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Ring Doorbell Still Not Connecting To Wifi

Change Ring Doorbell WIFI Network

If none of the steps above managed to get your Ring doorbell back online you might experience a severe issue.

At this point, we are not able to conclude if the issue is software or hardware related but it certainly means that its not your power supply or network.

The only further troubleshooting would be to check all the wires involved in the devices installation and ensure that everything is working properly on your side.

Also, if you have a device similar to Floodlight Cam, that is connected to a light switch or a timer, ensure that the switch is ON, and the timer is working well.

You can always contact the official Ring customer service to update your software and troubleshoot further.

If you have completed all of our steps, you can be sure that you have everything that depends on you.

Resetting The Ring Doorbell Wi

Ring Doorbells have been a significant player and a well-known brand in the home security and camera doorbells market for some time now. The ownership experience, as shared by many people, is fuss-free, and people rarely have any problems with the devices.

But as with all the electronic devices, there is a chance of these devices developing problems. Primarily the Wi-Fi connectivity related issues are most common among the issues faced by people while using Ring doorbells.

Apart from that, many people must change their Wi-Fi service providers, their Wi-Fi routers, or in many cases, people take the Ring doorbells with them when they are moving to a new house. Because of this, the setup process must be done again from the beginning.

Since the device is easy to install and to remove, the only major problem faced by its owners while moving from one home to another is in setting up the device for the new Wi-Fi connection of the new house.

In this article, we will talk about how to reset the Wi-Fi in Ring Doorbell products so that any Wi-Fi-related problem which the devices face can be solved without having to contact the customer care executives. Follow the below-mentioned steps to reset the Wi-Fi and change over to a new Wi-Fi network on Ring doorbells:

This is also known as the setup mode. This mode is used to connect the Ring device to the mobile application and make changes to the settings of the device without connecting to any external Wi-Fi network.

What If Change Wifi Network Or Reconnect Wifi Network Isnt An Option In The Ring App

You wouldnt be along if you had this problem. Just like many others who do not have the option of Change Wifi Network or Reconnect Wifi Network. There is a solution for those of you who dont have the Reconnect Wifi Network listed in your Ring app!

If you do not see the option in the Ring app to reconnect or change your Wi-Fi connection, then make sure of the following:

  • You are using the device used to setup the Ring device originally
  • You are logged-in as the person who set it up
  • Its not uncommon for someone to log into their spouses account and forget, but they set it up under their account. This would cause you not to see these options!

    Also, make sure your app is up-to-date. This isnt directly related to this problem, but having outdated software can be buggy if its not in sync with your Ring device.

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    S To Reconnect The Wi

  • From the Ring app, open the Main MenuThe Main Menu can be opened by selecting the three bars in the top left corner of the app.
  • Select Devices
  • Select the device whose Wi-Fi needs changed
  • Select Device Health
  • Select Reconnect Wifi Network
  • The Ring app will tell your Ring device to try and connect to the same network that it was previously connected to. Your Ring Doorbell or Camera should automatically connect if the network is available. If not, it will guide you through the same steps as connecting to a new network. You will have to select a new Wi-Fi network and enter the password.

    Push The Ring Reset/setup Button

    Change Ring Doorbell 2 WIFI Network

    Now were on to some of the harder fixes. Both of these involve him pushing the setup/reset button on your Ring devices, but one of these two devices has a much easier to access reset button.

    Ring Doorbell Pro devices have the reset button located on the side, and most of the Ring outdoor cameras have the reset/setup button at the top. For the Ring Doorbell Pro 1 and 2, all you need to do is remove the faceplate and push down the orange button in order to reset the Wi-Fi connection.

    This means that you dont have to use a drill or unscrew your Ring device from a wall you just need to remove the security screw at the bottom, which gives you access to the reset button.

    Then you can simply reconnect the Ring device just like you did when you first open the box i.e. by following the steps in the Ring app.

