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Royal Caribbean Voom Internet

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VOOM is named RCI’s new high-speed internet shipboard service that provides cruise ship passengers with the pleasure to enjoy at sea faster connectivity, with almost the same high-speed Internet connections they use on land. The new satellite technology utilizes each RCI ship specifically.

VOOM Internet has latency 120 ms, ping ~300 ms, download speed ~4,6 Mbps, upload speed ~5,2 Mbps. VOOM allows fast streaming of music and movies , uploading multiple pictures, also video chatting , checking email, web surfing, stable and fast VPN connections. The onboard system is based on the 802.11b wireless connection .

  • Shipboard Internet access is integrated into the stateroom number and the personal onboard account. Following the log-on to the ship’s wireless network “Royal WiFi”, there is an option for creating an Internet account where the passenger can sign up for a particular Internet plan or pay by the minute. The charge is always applied to the cabin account.
  • While using the VOOM Internet package, passengers can switch between various mobile devices . However, the number of devices connected at the same time is limited by the Internet plan.
  • The cruise ship also has several Internet workstations available for all passengers on an FCFS basis .

Among the cheaper alternatives to the VOOM internet are connecting onboard or ashore .

Cafe Select Coffee Card On Royal Caribbean

Cafe select coffee card is also great idea to let you indulge in up to 15 specialty coffees, premium teas and hot chocolates. This Royal Caribbean drinks package for coffee lets you purchase a card that is punched as you go saving you up 50% on each drink. A one a time purchase card that can be shared between guests.

How Good The Royal Caribbean Wifi

Royal Caribbean says that their internet speed is currently the fastest in the industry. Then we would expect the same high-speed internet connections on land.

Cruise Mapper also says that Voom allows fast streaming of music and movies on YouTube and Netflix. You can do video chatting on FaceTime, Skype and conference calls. Checking email, web surfing, stable and fast VPN connections are possible. .

Music, movies from Netflix or Skype need a fast loading time. Otherwise, the images will freeze.

Cruise Critic tested on Harmony of the Seas, the worlds largest ship. The writer says that Voom Surf and Streamis fast and reliable, and rivals speeds on land. It seems that Voom worked to download videos and music as it is said.

At forums, a lot of cruisers are talking about Voom. For some of them, the experience they had with Voom was not something they expected. It sounded they were not happy with Voom.

GMass also tested Voom Surf and Stream at Harmony of the Seas. The article is written by an IT expert.

Royal Caribbean offers high-speed internet service at sea. Otherwise, as a tech expert who needs the internet for work, he could not cruise with Royal Caribbean. However, his experience of Voom was not good enough what he expected. Downloading videos and music did not go smooth.

Pro tip: you need to set up your device such as iPhone for fully utilise the onboard internet experience. Find out how to set up WiFi on cruise ships properly step by step.

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Is There Any Discount On Royal Caribbean Wifi Package

You can purchase Royal Caribbean WiFi package, Voom, on the cruise ship or pre-purchased prior to the cruise.

You can purchase it online 72 hours prior to your embarkation day.

  • Log in to My Cruises at the Royal Caribbean web site
  • Go to the Cruise Planner
  • Click the Internet Package tab
  • Find the advertised discount
  • Royal Caribbean regularly offers a discount on its Voom internet packages via the Cruise Planner. The company says pre-purchase is up to 30% off .

    Pro Tip: keep visiting Royal Caribbeans Cruise Planner page and find the best price for you. You will find the inforamtion of RCCL internet packages.

    One thing I would like to tell you is the risk of the weather. When the typhoon hit, there was no internet access on the cruise ship. Voom internet works with satellite. It is affected by the weather.

    When there is no WiFi signal for any reason, you can visit the Internet Desk on the cruise ship. It is normally situated on the same floor as the reception. The Internet Desk manager will sort out the request you need to change.

    For family cruisers, Royal Caribbean occasionally offers kids cruise free promotions. Kids sail free cruises greatly help you save money on a family vacation.

    Is Royal Caribbeans Priority Access Package Worth The Price Tpg Experts Weigh In

    Royal Caribbean begins selling onboard internet packages ...

