How To Change Wifi Name On Centurylink

Where To Look For The Login Details Of The Modem

CenturyLink – Changing Wifi name and password

In case youre scrambling to figure out the login credentials to your Wi-Fi modem, you can achieve it in a few simple steps.

But before that, you need to find out the login credentials to your modem.

Worry not, for you can always find these details behind the device itself or on the manual that comes along with it.

Make sure you figure that out first before getting into further details.

How Frequently Can I Change The Wifi Username And Password Of Centurylink

There are no specific times that you will need to change the Wi-Fi username and password of Centurylink. You can change the login details when you feel there is a need to change because there are too many users. However, the major reason why you need to make such changes is because of the need to have safety.

You can change the login details as many times as you wish so long as you need to enhance the connection√Ęs security. If you want to privatize the network, you can make changes whenever you feel too much usage.

How To Change Your Wifi Password Via Centurylink Wireless Modem

Another method of changing your CenturyLink WiFi password is through the wireless modem settings. Here are the steps you must follow:

  • Connect a wireless device to the modem or connect via Ethernet.
  • Open your preferred browser and type in the CenturyLink Gateway IP i.e.
  • This will bring you to CenturyLink modem settings.
  • Use the default username and password to log into the modem web interface. You can find this information printed on the label either at the bottom or side of the gateway device. Do note this username and password are not the same as your SSID and WiFi password.
  • Next click on Wireless Setup.
  • You may have the choice to select one or both of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands at this stage. If both bands are enabled you will have to repeat the process of changing the password for both. You can however use the same password for the two bands. .
  • Next select Wireless Security from the left hand menu.
  • And, then select the SSID which pertains to your CenturyLink Internet WiFi It is the same as printed on the label on your modem.
  • Enter the Security Type as you see it printed on the modem label.
  • Set the Encryption Type to Both.
  • In some cases you maybe asked to enter the Authentication Type?if yes, choose Open.
  • To change your CenturyLink WiFi password, select the Use Custom Security Key/Passphrase option, and enter the new password.
  • Lastly, click on Apply to save changes. And, voila! You are done.
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    How To Change Your Centurylink Wifi Password

    Creating a unique password is an important step in securing your home network. This article will show you two ways you can change your WiFi password:

  • Through the CenturyLink App
  • Through the Wireless Security area of your modem settings, which you can access on a computer or other connected device
  • Note that you may also want to customize your network name to make it easy to recognize.

    Customers with the Zyxel C3510XZ modem, please follow the instructions to change Zyxel C3510XZ WiFi settings.

    How To Change Your Wifi Network Name

    ZyXEL C1100Z Screenshot WirelessWMM

    First access the wireless settings as described in steps 1-5 above, then continue with step 6 below:

    6. Select “SSID Setup.”

    7. Select the SSID you want to edit. You can find your SSID printed on your modem’s label. Typically, the first one in the drop-down list is your main home network.

    8. Select “Broadcast SSID” to make the network visible on any device within range.

    9. Enter the desired network name. The SSID cannot contain spaces. Remember that this will be visible to others, so it should not contain sensitive information or clues to what your password is.

    10. Select “Apply” to save your changes.

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    How To Change Wifi Password Centurylink

    Century Link is a company that designs communication and internet solutions, including wireless routers that allow to connect devices to the internet, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and similar through WIFI. This type of connection has become a must for houses, offices and virtually anywhere.

    Therefore, a wireless connection where devices that manage personal information are connected must be protected, in order to avoid intruders and risks in terms of privacy and general quality if the connection and its speed. Here are the instructions on how to change WIFI password on CenturyLink routers and modems.

    How to modify WIFI password on CenturyLink service for Actiontec C1000A, Calix 844G, Westell 7500, ZyXel C1000Z and similar router models:

    The next steps are very easy to follow and allow to change the WIFI security key in a few minutes. These are the instructions:

    Now, we have a new WIFI connection with renewed password for better protection. In case there are any issues or troubles acceding the router, it is recommendable to reset the Centurylink device by pushing the button on the back of the emitter, and the router will be reestablished to Default Settings.


    How To Change Wifi Password Centurylink Complete Guide

    CenturyLink is the second largest communications provider in the US. So here we shall provide you with tips on how to change CenturyLink wi-fi password. From providing IT and hosting managing services to businesses, to high-speed internet, TV, and voice for your home, it provides a wide range of services.

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    How Do I Find My Network Security Key Centurylink

    Your modem’s label can be found under or on the side. As shown in the picture, the sticker provides important information about your modem/router, including its network name and password .

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    Question: How To Change Name Of Network Centurylink

    How to Change CenturyLink WiFi Name and Password

    Update Your SSID/Network Name Click the Wireless Setup icon, then choose SSID Setup from the sidebar. Next, select the SSID you want to edit from the drop-down menu and choose Broadcast SSID. From there, you can enter your preferred network name. Press apply to save your changes.

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    Do You Know Who Is On Your Connection

    If your network isnt secure, you may not know who else is accessing your connection. Your neighbors might even be borrowing your WiFi to stream content and surf the internet. It might not seem like a big deal to let your neighbors borrow your WiFi, but it can be. If they can access it without your permission, strangers on the street might be able to as well.

    While neighbors might not have any interest in your electronic files and information, a stranger might take advantage and access your private information. A hacker can snag your sensitive information by using a man-in-the-middle attack, deploying tools that allow them to intercept any data youre transmitting, scanning your emails for passwords, downloading unlawful content, or using your computer to distribute spam, spyware, or viruses. Not only could you be held responsible for any malware that originates from your network, but someone could steal your identity, skim from your bank accounts, or even take your family photos.

