How To Boost Wifi Signal In Apartment Building

Directional Anntena Explained: Beam A Stronger Signal From The Router

Stretch Your WiFi Signal For 3000 Feet!

This is a way of concentrating the signal from the router in one direction and at further distances. This is good for aiming across the street, at a guest house, to a neighbor, etc. The directional antenna sends a much stronger signal from point A to point B. It is directional though so you will need to point it in the direction you would like to send the signal. This is the best first bet if you already get a signal from them but want it to be stronger. You will need to screw this antenna into the back of the existing router and place it where it has a line of sight with the receiving house. This option paired with the external USB antenna will increase the performance by a lot.

Best Ways To Install The Outdoor Antenna

Since installing the outdoor antenna is the trickiest part, we will run through different scenarios to help you get the best signal possible.

Mounting the Antenna on your Balcony or Patio Railing

If you are one of the lucky ones who lives in an apartment complex that doesnt have strict rules on mounting antennas, the installation process is going to be a breeze.

After locating your nearest tower, youll want the directional antenna to point in the general direction of the cell tower or the area in which your phone receives the strongest signal. Omni-directional antennas dont have to point at a cell tower. After finding the best spot to install the antenna, mount the antenna to the railing.

If you cant point the antenna at the tower or the area where you have the best signal, try mounting the antenna to a window facing the tower , or purchasing an omni-directional antenna and mounting it on your balcony or patio.

Cant Mount the Antenna on your Balcony or Patio Railing

If you cant mount anything to the railing or the wall of your balcony, consider a signal booster that comes with a panel antenna for an easy window installation or use a tripod mast . Attach the antenna to the included mounting brackets, followed by mounting the brackets to the mast. Make sure the directional antenna is pointing in the direction of the cell tower or the area with the best signal.

Dont Have a Balcony or Patio

Pricier But Much More Capable: Netgear Ex7700

*At the time of publishing, the price was $124.

The Netgear Nighthawk X6 EX7700 costs several times as much as our other picks, but its worth the investment if you have larger dead spots in your home or if you want mesh featuressuch as a single network namethat can work with any router. Unlike the regular Wi-Fi extenders, which improved our test networks reliability but gave up some speed, the EX7700 improved our Wi-Fi in every way. Because it adds mesh features without replacing your main router, its also the best option for problematic Wi-Fi if you have to use an ISP-provided router for TV functions. But if youre thinking about buying the EX7700 as well as a new router, youre better off just starting from scratch with a dedicated mesh-networking kit.

The EX7700 is typically five times more expensive than the RE220 or RE300, but in return the Netgear EX7700 outpaced both of those extenders in all of our testing. Whereas other extenders improved reliability in a small area at the cost of some speed, the EX7700 was able to improve the size, reliability, and speed of our network compared with using the Archer A7 router alone.

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Why Do I Have No Service In My Basement

Do you struggle with no service in your basement? A surprising number of people either have an office, workshop or other workspaces in a basement or live in a basement-level apartment.

Getting reliable cell signal in these spaces is typically problematic because a basement is below ground level and cell signal has a hard time getting to this area. Keep in mind that mobile phone signal operates on a line-of-sight basis.

If you happen to be below ground level in a basement, then theres no clear line-of-sight to the nearest cell tower signal source that your phone is trying to connect with.

And that, in a nutshell, is why its normally so tough to get good cell reception in a basement.

Fortunately, there are some tips below you can try for free that may improve your below-ground-level cell signal. Also, there are proven technologies that absolutely can solve for poor cell signal in your basement, for example, a signal booster for basements. Read on below to learn more.

Who Needs A Wi

5 Ways to Boost a Wifi Signal

The average router is designed to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal up to 150 feet through open space. So if you want your home internet signal to reach the corners of your home and throughout your property, youll probably need to do some tinkering.

Wi-Fi dead zones are the everyday reality of living in a large home, having an unusual home layout with multiple floors, or having outbuildings.

