How To Change My Centurylink Wifi Password

How To Change Centurylink Wifi Password

How to change Wifi password Windows 10! – CenturyLink DSL Modem Router – It’s Easy!

Your WiFi password is what protects your wireless network against drive-by hackers, snoopers, and any other type of threats. This is exactly why your CenturyLink WiFi password must be changed once your equipment is all set up and service activated?it is not a good idea to keep the default SSID or password which comes printed on the label on your wireless modem.

There is nothing complex about changing your CenturyLink Internet WiFi password. The only downside of changing it is once it has been reset, you will have to log into your WiFi network on every wireless device in the house with the new password.

Now there are two different ways to change your WiFi password. The first is to change it through the My CenturyLink app, which can be easily downloaded from Apple or Google store. And the second is to change the password via the web interface of your CenturyLink Internet wireless modem.

Resetting Your Centurylink Modem

If your internet is not working properly or you have accidentally messed up the modem settings, you can reset your router and it will move back to the default settings. However, before resetting your modem, always try rebooting it first and see whether the problem has been solved or not. Rebooting involves unplugging the modem for a couple of minutes and plugging it back in. This might fix most of the issues.

If simple rebooting does not fix the problem, you can reset your modem. The reset button is placed at the back of the modem. You can use it to fix:

  • Problems during online gaming

How Can I Change My Xfinity Wifi Password

Change the Xfinity password to access Wi-Fi access points in your web browser. Click Users. Click on the account whose password you want to change. Next to Password, click Change. Enter your current password in the field above. Enter a new password and confirm it. Click on “Save”. Ask a question to remember your password.

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What Are The Possible Ways To Secure Wi

How to secure your Wi-Fi network. Change the router’s default username and password. First you need to change the router username and password. MAC address filtering. MAC address filtering is the best way to protect your Wi-Fi network. Enable network encryption. Changing the SSID By default, the SSID is the trademark of the router.

How To Login To Centurylink Router

10 Steps To CenturyLink WiFI Password

Time needed: 2 minutes.

The default router password for the CenturyLink router is 1234. Below are the steps that you need to follow to login you:

  • Connect to CenturyLink

    Using your WiFi or an Ethernet cable, connect to your Century Link network.

  • Log in to CenturyLink

    Go to the CenturyLink router login address: on your internet browser window. You will see the admin username and password on a sticker attached to your modem. Enter the router username and password.

  • Go to Advanced Setup

    Choose Advanced Setup to change the password. Hit Administrator Password on the left-hand menu. Type in the new password, retype it and save to finish.

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    How To Change Your Wifi Password On My Centurylink App

    The simplest and easiest way to change your CenturyLink WiFi password is through the My CenturyLink app. If you have not downloaded it yet, you can install it right now from your app store. Once you have downloaded it, follow these steps:

  • Sign in using your CenturyLink credentials.
  • Navigate to My Products. And click on Networks in the Control Your WiFi menu.
  • Next select the WiFi network for which the password is to change.
  • On the new screen that appears, you can change your WiFi password.
  • Last of all, click on Save Changes.
  • In some versions of the My CenturyLink app you may see a slightly different interface. Here is what you should do:

  • Under the My Products tab, click on Change My WiFi Password.
  • On the next screen enter your new password and confirm it.
  • Lastly click on Save Changes.
  • How To Change Your Wifi Password Via Centurylink Wireless Modem

    Another method of changing your CenturyLink WiFi password is through the wireless modem settings. Here are the steps you must follow:

