How To Check How Many Devices Are Connected To Wifi

How Many Devices Can Connect To A Router

how to check how many devices are connected to your wifi

Most home networks and public Wi-Fi hotspots function with a single wireless access point . Conversely, business computer networks install multiple access points to expand their wireless network coverage to a larger physical area.

Each access point has limits for the number of connections and the amount of network load it can handle. By integrating multiple access points into a larger network, the overall scale is increased.

Access The Isp Interface

The ISP Interface is commonly known as the PLDT modem/router configuration interface or modem settings. Assuming this is your first time to access your modem settings, these are the things you need to do first.

  • Open your browser and enter this URL :.
  • Enter the default username: adminpldt and password: 1234567890.

If you have successfully accessed the PLDT modem configuration interface, proceed to the next step. If you are having trouble, read How to Access PLDT modem settings: 2 Ways

How To Find All Devices Connected To Your Router

If you are a smart home enthusiast, or if you live with one, you might add a lot of devices to your network and not remember which of them have access to the Internet. There is an easy way to check this information.

The vast majority of Internet-connected devices connect to the Internet through your Wi-Fi router. Some devices use Bluetooth to communicate with a controller, which is usually your smart phone. Bluetooth doesnt give Internet access, so you wont need to worry too much about those.

The easiest way to look for other devices connected to your router is to log into the router. The management menu of each router brand and type is different, but you should look for a menu option that gives Attached Devices.

If you dont have your routers password, you can still seeall of the devices on your network from your own computer. The instructionsbelow show how to do this on a computer running Windows 10. You should have yourcomputer connected to the wireless router before following these instructions.

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Use A Network Scanner To See Whos Using Your Wifi

Using your routers web interface is the ideal way of checking whos connected to your WiFi. However, there are other methods you can use. If your router doesnt offer an option to see the list via its web interface, you can download software to your computer that will scan the WiFi network youre using and list the connected devices.

There are quite a few different network scanners out there that you can use. To name a few tools that have proven its worth, we recommend LanScan for Mac, SoftPerfect for Windows and Mac, and Angry IP Scanner for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The only downside is that these apps will only list active devices the ones that are currently online. That means you wont see any devices that are currently offline on the list.

Wifi Kills Android App

How to See Whos Connected to Your Wi

If you are on Android, WiFi kill app is the one you need to check who is connected with my WiFi. It requires a rooted phone, but the features it offers are worth everything.

The app allows you to see what devices are connected to your network, what their IP and Mac address is. You can also see how much data they are consuming and what sites they are accessing.

This app gives you complete control as you can stop the bandwidth of a device connected to your network right from this app.

Hence, these are the three best ways to check who is connected with my WiFi network.

In conclusion, we hope that you find this simple guide in three ways to check who is connected with my WiFi useful. For any questions or assistance, feel free to contact us. Also, please share with us any other method you use in the comments below.

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How To Know Who Are Connected To Your Tp Link Wifi Router

Your Tp-link wifi router has a feature that enables you to know how many electronic devices are connected to your wifi network.

This will help you to determine which of the connected devices are within your household and also know those that arent. In this post, I will show you the 3 simple steps to do it.

The number of electronic devices that require wifi connection is increasing each day. We can attribute this type of innovation to the manufacturers. They want to utilize wireless networks to make the use of their appliances more convenient to their customers.

For instance, new models of aircon, wireless printers, wireless speakers, CCTVs are now capable of connecting to wifi networks so multiple users within the household can access and control them. What the users need to do is download an application on their mobile devices and thats it.

Being said that, this only means that there are numerous devices connected to your wifi network throughout the day. Fortunately, after you set up your tp link wifi router. You will also have the opportunity to check the list of the devices that are currently connected to your wifi network.

Aside from mentioned, there are numerous things that you can do with the latter. It will allow you to change your default admin username and password. You can also change your wifi routers default ssid name and password.

How Many Devices Can Share The Internet

How many devices can connect to WiFi at one time? We understand that in a network, the functionality of even the best shared internet connection is likely to be slow since many devices and computers are struggling to access the web at the same time. The question remains, how many devices are too many devices on WiFi? Users may also ask What is the maximum amount of devices for a router?

When discussing how to know how many devices are connected to a WiFi router, the general rule is to limit connections to a home network, for instance, to about 45. However, this recommended number for router device limits varies widely depending on the task each device performs. For example, if a device is downloading videos or other heavy files, the internet will likely slow down for all users. This is because heavy files require extra bandwidth than simple web browsing or checking email. On the other hand, if a network is hosting FTP or servers for gaming, the recommended limit on the number of devices connected will be lower.

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Use Your Routers Online Interface

This is a relatively simple way to get an idea of whos using your network. Log into your router to see the most up-to-date information about which devices are connected. Most models will support this as its a pretty universal feature.

First, youll need your computers IP address. Tap or click here to learn how to find it.

How Many Devices Can Connect To My Wifi Network

How to check how many devices are connected to my WiFi Router TP Link | Wifi user list Tp Link

Most wireless access points and wireless routers can theoretically have 255 devices connected at a time. That represents a lot of computers, smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other devices and probably far exceeds the needs of the typical home. However, just because you can theoretically connect 255 computers to a single Wi-Fi router/access point doesnt mean you should.

