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At& t Internet Compared To Other Providers

AT& T Unite 4G Wifi Hotspot overview – 3 months of use

In most areas serviceable for AT& T internet, a cable provider may also be available. You may also have access to competing DSL or fiber optic internet providers. Take a look at how AT& T compares to other internet service providers below:


Overall, AT& T grades out as the best nationwide provider if you can get its fiber service, but the worst if youre stuck with DSL. This tracks with the state of broadband in the U.S. as a whole: Fiber internet is almost always a better option than cable, which is still better than DSL or satellite.

But where you usually have to pay a premium for the fastest internet, AT& T Fiber is actually reasonably priced for the speeds you get. Its gig-speed plan costs $80/mo., but thats still far less than Spectrum charges for the same speeds $109.99/mo. in year one and $134.99/mo. in year two and the same as Xfinitys price for gig speeds.

But when you factor in that all fees included are with AT& T, it ends up being more affordable for top speeds than any other provider.

So Is At& t Fiber 300 Fast Enough

I vote yes. According to, the average tested residential download speed in the US for October 2021 was 131Mbps, less than half the max speed available with AT& T Fiber 300. Again, actual speeds of 300Mbps are unlikely with AT& T Fiber 300, especially when using a Wi-Fi connection. Still, overall, the plan is likely to offer plenty of speed for the average user or handful of users and most, if not all, of their devices.

How Much Downtime Does At& t Internet Service Have In Comparison To Other Providers

AT& Ts downtime is among the lowest of any internet providers owing to integration with critical infrastructure. AT& T downtime is rarely total, even when there are natural disasters. Lapses in AT& T coverage are remedied quickly, and few users notice if the service has issues.

In comparison to fixed wireless only providers, AT& T offers stellar uptime. Likewise, during periods of heavy load like the evenings, AT& T transitions resources to handle the load gracefully.

You wont need to worry about evening or weekend slowdown of your internet data service like you might experience with other providers.

Picking an internet service provider can be a daunting task, but with these AT& T shopping tips, you can have a little more confidence that youll end up with the right plan for your needs.

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How Much Is At& t Wireless Internet

AT& T offers a nationwide fixed wireless service as well as a mobile broadband service.

AT& T fixed wireless gives you speeds up to 25 Mbps fast, and AT& T pledge to a minimum of 10 Mbps via its fixed wireless network. Each plan comes with a 250GB data allowance per month. And, costs you $59.99/month. The one catch is that only those households and businesses are eligible for an AT& T fixed wireless subscription who cannot get the traditional DSL service from the provider.

As for mobile broadband, AT& T Wireless offers a great choice with its unlimited plansStarter, Extra, and Elite. These plans get you unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as top-notch device and network security. With the Starter and Extra, you can enjoy SD streaming, while with the Elite plan you get to stream in HD. The higher-tier plans also bring you premium data and mobile hotspot data.

You can subscribe to the Unlimited Starter for $35 per line/mo., the Extra costs $40 per line/mo. and the Elite comes with a price tag of $50 per line/mo.

How Much Is At& t Fiber Optic Internet

How to check how much MB/GB data was used for any month or day for ACT ...

AT& T Fiber is available in select cities across the 21 service states, however, the provider is expanding its fiber-optic infrastructure and the service is likely to be more widely available in the near future.

AT& T Fiber brings you the fastest connection possible. And, features symmetrical speeds, unlimited data allowance, whole-home Wi-Fi, and an internet security suite. The service is 99% reliable, comes without an annual contract, and also offers a FREE 30-day trial for HBO MAX. With the Gig service however you get HBO MAX all included. The AT& T Fiber connection has the ability to connect multiple devices seamlesslyso everyone in the family gets to connect.

Here take a look at AT& T promo pricing and how much is AT& T internet after 12 months.

