How To Add Wifi To Alexa Echo Dot

Using The Alexa App To Rejoin Your Network Or Connect To A New Network

How To Connect Alexa To Wi-Fi (2022)

Most smart home devices can be described as ‘set-it-and-forget-it’, where you install something once, connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and leave it to work happily until you one day decide to replace or upgrade it.

But sometimes things go wrong and your devices fail to connect to your Wi-Fi router. Perhaps you have moved the device out of range and it can’t get a signal, or maybe you have installed a new router, created a new network, moved house, or taken a device to a holiday home.

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    Here, we will explain how to reconnect an to your Wi-Fi network without having to perform a factory reset.

    First, if your Echo smart speaker can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network, its light should turn orange. If you see this, open the Alexa smartphone app, and follow these instructions:

  • Tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner
  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on Device Settings
  • Now scroll down until you find the Echo device you want to reconnect. Even if the device is offline, the Alexa app will still show its Wi-Fi settings and the name of the network it is trying to connect to in your space. Tap on the word Change to the right of Wi-Fi Network.

    Reconnecting an Amazon Echo to a Wi-Fi networkGearBrain

    Echo Dot – Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal

    Alexa will speak again to confirm the Echo has successfully connected to the network, and that’s it. Your Amazon Echo is now reconnected.

    How to reconnect Echo Show and Spot to Wi-Fi network

    Using Amazon Echo When Traveling Is Easy With Connectify Hotspot

    The Connectify Hotspot software app allows you to . This comes in handy when you are trying to avoid silly hotel wifi charges that gouge you for every single device. It also works great when you want to connect Amazon Echo to WiFi.

    You can use your Connectify Hotspot as a middleman for the Amazon Echo. The first time you use Echo with your Connectify Hotspot you will have to set it up manually. But, every time after that, all you need to do is open up your laptop and turn on your Connectify Hotspot, your Amazon Echo will recognize the Connectify connection from its last connection.

    The Connectify Hotspot makes your Amazon Echo plug and play, even if you are staying a different hotel every night.

    How To Connect Alexa To A New Wifi Network Without The App

    To connect Alexa to a new WiFi network without the app, go to and sign in. Then click Settings > Set up a new device and select your device. Next, put your device in pairing mode and connect to its WiFi network. Finally, choose your new network and enter your password.

  • Open a web browser and go to . You can do this using Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any other browser.
  • Then log in to your Amazon account. Enter your Amazon username and password. If you dont have an Amazon account, click the Create a New Amazon Account button at the bottom of the window.
  • Next, click Settings. You will see this in the left sidebar of the window. If you dont see this option, expand your browser window or zoom out on the page.
  • Then select Set up a new device.
  • Next, select the kind of Alexa device you want to connect to a new WiFi network. You can see more options by scrolling down.
  • Then click Continue.
  • Next, plug your Alexa device into a power source.
  • Then wait for the ring light to turn orange.

    Note: If you dont see your devices light ring turn orange, select Dont see the orange light ring? Then you will see which button you have to push on your device. In most cases, you will need to press and hold the action button with the dot in the middle on the top of your Echo device.

  • Go back to your browser and click Continue. Once you have connected to your WiFi network, you will see a window that says, Your computer is connected to your Alexa device.
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    Cant Connect Alexa Public Wi

    connect to Wi-Fi again, restart the Alexa-enabled device after shutting it off. Make sure both devices are turned back on and connected again, then unplug the Alexa or Echo devices. Physical rebooting one Alexa-enabled device can sometimes resolve a problem that persists. The Wi-Fi password must be correct.

    Pick A Device To Set Up

    Amazon Echo Dot

    You need an Amazon account to use Alexa, but you don’t need . Sign in on the app. Then click the hamburger menu on the lower right and select Add a Device. Here you can add any number of Alexa-supported devices to your account, from smart lights to smart plugs. But we’re focused on Echo devices, so tap Amazon Echo. At the next screen, tap the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and more selection. It covers almost every type of Echo that ever existed since 2014, even the discontinued devices. Make sure your Echo device is plugged in.