Keep in mind that each computer or device thats added to your network will reduce the bandwidth available to the other devices using the same Internet connection. Thats because all these devices are sharing not only the same wireless network, but theyre also sharing the same Internet connection from your broadband service provider. In this case, the bottleneck isnt necessarily with the wireless connections, but its with the amount of traffic or bandwidth that can pass through the Internet router to your broadband service provider.

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More Connected Devices Mean A Hit To Performance

Even though you can likely connect hundreds of devices wirelessly to your router, you won’t want to. Not only will there be a ton of signal interference, the router hardware and services are likely not equipped to handle that many simultaneous connections, so speeds will suffer greatly.

For example, say your router is classed as AC2300, like the NETGEAR R7000P. This includes a 2.4GHz radio with throughput up to 600 Mbps and a 5GHz radio with throughput up to 1,625 Mbps. These speeds are theoretical and are dependent on other factors, but we can do some simple math to see the performance issue.

Even though you can likely connect hundreds of devices wirelessly to your router, you won’t want to.

The R7000P Nighthawk with 10 devices connected simultaneously to its 5GHz radio could theoretically hit speeds of about 160 Mbps per device . As for the 2.4GHz radio at 600 Mbps, 10 devices connected simultaneously would drop theoretical speeds down to about 60 Mbps per device.

Using 10 devices simultaneously on both radios at once, for most people, is probably a rare occurrence, and the R7000P Nighthawk is still a great multipurpose router that includes a band steering feature to move devices between the radios for optimal performance. We’ve also rounded up a bunch of other awesome routers that can handle larger groups of people at longer range.

What Are Some Of The Issues That Can Affect Your Wifi Speed

Most businesses today offer WiFi connections for their employees, clients, and visitors. Its good business practice to offer a solid wireless network to help everyone get their jobs done efficiently. However, having WiFi available means it can sometimes get log-jammed with too much activity or have other issues that slow it down. Ultimately, you need a high-quality connection that allows your team to work productively.

Having a fully managed WiFi solution is one comprehensive way to ensure you get everything you need to increase customer loyalty and employee productivity. A managed WiFi provider can give you a complete service that releases you from building, managing, troubleshooting, and updating your wireless network on your own. And cloud managed WiFi is for wireless setups of all sizes. You might have a large organization, multi-site offices, a full campus, or satellite branches. Cloud managed WiFi lets you coordinate everything for seamless operations.

Managed services also track more than your speed. They cover everything from security, ease of deployment, access point management, traffic reporting, cost avoidance and overall full WiFi network management.

Should you decide to setup and manage your own network, here are a few problems that can affect your WiFi connection and speed.

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Best Wifi Apps To Check Connected Devices

Best apps to find devices connected to your WiFi network

If you think that your WiFi connection is slow because someone else is using it without your permission, then here we are going to list down a few Android WiFi apps to detect intruders. So, lets check out some of the best android WiFi checker apps.

Well, its no doubt that the internet has now become a part of our lives. It is all because of the increased usage of smartphones and other internet-connected devices. In this world, having a WiFi connection has now become a mandatory thing.

How To Maximize Your Network’s Potential

How to see how many Devices are connected to my WiFi router

Installing a second router or access point on a home network can help distribute the network load. By adding more access points to the network, any number of devices can be supported. However, this makes the network progressively more challenging to manage.

Something else you can do if you have one or more routers that support a large number of devices is to increase the bandwidth available to each simultaneously connected device by upping your subscription with your ISP. For example, if your network devices and internet subscription download at 1 Gbps, having 50 devices connected at once lets each device consume up to 20 megabits of data per second.

Some people use mesh networks to improve wireless network coverage in their homes. These networks provide better coverage because they consist of interlocked routers that supply internet coverage over a broad area, which most traditional, single router networks can’t offer.

Thinking of buying a new router? There are lots of brands on the market and we’ve done our research to ferret out the best ones for you. Read our roundups to see which ones best fit your situation.

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Search The Routers Menu

Once youve logged in to the router, find the devices menu with the following procedure:

  • Find the Menu that says either Devices, Connected Devices, Attached Devices, or Wireless Clients.
  • The Menu will display a list of connected devices and also show each devices unique MAC address. The Menu also displays the devices IP addresses and, sometimes, the devices name and connection status.


TP-Link Router

The name of the Menu and its structure varies between different brands and models. Some routers will display connected devices under DHCP Settings > DHCP Clients List. Other routers show connected devices on the Wi-Fi Bands settings page. In addition, some routers show a breakdown between online and offline devices so that you can tell which devices are using the router at any given time.

How To Check/block Devices Connected To Wifi Network

We all use smart devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, home assistants, laptops, tablets to contribute to the consumption of the internet. Connecting each of these devices with a LAN cable would be really inconvenient.

Meanwhile, 4G or mobile data is too expensive to be used freely. WiFi is complete wireless internet access over LAN. We can connect as many devices as we want to a router wirelessly by just entering a custom key.

The only issue that people face with WiFi technology is that your network range can go beyond your limited property, and people can connect to it from outside but in those conditions, we need to use the best available wifi routers otherwise still you can follow some tips to increase wifi signal strength. Once you enter a key in a particular device, it can connect from anywhere within the range.

Hence, you might never know, but people may be consuming your bandwidth and data and may also have access to your devices on the network without you even noticing.

If you have your concerns, today we have a solution for you. Here we are going to share three ways in which you can keep an eye on what devices are connected to your WiFi network. You can do this from any of your devices may it be a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.


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