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Xfinity Mobile: What Devices Are Supported

Xfinity WiFi 101: Position your Gateway like a pro

Device selection had been the biggest downside to Xfinity Mobile, which largely sells top flagships. However, in recent years Xfinity has broadened its selection of Android devices, and now allows users to bring some of those handsets to the network as well.

iPhone users will notice an up-to-date selection. You can opt for any of the new iPhones the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. You can also save money by buying the iPhone 11 or iPhone SE 2020.

As for Android devices, both the Galaxy S21 and Note 20 models are available at Xfinity. The new Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6, Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Galaxy A series are on offer, giving you plenty of options for any budget. You’ll even find a pair of handsets available for less than $200 the Moto G Power and Moto G Play.

Device-payment options and flat pricing both compare well to other carriers, so while the need to purchase a new device is inconvenient, you at least have solid options at reasonable prices.

If you prefer to bring your own phone, Xfinity lets iPhone users bring their own device, provided it’s an iPhone 6 or newer. The company is now making an effort to include Android users too, though BYOD service is currently limited to select Samsung and Pixel models.

If you’ve got a supported phone, you send away for a free SIM card from Xfinity, and then sign in once you’ve received it to activate your account.

How To Install Xfinity Internet

When you sign up for Xfinity Internet, you have the option of doing a self-install. You can either have Comcast send you their xFi Modem/Router with a device rental fee of around $10 per month or opt to use your own Modem and Router. Ill explain how to set up Xfinity WiFi no matter which you choose. The next steps are for those using Xfinity equipment. If you are using your own cable Modem and router skip down to the section titled Use Your Modem with Xfinity.

Xfinity Prepaid Internet Speeds

With maximum download and upload speeds of 50 Mbps and 5 Mbps, Xfinity Prepaid Internet doesnt offer blazing fast internet performance. But the internet service will be enough for one person or small households that only browse the web or occasionally watch videos.

At $45 per month for 50 Mbps download speeds, Xfinity Prepaid Internet can potentially be a deal if cost and no-contract flexibility is more important to you than internet speed.

Xfinity internet plan

* Requires a $35 modem purchase. For the first 12 months with a 1-year agreement.

Xfinitys non-prepaid 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps internet plans are initially better deals . But after a year, Xfinity Prepaid Internets flat $45 fee will cost you less than either of the other plans .

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Gigabit Internet Plan :

Gigabit Internet Plan offers 1.2 TB monthly data at peak speeds of up to 1200 Mbps. The price of this Gigabit Internet Plan is $89.99/month for the first 24 months and $99.99/mo for 25-36 months + taxes & equip. fee. Get a $10/month discount for 24 months when you enroll in automatic payments and paperless billing. In this plan, a subscriber will get 1200Mbps download speed and 35Mbps upload speed. This plan requires two-year term agreement.

The regular rate of this plan is $110.95/month. Regular rates apply after term agreement or promotional period, or if any service is canceled or downgraded.

Gigabit Internet Plan includes:

  • $150 Visa Prepaid Card
  • Free Getting Started Kit and shipping
  • Option to add our Flex 4K streaming TV box + Voice Remote at no extra cost. Includes Peacock Premium.
  • Unlock $10/mo. off your Internet bill for 24 months with an active Xfinity Mobile line

Additional Fees & Taxes: Additional taxes and fees may be applied, based on your choices during checkout. Youll be able to review these in detail before submitting your order.

Click here for more information about the Gigabit Internet Plan .

How Can I Get A Better Deal With Comcast

Triple Play Bundles, Packages &  Deals

We’ve had the best luck getting a better deal with Comcast by calling a representative. Surprisingly, the first time this happened we called about a technical issue with our router, and the rep noted that we could switch our plan up a bit to get a better deal.

Ideally you’ll want to call a month or two before your price goes up, and you can request a call from and Xfinity rep through the Xfinity app.

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What Type Of Internet Connections Does Xfinity Offer

One detail you may have noticed in the plan tables is the discrepancy between the download and upload speeds. This is because Xfinity Internet relies almost solely on hybrid fiber-coaxial cable connections to provide service to subscribers’ homes. HFC offers speeds much faster than those typically offered by DSL, satellite and fixed wireless networks. Still, due to the asymmetrical nature of the connection, your download speeds will always be much higher than your upload speeds. That’s the main reason why cable falls short of the performance of fiber-to-the-home networks.