Internet Plan
AT& T Fiber 100100/100 MbpsBrowse the web/social media, stream HD, play online, upload 10 photos in less than 9 seconds, connect 3-5 deviceswith speeds 10 times faster than cable$35 for 12 months & $55 thereafter
AT& T Fiber 300300/300 MbpsBrowse faster, stream in 4K, play multi-player online games, transfer large files, telecommute with ease, and connecting up to 10 deviceswith speeds 15 times faster than cable$45 for 12 months & $65 thereafter
AT& T Fiber 1000940/880 MbpsBrowse at ultra-fast speeds, stream 4K UHD, play competitive online games, transfer large files, run your home-based startup, and connecting 10 devices at speeds 20 times faster than cable$60 for 12 months & $80 thereafter

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Current At& t Internet Deals

AT& T has always come up with competitive pricing for its internet plans, aiming to secure new customers with fantastic deals. Its current fiber plans and other internet deals boast the following features:

  • Home subscribers will get a $150 Reward Card
  • Google Stadia 6 months free Pro Pass
  • Get a free HBO Max subscription upon signing an Internet 1000, 2 GIG, or 5 GIG plan
  • In areas where you can only have AT& T Internet and Internet basic, the fee is $55 per month flat, regardless of your speed.
  • Get free in-car Wi-Fi when you subscribe to unlimited data plans. In addition, if you dont own a Wi-Fi-enabled car, AT& T will provide the equipment to load your car with Wi-Fi

At& t Internet In My Area


AT& T internet equipment & fees

One of the immediate benefits of the AT& T U-verse internet service is that you’ll receive professional installation of all the necessary equipment after you select a plan.

If you sign up during a promotional period such as the holidays, you might not have to pay for the installation at all.

Here are your equipment options with AT& T U-verse:

  • Wireless Gateway Modem – This serves as the connection hub throughout the home, where you can connect your devices via WiFi and depending on the speeds you select, stream video, play music and more.
  • Internet security suite powered by McAfee – This internet security suite comes available with every internet plan, which, coupled with safe browsing behaviors, can keep your information safe.
  • Fiber Optic Technology – Depending on which area you live in, you might be able to take advantage of fiber optic technology through AT& T. To give you an illustration of how fast this network is, AT& T boasts that you can download a 90-minutes movie in under 34 seconds.

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Higher Speed Dsl Connections Offered For Low To Moderate Internet Usage

  • Speeds: AT& T offers a wide array of hybrid DSL connections ranging all the way from 768 Kbps to 100 Mbps. Although lower speeds are becoming increasingly more uncommon, there’s still a chance your household is limited to Internet Basic plans .
  • Capabilities: For these low-speed plans, you may have trouble doing things like streaming videos in HD or playing games online and the farther you are from the provider’s central hub, the slower speeds will get. For smaller households planning on gaming or connecting 10+ devices at once, Internet Basic won’t cut it. You would be better served by AT& T Internet , if it’s available where you live.
  • Reliability: Although Performance and Reliability varies by region, AT& T Internet often delivers quality service at prices that won’t break the bank.
  • Data Allowance: AT& T Internet also offers a 1TB monthly data allowance on its standalone service, more than enough for most families. In fact, you’d have to work pretty hard to use up that much data: According to AT& T’s data calculator, it would take about 400 hours of HD video streaming to hit that cap. That equates to 13 hours per day. If you’re still worried about hitting your limit, you can purchase unlimited data for an extra $30 per month.

At& t Internet Service Features

How to Get Starbucks ATT WiFi For $1 Per Month

AT& T puts forth quite a variety of internet connection typestraditional DSL, high-speed DSL or IPBB, fiber optic, fixed wireless, mobile broadband, and now 5G. Perhaps no other ISP ventures with as many networking technologies as does AT& T. As a result, you are able to get the fastest possible speed at the most competitive rate across AT& T service locationsurban, suburban, and rural. You can enjoy reliability, speed, security, and customer satisfaction with a single AT& T internet subscription.

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What’s The Best At& t Unlimited Plan For Power Users

Our runner-up choice, Unlimited Elite, is the top option for data-heavy users, especially with multiple devices connected at once. You get a massive 100GB of priority data, meaning it won’t slow until you reach that limit, and 50GB of mobile hotspot data for access on the go. This equals plenty of data to keep you connected through your Zoom calls and movie marathons . If you’re unsure of how much data you’re using, check here.

