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Can Viruses Cause Slow Internet

How to Change Your WiFi Name/Password From Phone or PC – Tutorial

Connecting to the internet wirelessly is no different from connecting to the internet with a cable. As you continue to browse the internet, there a chance that you can fetch some viruses and install malware in your internet, which can actually cause additional issues with the internet and computing devices. Viruses slow the internet by infecting the browsers and slowing their speed and at the same time affecting the internal storage of the devices, which ultimately slows the device and the internet. What to do in this dire situation is to install reliable and effective antivirus software.

To Add A Device For A Resident

  • Using the left menu, navigate to User List.
  • Click Edit beside the appropriate user.
  • In the Add User Device section, fill in the information about the users device:
  • MAC Address: This is the media access control or Wi-Fi address of the device. It is an alphanumeric ID in this format: A1:B3:E5:19:6F:BB.
  • Device Name: Enter the nickname theyd like to use for their device.
  • Device Description : Provide an additional device description.
  • Click Add Device. The residents device will now appear in their portal where they can edit and manage preferences. In order to use their device, the resident will also need to connect to the property Wi-Fi network.
  • If their device does not connect, try turning it off, waiting a few minutes and turning it back on again. If they continue to have issues connecting devices, residents can contact Midco at 1.800.571.5463.
  • My Account

    For Hitron Cgnm224 Cgn3res Cgnmres And Similar Router Models

    • On the address bar on the internet browser of choice, enter the IP address:
    • For User Name enter the word cusadmin and for Password enter password and click on Login.
    • Search for the option Wireless and then Basic Settings on the main menu.
    • Look for the field Pass Phrase and click it to enter the new password.
    • Click on Save Changes and the procedure will be done.

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    Changing Wifi Password Using The Midco Wifi App

    • Download the Midco WIFI app to your Android or iOS device, from the Google Play or App Market.
    • Launch the app and tap on the option My WIFI on the main menu.
    • Select your network that must be recognized from the list according to the SSID.
    • In Network Name you can change it by just typing a new one.
    • In Network Password you can enter the new key-phrase and changes will be applied automatically.

    Buy Vs Rent Midco Modem

    How To Change Your Router Password Arris

    When it comes to renting fees, Midco is not the worst Internet Service Provider. With a price of $6 a month for a modem and $8 for a modem-router combo. This is lower than many other ISPs.

    But it is cheap for a reason, the network equipment provided by Midco is not the best. And in the long run, the monthly fees do add up.

    Therefore, I recommend most people buy their network equipment.

    But I should note Im somewhat biased. I do make a commission if you buy it.

    If you want a more in-depth overview of this, check out the pros and cons of buying a modem.

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    To Update Guest Network Information

  • Open your web browser, and type into the web address/URL. Press Enter.
  • On the login page for your modem, enter the following:
  • Username: cusadmin
  • Password: your current Wi-Fi password
  • Click Login.
  • Choose Wireless in the pages top menu .
  • Select Guest and update the network name and/or password fields as needed.
  • Click Save Changes. Your wireless settings are now updated.
  • Reboot The Routing Device

    One of the common issues with slow internet is if for any case the routing device is malfunctioning or overheating. If the device has overheated, its likely that its not working correctly. For people using a wireless Internet router or a Wi-Fi modem, just make sure the connection is appropriately fixed. Before rebooting the device, you can try to fix the antenna to see whether it will establish a better connection. After this, try to reboot the device. Unplug the device from the power, wait for about 1 minute and connect it back again.

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    Does Midco Throttle Internet

    There are no policies regarding data use limits with Midco Internet. But its always important to know how much data you are using. Some Internet Service Providers are likely to limit your internet if youre a heavy Internet user unless you use VPNs to block your browsing behaviour. With Midco, I havent come close to any of that.

    How To Change Wifi Password Midco Router

    Change Your Wi-Fi Password

    WIFI is an essential technology these days, allowing us to connect our devices to the internet wirelessly, which are not a few but a lot of them that include smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, smart watches and other wearables and even appliances.