Typically, most of us pay closer attention to download speeds because they affect our ability to watch movies, listen to new music or stream our favorite shows without that nagging buffering. That said, as more of us work from home, our ability to upload files is becoming more and more critical. For example, Zoom recommends at least 2Mbps for single-screen usage of its platform. If you have two people on separate Zoom calls simultaneously, or if you’re on an important work call while your kids are gaming online, you could potentially run into issues very quickly on some of these plans.

Xfinity Internet Data Usage Plan

Yes, sadly, Xfinity enforces a monthly data cap, set at 1.2TB of data each month. It should be noted that several other ISPs — including Frontier, Verizon and cable competitors Spectrum and WOW — offer unlimited data with your monthly fee. So Xfinity falls behind some of its challengers when it comes to data caps.

That said, what does 1.2TB of data get you? If you want to binge all three seasons of Stranger Things in glorious Ultra HD, you can expect to use up to 7GB per hour of viewing time. The latest, Q3 2021 report from OpenVault noted that the average monthly household internet usage is up to over 434GB and although it continues to rise, over 90% of customers were staying under their monthly data limit.

If, however, you do find your household using more than the given 1.2TB of data per month, you’ll be charged an additional $10 for each increment of 50GB you exceed. The maximum monthly overage charge is $100. Xfinity does have an Unlimited Data Option, which will cost you an additional $30 a month, but it’ll keep you well under that $100 monthly overage threshold. Still, it’s only really worth it if you’ll be incurring at least three overage charges per month, on average.

You can stream content from apps like Hulu on Comcast’s Xfinity Flex, and it comes with a free subscription to Peacock Premium.

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Can You Get Unlimited Internet With No Upfront Cost From Comcast

Comcast previously had internet data caps for most of their plans. Families found that with these data caps, when they streamed videos in 4k, they used roughly three times as much data as they would for regular HD streaming and they would quickly go over the data cap which brought with it hidden charges.

Comcast will actually charge you up to $200 extra each month that you go over your data limits. They will send you warnings before you reach your limit so it shouldnt be a huge surprise, but its still inconvenient.

To that end, they do have an option to sign up for unlimited data if it is available in your area. In areas where this is an option, it is an additional $30 per month. If you have Xfinity fiber, the unlimited data option is an additional $25 per month.

If you have selected the most expensive gigabyte Pro Plan, unlimited data is included.

Xfinity Mobile: Canceling Your Service

Xfinity WiFi: Understand how your Internet speed works

According to Comcast, if you transfer your number to another carrier, your Xfinity Mobile service will be automatically canceled. If you’re on the By the Gig plan, you will only be charged for the data you used between the start of your billing cycle and the day you cancel your service. Unlimited users’ total at cancellation will be pro-rated based on where they are in their billing cycle.

If you’re making payments on a device, you are responsible for any outstanding payments. However, if you keep at least one other Xfinity service , you can continue to make payments if you don’t want to pay the remaining balance up front.

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Xfinity Prepaid Internet Downsides

Xfinity Prepaid Internets availability varies by state, so youll need to check your address to make sure you can sign up for the service.

Unlike standard Xfinity customers, prepaid customers cant use their own internet modem or connect to Xfinitys Wi-Fi hotspot network. To set the service up, youll have to use the Xfinity wireless gateway that comes with Xfinitys $35 starter kit.

Xfinity Prepaid Internet has only one 50 Mbps package, and it can be limiting if your familys internet needs ever increase. If your household starts regularly taking video calls or watching videos online, your internet performance will start to slow down, and you might need a non-prepaid Xfinity internet plan with faster download speeds.

Xfinity Flex Streaming Device

Xfinity Flex

If you have heard of Roku or Firestick, then Xfinity Flex is just another way to stream television to your TV through your internet connection. The Xfinity Flex device is compatible with most major streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Plus, it includes Peacock Premium for free, which is NBC’s exclusive content app. Xfinity Flex is included with any Xfinity internet plan at no additional cost. Before you spend money on a third-party streaming device, find out if this add on is available with your internet package.