Home construction materials can also interfere with Wi-Fi signals. Stone or brick interior walls are notorious for creating dead zones. Appliances, mirrors, walls, and flooring can also interfere with your home Wi-Fi signal.

This doesn’t mean that everyone needs an extender, booster, or repeater , but for some people, they can be just the solution they’re looking for.

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Cell Phone Carrier Certified Solutions

  • Get a cell phone signal booster.Cell phone signal boosters are the only solution certified and recommended by all of the major carriers and the FCC to take an existing outside cell signal, amplify it, and then distribute the strong signal inside your home, business or vehicle. They work with all networks simultaneously, have no recurring fees, and are a great option if you have an existing outside signal that you can boost.

    Learn more about the 25 Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for 2021.

  • Get a Verizon network extender. This solution is only for people who have Verizon Wireless, as they are the only carrier who still offers a network extender. A network extender, also called a femtocell or microcell, is a device sold by Verizon that creates a cell signal in your home and routes all of your cellular calls and data over your broadband internet. While there are some downsides to network extenders, like call handoff issues, if you dont have any existing cell signal outside, then it’s going to be your best option.
  • Use WiFi calling While not technically a method to improve your cell signal, making calls and using data over WiFi is one way to maintain contact with the outside world when there is no cell signal available for you to improve. Here are instructions on how to use WiFi calling on your iPhone and Android phones.
  • Extending Building’s Free Wifi To My Mom’s Apt Where There Is No Signal

    My mom lives in a building that provides free wifi to each floors lobby. The signal vanishes about half way down the hall to her apt. Those who live close enough have free wifi in their apt, those who live near the end of the hall do not. Mgt has no intention of doing anything to extend it.

    Anyone have any ideas for a temporary solution I can bring with me each time to get a signal in her apt? I have no access to any ethernet cables, there are two power outlets in the lobby . Or is there something I could put in her apt that would pick up the signal?

    Signal loss happens generally anywhere from 8-15 paces from her apt , hall walls and walls between the apartments are plasterboard over cement with steel girders when needed. The elevators are on her side of the lobby and her apt is on the elevator side of the hall. Lobby ends at the hall so no option of putting anything anywhere that isnt going to have the elevators in the line of sight.

    Any suggestions appreciated. Id love to sit in her living room and use the internet. Or better yet lie in bed at night and do so .

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    How To Connect Any Outbuilding To Any Wifi System

    The o2Surf Connection system allows you to Scan, Select and Link any building in range to your existing WiFi Router or Access Point. Our powerful Wireless Client/Router unit, can link any outbuilding to your home Router in minutes!

    What you need to correctly link any outbuilding to your WiFi network, is a powerful Wireless Client device, with a high power antenna thats strong enough to extend your outbuilding to your home Router, or any router or access point for that matter. At that point, you will have an excellent connection to your home router or source of internet, but then another device to rebroadcast, or, Repeat or a localized Access Point is needed inside of that building. Thats where RadioLabs new o2Surf WiFi Connection System comes into play. This kit, has every single device needed inside the kit, to be able to permanently Tether or link the remote building, to your home WiFi router!

    The Best Way To Boost Cell Signal In Your Apartment

    How To Get WiFi Through Walls (Simple But Powerful Trick)

    Poor cell phone signal doesnt have to be a deal breaker. The most reliable way to boost your cellular service inside your apartment is by investing in a cell phone signal booster.

    Signal boosters, also known as cell phone repeaters, are FCC approved devices designed to take your existing 3G and 4G LTE signals, amplify them, and broadcast them throughout your apartment – eliminating dropped calls, unsent text messages, and sluggish internet. Most apartment signal boosters are also 5G ready, meaning that theyll boost voice and 4G LTE data signals on 5G phones and devices.

    They are designed to bypass any material interfering with the signal, as well as communicate with far distanced cell phone towers for better reception and faster data for all cellular devices across all carriers . As you can see, they can overcome most cell phone signal challenges your apartment faces.

