How To Boost Wifi Signal On Phone

Improving Cell Phone Wifi With A Signal Booster

Boost WiFi signal of your mobile phone for 300%

WiFi to you cell phone has changed over the years.

In the beginning, using Internet service providers like Time Warner Cable, Uverse, Fios and Comcast meant you were tethered to a router and landline internet.

However, with the increasing improvements of cell phone signal technology, using 3G & 4G LTE as a dedicated source of wi-fi as gain popularity as many find ways to ditch the old landlines and go truly wireless. Cell phone carriers such as Verizon, AT& T, Sprint, and T-Mobile are always looking to stay competitive and speeding up mobile internet is the way to go.

With unlimited 3G & 4G plans and speeds beginning to rival that of landline internet, it just may be time to cut the cord. After all, our digital lives are mobile now. We need to be connected everywhere at any time. And with 5G coming in the near future, the old days of desktops, cables, and stationary routers will be a thing of the past.

However, depends on getting quality signal to your phone. Because when streaming YouTube videos, text messaging, or posting the latest Instagram pic, you’ll need fast internet and one bar 3G or 4G might not be enough.

That’s why getting a cell phone signal booster is a good investment.

It takes whatever signal you’re getting right now to your cell phone and amplifies it multiple times and then rebroadcasts the signal to an area in need inside your home or car. More bars, always connected.

“But why should I pay extra for something I should already be getting?”

Update Your Os And Apps

Updating both your iPhones operating system and iOS apps can fix various glitches or bugs you may be experiencing. iPhone updates can also increase your smartphones security and add extra features and functionality, making your smartphone more functional and efficient.

Updating your iPhone’s carrier settings can also improve your call quality.

How Can An App Help To Boost Wifi Signal

Some WiFi booster apps such as NetSpot make it possible to create a detailed heat map showing the strength of your WiFi coverage. Just like a weather map shows areas of exceptionally hot or cold temperatures, so does a signal heat map show the areas where your WiFi router doesnt reach.

A signal heat map is a great starting point on your way towards a stronger WiFi as it allows you to determine the effectiveness of various WiFi booster techniques. With the help of NetSpot, you can quickly and easily determine which router placement works the best and adjust accordingly.

Likewise, NetSpot and many other WiFi booster apps allow you to boost WiFi signal by exposing overused WiFi channels, which are like the lines on the highway. When all cars drive in a single line, you can expect traffic jams to occur and everyone to move slowly. But as soon as you switch to a different line, you can increase your travel speed because there are no cars in your way blocking you, and the same goes for WiFi channels.

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Cell Phone Signal Boosters For Android

The best way to boost signal strength on your Android is with a cell phone signal booster. With a booster, youll experience better call quality, fewer dropped calls, and faster data speeds. Here are the benefits of choosing weBoost signal boosters:

  • Compatible with all U.S. carriers, no need to switch
  • Works anywhere theres an existing cell signal
  • One-time purchase with no monthly fees
  • 5G ready, will work for the next decade and beyond

Whether you need an in-home or in-vehicle solution, weBoost offers affordable signal boosters for your Android phone to ensure you always have a reliable cellular connection.

Look For Points Of Interference

How to increase your wifi signal â Tech Sharing

Check for things that could be interfering with the WiFi signal going to your Android phone. A thick case can be great for protecting your device but keep you from having a strong signal, especially if it contains some metal. Unfortunately, there arent any apps that can tell you if your problem is as simple as changing your phone case. However, you can try taking the case on and off to see if it improves your WiFi connection.

Make sure your router is sitting upright and in a place where its not near electrical equipment that could cause interference. You can also try elevating the router so that it sits above any furniture that could get in the way of the signals. Make sure theres enough space around the router so that it stays cool and doesnt overheat.

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Change Your Wifi Frequency Band

Most Android devices are compatible with the 5GHz frequency band, which means that a much faster and much more reliable connection is available for your device. However, very frequently your phone might have the older 2.4GHz option enabled by default, but you can change that easily.

Of course, we only recommend you do that if your WiFi router is compatible with 5GHz, which is typically the case for most newer models .