    How To Change My Centurylink Password

    While setting up this provider is a piece of cake, many, however, do struggle with changing their CenturyLinks wifi password.

    Want to know ways you can change your password, follow the steps below:

    • You can change it directly through your phone via CenturyLinks app
    • You can change it through your modems setting

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    How To Reset Password

    Most of the CenturyLink routers default username is 1234, with the default IP address of This CenturyLink information is required when logging into the CenturyLink routers web interface to change the security settings.

  • You need to log into your CenturyLink router device. You can change your WiFi password on the control channel or web portal.
  • Go to Wireless Settings. When youve logged into the Century Link router, explore the following location.
  • Type your WiFi password.
  • Save the changes you made to keep your router safe.
  • Learn how to do a factory reset on your routers with our guides! Check out our write-ups for NetGear, Sagemcom, ARRIS, and Verizon.

    Qualities Of A Good Username

    Centurylink Router Login IP And Change Password

    A good user name must have the following features

    • Ease of identification is the basic thing for you. You must have an easy time remembering the password that you have chosen. On the other hand, the other people must not easily identify the network name
    • Use a combination of features because some devices require that you key in the username. They will, in this way, find it difficult to get it right

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    Change The Centurylink Wifi Password

    The next thing you do is to change the password of the connection. You will start by removing the existing password and then assess to see the kind of password you can choose to use. You will have the chance to set a password with a combination of features, making it complicated to guess.

    You can mix letters, symbols, and other features that make the connection difficult to detect and use. You must pick a password that you will remember quickly, but neighbors cannot remember or guess.

    How Do I Find My Network Security Key And Password

    To start the program, click the Start button. Navigate to the Network Connections section. Go to the Network and Sharing Center by clicking it. You will see an icon with your wireless network. Click it. Navigate to the Wireless Properties tab. The Security tab can be found here. The network security key will be visible if you check Show characters.

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    Characteristics Of Good Wifi Passwords

    The security of your WiFi network rests on the strength of your WiFi password. While its convenient to pick a simple password thats very easy to remember, it pays off to prioritize security over convenience. Here are some tips on how to choose a strong WiFi password that is guaranteed to keep hackers off your network:

    What Is The Centurylink Default Wi

    How to Change Century Link Router Password and Network Name

    When you say, default password, you mean the password that is set to your router and your network out-of-the-box.

    It is required that you change this once you have your service connected for the first time.

    If for some reason that you did not change either of these, you must understand that you leave access to your router settings as well as your internet itself unsecure and technically open to anyone.

    To recall, the default password for your Wi-Fi network is written usually on your router box, the sticker on your router itself, or on the router manualit can vary from one device to another.

    On the other hand, your default credentials in logging in to your routers admin page would be blank on the username, and 1234 for the password.

    You can try using this to log in case you dont remember your password and you have no memory of changing it either.

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    Change The Administrator Password

    After logging in, click on Advanced Settings from the menu.

    From the left navigation menu, click on Administrator Password under the Security section.

    By default, the administrator password is enabled. If you want to disable this feature, simply select Disable. But remember, without administrator password, anyone connected to your WiFi can visit and control your router.

    You can change the administrator username if you want. In most cases, the administrator username is admin. But you can choose whether you want to use admin or change the login username for security purposes.

    Enter your new password and confirm the new password.

    Click the Apply button to save all the changes you have made.

    One: Find Your Routers Ip Address

    Most routers provide a web-based administrative interface that you can access via your browser by typing in the routers local IP address. Your first step is to find that IP address.

    Note: Some routers provide different admin interfaces. For example, if you have an Apple Airport router, you can use the Airport Utility on your Mac to change its settings. Other router manufacturers offer smartphone apps for changing settings, and some more expensive routers are even beginning to include built-in touchscreens. So be sure to check for specific instructions for your router.

    The chances are pretty high that youll need to use a browser to access your router. Its best to do this from a computer, though, because many routers dont have a mobile-optimized web interface that works well on smartphones and tablets.

    On a PC running any version of Windows, the quickest way to find this information is in the Command Prompt. To open it, press Windows+R, type cmd, and then press Enter.

    At the Command Prompt, type the command ipconfig and press Enter. In the results, look for the section showing your current network connection The routers IP address is displayed to the right of the Default Gateway entry.

    In macOS, click the Apple menu, and then select System Preferences. In the System Preferences window, click the Network icon, select your Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection, and then click Advanced.

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    S To Change Centurylink Wifi Password Check Now

    When there are so many online accounts to manage online, it is quite difficult to remember the password of every account. Well, if you facing the same situation with your CenturyLink account or WiFI and you dont remember or wish to change your CenturyLink Account/WiFi password, you can do so easily by following step by step instructions provided in this guide.

    How To Change Your Wifi Security Type And Password

    Actiontec C2000A CenturyLink Screenshot ConnectionStatus

    First access the wireless settings as described in steps 1-5 above, then continue with step 6 below:

    6. Select “Wireless Security.”

    7. Select the name of your wireless network . You can find the SSID on the label on the side or bottom of the router. Typically, the first one in the drop-down list is your main home network.

    8. Select the security type shown on the equipment label. For some modems, security type may appear in the “SSID Setup” menu instead.

    WEP Note: You should use the strongest encryption that is compatible with your network. WEP should only be used if your devices are NOT WPA compatible.

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