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    Best Way/method To Change The Wifi Network On Your Ring Doorbell

    Here is a proven method to change the wiFi network on your ring doorbell. When I say proven method, it simply means exactly how I was able to connect WiFi network on my ring doorbell. So, theres no way you can read this post till the end without getting yours done by yourself. Now, to everyone out there searching how to change the wiFi network on your ring doorbell. Just relax, this article has provided you all with the solution. Continue reading to find out

    Ring Doorbell is a Wi-Fi doorbell that does way more than a doorbell. Sure, it works like a regular doorbell but adds a brilliant video intercom system that lets you talk to your visitors, from your mobile phone or tab. All of this can be done from home, or from wherever, just make sure you are connected to the internet.

    Ring Doorbell Video devices are packed with useful features, the app is extremely user-friendly, and everything is easy-to-connect to Wi-Fi. To break it down for you, see How To Change The WiFi Network On Your Ring Doorbell:

    How To Change Wi

    Lets address the primary issue at hand. Sometimes, we may upgrade to a new internet service or change the wi-fi router. In such a case, the Ring doorbell may not recognize the new router unless you change the Wi-fi through the Ring App.

    To change the wi-fi network, follow these simple steps.

  • Take your Ring device and detach it from the mounting.
  • Open the Ring app.
  • Choose your device, i.e., Camera or Doorbell, that you want to reset.
  • Next, go to Device Health.
  • In Device Health, select Change Wi-fi Network.
  • Now, choose your new network.
  • Now press the orange button on the back of your doorbell.
  • Once you press the orange button, it will reset and change the network on your Ring device.

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    How To Reset Your Wi

    When youre resetting your Wi-fi in the ring doorbell, make sure youve put your Ring Video Doorbellin the Set-Up mode. Whether youre connecting an old Wi-Fi connection or a new one, it is necessary to keep your Ring doorbell in setup mode.

    Now, you might wonder how to put your device in setup mode and what exactly does this mode does? Here are the details regarding the same.

    How To Reset Your Ring Doorbell WiFi?

    How To Reconnect Ring Doorbell To New Wifi Fast

    Change Ring Doorbell 2 WIFI Network

    As we mentioned in the introduction, the fastest way to change to an entirely new Wifi is to use the dedicated mobile application.

    In order to connect to a network, open the Ring app and navigate the top left three lines.

    Once there tap on Devices and select yours . Tap on Device Health, which is located on the bottom of the stream, and finally select Change Wifi Network or Reconnect to Wifi.

    If this method does not work for you, there is nothing to worry about weve thought of everything. Keep reading and at the end of this post, your issue is highly likely to be gone.

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    Changing The Ring Doorbell Password

    • Launch the Ring app and tap on the three-line button in the upper left section of the screen.
    • Choose the Account option and select New Password.
    • Type in your current password in the box.
    • Now, type in the new password and then confirm it.
    • Thus, you have changed the password for your Ring Doorbell.

    Also, kindly note that the password must be of a minimum of 8 characters in length and should have numbers and special characters in addition to letters.

    Way To Reset Wifi Of Your Ring Doorbell

    You must reset your ring doorbells WiFi only if you are having trouble while connecting to it, or you have shifted to a new house. This situation will get you in this situation where you must reset the WiFi of your Ring doorbell. The reset process is not a tough task to do, but you must be more attentive while doing it. We have discussed the way to reset your ring doorbell WiFi effortlessly so that you do not have any problem understanding it.

    Image Source

    To reset the WiFi of your ring video doorbells, you have first to set it to the setup mode. Only after setting it to the setup mode, you will be able to reset the WiFi of your Ring doorbell.

    To attain the setup mode, you must follow the given instructions, and after that, we will know about the reset of WiFi.

    Now, you have completed the procedure to put your ring doorbell in the setup mode. It is essential to do so, and it does not matter if you are mounting it for the first time, or you are just having a connection problem. One thing we should mention here is that if you are installing your ring doorbell for the first time, then right after you have switched it on, the ring doorbell will automatically go into the setup mode. Then you do not have to press the orange button anymore to put it into the setup mode as it is already in the setup mode.

