How To Change Wifi On Alexa Device

How To Get To The Device Health Menu In The Ring App

How to change the Wifi network on your Alexa Echo dot device
  • From the Ring app, open the Main MenuThe Main Menu can be opened by selecting the three bats in the top left corner of the app.
  • Select Devices
  • Select the device whose Wi-Fi needs changed
  • Select Device Health
  • There are two things we want to take a look at here under the Device Health screen that can help clue you in on what may be causing your Wi-Fi troubles.

    Signal Strength

    While your device is connected to a network, there will be a section titled Network. Within that section you will be able to see the Signal Strength. Ring will display the measurement in what is called RSSI, or Received Signal Strength Indicator. Its measured in dBs, or decibels.

    Without getting into the technical details, just know that a number closer to 0 is better. The larger the number, the weaker the wireless signal.

    Make sure you are checking the signal strength from where the device is actually installed, and that you didnt bring it inside or closer to the router while you are in the process of troubleshooting.


    This only applies if you are troubleshooting a battery powered device. The second piece of information we can get under the Device Health screen is the power level of each battery. If the battery level is low, Ring wont have enough power to stay connected to Wi-Fi. Batteries do go bad after time, so if you find this is problem is happening frequently, go buy new batteries.

    How To Connect Alexa To Wifi Without The App

    To set up a new device using a browser, you have to be using Firefox, Safari, or Edge. will not work for device set-up.

    1. Go to and log in to your account.

    2. Choose Settings in the left sidebar.

    3. Under Devices, select Set up a new device.

    4. Choose the device you want to connect.

    5. Turn on your device, if needed. The ring light should be orange.

    6. Choose a WiFi network that’s marked as Amazon-XXX.

    7. Hit Continue in the browser.

    8. Choose the network you want to connect to and enter the password.

    How To Change The Wi

    Smart home devices not working? Internet speeds slower than expected? It might be time to change the Wi-Fi network on your Alexa speaker.

    Alexa speakers can be a tremendous amount of help, but if they’re acting up or being slower than expected, changing the Wi-Fi network is an essential troubleshooting tip to know. Whether it be the Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show, there’s a lot to like about Alexa gadgets. They’re easy to use, available at a wide array of price tags, and are among the most popular smart speakers on the market. From asking about the weather to controlling all of your smart home devices, Alexa’s usefulness has never been more prominent than it is today.

    But the iconic digital assistant isn’t perfect. Just like any connected device, it’s not uncommon for things with Alexa to go wrong. Glitches pop up, random issues appear, and this often demands some troubleshooting to get Alexa working again as expected. The good news? Enacting Alexa’s best troubleshooting tools is very easy to do so long as folks know where to look.


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    How Do I Get Alexa Back Online

    Restart the modem and reboot the router to get the Wi-Fi back up and running. If you fix a Wi-Fi issue, turn the Echo off and then back on again. The device should reconnect to the Wi-Fi network and reappear in the Alexa app as online. Make sure your smartphone and Echo are on the same Wi-Fi network.

    Why Won’t Factory Reset Work

    Alexa: change the Wi

    As Amazon updates its devices and develops better software, the company needs to maintain its customer support.

    The more new devices and software Amazon has to offer maintenance for, the less there is to go around for older devices like the first-generation Echo.

    So, if you’ve moved to a new home or installed a different internet provider in your home, reconnecting the device won’t be as easy as connecting a newer model.

    It won’t matter if you unplug and plug your device back in or factory reset it, your first-generation Echo device won’t connect to the Wi-Fi.

    That’s because there isn’t enough developer support to update the software used in the first-generation model, and your device is no longer supported.

    The bad news is that it will always be a little harder for you to reconnect your device to a Wi-Fi network.

    But you can still use a workaround to fix the problem, but that takes a bit of work.

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    How To Connect Your Alexa

    If you purchase a new smart device, youll need to connect it to your Wi-Fi network. This guide provides instructions on how to connect Alexa-enabled devices to Wi-Fi or switch your device to a different network. Well also help you troubleshoot problems that might arise and explain how to connect other devices to your Echo so you can use the device to its fullest capacity.