    With plenty of devices connected, it is very important to protect our WIFI networks from intruders, so the quality of the connection stay the same and personal information do not get out, meaning in privacy problems.

    In the next section we will be showing you how to change WIFI password for Midco services, as direct provider of internet solutions via modems and routers by many brands.


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    Why Is Midco Internet Not Working

    Is there an outage in your area? Please check out for outages from your neighbours or 3rd party websites providing outage internet information to the local people. If theres no outage, know it could be issues with your Modems, routers, cables, your Midco Account and the wireless devices. Try to look for the root cause using the methods explained above.

    How To Install A Midco Compatible Modem

    This is how to install a modem for your Midco internet.

  • Pick a location with good airflow. This, so the device doesnt overheat. For the modem router combo, try to place it as centered and high up in the home as possible. This will improve its coverage.
  • Connect the coax cable, the power cord to the device, and the wall. If you have a standalone modem, also connect it to a router using an ethernet cable.
  • Follow the instruction manual that comes with the device for the firmware setup.
  • You can also check your Midcos guide on setting up third-party network equipment for their internet here.

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    For Technicolor Cgm4231 Model

    • Using Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Edge or any other internet browser, enter the IP to access the router.
    • For User Name and Password, enter the word cusadmin in the first one and password on the second one. Click on Login to enter the configuration.
    • On the main menu on the left side, click on Wireless and then on Security to generate a sub-section. Write a new password in the Passphrase field.
    • Finish the process click in Save and you are good to go.

    Any of the routers can be reset to default settings by pressing the Reset switch placed at the back of the device, for at least 10 seconds straight. The router will reset and prior processes showing will work properly to set new WIFI passwords.

    Two: Access The Web Interface

    How To Change Your Router Password Arris

    Next, youll need to access your routers web interface. Open up your preferred browser, type the IP address you found into the address box, and then press Enter.

    Youll be asked to enter the routers username and password to log in. If youve never changed these before, youll be using the default login credentials.

    If youre not sure what these are, you can experiment a bit. Often, the default password is either admin or just blank. On some routers, you may need to enter admin as the username and a blank password, admin as both the username and password, or admin as just the password with a blank username.

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    Routing Device Underperformance And Malfunction

    The first main reason why Midco Internet is slow is that your routing device has issues. Most people dont check the routing device to see whether its overheating or getting damaged by high temperatures or children. The fact is routing devices are on most of the time. This causes internal overheating that can eventually damage or affect the devices performance. The solution to take here depends highly on whether the device is damaged or just overheated. If the device is damaged, Midco Technicians will have to come and reinstall another one. The whole process is likely to cost you tens of dollars.

    Disconnect All Unused Devices

    If you have many devices connected and working simultaneously, theres a likelihood that the internet will have some performance issues. At all times, make sure that the unused devices are disconnected from the internet. If you are experiencing slow speeds, it could have something to do with the unused devices still running. The fact remains that the lesser the connected devices, the better the internet performance. Take a speed test before and after disconnecting the devices.

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    Test Your Midco Internet Speeds

    Before you start checking for possible issues with your Midco Internet, start by testing to confirm whether theres an outage or your internet is just slow. offers a reliable Internet Speed test for users. The speed test measures the speed at which the computer is utilizing the internet. Checking the speed can significantly help you in understanding ways to boost performance.

    How To Change Your Wifi Channel

    How to Change Wi-Fi Password on TP-LINK TL-MR6400 – Set New Network Password for TP-Link LTE Router

    To change your WiFi channel, log into yourrouter using any web browser. Then open the Wireless Settings and find the Channels drop-down menu. Select a channel and click Save.

    Note: Every router is different, so these steps might not be exactly the same for your router.

