How To Check Wifi Signal Strength On Iphone

Install And Launch Netspot For Ios

See your TRUE signal strength on iPhone

First, you need to install NetSpot for iOS from the App Store. NetSpot is completely free and available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Once you have NetSpot installed on your iPhone, connect Oscium WiPry 2500x to transform your phone into a perfectly portable and capable WiFi troubleshooting tool.

Launch NetSpot just like you would any other app, and give it some time to gather detailed information about surrounding WiFi networks.

Change To Another Network Operator

If possible, check the signal with a different network-operated SIM card on the same mobile phone in the same location. If there is any variation, then the weak signal is caused by the network operator itself.

Within the USA, there are 8 main mobile network operators: AT& T, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, TracFone Wireless, MetroPCS, U.S. Cellular, and Cricket Communications. The first four are the main operators, with Verizon Wireless providing the broadest signal coverage.

Need Help In Finding Your Phones Db More Accurately Ask Us

There’s a tool called “Signal Meter” that can make it easy to check dB in any spot easily. Or see the video below to see how it works. Knowing the inside and outside functions of your phone is important to have the phone working at its best. However, we understand that you may have questions in how to boost your cell phone signal. would like to help you address these questions. You can reach us by either going to our website and sending us an email, or you can reach us directly through our phone line. Should you need to purchase a cell phone signal booster, our team of professionals can help you find a cell phone signal booster that meets your needs such as your space requirements, your phones compatibility, and the best model to keep your phone working with the strongest possible decibels.

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Why Do The Decibels Matter

If you think of the decibels on the phone as the detailed information to gain the best signal, then you will understand how the bars are really superfluous to understanding how your phone works. For example: If you purchase a cell phone signal booster that claims that it can boost your phones decibels up to 50 points, but your signal strength is reading at -157, your signal will still be pretty weak. However, if your phone is reading at -100 and you get the same booster, you will get a very strong signal .

  • Cellular signal strength is measured in decibels , and typically range from -50 dB to -110 dB.
  • The dB scale is logarithmic. This means that every 3 dB increase doubles the power. For example, -67 dB is twice the power of -70 dB.
  • Every 6 dB will approximately double the coverage distance from antenna .

How To: Show Wifi Signal Strength Iphone

How to see your true cellular signal strength with the iPhone Field ...

If you Jailbroke your iPhone, youre in luck. Theres a jailbreak app called SBSettings that allows you to toggle the iOS WiFi meter from numeric to bars. Right now, iOS does not offer a feature to toggle carrier or wireless signal strength numerically on or off .

For those that use the latest iOS where no Jailbreak exists yet, there isnt much more luck. Not only that, Apple recently removed all WiFi scanner apps from the App Store that used to allow you to measure dBm strength of your current wireless connection.

You can still display your Carrier Signal Strength Numerically. Follow these steps.

1. Type the following number combination exactly as shown below in a new call on your iPhone


2. Youll be at the Field Test screen and youll see numbers for the carrier in the top left corner.

3. Now, hold the power button until you see slide to power off.Do not power off.

4. While still holding the power button, now hold down the home button until you are back at the home screen.

Now, you can see the numeric value for your carrier in the top left corner.

How to read signal strength: the lower the numberthe better the signal. -100 is poor signal strength compared to -45 which is excellent signal strength.

Note: To change back to carrier dots strength, repeat the steps 1 & 2. Then, just tap your home button.

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Checking The Band Names

  • 1Check the name of the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to. If you’re connected to a dual-band Wi-Fi router, you may be able to find out which band you’re connected to based on the name of the access point on your iPhone. Here’s where to look:
  • Open the Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner of your screen or swiping up from the bottom of the screen .
  • Tap and hold the Wi-Fi icon in the top-left corner.
  • The name of your Wi-Fi access point appears below “Wi-Fi” on the left side of the panel. If you see either “2.4GHz” or “5GHz” here, you’ll know that you’re connected on that frequency.
  • If you’re connected at home and your bands are not labeled this way, read on to learn how to change them on your Wi-Fi router.
  • 2Find your routers IP address. If you have a dual-band router, the easiest way to tell which band your phone is connected to is to give each one its own SSID, or network name. To get started, find your routers IP address. On your iPhone, you can find the IP address by doing the following:
  • Go into
  • What Is An Iphone Wifi Analyzer

    You may not realize it, but you already have a basic WiFi analyzer on your iPhone, and youve used it at least once. Dont believe us? Just launch Settings from your Home screen, tap the Wi-Fi option, and look at the Choose a network section.

    It should list all WiFi networks available in your area and display basic information about them, such as their names, security, and signal strength enough to help you connect to the right network. But what if you need more information to analyze radio signal leakages, discover noise sources, map channel usage, locate effective access points, and so on?