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    In 2018, Royal Caribbean rolled out The Key. It was a new guest priority package available to all cruisers who were willing to pay for it. The intent was to give travelers VIP or suite-style benefits while on board. Its available for a small additional cost without the need of booking the type of suite that offers similar perks.

    The only other way to get some of these amenities is to earn a high status tier in Royal Caribbeans Crown & Anchor Society loyalty program. With The Key, you dont need to splurge on a suite or have Royal Caribbean status in order to get these perks. Its strictly a pay-to-play situation.

    During our cruise with Royal Caribbean this past December, we decided to purchase The Key package to determine if its really worth the price. Heres our take on this extra-fee package.

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    How Can I Get Internet Access On My Royal Caribbean Cruise

    Guests with Wi-Fi enabled devices may connect at any time for “stem to stern” coverage from anywhere, including your stateroom.

    Connecting to Royal Caribbean’s Wi-Fi is just like at anywhere on land:

  • Log on to the to the network “royal-wifi” using your device.
  • Open a web browser and attempt to visit any web site.
  • The Royal Caribbean WiFi login page will appear, with options to purchase an internet package or allow guests that already have a package to login.
  • How Fast Is Royal Caribbean’s Wi

    Let me be frank, internet access on a cruise ship will never be quite as snappy or responsive as it is on land. However, Royal Caribbean’s Voom packages are serviceable, and on the newer ships, pretty fast.

    A number of factors can influence how fast the ship’s internet is, including how many guests are using it, natural barriers and the ship’s latitude.

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    New Carnival Cruise Ship Wi

    In 2017, Carnival updated the cruise ship WiFi service fleetwide, introducing the option to pre-purchase both WiFi and Internet packages online.

    Starting April 19, 2017, the company offers pre-purchasing internet plans . The option is available via “Manage My Booking where customers can select a package for the itinerary duration.

    Carnival’s new Wi-Fi plans can be purchased by fully booked customers for either the entire itinerary or for a day . Daily packages are also available for shipboard purchasing.

    NOTE: As of November 2, 2018, Carnival raised the price of its basic internet plan by 60%. The new price for the “social media package” is USD 8 per day . Day plans for this package are not available – must be purchased cruise-long package. The old price for the social media package was USD 5 per day .

    WiFi package costs USD 12 per day, with a discount price of US$10,25 . Premium WiFi package costs USD 17.70 per day . For both WiFi plans are available 24-hour / daily rates, respectively, $16 and $25.

    • “Value Package” offers access to all websites and apps, including e-mail, news, banking, sports, weather, all social media. The Value plan doesn’t support music and video streaming or Skype calling .
    • “Premium Package offers the fastest possible Internet connection. Depending on the coverage, speeds can be up to 3 times faster compared to the “Value Package”. The Premium plan includes all apps and websites, plus streaming services and Skype video calling.

    Voom Surf + Stream Internet Package

    10 Things People Don’t Realize About Royal Caribbean’s Unlimited Alcohol Package!

    “VOOM Surf + Stream” is the “real deal”, offering unlimited Internet activities, including high-speed video streaming .

    The “VOOM Surf + Stream” package cost also depends on the number of mobile devices included.

    VOOM Surf + Stream pricing is as follows: $20 , $19 , $17 and $30 .

    Occasionally, Royal Caribbean offers VOOM package discounts for passengers with pre-purchased online internet packages. Discounts are also offered for Royal Caribbean loyalty program members when the VOOM package is purchased on the cruise ship.

    Note: Keep in mind that Voom speeds vary by deck location and also by the ship’s location as different satellites are used in different regions around the world. The fastest internet is provided to ships located between 45°S-45°N latitudes, which excludes regions like Alaska, Canada, Australia-New Zealand, Northern Europe, South America. Ships operating in regions more distant from the equator are usually provided with Internet from geostationary satellites.

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    What Does Royal Caribbeans Voom Internet Service Cost

    Rates for Royal Caribbeans Voom internet service seem to be always changing. But on my Adventure of the Seas sailing, the basic Surf service cost $17.99 per day for a single device when booked on board. The upgraded Surf + Stream service cost $22.99 per day.

    The rates above are per day based on buying the service for the entire cruise. You cant get these rates if you just want internet access for a single day. My Adventure of the Seas sailing was seven nights in length, so the $22.99 per day cost of the faster service worked out to $160.93 for a single device for someone who booked it on the first day of the cruise for the entire trip.

