How To Amplify Wifi Signal At Home

How Can I Increase Signal Strength At Home

How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength- Tips & Tricks

You have a few options for boosting your cellular signal, depending on the source of the problem. Most times, your cell signal strength is weak because of:

  • Location of the nearest cell tower
  • Building materials blocking the signal
  • Environmental obstacles such as mountains and trees
  • Your phones capabilities

Where Can I Get Help With A Wifi Extender

If you previously purchased a G.Hn WiFi/Ethernet Extender from CenturyLink, you can visit our troubleshooting page for support, or contact our repair team for additional help.

If you purchase a WiFi extender from TP-Link or another CenturyLink partner, or from an outside source, you will need to get help directly from the manufacturer. You can usually search for the model name/number online to find user guides and online support options. Or contact technical support for that company.

Setting A Wireless Range Extender

There is a range within which the signals can reach. In case there are obstructions like a wall or corners, that might affect the performance. There is also a possibility that your house might be big as compared to your routers optimal range. In that case, you can get a range extender. They look like a standard router, though operate differently. They would pick the Wi-Fi signals from the wireless router and then rebroadcast it. This extended signal might not be as good as the original signal, but it still works. It is not compulsory to get the extender of the same brand as your router.

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How To Use A Wi

Do you have a spot in your home such as a bedroom or out on the deck where its just harder to get a reliable Wi-Fi signal? Youre not alone. Luckily, through better Wi-Fi router placement or tech such as a Wi-Fi extender or Wi-Fi booster, you can easily enhance your internet strength. Heres what you need to know.

What Are The Wi

How To Easily Boost And Improve The Internet WiFi Signal ...

A reception booster depending on its nature could require being plugged into wall outlets, placed on flat surfaces or mounted on walls. Wi-Fi boosters plugged into walls easily blend in with their surroundings, such as an office or home. No cables are needed and their unobtrusive nature means they can be placed virtually anywhere close to an outlet including kitchens and hallway spaces. Flat surface Wi-Fi boosters need a flat surface and limited in terms of placement since they need a wall outlet close by. Wall-mounted Wi-Fi boosters provide the benefits of both a flat surface and wall plugged boosters they can easily be placed on a wall and placement can be just about any place you like.

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Kick Out Wifi Intruders

Security can be an issue with WiFi, especially when we only had WEP passwords, which were notoriously easy to break. Now we have WPA2 passwords, which are much more robust, but it might be worth checking there are no unwanted WiFi piggybackers clogging up your signal. If your neighbour is using your signal to download 4K videogames then your lazy-evening stream of Netflix is going to suffer.

If you have good broadband speed, very few devices connected to your WIFi signal and the device your using is bang up to date but still running very slow, somebody might be piggybacking your signal.

You will need to go about this differently depending on the manufacturer of your router. So check with the user documentation given by your provider or ring them for assistance. At Virgin Media we would be happy to help in such an instance.

You need to check your router logs for a record of any devices that are connecting and disconnecting from your network. Most commonly, routers will show these connections by MAC address. Printers, laptops, TVs, handheld devices and smartphones will all have a unique 12-character field MAC address, each character being a hexadecimal .

Check the user documentation of all your devices to find their unique MAC address and look at your logs to find any devices that shouldnt be there.

Measure Wired Internet Performance

If youve tried the 10 above-described tips for improving wireless internet performance without any success, then its time to shift your focus from your WiFi and measure wired internet performance. To do that, you need an Ethernet cable and a laptop or desktop computer with an Ethernet port.

  • Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to your modem.
  • Connect the other end to your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Open the following address in a web browser: .
  • Compare the results with the speeds advertised by your internet service provider.
  • We recommend you repeat the wired internet performance test several times, preferably at different times of the day. Once youre certain that your internet service provider is to blame, send them the results of your tests and ask them to fix the problem. If they fail to do so, then its probably time to switch to a different internet service provider because even the best tips on how to increase WiFi signal wont help you.