  • Open a web browser and type your routers IP address into the address bar. If you dont know what your routers IP address is, check out our step-by-step guide on how to find your routers IP address on a Windows 10 PC or Mac.
  • Then hit Enter on your keyboard. Your browser might display a warning screen at this point. To continue, click Advanced> Proceed.
  • Next, enter your username and password. If you dont your login credentials, check out our step-by-step guide on how to find your routers username and password here.
  • Then open Wireless Settings. The exact name and location of this option will depend on your router. In most cases, you will have to select AdvancedSettings first.

    Note: Make sure to choose the frequency band you want to change the channel for . There might also be an auto-connect feature that you have to turn off as well.

  • Next, click the Channels drop-down menu and change your WiFi channel.
  • Finally, make sure to hit Save or Apply.
  • Note: Once you save your settings, it might cause your router to reboot, which could mean that you lose your WiFi connection briefly.

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    How To Change The Wifi Channel On Your Router


  • How to Find the Best WiFi Channel
  • If you live in a crowded place, you might have noticed times when your WiFi suddenly slows down or drops off out of nowhere. These performance issues often have to do with too many people accessing the same WiFi channels in your area. To optimize your WiFi signal, its best to find and use a WiFi channel that no one else is using. Heres how to change the channel on your router to speed up your WiFi signal.

    The Painful Switch From Sunflower To Midco In Lawrence

    July 2, 2017 by doctordave

    As many people found out in Lawrence, KS this week, our cable company switched again. The company originally known as Sunflower Broadband was transferred to Midco at midnight on June 28th. We were ready for the switch and were able to help dozens of clients get back on track. We have some tips if youre still having problems.

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    Youre Not Getting New Sunflower Emails

    This scenario is probably because you havent completed the first two steps 1) creating the Midco online account and 2) changing your email server settings. Once your account moves to Midco, the email program needs to look at the Midco server rather than the sunflower/wow/knology servers. The settings you need to change are here.

    Once you make those changes, you should be good to go! The most common problem were seeing is that clients that tried to configure it themselves couldnt find the email password. That makes it a bit tricky, but Midco has been able to help once the account is transferred. At that point, Midco has the email and can reset the password.

    Best Midco Approved & Compatible Modems In 2022

    How To Change Your Router Password Arris

      Note, no device can get you faster internet speeds than your internet plan provides.

      Also, get the device you need. A modem and a router are not the same things. Some types of internet require both others only one. If youre uncertain, .

      In this article, you will find the 3 best Midco authorized modems. As well as a complete list of all Midco approved modems and what to consider before buying one.

      As a Network Engineer, I have performed extensive research to find the best Midco compatible modems.

      And after being in contact with Midco, I have concluded that Motorola MB8600 is the best modem for Midco.

      • Warranty: 2 years
      • Chosen as: Best Overall

      Since June 30, 2021, Midco has decided that any third-party modem must be a DOCSIS 3.1 modem.

      Therefore, I recommend the Motorola MB8600. Which is a DOCSIS 3.1 modem compatible with any Midco cable internet plan.

      The modem is also future-proof because of the ethernet ports.

      You see, the MB8600 has four ethernet ports instead of the 1 that most modems have.

      And two of them have something called ethernet aggregation. This enables you to bond the ports and create one port with a 2000 Mbps capability.

      This allows the modem to work with internet plans up to 2000 Mbps. Double what it otherwise would be able to handle.

      The biggest drawback with this modem is that some people have had a problem with Motorola support, with a long wait time and little to no help.

      • Warranty: 1 year
      • Chosen as: Best Performer

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      Update Guest Network Information

      These instructions apply if you have a Midco-provided wireless gateway. If you have a third-party router, refer to the manufacturers instructions for customizing your Wi-Fi network name and password. We recommend waiting to change this information at a slower time for your business or when you are closed.

    • Open your web browser, and type into the web address/URL. Press Enter.
    • On the login page for your modem, enter the following:
    • Username: cusadmin
    • Password: your current Wi-Fi password
    • Click Login.
    • Choose Wireless in the pages top menu .
    • Select Guest and update the network name and/or password fields as needed.
    • Click Save Changes. Your wireless settings are now updated.
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