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Does Xfinity Offer Fiber

Comcast uses primarily old-style copper coaxial cable to provide service. However, theyre beginning to offer some fiber-optic or partial-fiber-optic service in some areas, but this is a work in progress at the time of writing.

Despite a mobile phone access offering, traditional cable is still Xfinitys primary means of providing service as a company.

Comcast Xfinity Internet Review

How Much Is Unlimited Wifi Xfinity

Our Rating

      Comcast Xfinity is one of the largest and most widespread cable internet service providers in the U.S., with consumer and business service available in 41 states. Its one of the fastest and most reliable around, with naming them #1 for both top speeds and consistency, contributing to why we named them our #1 overall choice for best internet provider. But Xfinitys internet provider plans and bundle products vary, plus their prices can be higher than competitors offering similar speeds so are they really that good? And more importantly, are they the best choice for you or your business? Lets find out in our rating and review.

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      Use The $20 Monthly Introductory Price For Select Markets

      In another example, Comcast is offering the starter plan for $20 per month in select areas, including Naperville. The limited-period offer comes with up to 150 Mbps in downstream speeds. However, you must register for Comcast Xfinitys paperless billing and automatic payments service to qualify for the $10 discount.

      Also, Central US residents can get the promotional performance starter plan, which comes with a speed boost. For the dropped rates, Comcast is boosting the speed to include:

      • Up to 25 Mbps download speeds, up from the usual 15 Mbps offer
      • Starts from $20 every month

      The limited-time deal expires on 3/22/2020 and is available in select areas.

      How Fast Is Xfinity Internet

      Xfinity is the fastest nationwide internet provider. Xfinity offers top speeds up to 2,000 Mbps, which is matched only by Google Fiber.

      Xfinity is the fastest nationwide internet provider, according to our 2021 speed test data. Xfinity also consistently delivers on its advertised speeds. If you pay for 100 Mbps, youll likely get at least 100 Mbps the majority of the time.

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      Xfinity Mobile: What About 5g

      The Verizon 5G network launched in 2019, so it was only a matter of time before MVNOs like Xfinity Mobile were able to use the faster 5G service. Xfinity Mobile 5G service went live in May 2020, and the good news is, you don’t have to pay extra for the faster service. It’s included with regularly priced Xfinity Mobile plans.

      That means Xfinity customers who pay $45 a month for unlimited data are getting access to 5G for around half the cost of what Verizon customers pay. Verizon includes 5G with its Play More and Do More unlimited plans, which start at $80 for a single line the $90-a-month Get More plan also includes 5G.

      There are some caveats to Xfinity Mobile’s 5G service. First, you’ll need a 5G-ready phone, but those are more readily available at different price points. You can get yourself a Galaxy S21 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro Max, or go with the $649 Galaxy A71 5G or the $499 Pixel 4a 5G.

      Verizon 5G now reaches coast to coast, covering 2,700 cities and towns, though those speeds aren’t much faster than LTE. To get high-speed mmWave, you’ll need to be in one of the cities where Verizon has installed the high-speed service.

      How Much Are Xfinity Internet Plans

      Xfinity WiFi 101: Speed for every device

      Comcast has branded its high-speed internet offerings as Xfinity high-speed internet. The plans vary from state to state. However, to get a sense of the speeds offered, I looked around to various states. Ive seen deals from 25 Mbps for $30 to 200 Mbps for $40. In some areas, you can even get a great deal on Xfinity gigabit internet at $70 per month. You can see whats available in your area using this offer page.

      The plans below are generally what you will see around the country. However, the availability of offers may vary by location. Its best to use the link above to see what is available in your area. Generally, the prices you see around the county are listed below:

      • Performance Starter Download speeds up to 25 Mbps around $30 per month
      • Performance Select Download speeds up to 100 Mbps around $35 per month.
      • Performance Pro Download speeds up to 200 Mbps around $40-$50 per month.
      • Blast! Download speeds up to 300 Mbps around $50 $65 per month.
      • Gigabit Download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps around $70 $85 per month.
      • Gigabit Pro Download speeds up to 2,000 Mbps $299.95 per month.

      To cut the cord, you need around 6-8 Mbps to stream in HD, so 25 Mbps should be plenty. While there is a monthly download cap of 1.2 TB in much of the county, that should be plenty for most more cutters. That will allow you to stream about 10 hours of HD video a day and still be under the cap.

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