    Echo Setup in iOS

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    Change Which Band The Alexa Device Connects To

    If your router supports broadcasting on the 2.4 and 5GHz bands, you can try changing the device from one band to the other. The 2.4GHz band has a better range, so changing to that one from the 5GHz band may help give the device that extra boost in signal strength that it needs.

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    Doing this changes depending on what kind of router you have. Sometimes the router will broadcast two different channels, one for each channel. Sometimes the router only broadcasts one channel and intelligently sorts the devices into each band by itself.

    Whichever method your dual-band router takes, try switching the Alexa device from one band to the other and see if that fixes your issue.

    Which Smart Plugs Support Alexa

    When shopping for smart plugs, youll find that most of them support Amazon Echo and other Alexa products. The easiest way to tell whether a smart plug supports Alexa is by looking at the packaging.

    You should find Alexa compatible,Supports Alexa,Works with Alexa, or something similar. Check the product description on the back of the packaging as well.

    If youre shopping online, read the smart plugs title and description carefully to see whether it supports Alexa.


    For a shortcut, you can use the find feature by pressing Ctrl+F on your computer to search for Alexa. If there are matches, they will show up highlighted. You can also search for text in your smartphones web browser.

    You can find many popular smart plugs on Amazon, such as the , Gosund Smart Plug, and Kasa Smart Plug.

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    If You Cant Find Brand Name During Setup

    If your smart plugs brand name wasnt listed in the Alexa app, scroll to the very bottom and tap Other.

    Tap Discover Devices at the bottom of the screen.

    Your Alexa device will start searching for your smart plug. Once its found, follow the instructions on the Alexa app to set up and pair your smart plug.

    If Alexa couldnt find your smart plug, the app will bring you to a page with four help options.

    Try discovering your device again.

    You can also try plugging your smart plug closer to your router and then try again. If Alexa still cant find your plug, contact Amazon support using the Call customer service or E-mail customer service options.

    Bonus: How To Connect Alexa To Laptop Via Bluetooth

    How To Add New PASSWORD Network to Your Amazon Alexa Wi-Fi (Echo Dot Spot Show Router App Changed)

    You can use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker with practically any device that is Bluetooth enabled. Once you set up Alexa, say Alexa, turn on Bluetooth pairing, and it will start scanning for nearby Bluetooth devices.

    Turn on Bluetooth on your phone/laptop and look for your Echo speaker. Tap on it to pair, and you can now use your Echo as a Bluetooth speaker when streaming Netflix from your phone or laptop. Since Alexa and Apple Music integration seems like a distant dream, for now, this is one way to listen to your Apple Music playlists on your Alexa speakers.

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    How To Use An Amazon Echo

    To get started with your Amazon Echo, it helps to know what the individual buttons and lights mean.

    The majority of the Amazon Echo devices are controlled in a similar way and each model comes with an action button, volume controls, a light ring, and a microphone off option.

    The Action Button, which youll need to use during setup and troubleshooting, is the button with a single white dot in the center. You can use this button to turn off the alarm and timer as well as wake up Echo.

    The Volume controls are either represented with plus and minus buttons or via a ring on the Amazon Echo and the Echo Plus. On the latter, you can increase the volume by rotating the volume ring in a clockwise direction.

    The button to disable the microphone, which stops Alexa from being able to listen to you, is depicted by a microphone with a line through it. Once disabled, the light ring will turn red. Pressing it again will turn the microphone back on.

    To start using your Amazon Echo, following setup, simply say Alexa followed by your question or command. If it has recognized your voice, the light will turn blue to indicate its listening.

    The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot on their own dont do a whole lot or theyre certainly not as useful without enabling Alexa Skills which brings us to our next tutorial.

    Tap The Amazon Echo Device Type

    Tapping the Amazon Echo item brings up the first Setup screen for Alexa Echo devices, as shown next. There, you pick which model of the Echo youâre setting up. Here, weâre setting up an Alexa Echo Dot speaker on WiFi. So, we pointed out the Echo Dot option with a green arrow in the next screen shot.

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    Tap The Alexa Echo Dot That Matches The One Youre Setting Up On Wifi

    Next. grab your tablet / phone again and go back to the Alexa app. You should see the screen pictured in Step 12 above.