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    Try A Wireless Access Point

    Wireless access points seem to function similarly to a repeater or range extender, but they are quite unique. These systems tend to be more involved and more appropriate to larger homes and businesses. The major problem with repeaters and extenders is they are dependent on the strength of the router’s signal. This can be interrupted, slowed, or blocked by walls, furniture, and other things in the building. They can also slow network speeds. In a home where there are several upload-heavy or streaming needs, this may be insufficient.

    A common solution in this case is a wireless access point. Although the terminology implies this connection is wireless, the access points use wires. In most instances, people take a router and place it somewhere in the middle of a building. They attach an ethernet cable to the router and connect it to several wireless access points throughout the building. The router usually acts as a wireless access point, as well.

    People who find this concept difficult to understand might think of the way they use Wi-Fi in a public place or outdoor space. For example, a city with a public Wi-Fi hotspot probably relies on wireless access points from several nearby buildings. The ethernet connection makes the signal stronger. This way, people can move seamlessly throughout the space without needing to change channels or switch to a different Wi-Fi connection.

    Connectify Hotspot Gets You Much More Than A Stronger Wifi Signal

    Improve your WiFi signal at home

    Here’s what else you can do with Connectify Hotspot besides increasing your WiFi signal strength:

    • Save up to 60% of Internet bandwidth by using the built-in universal ad blocker. It even blocks in-app ads!
    • Easily bridge other devices onto your home network with WiFi Bridging Mode: eliminate all game consoles and smart TV issues with your home WiFi network!
    • Save Money While Traveling: Get all devices online for the price of one when being charged for Internet per device at hotels, on airplanes, etc.
    • Share any Type of Internet Connection with All your Devices: share Internet from existing WiFi networks, LAN, DSL, 3G/4G, even tethered smartphones!

    How to increase WiFi signal strength? Get Connectify Hotspot repeater software now on your computer!

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    Remove Or Replace Your Phone Case

    According to research, some phone cases can by 90%. Depending on how a phone case is designed, it can fully or partially block your phones antenna. You may also want to opt for a case with a built-in antenna that syncs with your phones antenna.

    Pro: Replacing your phone case or removing it altogether may not only improve connectivity but the amount of radiation youre exposed to.

    Con: You may have to experiment with phone cases to find one that works for your situation, which can be costly.

    Change Wireless Channels On Your Router

    To minimize interference from neighboring Wi-Fi signals outside of your home, simply change the wireless channels within your router using Wi-Fi stumbler/analyzer mobile apps and software. Most of these apps or software are free or low-cost they can help you find the optimum channel for a better signal reception.

      Technology has taken a vantage leap in providing solutions for man. Before now, technology used to appear complex and would require a great deal of expertise to handle solutions available. Today, we have technology applicable in the simplest human activities as smart products with intelligent algorithms powering them as they make error-free judgments and provide intelligent and analytic solutions.

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      Simple Tips To Boost Your Wifi

      Tired of videos buffering when youre binge watching on Netflix? Are there places in your home where surfing speeds slow down to a crawl? The broadband plan you signed up for promises blazing fast speeds, but thats not what you are getting in the living room. Sometimes a simple change in your home network can crank up the speed and make a huge improvement on your surfing, streaming, and gaming experience. If youre suffering with slow speeds and patchy Wi-Fi coverage, here are several things to try to boost WiFi:

      Test The Aluminum Foil Theory

      Sunhans 5.8Ghz 2W 2000mW WiFi Signal Booster Wireless LAN ...

      Since metal can be so effective at reflecting the Wi-Fi signal, many homeowners choose to use it to their advantage. Even a thin piece of metal can partially block a signal, so aluminum foil may be a good choice. This project does not take much time and might make a minor improvement in signal. In some cases, people may want to use this as a way to decrease signal strength in other areas. For example, someone who is having a lot of trouble with signal interference from the neighbor may want to place the foil behind the router pointed in the opposite direction.

      People should start by looking at the wireless device speeds before they make changes. This will help them determine how well this attempt works. There may be products available for purchase that aim to accomplish this, but they may or may not be better than just using foil. Homeowners should keep in mind this foil trick is not likely to dramatically increase signal or network speeds. If speeds or connection seems far below standard, there may be other issues involved.