  • Connect a wireless device to the modem or connect via Ethernet.
  • Open your preferred browser and type in the CenturyLink Gateway IP i.e.
  • This will bring you to CenturyLink modem settings.
  • Use the default username and password to log into the modem web interface. You can find this information printed on the label either at the bottom or side of the gateway device. Do note this username and password are not the same as your SSID and WiFi password.
  • Next click on Wireless Setup.
  • You may have the choice to select one or both of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands at this stage. If both bands are enabled you will have to repeat the process of changing the password for both. You can however use the same password for the two bands. .
  • Next select Wireless Security from the left hand menu.
  • And, then select the SSID which pertains to your CenturyLink Internet WiFi It is the same as printed on the label on your modem.
  • Enter the Security Type as you see it printed on the modem label.
  • Set the Encryption Type to Both.
  • In some cases you maybe asked to enter the Authentication Type?if yes, choose Open.
  • To change your CenturyLink WiFi password, select the Use Custom Security Key/Passphrase option, and enter the new password.
  • Lastly, click on Apply to save changes. And, voila! You are done.
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    Do I Need To Change My Modem Password

    Its an excellent idea to change your modem password and username. The manufacturer almost definitely reuses the default settings, and tech-savvy individuals and hackers know that. Changing a modems password and the associated Wi-Fi network password can also help you if you suspect some of your neighbors are using your internet connection.

    • How do I change the password on a CenturyLink modem?

      To change the password on a CenturyLink modem, you’ll use the CenturyLink app. or get the Android My CenturyLink app. Open the app and go to the My Product screen, tap Change My Wi-Fi Password, and then follow the prompts.

    • How do I change the password on an Xfinity modem?

      The easiest way to change an Xfinity modem’s password is to or get the Android Xfinity My Account app. Launch the app, sign in with your Xfinity username and password, and then select Internet> Wireless Gateway> Change Wi-Fi Settings. Enter a new password and tap Save.

    • How do I change my Comcast modem password?

      “Comcast” and “Xfinity” are often used interchangeably, with products that are sometimes cross-branded, so you’ll use the Xfinity My Account app to change the modem password. or get the Android Xfinity My Account app. Launch the app, sign in with your username and password, and then select Internet> Wireless Gateway> Change Wi-Fi Settings. Enter a new password and tap Save.

    S To Find Ppp Password On Century Link

    How to Change CenturyLink WiFi Name and Password

    In the event if you have received the Greenwave C4000XG or other similar device, then heres how you can fetch your PPP password.

    • Get access to your web browser, then login into the Greenwave C4000XG’s or similliar devices web UI.
    • Next, youll need to navigate to the Advanced Setup from the homepage, then select the WAN Settings option.
    • Also, youll need to make sure that your DevTools is opened, then locate the XHR request: /cgi/cgi_get?Object=Device.PPP.Interface.
    • Finally, youll root the JSON file to find the PPP username and password.

    Therefore, you should be able to find your CenturyLink PPP password. However, if not yet, then it is strongly recommended to contact the tech-support services on Century Link and get your respective router device PPP password. Furthermore, if you have any other issues with your Century Link router device, then also you can consult with them to get better help.

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    How Can I Change The Name Of My Wireless Router

    This article explains how to rename your wireless network. You can usually change the name of your network on your router’s page in your web browser, although you must first find your router’s address to access your page. If that doesn’t work, restart your router and then reconnect to change the network name.

    Can Change Wifi Password

    Step 1 : Open Windows 10 settings and click “Network and Internet”.Step 2 : Select the Wi-Fi option on the left and select Manage known networks.Step 3 : Here you will find all previous Wi-Fi networks you have connected to. Just click on the one you want to change the password for.Step 4 : Select the “Forget” option.

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    Find A Good Wireless Channel Instead Of Auto On Your Actiontec C1000a Centurylink Router

    Auto-channels might fail you once in a while believe that youre smarter than the Actiontec router! Find a seamless wireless channel instead of what the router finds automatically. This would ensure that your signal doesn’t interfere with that of your neighbors.

    If youre running a Windows-based PC, you can see what channels neighboring Wi-Fi networks are using.

    • Press Start > type cmd. Open Command prompt
    • In command prompt type netsh wlan show all

    You will see a list of all wireless networks and the channels being used in your vicinity. instead of using Auto for the control channel, Pick the channel that has the lowest interference

    How Do I Change My Local Network Name

    How To Change Centurylink Wifi Password

    Press Windows Key + R, type and press Enter to launch it. In the Local Security Policy window, navigate to Network List Management Policy in the left pane. Now double click on the name of the network you want to change in the right pane. Make sure Name is selected in the Name section of the property pages.