To swap the frequency band youre using on Android, go to your WiFi settings, tap Advanced and then look for WiFi frequency band. Then, simply select the Automatic option so your device can always make the choice to use 5GHz whenever possible.

Find A Better Location

Even if your mobile carrier promises good service in your area, cellular networks can still be blocked or interrupted by geography, buildings, and other large objects. If youre experiencing weak signals on your iPhone, try walking around your house, on your balcony, and in your backyard to see if the issue is specific to a particular location. The back porch might be your favorite place to take phone calls, but it could also have the worst reception.

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Reset Your Network Settings

Resetting your iPhones network settings removes all of your saved network names and passwords and has been known to fix cellular and internet connectivity issues. You will need to re-enter all of your Wi-Fi login information again after resetting your network settings on your iPhone, but its still worth trying if none of the other solutions work.

Placing Your Wifi Router

How to boost your iPhone wifi signal

Pictured are several contraptions you can make to send your wifi signal more directly to the devices that need it the most, but often just thinking about router placement helps.

The most useful way to get the most out of your router is to find the best spot in your home to place it. Wireless routers can not be hidden if you want it to be most effective. Make sure to place it in a central location away from other electronics that may interrupt the signal. Make sure the antenna is kept straight up and down and find a high spot if at all possible.

Do not have your router near a bunch of magnets or a microwave, or beside your electric fuse box, all of these things can interrupt and interfere with wifi range.

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Pros & Cons Of Cell Phone Signal As A Main Source For Internet

Cell phone signals are radio waves that cover great distances and deliver fast data but are easily disrupted by almost everything under the sun.

A cell signal starts out strong from the cell tower. But it has to battle with outside interference . Then it has squeeze through building material such as thick concrete and brick, metal, glass, radiant barrier, and other conductive material .

But everything changes with a cell phone wifi booster.

A cell phone wifi signal booster takes the existing weak signal, amplifies it multiple times, then rebroadcasts the boosted signal to an area in need in your home or car. Stronger signal, more bars, and reliable reception.

Most importantly, constant connection, no disruptions, and more bars. Service that just works.

Cell phone wifi boosters do not require landline internet or monthly landline internet fees. They’re approved for use by all major US carriers .

Besides extending your cell phone coverage, it’ll eliminate dropped calls, stuck text messages, and slow internet. Even better, voice quality is greatly improved so no more repeating. It saves you time and provides you with ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

Wifi cell phone boosters work on ALL PHONES that use 2G, 3G, and 4G technology.

Below are the six most popular wireless boosters, ranged from good, better, and best. These are ranked in two categories, cell phone booster for home and cell phone booster for car. Bring the cell tower to you!

Signal Booster For Android: Homes

Depending on the size of your home and your unique needs, weBoost offers different multi-user solutions:

Home Room is an affordable, one-room solution that boosts your Android cell signal in your home or office. Its ideal for small homes and apartments and covers an area of up to 1,500 square feet.

  • Faster internet speeds and streaming
  • Fewer dropped calls
  • Easy, tool-free installation

Home MultiRoom is designed for medium-sized homes, and boosts your Android cell signal in three rooms, covering up to 5,000 square feet. When compared to Home Room, this booster connects with cell towers that are located up to 34% farther away.

  • Up to 21 dBm uplink-output power
  • Greater hotspot capability
  • Easy installation with 3M Command Strips and flat window cable

Home Complete is weBoosts most powerful booster for large homes or rural areas, covering 7,500 square feet, up to 46% more than Home MultiRoom. With Home Complete, youll get faster internet speeds and up to 24 dBm uplink-output power.

  • Up to 72 dB max system gain
  • Better voice quality and hotspot capability
  • DIY, step-by-step installation

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Update Your Radio Or Firmware

If you’re receiving OTA updates from your carrier or manufacturer, then this probably doesn’t apply to you, but if you are running custom ROMs, you may find yourself occasionally needing to manually update the radio on your Android. As an example, here’s how to update the bootloader and radio on the Nexus 5. You should also make sure you’re on the latest version of Android to ensure the best performance. To check this, go to Settings > About > Software updates.

How To Make Your Hotspot Faster

Super Boost WiFi, Wireless WiFi Range Extender

The best method is a hotspot signal booster.