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    Why Would You Change Your Wi

    Changing your Wi-Fi network is often a complicated decision. Keeping your Wi-Fi network the same is usually the most pragmatic response, but sometimes life gets in the way. Theres a few good reasons why you would wind up changing your Wi-Fi network overtime.

    The biggest and most obvious one is that you moved. When you move house, you sometimes have to change your Wi-Fi network. Internet Service Providers change, technology changes from region to region, and there are other motivating factors that can cause you to switch Wi-Fi networks when you relocate.

    There are also technological concerns involved. If youre upgrading routers or Wi-Fi services, you might have to also change your network name and password in the process.

    The last thing to consider are security reasons to change your Wi-Fi. If you find a security breach, or you are interested in upgrading your homes cybersecurity, changing your Wi-Fi network details can be one of the best places to start.

    Of course, there are more secure ways to implement home Wi-Fi and those often involve getting your smart devices onto their own dedicated Network but this is a topic for another day. Lets assume that you have a single Wi-Fi router, which may have just changed, and you need to change your Ring devices Wi-Fi details as a result.

    Now its getting to some fixes for how you can keep your Wi-Fi updated on your Ring devices without removing or un-drilling them.

    How To Put Ring Doorbell In Set

    How to Change Wifi on Ring Video Doorbell 2 ?

    To change the Wi-Fi network, you must manually put your Ring Doorbell into setup mode. Remember, you cannot do this task remotely. You can put your Ring Doorbell in setup mode before you begin the process using the Ring app.

    When in Setup Mode, your Ring Doorbell will broadcast a temporary Wi-Fi network to help you connect your device to your smartphone. The Ring app installed on your smartphone will locate and connect to this network to interact with your doorbell and instruct it to join your permanent home network.

    The device stops transmitting the temporary network on completion of the setup and will remain connected to your homes Wi-Fi network.

    There are different ways to enter setup mode on different Ring Doorbell models.

    • Ring Video Doorbell: Unplug the doorbell from its mounting bracket and push the orange button on the doorbells backside. You dont need to press and hold the button.
    • Ring Doorbell 2, 3, and 3 Plus, and Ring Doorbell Elite: Detach the doorbells faceplate. Now, hit the black button on the front.
    • Ring Doorbell Pro: Push the button on the doorbells right side.

    Your Ring Doorbell successfully enters the setup mode when you spot a spinning white light on the front of the device.

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    Why Does Your Ring Doorbell Not Connect To Your Wifi Network

    The lack of connectivity is usually caused by the following factors. Let us look at each of them in detail and see how you can rectify these problems.

    Wrong Wi-Fi Password: At times, the problem may be as simple as typing in the wrong password.

    Your Wi-Fi password has special characters: Special characters in your Wi-Fi password can cause problems while installing your device for the first time.

    Poor Wi-Fi Signal: If your network connection is not strong enough, the device may fail to connect.

    You could run into this issue if youve installed your Ring Doorbell on your door, or somewhere else far from your router.

    This can also cause a delay in notifications, chimes, etc.

    Battery and Power Issues: If your device is battery-operated, the device may fail to connect if the battery level is low.

    Ensure to charge your doorbell to avoid this issue. If the device is powered, then maybe a temporary loss of power might be to blame.

    Hidden Wi-Fi Networks: Some Wi-Fi routers have so-called hidden networks, wherein the network name, is not made public. If your network connection is a hidden one, your device will be unable to join the network.

    Electrical Connectivity Issues: For a non-battery-powered device, a failure in the external wiring might be a reason for connectivity failure. This is likely if youve got your Ring Doorbell installed without an existing doorbell.

    Forced The Setup Mode

    Your Ring Doorbell cannot connect to your home Wi-Fi network without accessing the settings mode, which would effectively make it useless. You can be required to run the installation mode in certain instances.

    Detach the faceplate from the unit, push and release the black button.

    Note: You dont keep it for too long. Its critical. Now, uninstall the battery and load it. You could be patient for several hours.

    Start the computer now to see if the Startup mode is included. You can do a hard reset if it doesnt. Click and hold the black button for approximately 15 sec . The Ring Doorbell should restart, and the system itself should enter the Startup Mode.

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