Get A Price Youll Love And The Reliability You Deserve

These days, we use our home internet for everything from working from home to streaming our favorite movies. Its something that most of us really depend on. Thats why its so important to get internet service thats fast and reliable. Enjoy 99% reliability and strong Wi-Fi® connectivity throughout your entire home,1 so you can worry less. Plus, AT& T Internet is #1 in customer satisfaction over other major cable internet providers, four years in a row!2

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Is At& t Internet Availabile In Your Area

AT& T Internet has broad availability. In all 50 US states including Alaska and Hawaii you can access AT& T internet service, though your selection of packages may be constrained depending on how remote of an area you are in. Its highly likely that AT& T is available in your area, though it may not be available literally everywhere.

All metropolitan areas have access to multiple packages which capture a swath of different speeds and prices. For more remote areas, you high speeds like Internet 1000 may not be available, and you may be constrained to one or two options of lower internet speed access.

Nonetheless, the bonuses that you get with each package remain the same no matter where you are. So if there arent many packages offered in your area, you can still take advantage of the bundles to save money and get more features out of your internet service.

Likewise, the length of contract offered can vary depending on local laws regarding locking in prices. For the most part, this means that some areas may not be held to the same lock-in prices as others.

For the areas where the local laws change the way the prices are locked in, the packages will offer a different set of bonuses and may be priced slightly differently. Most people dont need to worry about this, however.

Data Caps: At& t Vs Xfinity

Stop the Cap! » AT& Tâs Answer for Rural America: $80/Month for Wireless ...
View Plans

AT& Ts fiber internet plans all come with unlimited data, so you can enjoy smooth connections and fast speeds without worries of exceeding a monthly limit. Non-fiber plans with speeds below 75 Mbps have a 1 TB monthly cap, which is still plenty. For rural customers, AT& Ts fixed wireless internet plan does have a data cap of 350 GB. If you go over your data for the month, youll be billed $10 for every 50 GB of data you use.

Xfinity packages all come with 1.2 TB caps. That includes the Gigabit and Gigabit Pro plans, which is kind of a bummer since a lot of providers offer unlimited data with gigabit plans. Youll need to pay $10 for every 50 GB that exceeds your cap. Or you can spring for unlimited data for an extra $30 per month.

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At& t Internet 300 Plan

AT& T’s Internet 300 plan runs on a fast and reliable fiber connection, offering plenty of speed for the average user. The biggest drawback is that AT& T’s fiber plans have fairly limited availability compared to the provider’s other plans.2 Starting at $55 per month, plus taxes and fees , it offers solid bang for your buck.

The Internet 300 plan is a good option for older adults who use the internet multiple times a day for a variety of tasks, such as emails, downloading videos and movies, streaming music and television, and making video calls. This plan is superb for older adults who host friends and family often, as several users can be online at once without any issue. With this service, you’ll also get unlimited data, so you won’t have to worry about overage fees.

Special Offer: Right now, AT& T is offering a $150 AT& T Visa Reward Card if you order an internet plan with a download speed of 300 Mbps or more. This deal is also available to existing wireless customers and offers a $300 reward card.

For comparison, other companies weve reviewed, like Xfinity have the same download speed of up to 300 Mbps at a similar price, but in cable form, which is less reliable than fiber. Compared to other fiber internet providers, such as Verizon, with plans starting at $39.99 per month for up to 300 Mbps, AT& T is a bit pricer.

Where Is At& t Internet Available

Limited availability across 21 states, with an expanding fiber network.

Unfortunately, AT& T’s availability is fairly limited, with only 21 states having access to their service.

The good news? If you’re lucky enough to have it, the chances of having a fiber connection are much higher compared to other broadband providers like CenturyLink and Frontier. And even if you don’t have fiber available, AT& T Internet should be more than sufficient for moderate use.

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At& t Cell Phones And Devices

One of the major benefits of going with a big provider like AT& T is the fact that you can always get the newest devices. And if you want to take advantage of the companys new 5G network, youll likely need a new phone anyways.

AT& T probably has what youre looking for, whether you want the sheer power of a Samsung Galaxy, the seamless design of an iPhone, or the no-nonsense option of a .

This chart shows some of the most popular phone deals that the company is offering right now.

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