      Using foil to improve Wi-Fi signal is fairly simple. People should take a piece of foil and curve it around a large can or water bottle. Once they unwrap it, they will have a slightly curved sheet. They can place it behind the router, confirming it is not impeding the antennae in any way. Some advice guides recommend cutting open a can and unfolding it, but this can create sharp edges and gouge furniture or put children at risk for injury.

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      Are Wifi Repeaters And Wifi Extenders The Same

      It is obvious that both Wi-Fi extender and Wi-Fi repeaters are similar in many respects. But they are different in their behaviour. A WiFi extender performs by pulling the reception from a router before relaying it to a device. While doing this, it is not transmitting the coverage using the same type of network name as the initial wireless network. For instance, if original or initial network is known as WirelessNet1 the booster will produce a new network name such as WirelessNet2. For your device to connect to the internet as desired, it must connect to WirelessNet2.

      On other hand, the Wi-Fi repeater will work in slightly different manner. The repeater works by repeating the signal received even as the transmission is relayed to a wireless device. It means you will be using a similar wireless network ID as you initially began with. It is also worth noting that lots of boosters actually come with the option of using a Wi-Fi extender as a Wi-Fi repeater. Depending on the Wi-Fi booster it might be as easy as changing the settings allowing you to use a single SSID or network name. You can also find a WiFi extender allowing for multiple SSIDs or network names with unique and separate passes.

      Which Router Is Best For You

      These days, youll find two types of wireless routers: traditional models and mesh network models. Youre probably familiar with the former. Theyre single-unit devices that plug into a modem. They can be plenty fast, supporting even the data-hungry activities of families with dozens of internet-connected devices. But they dont always have the range to effectively blanket a whole home in WiFi, especially if you have a large or obstacle-laden layout.

      Mesh routers are typically packaged in a set with multiple unitsa hub and one or more satellitesthat work together to spread WiFi into the far-flung corners of a home. If you place the hub, which plugs into your modem, near the center of your dwelling, you can shift around the satellites, which help relay the WiFi signal, until you find a configuration that helps you eliminate any dead spots.

      So why doesnt everyone simply choose a mesh router? Theyre pricey, for one thing. The top-rated models in our ratings cost $400 to $500. By contrast, our top-rated single-unit model sells for $200, followed by one that goes for about $160. Theres also an argument to be made for simplicity. With a mesh system, you have several devices strewn about your home vs. just one with a traditional router. If you dont actually need mesh routers, theres no reason to invest in them.

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      Extend Range With A Wi

      The first Wi-Fi booster is a Wi-Fi range extender. A Wi-Fi extender picks up the Wi-Fi signal sent out by your router and lengthens it without negatively impacting overall internet speed. For example, if you get very poor service on a second floor and want to watch YouTube TV at night, you can place a Wi-Fi extender in a bedroom or bathroom. And, you can use multiple Wi-Fi range extenders to increase signal strength in different areas of your home. One key thing to note: check the signal on your router typically a number such as 802.11 and find a Wi-Fi extender that matches it.

      Place Your Router In The Perfect Spot

      How to Make a WIFI Signal Booster Step by Step

      The most simple solution to boost Wi-Fi signal starts with the correct placement. Although people may have limited options for the spot of their router, this choice can make it stronger or weaker. As a general rule, homeowners want a clear spot not too close to appliances or other electronics, close to the center of the home. While putting the router in a corner away from other things may seem like the best place to keep it out of the way, this increases the likelihood people will face a weaker signal.

      Instead, homeowners should evaluate the home and where the bulk of the devices stay. The ideal spot may not be the exact center of the home, but rather the center of the need for connection. People who do not want a strong signal in a remote part of the basement may not need to target their router in that direction, to avoid wasting their efforts. By comparison, homeowners who want better Wi-Fi in the garage or driveway may need to consider that distance in their choice of a router location.

      Although the kitchen or dining room might seem like the perfect place, this is often counterintuitive. The modern kitchen has several devices that may need Wi-Fi, like the family computer or even a smart refrigerator. As a result, many homeowners choose to place the router there for the best signal. However, the kitchen is often full of metal equipment to block waves, along with appliances that do the same. This can weaken the signal to other areas of the home.

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