    Check Your Internet Connection

    Sometimes Alexa doesnt have any problems connecting to your router, but the connection from the router to your ISP is down. As such, before you start tweaking settings and pressing buttons on your Alexa device, do a quick double-check that your internet connection isnt down.

    You can do this by grabbing any other device that’s connected to the network and opening a web browser or using an online service. If you can’t get an internet connection from your other device, the issue is highly likely to do with your network or internet connection as a whole.

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    How To Change The Wifi On Alexa

    Amazon Alexa is your tremendous support! Alexas usefulness has never been more prominent than now. But if its acting slower and giving you trouble, or if you are willing to change the Wifi network on your echo device then this blog is for you. Whether it be the Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show, the solution is the same!

    These speakers dont have an ethernet port, they rely on Wifi connectivity. Its critical to know how to update Wifi on Alexa. In this article, well break down everything you need in a simpler and more comprehensive way for how to change wifi on alexa. Let`s get started!

    How Do I Reset My Alexa Wi

    How To Change Alexa’s SAVED WiFi Profile

    You can find the reset button on the device, which is essentially a tiny button in a hole available underneath the device. You can use an unbent paper clip to press and hold the reset button until you first see an orange light that turns blue after some time. Once you see the blue light, you can release the button.

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    How Do I Connect My Alexa To A New Wifi

    For more information about installing Alexa into a new WiFi network, check out the Alexa app. The last step is to choose the Alexa device via the website where you would like to connect to a wireless network when connected to them through the Echo device. Tap Change on WiFi Network, then enter the WiFi password for the network from which youre connecting.

    How To Connect Alexa To Wifi With The App

    If you’re setting up a new device, like the , you can use the Alexa app to connect it to WiFi.

    1. Open the Alexa app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

    2. Sign in to your account, if needed.

    3. Select Devices in the bottom toolbar.

    4. Tap Echo and Alexa.

    5. Select the device you want to connect to.

    6. Next to Wifi Network, select Change, then choose your network and enter your WiFi password.

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    Can I Take Alexa To Another House

    Youve got an Amazon Echo device with Alexa fully set up and working at home. Now youre going on a trip and want to take your device with you to use in a hotel room or other locale. If your hotel or vacation spot doesnt provide you with an Echo, no problem. You can take any Echo device with you on the road.

    Wait For Alexa To Find Your Device

    How to Change Alexa WiFi Connection

    Alexa should be able to find your device easily. For that to happen, make sure your WiFi router is in close proximity to your Alexa device.

    After, follow the steps below:

  • Wait for Alexa to search for your device.
  • Alexa will say Searching for Device.
  • Once Alexa finds your device, your screen should say Select your Amazon Echo.
  • Under Available Devices, youll see your Alexa device.
  • Tap your device.
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    How To Change Wifi On Echo Speakers With Display

    Alexa is compatible with the Echo Spot and Echo Show. The common feature between them is their touchscreen display. Changing Wi- Fi on Alexa is easy on these devices. You can see a cog-shaped symbol on the touchscreen and navigate to the Settings option by clicking on it. Just give a voice command to your echo show deivice Alexa, Go to the settings.

    If you wish to change the password, simply click Forget. Now set a new password. If you want to add a new network, tap on the connections name and enter the password to gain access.

    Change Which Band The Alexa Device Connects To

    If your router supports broadcasting on the 2.4 and 5GHz bands, you can try changing the device from one band to the other. The 2.4GHz band has a better range, so changing to that one from the 5GHz band may help give the device that extra boost in signal strength that it needs.

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    Doing this changes depending on what kind of router you have. Sometimes the router will broadcast two different channels, one for each channel. Sometimes the router only broadcasts one channel and intelligently sorts the devices into each band by itself.

    Whichever method your dual-band router takes, try switching the Alexa device from one band to the other and see if that fixes your issue.

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    How To Change Alexa Device Location On Iphone And Android

    Using the address saved for your device, Alexa offers quick weather information and more personalized local searches. If you no longer stay at that location, you can change your Alexa device location to continue to get more helpful search results.

    You will be able to edit the address from the Alexa app on your iPhone and Android device. If you are using compatible Eco device, you can get it done right from the smart speaker. Let me show you how it works!