    Note that if you wait a few days after boarding to buy the internet service, you just pay for the remaining days of the voyage. In addition, at certain status levels in Royal Caribbeans loyalty program, the Crown & Anchor Society, you can get a discount on the packages.

    You also often can buy a single-day pass for Voom on board at a significantly higher per-day cost than the multiday rate above. On my sailing, a single day pass was $25.99 for the slower Surf service and $32.99 for the higher-speed Surf + Stream service.

    I paid just $128.73 for a week-long Surf + Stream package by booking it in advance on the Royal Caribbean website. That works out to $18.39 per day a 20% discount from the onboard cost.

    Testing The Speed Of Royal Caribbeans Voom Service

    As mentioned above, we tested the Surf+Stream service. This is the faster of the two services. So how did it perform?

    As promised, the service did allow us to stream content , but the speed is slower than we are used to from home Internet.

    During the course of the cruise we performed several different speed tests. These tests all returned results in the 3-5 Mbps range for download speeds. For reference, many home broadband connections range between 20-50 Mbps

    In other words, there is a slowdown that can be felt in browsing compared to what you might be used to back home. Sites may take a few extra seconds to load. In our case, checking email was perfectly fine, but surfing many sites caused slowdowns.

    That said, considering you are in the middle of the ocean, the speed felt adequate to us.

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    Carnival Cruise Ship Internet Cafe

    The Internet Cafe is open 24-hours, as a venue, it features private PC terminals for web browsing, chat, and e-mail services. For guests convenience, there is an Internet Cafe Manager for assistance. Here passengers can browse through the following Carnival’s “free of charge websites”:,,,, and .

    All these websites can be accessed without purchasing an Internet plan. At the PC terminals, you can’t edit MS Office documents, but most files can be viewed .

    Head To The Caribbean For A Better Connection

    Internet packages

    While coverage of destinations around the world is getting better, the connectivity on cruise ships in the Caribbean is still the best you’ll find. With so many cruise ships visiting the Caribbean, maritime communication company SES Networks has placed several satellites in medium orbit above the area in order to create the maximum possible coverage, or footprint.

    Because the signal is strongest in the center of a satellite footprint and weakest as the edges are approached, MTN Communications has created a method to keep its satellite aimed at ships in the Caribbean as they move. In that way, the ships stay within the satellite’s footprint for most of their sailings.

    Remember, as mentioned in point one above, many cruise lines are transitioning to a hybrid communications solution that combines satellites with terrestrial broadband connectivity so that if you’re not in a destination with perfect satellite access, you’re not out of luck.

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    What Does It Include

    • Priority check-in and boarding on embarkation day*
    • Carry-on bag drop off in the Main Dining Room with stateroom delivery**
    • Exclusive welcome lunch in the Main Dining Room with a menu featuring Chops Grille on embarkation day
    • Private hours for guests to partake in certain on board activities, such as the FlowRider and rock climbing, without a wait
    • Priority departure at ports of call from ship-to-shore
    • Seats in the exclusive VIP seating section at shows in the main theater, Aqua Theater, Studio B and Two70
    • VOOM Surf & Stream for one device with high-speed internet
    • Exclusive a la carte breakfast on disembarkation day
    • Pick your departure time on disembarkation day

    *with the exception of Vancouver, Canada and any Australian ports**limited to two pieces of luggage per guest each bag must weigh less than 25 pounds

    Carnival Cruise Internet Access Packages

    All Carnival Internet access charges are billed directly to the guest’s onboard S& S account. These packages are transferable between the terminals in the Internet Cafe and guests’ personal Internet devices. Carnival Internet packages are called “Time Plans” and can be used anytime throughout the sailing until debarkation. Instructions on creating an account and pricing information will be provided once you connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi network.

    iPhones/Blackberries Internet access – either by using the cellular network or the Carnival WiFi access .

    Cruise ship laptop rentals are available on Dream, Magic, Breeze, and Vista – a limited number of laptops for rent for $9/day or complimentary with the 480 or 240 min plans. A $50 deposit will be charged on your S& S card . On all other ships in the fleet, laptops are also available for rent – $10/day, complimentary with Time Plans, $50 deposit, optional insurance $10/day.

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