A hotspot signal booster takes the incoming cell signal, amplifies it, and then rebroadcasts the signal to an area in need .

It does this with 3 components:

  • The Outside Antenna pulls in cellular signal.
  • The Amplifiers boost the cellular signal.
  • The Inside Antenna rebroadcasts the stronger signal to an area in need.

Stronger 4G, LTE, and 3G means better internet connection, faster streaming data, consistent service, and wider coverage area.

Depending if your hotspot has a port or adapter for an external antenna, with the right connector you might be able to DIRECTLY connect to the amplifier for maximum signal boost.

So what are the guarantees?

  • Works for all carrier hotspots
  • Works for all cellular devices and routers
  • One time purchase, no monthly fees
  • Independent device, does not need to be connected to landline internet
  • Better signal or 90-day money back guarantee

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The Best Direct Connect Hotspot Signal Booster For Cellular Routers

  • Boosts cellular signal by directly connecting to your cellular router or modem
  • Customizable – numerous antenna and connector setups for your exact router
  • Best for buildings that block cellular signal
  • Provides guaranteed increase to WiFi speeds
  • FREE shipping, no minimum purchase.
  • 90 Day money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime support.

Check How Far You Are From The Router

Without even installing an app, it is always a good idea to check how close you are from your router. In case the speed issues occur only when you are some distance away from the router, it is always a good idea to sit a bit closer. If that is not possible, you may be required to physically move the router to a better location.

If the issues remain even after you are relatively close to the router, it is always advisable to restart it once.

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Contact Your Internet Service Provider

If you see extreme throttling in Wi-Fi speed, contact your ISP and ensure there is no pending bill. On payment default, some companies do not cut off the connection entirely but significantly reduce the speed. Once you clear the past payment, your service will be restored to normal speed.

Additionally, it is also possible that there is a temporary community-wide service outrage in your area. Contacting the internet provider and explaining to them about low speeds might help.

Tip #10 Hack The Firmware Settings

How to Boost WiFi Signal

A router has a fixed range within which, it will transmit signals and it will weaken as and when obstacles come in the way. There is an excellent trick suggested by a popular website where you can install DD-WRT Firmware for your router. The new firmware is more powerful than the generic firmware available with routers. Moreover, there are plenty of features that you can enjoy with this firmware. It will boost the speed of the router up to 70 mW thus, giving a much broader range for an interception.

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What Is A Wifi Booster

Browsing the web, streaming video, text messaging, posting the latest pics on Facebook or Instagram, you’re going to need fast internet. One bar of 4G signal isn’t going to cut it.

Luckily, there’s a solution.

A cell phone WiFi booster takes outside cellular signal, amplifies it, then rebroadcasts the signal to an area in need inside your home or car.

More bars, more speed, always connected.

The Best Cell Phone Wifi Signal Booster For Home

  • 5G ready. Boosts talk, text, and 4G LTE and 3G data
  • Up to 5,000 sq ft of cell phone WiFi coverage under best conditions
  • Up to +65 dB of gain, with 21 dBm uplink and 12 dBm downlink
  • Multiple accessories for maximum coverage and customization
  • Complete coverage for multiple rooms or midsize home for all carriers across multiple devices
  • Outdoor yagi antenna and indoor panel antenna configuration, with stylish fabric front

The weBoost Home MultiRoom is designed to cover several rooms, an entire floor, or a whole midsize, one-story home with cell phone WiFi signal. As its name suggests, you can expect multiple rooms of coverage with the unit assuming decent outside cellular signal. Assuming flawless outside signal, you can expect up to 5,000 square feet of coverage, but in most situations you can expect 2,000-3,000 square feet of indoor coverage. If you live in a rural area with very weak outdoor signal, expect significantly reduced coverage. In fact, if youâre in an area with next to no signal, this is the lowest grade signal booster you should ever consider buying.

It features a nice, clean look, with an indoor antenna that won’t stand out amid your existing home decor.

The weBoost Home MultiRoom boosts signal for all major North American carriers. Should you ever change carrier, the weBoost Home MultiRoom will still work.

If you live in an extremely weak signal area, or have a really big house you want to cover, consider its sister product, the weBoost Home Complete.

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