    How To Edit Alexa Device Location On Iphone And Android

    Re-sync / Re-pair Amazon Echo Change Wi-Fi Network SSID

    Step #1. Launch Alexa app and tap on the menu button.

    Step #2. Now, tap on Settings and select your device.

    Step #3. Head over to the Device location section and tap on Edit.

    Step #4. Next, you need to enter your address and tap on Save.

    In case you are using multiple Alexa devices with your Amazon account, update the location for each device.

    On compatible Echo devices, you will be able to change your location from the device itself.

    To do so, just swipe down from the top of the screen and select Settings.

    Then, tap on Device Options and select Device Location. Now, enter or edit the address.

    Thats done!

    Wrapping up:

    Amazon Echo continues to rule the sales chart. As per the latest data, the smart speaker was one of the most popular devices during the holiday season. With the HomePod and Google Home joining the bandwagon, it would be interesting to see how the completion goes.

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    How Do I Change My Wi

    Sometimes, youll need to change your Wi-Fi details with Alexa. If you change your Wi-Fi passphrase or move to a new location with different Wi-Fi information, this will be necessary.

    If Alexa is having difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi, youll see a flashing red ring. Alexa will also say, I am having trouble connecting to the internet. Take a look at the Help section in your Alexa app.

    To fix this, if youve already set up your Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, or other compatible Alexa device, you can change the Wi-Fi settings from within the app. In the Amazon Alexa app on your phone, tap on the Devices icon in the lower right-hand navigation and select Echo & Alexa.

    From there, choose your Alexa-powered device. The app will take you to that devices settings. In the Wireless section, tap Change next to Wi-Fi Network and follow all of the onscreen prompts to change your Wi-Fi network or password.

    If you do not see your network listed, scroll down and tap Add a Network.

    If your Alexa-powered device is not discovered, make sure that youre within range , check that its plugged in correctly, and put it back into Setup Mode by pressing and holding the action button until the light on your device turns orange before hitting Continue.

    You might need to press and hold the Action button again until the light on your Alexa device turns orange.

    How To Reset 2nd

    1. Press and hold the Microphone off and Volume down buttons at the same time for about 20 seconds until the light ring turns orange. The light ring will then briefly turn blue.

    2. Wait for the light ring to turn off and on again. It should then light up orange, which indicates its in setup mode.

    3. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet, to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and register it to your Amazon account.

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    How To Connect Alexa To Wifi With Or Without The App


  • How to Connect Alexa to a New WiFi Network Without the App
  • One of the first things you need to do after getting an Alexa device is to connect it to a WiFi network. So, if you change your WiFi network or try to use your Alexa device in a new place with a different WiFi network, your device just wont work. Heres how to connect your Alexa device to a new WiFi network with or without the app.

    If youre setting up your Alexa device for the first time, check out our guide on .

    Ways To Get Alexa Connected To Wi

    How to Change Alexa WiFi Connection

    1. First, check another device your phone, ideally to see if it has an internet connection. Be sure to turn off mobile data to force it to use Wi-Fi and then open a web browser and check you can load web pages.

    This will tell you if its your Echo or your router. If you can open web pages, its the Echo, not some other problem with your home Wi-Fi network.

    The next step depends upon what you just discovered.

    2. If your Wi-Fi network appears to be working fine, its time to restart the Echo. So unplug it from the mains and plug it back in after a few seconds. Wait until it boots up and check if Alexa now works or not.

    3. If you found your phone cant open any web pages, then try restarting your router. If it doesnt have a restart button, do the same as for the Echo: unplug it from the mains and then plug back in.

    Again, wait for it to start up and give it a good couple of minutes to re-establish an internet connection.

    If you have other devices such as powerline network adapters with Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi extenders or a mesh Wi-Fi system, be sure to do the same with all those devices as well to ensure everything is powered off and restarted.

    The old turn-it-off-and-back-on-again is the top fix for just about all tech problems. But if that doesnt work, read on.

    If you have an Echo Show it wont have this button, but you can swipe down from the top of the screen to show the setting cog. Tap that and go to Wi-Fi settings and choose your network.

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