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    How To Change Internet Name And Password

    Change the Wi-Fi network name and password in Windows 10 Find the IP address of the default network gateway. Log in to your network router. Try to use the default username. Network router management console. Change the wireless settings. Changing the SSID To set the desired network name, you need to change the SSID. Change the wireless password.

    How To Change Your Wi Fi Password

    This article was co-authored by Luigi Oppido. Luigi Oppido is the Owner and Operator of Pleasure Point Computers in Santa Cruz, California. Luigi has over 25 years of experience in general computer repair, data recovery, virus removal, and upgrades. He is also the host of the Computer Man Show! broadcasted on KSQD covering central California for over two years. This article has been viewed 8,997,098 times.

    Wi-Fi is great for keeping you connected, but a poorly secured Wi-Fi can put your personal information at risk. Keeping your router password protected and changing the password regularly are essential keys to protecting your network and your data. Changing your password also keeps cheap neighbors from stealing your bandwidth! To change your Wi-Fi password, you’ll need to open your router’s configuration page, log in using your current details, and change the password under the wireless settings menu.

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    What If I Forgot My Centurylink Wi

    In the unfortunate scenario that you have forgotten your CenturyLink Wi-Fi password, you would not be able to connect to your network itself.

    When this happens, you would not be able to change any settings, too, unless you have a computer connected to your router via wire and change the settings from there.

    If what you have forgotten is your router admin page password, then you cannot change any settings on your router.

    Is Your Password Easy To Hack

    How to change your wireless password

    According to SplashData, the most common password used in 2019 is 123456. SplashData estimates that about 3% of people use that as a password. Other common passwords include:


    Using one of these easy-to-guess passwords is like leaving your front door unlocked for anyone to come in. About 16% of password hacking attempts come from password spraying to try logging in. Criminals can use your data for a variety of purposes online, including accessing your financial information. They might even pretend to be you online by sending emails from your address or creating social media accounts using your profile information.

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    How Can You Set The Administrator Password On Centurylink Wifi Modem

    It is important to understand it is not difficult to gain access to your network through the use of administrator login and password for the CenturyLink WiFi modem. When your CenturyLink internet is set up, the admin username and password is what you get by default?thus the info needs to be changed for the network to be protected.

    This works similar to how you change the WiFi Password through the CenturyLink modem settings via the web interface. Here is what you must do to change the default credentials to the modem settings?

  • Connect a wireless device to the modem or connect via Ethernet.
  • Open your preferred browser and type in the CenturyLink Gateway IP i.e.
  • This will bring you to CenturyLink modem settings.
  • Use the default administrator username and password to log in. You can find this information printed on the label either at the bottom or side of the gateway device. Do note this username and password are not the same as your SSID and WiFi password.
  • Select Advanced Setup from the main menu.
  • Next select Administrator Password?you will find this under the Security tab which appears in the side bar on the left-hand side.
  • Select Enable to set the administrator username and password state.
  • Now, enter the new username and password. You will be prompted to confirm the new password.
  • How Passwords Get Cracked

    Wherever you have an account, a database stores your login information. To keep passwords safe, these systems hash or encrypt the password, scrambling the information so it isnt easily accessible. Different parts of your password are marked with a hash value to make it difficult to decode.

    Data breaches, which are all too common, often include hashed passwords, and hackers have a variety of creative methods to crack passwords. For example, a rainbow table is a database that stores common plaintext passwords alongside their corresponding hash value, making it easier for hackers to decode a hashed password. They use brute force attacks to guess at every single possible letter, number, symbol combination in a password. Hackers also maintain and use lists of commonly used passwords, like 123456, to break into accounts.

    Cybersecurity is more important than ever and setting crack-proof passwords is a key part of protecting yourself from identity theft or fraud. Keep your personal data safe from hackers with these tips for making a strong WiFi password.

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