    In addition, you dont have to worry about paying any monthly fees to improve your signal – its a one-time purchase. Not to mention, you dont need WiFi or a broadband connection for the signal booster to work.

    So, if you want a reliable cellular network in addition to a WiFi network, or you want a reliable cellular network, a signal booster can help you stay connected, and save you money in the long run.

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    How To Extend Wifi Signal To Another Building

    Perhaps you have a guest house in the backyard or maybe your office spans two neighboring buildings. It may seem impossible to extend existing WiFi outside and connect the two at first, but its actually not very hard or expensive to achieve, if you follow our advice.

    For example, store bought or even enterprise grade access points are not recommended for extending your WiFi outside to another building because the wireless signal will have to pass through at least two sets of walls and will be significantly weakened and potentially unusable by the time it hits the end users device.

    Configure Your Equipment Properly

    Using higher end equipment is a double edged sword. On one end, you have the ability to completely configure your equipment to work most efficiently in your environment. On the other end, you have to know what youre doing.

    You want to avoid the congested 2.4 GHz range and use 5 GHz exclusively. You may want to disable SSIDs from broadcasting on the 2.4 GHz band. While this band can penetrate through walls better than bands of a high frequency, it cannot support higher speeds and often competes with signals coming from microwaves, cordless phones and remote controls a recipe for interference.

    Using an 802.11 AC wave 2 access point and broadcasting on 5 GHz exclusively will allow for higher throughput and faster wireless performance. All modern devices are compatible with 5 GHz WiFi and this spectrum is widely unused, so you wont experience dropped connections or lost packets caused by interference while browsing the Internet.

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    How To Improve Wifi In A Dorm

    If youre experiencing spotty WiFi in a dorm, theres unfortunately often less you can do about it. Most colleges and universities have established, on-campus WiFi and students are unable to choose their own network or provider.

    However, you have a few options. First, try a USB WiFi adapter. This can increase your range of connectivity or boost your current signal. In some ways, its like a WiFi extender or mesh network, but doesnt require having control over your internet service.

    You can also turn your phone into a hotspot if you need a temporary boost. While a hotspot can burn through your phones data fairly quickly particularly if youre streaming it can also give your connection a much-needed boost to finish uploading a presentation or downloading a study guide. Almost every smartphone comes with a hotspot capability, and you can enable it under settings.

    If youre looking for a more long-term solution, you can try reducing your bandwidth. While it could be your whole dorm taking up bandwidth, opting to turn off any streaming while youre on a videoconference or downloading large files can help. The fewer programs you have running simultaneously, the less your speed is split.

    If these tips have made it clear that you just need a new internet service provider, EarthLink can help. Were serviceable at more than 78% of homes across the U.S. and have speeds up to 1 Gig on fiber internet. That means a dedicated connection for internet at the speed of light.

    Boosting Wifi Signal From Neighbor By Extending With Antenna

    Homebase WiFi  Smart apartment building

    These two extender options are for different situations. One being you have no access or line of sight to the router such as an apartment building and one being you do have access and a line of sight like across a street.

    Extend Without Access To Router

    Stronger Wireless USB ReceiverEasiest solution without physical access to routerIf you do not have direct physical access to the neighbors router, the only thing you can do is upgrade your wireless receiver on your desktop or laptop. Luckily this is very easy to do. But to be clear, you still need the network password or for it to be an open network. You will not be able to hack into the WiFi at all with any option. Wireless security just does not work that way.

    You can use a better-upgraded booster antenna for your computer to pick up the signal. This should work for accessing your neighbors wireless internet. It will surely increase your range at which you can detect a wireless signal and the strength at which you transmit data. Meaning not only will your speeds increase, but you will also see many new wireless networks from other neighbors that you never knew existed.

    Of course, the better option is to send a stronger signal direct from the router if you can, but we understand that is not always possible and that is when you buy this WiFi antenna receiver booster. But if you want an even stronger network, the better option is to use this receiver along with a stronger router or long-range antenna like the next option.

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