring up any website for a recipe, and I can watch videos and other stuff too.

Nest Mini Vs Nest Wifi Point: What You Need To Know About The Dedicated Ml Chip

Image Credit: Khari Johnson / VentureBeat

At its annual hardware event last month, Google unveiled the Nest Mini as well as the Nest Wifi Router and Nest Wifi Point. The former went on sale for $49 on October 22 while the latter goes on sale today starting at $269 for a two-pack and $349 for a three-pack. Unlike their predecessors, Google Wifi and Google Home Mini respectively, these devices come with a dedicated machine learning chip.

For those who dont care about the technical details, the equation is simple. If you need a Google Assistant speaker, get the Nest Mini. If you need a router and Wi-Fi repeaters that also double as Google Assistant speakers, get the Nest Wifi bundle. But if you want the technical breakdown, read on we talked to Google so you dont have to.

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Choose A Wired Connection Over Wi

The biggest mistake you can make while trying to get the most out of your internet is to go with Wi-Fi instead of Ethernet.

I am looking at all of you gamers and movie streamers. Wire every device that can possibly be wired.

This is the best way to get the fastest internet speed with Nest Wi-Fi.

I have noticed that wired connections get almost double the speed compared to Wi-Fi when using my Google Nest Wifi.

Wi-Fi speeds can also fluctuate depending on how far you are from the access point etc.

So if you want to truly leverage gigabit internet, you should definitely consider wiring your devices to your Nest Wifi router or the Nest Wifi points.

When you set up wired connections, make sure to use a Cat6 cable as it has full copper conductors that help for the fast transfer of data.

Now you may notice that the Nest Wifi has only one LAN port.

So if you want to have more wired connections, get a gigabit switch that would allow you to have more wired connections.

Setting Up A Smart Home With Google Home

Google Nest Wifi Review

What is a Smart Home? Well, a smart home is a set-up of devices and intelligent appliances connected to Google Home.

Google Home acts as a control centre to all these intelligent devices and smart appliances.

It would help if you had Google Home speaker as a voice assistant to activate your Smart Home.

The first step in this process of setting up your Smart Home is to download Google Home app from the Google Play store of your smartphone.

Then you have to download, voice assistant as well as google assistant commands to synchronize with Google Home and Google Home speakers.

You may also download Google Assistant commands to learn the voice commands for your Google Home.

The Google Home app walks you through the process of connecting all your smart devices and smart appliances, takes charge as the control center, and keep a tab on them.

Keep your Bluetooth on with an active internet connection at all times. Google Home works well with all Android Smartphones.

You can always add new smart appliances or smart devices to the Google Home app going to the app settings.

It will definitely change the way you use your devices and smart appliances.

Once you get habituated to manage your Smart Home, you will get to do so many things with the Google Home smart assistant. You will really enjoy it once you have set up your Google Home.

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You Dont Need To Be A Rocket Scientist To Set It Up

Routers can be overwhelming to set up, especially for those who dont have a background in networking. Google makes the process painless and simple with the included quick start guide. Ive had my fair share of frustration with overly complex router setups, but this one was without question the simplest to get up and running.

Using the Google Home app on my Android smartphone, I was guided to connect the Nest WiFi router to my existing Xfinity xFi Gateway modem using the included Ethernet port.

Once I finished setting up the appropriate SSID and password for my network, connecting the Nest WiFi point required me to capture the QR code on the unit using the Google Home app. From there, it automatically communicated with the router to establish the mesh network.

While I do appreciate Googles approach with the setup process, anyone who has configured other mesh networking systems wont find it unique or unusual. For example, Netgears Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi system has a similar setup process. Mesh networking systems are all about ease-of-use, and Googles competitors at Netgear and Linksys havent been caught off-guard.

The real key to Googles approach is Googles own brand. The Nest WiFi maintains the companys software look and feel. If you use a Pixel phone, or own another Google Home device, the Nest WiFi will seem familiar from the start.

Is Google Wifi Better Than Linksys

Linksys Velop is a great mesh system and will outperform Google WiFi in most cases due to the extra range per router and the extra band. Three Google WiFi routers are the same price and will give the most better range and consistency. Three Velop routers will outperform three Google WiFi router, but it would cost $400.

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Is The Nest Thermostat App Free

As mentioned above, the Nest app is free for both iOS and Android devices.

There is no cost for downloading it in the first place, and theres no monthly fee to continue using it.

Simply type Nest app in either the Apple App Store or Google Play to find it.

You will require a Google account to use the app, although this is also free to set up and use.

You can, in theory, use a Nest Thermostat without a Google account or the Nest app. Youll only get access to the most basic features, though, and things like receiving phone notifications or using your phone as a remote controller for the thermostat wont work.

Considering both the app and a Google account are free and the fact that it only takes a few minutes to set each one up, wed recommend doing so to get access to everything your Nest Thermostat has to offer.

Use A Gigabit Capable Docsis 31 Standard Modem

Google Nest Wifi Review (6 months later!)

The key to getting high-speed gigabit internet is the right hardware.