    Since weâre connecting a Dot speaker in this scenario, we touch the topmost speaker in the displayed list of Dot versions shown there.

    This starts the Alexa app scanning for new Dot speakers, as shown next.

    Now at this point, the Alexa app is waiting to hear from the speaker youâre setting up. It hears it when you place your Dot into Setup mode.

    If your speaker is indeed in Setup mode, then after a brief pause, Alexa should find your new speaker, as ours did, shown next.

    If Alexa does not find your Echo Dot, check that you have Bluetooth turned on on your mobile device thatâs running the Alexa app. Check also that your Dot is flashing its light ring in orange. Note that the Alexa Dot only stays in Setup mode for several minutes, and times out after that. If timeout happens, then unplug the Dot from power for a few seconds and plug it back in. This should re establish Setup mode. If not, then hard reset it.

    How Do I Connect My Amazon Echo To A New Wi

    NEW Amazon Alexa Echo Dot Generation II

    Opening Alexa and selecting Devices will connect you to a WiFi network you have previously connected to. Tap WiFi, then Echo & Alexa, and choose your Alexa device from this list. The WiFi password for that network should then be entered under Change next to WiFi Network. You need to open the Amazon Alexa app.

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    How Do I Connect My Alexa To University Wi

    Using the Amazon Alexa app, you can control your smartphone or computer using Amazon Alexa. If you already have an Amazon account, create one or sign in with a new one. Youll need to click Connect to Wifi on your phone, this app will then prompt you to browse to Wi-Fi settings on your device. In order to access the Echo Dots wireless network in Wi-Fi settings, select Amazon-xxx where X stands for the number of times you hear it.

    How To Connect Your Amazon Echo And Alexa To Wi

    All the steps required to bring an internet connection to the voice assistant

    The Amazon Echo is the body and Alexa is the brains, but you’re going to need to connect to your home Wi-Fi network in order to receive the full capabilities of both.

    Whether you’ve changed your home internet recently, or you’re trying to get connected at a friend’s house or hotel, changing the Wi-Fi network assigned to your Alexa speaker is both quick and easy.

    Below, we’ve assembled a step-by-step guide so you can see exactly how to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi – read on for everything you need to know.

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    How To Use Your Alexa Device As A Bluetooth Speaker

    To pair your Alexa device to your smartphone and use it as a Bluetooth speaker, follow the steps below:

  • Open your smartphones Bluetooth settings page and go to the Pairing screen.
  • For iPhones, open Settings. Go to Bluetooth, turn on Bluetooth, and then scroll down to Other Devices.
  • For Android phones, open Settings. Go to connections and select Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth, and find the device you want to connect to on your screen.
  • Either say Alexa pair or Alexa Bluetooth to your Alexa device.
  • The device will then appear on the pairing device list on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the speaker name to pair it to your mobile phone.
  • Once connected, your Alexa device will start to stream audio from your smartphone, just as a Bluetooth speaker would.
  • One: Use The Smartphone App

    Setup Amazon Alexa Echo Dot WiFi Configuration

    Most Echo speakers, such as the and , dont have a screen, so youll need to use the Alexa companion app on your smartphone to change settings, including Wi-Fi. The app is available for both iOS and Android, and the process is identical on both and for all Echo speakers.

    Open the app, then open the navigation panel in the top left corner, and select Settings at the bottom of the panel. Now select Device Settings and tap on the device you want to change networks on.

    You should see an entry labelled Wi-Fi network press Change to its right. A new screen will appear inviting you to Begin Echo Setup press Continue at the bottom. Make sure your Echo device is powered on and is showing an orange light if its glowing blue, press and hold the Action button for six seconds until it changes colour.

    Your smartphone may now connect to your Echo device, or you may have to manually connect through your phones Wi-Fi settings menu. Your device will have a custom-named Amazon network .

    Once you are connected and back in the Alexa app, a list of available Wi-Fi networks should appear. Select the one you want and enter the password , then hit Connect. For hidden networks, scroll down to the bottom and tap Add a Network. A progress bar may appear with the message Preparing your Echo. After your device connects, a confirmation message should appear and your device is ready to use.

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