If you are on a high-speed fiber optics plan, you can simply connect your Optical Network Terminal to your Nest Wifi to get high-speed internet.

However, if you are on cable internet, you may have to upgrade to a better modem.

Check if your current modem meets the DOCSIS 3.1 standard, a requirement if you want to unlock high-speed gigabit internet over coax.

Chances are that your ISP-provided modem does not meet this standard.

If you are looking to purchase a gigabit-capable modem, I recommend Arris SB8200 modem . It is perfect for gigabit packages provided by cable operators.

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Google Nest Wifi Router With Point Features:

Nest Wifi is a scalable and flexible Wi-Fi system These Nest Wifi devices work together to blanket your whole home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi and eliminate buffering in every room with coverage up to 4400 square feet. One Wi-Fi router plugs into your internet providers modem to create your Wi-Fi network The other extends the wireless network and keeps your connection fast to devices in every room. For more coverage, add Nest Wifi routers or points to your system.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Nest Thermostat

Hardwired Nest Thermostats get their power from your homes HVAC system via two wires the C wire and the call-for-heat wire, also known as the R wire.

When used in Europe, Nest Thermostats also rely on a stable connection with Heat Link, which connects to the heating system and interprets the information between the boiler and the thermostat.

Nest Thermostats made for North America do not use Heat Link, so users located in the United States do not need to worry about this additional requirement.

If youre a hands-on person who is confident with wiring, you may be considering installing your Nest Thermostat yourself to save on installation fees.

DIY installation isnt something we recommend, however, as youll be working with high voltage cables when hardwiring your Nest Thermostat, and you could void the devices warranty if you dont follow the process correctly.

Thankfully, Google has partnered with Handy and OnTech in the United States and countless other so-called Nest Pro installers worldwide to offer cost-effective, professional installation of Nest Thermostats .

Here are just a few of the things they can do during installation:

  • Checking that your heating system is working prior to installation.
  • Advising on the best place to install your Nest Thermostat.
  • Installing your Nest Thermostat.
  • Helping you connect the thermostat to WiFi.
  • Providing a quick product intro and demo.

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This Offer Has Expired

BuyDigs official eBay storefront is currently offering the at checkout. Down from the usual $269 going rate, youre saving $30 here with todays offer marking the second-best offer weve seen in months. Googles Nest Wifi system provides up to 4,400-square feet of 802.11ac coverage to your space with 2.2Gb/s speeds in tow. And alongside handling all of your homes Wi-Fi connectivity, the included main router doubles as an Assistant speaker. To complete the package, youll also find four Gigabit Ethernet ports on the system. Over 3,700 customers have left a 4.6/5 star rating and you can get a closer look in our hands-on review. Head below for more.

If you can get away with only 2,200-square feet of coverage, save even more by going with that only includes a single router at $163. Youll still be able to take advantage of the built-in Assistant capabilities, but without the increased range noted above. But for smaller homes or those looking to build out their setup over time, this is a notable alternative.

Dont forget that right now you can save $100 on NETGEARs Wi-Fi 6 router and DOCSIS 3.1 modem systems. Delivering some of the best prices to date, prices here start at $400 on these hybrid network upgrades and let you take advantage of Gigabit speeds while cutting back on monthly rental fees.

Room For More Expansion

Google Nest WiFi review, Best WiFi Mesh Router

Googles approach to this is networking simple and easy, something I feel is achieved here with the Nest WiFi. However, those who crave advanced controls and features will be disappointed by the slim offerings here.

Sure, theres access to features such as setting up a guest network, parental controls/restrictions, and even prioritizing traffic, but you wont find other advanced features that serious networking geeks love about routers like MAC address filtering, specifying static IP addresses, and dynamic DNS. There are mesh systems that do offer these features, but the cost attached to them is higher.

Another thing that may disappoint people is that the Nest WiFi router only features a single Ethernet port. Meaning, youll need to purchase an Ethernet hub if you need to hardwire several devices to the network. The majority of mesh Wi-Fi routers tend to offer a single ethernet port, but then you have a few, like the Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 router, which are more generous with its four Ethernet ports.

While I do appreciate the Google Assistant integration with the Wi-Fi point, it really wouldve been beneficial to have an Ethernet port as well but sadly theres none.

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Google Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam Outdoor

At $199, the small and mighty Google Nest Cam Outdoor delivered that same A.I. power we encountered in Google Nests indoor camera, only now with an attractive, weatherproof exterior. Whats more, the camera is equipped with 8 powerful LEDs to supercharge its infrared night vision, which means you wont have to spend much time wondering what that odd noise at 3 a.m. was.

FYI: Looking to save money on security cameras across the industry? See our guide to the best deals and sales on home security cameras.

Beyond the intelligent alerts, though, the Google Nest Cam Outdoor performed like a dream. Its a simple plug-and-play setup, freeing us from any battery anxiety, connecting easily to our home Wi-Fi, and its comforting for us to know it would work in pretty much all weather conditions, day or night.

As far as outdoor cameras go, we think $199 is a pretty good deal for what you get here. We just wish it had a little extra oomph in the smarts department. So now lets have a look at Google Nests IQ lineup of devices.

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