    In that case, you need a dedicated iOS WiFi channel analyzer. The good news is that there are many different WiFi analyzer iOS apps to choose from, some more feature-packed and easier to use than others, but all intended to accomplish the same goal: give you more information about available WiFi networks.

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    Using Field Test To See Your Cell Signal Strength

    Now that youre in this weird Field Test menu, how do you check your cellular signal strength?

    Theres a lot of stuff in here, and its not very well labeled. After all, this is not a menu for regular users, but for service technicians.

    Start by choosing LTE from the first menu.

    Choose LTE first.

    Then look for menu labeled Serving Cell Meas. This will contain measurements taken from the serving cellthe one youre currently connected to.

    Next, select Serving Cell Meas

    Selecting Serving Cell Meas will take you to a page of data. Youll notice the order of the listing here changes every few seconds, as the measurements continually update.

    Youre looking for rsrp0, which is the Reference Signal Received Power for the tower closest to you .

    The figure you should be most concerned with is rsrp0.

    This should be a negative number, in a range from around -40 to -140. A number closer to -40 is a really strong signal, while a number closer to -140 is a really poor signal. Anything between -40 and -80 is very good and you shouldnt have any signal problems. Anything below -120 is very poor, and you might suffer interruptions in your connection and very poor data speeds.

    Theres another useful data point on this page, labeled RSRQ0 . This is a value derived from both the signal strength and interference. This usually ranges between -3 and -19.5 . Its possible to have a lower number, but to do so you have to have a really noisy, low-power signal.

    Iphone: Viewing Detailed Signal Strength In Dbm

    iPhone 11 Pro: How to Find Wifi Signal Strength in dBm Number

    Mona Anderson September 27, 2021

    How many bars do you have? Lets take a look, shall we? The signal bar on the top of your iPhone screen is supposed to be an impeccable indicator of your cellular reception. This is not always the case, though which Im sure youve experienced first hand. Rather than showing you the exact amount of signal youre receiving, it just dishes out a general range. Because of this, you cant tell using the signal bar alone if two or three bars is either a good or bad connection.

    Unfortunately, you can no longer change your signal bar into a decibel-milliwatts reading. Apple managed to end a users ability to use this trick a few updates ago. Nevertheless, there is still a way to see detailed signal strength in dBm its just not as convenient as the old way.


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    Easy Method To Check Wifi Signal

    The most straightforward way to check wifi signal strength is to look at the wifi bars and see how many of them show up on your device. Usually, there are four to five wi fi bars that are easily visible on every device. The more these bars are filled, the better it is for your devices wi fi connection.

    Although this non-technical method might not always guarantee the best results, it still gives users a good idea about the quality of wi fi signals. If you are using this method on one device, you should use it on another device simultaneously.

    For example, if you are checking the wifi bars on your iPhone, you should also connect your tablet or iPad to the same connection and look at the wifi bars. You can rely on this methods results when both devices end up showing you the same thing.

    Additionally, if you notice a few wi fi bars or empty wi fi bars on your device, you should move around with your device and see how the bars increase or decrease.

    What Constitutes A Strong Wi

    Before we go into the apps and testing, we need to understand what the metrics signify else, theyll be useless.

    Signal strength is usually given as a percentage or as an RSSI value in decibels . RSSI stands for received signal strength indicator, and the apps listed below will display it.

    The stronger the signal, the closer the value is to 0. That may appear to be backwards, however it is due to the fact that the values are negative. As a result, a larger number indicates a weaker signal, whereas a lower number indicates a stronger signal.

    Its also not a linear scale. A 3dBm decline in signal strength suggests the signal is half as strong. A 3dBm increase, on the other hand, suggests the signal is now twice as strong.

    Heres a quick rundown of what your test results signify in terms of common Wi-Fi applications:

    • Signal strength of -50dBm is excellent. Unless your device is really adjacent to the Wi-Fi networks source, youll rarely see better than this.
    • Signal quality is between -55 and -60dBm. Devices should function properly, and video should stream smoothly.
    • Low quality: -70dBm Its not quite good enough for video, but itll suffice for email and web browsing.
    • The minimum signal strength required for a basic connection is -80dBm. Basically useless.

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    Miscellaneous Factors Affecting The Signal Connections

  • Make sure you have the later iOS version â the latest software update can fix Wi-Fi signal issues. This will also fix interrelated bugs and system errors. Thereâs a possibility that you may miss viewing and downloading over-the-air updates because of your Wi-Fi interruptions on your iPhone. The synonym for this problem would be to use iTunes on your desktop version to check for the latest update. You can then download and install it.
  • Thank you, iTunes! A master or factory reset may help clear out issues like connection errors and you can reset and restore your device through iTunes. You can restore the factory defaults and install the latest iOS update on your iPhone XR.
  • Is your network reliable? There could be unscheduled or unposted outage problems other than device issues. You can call your provider and troubleshoot further. They can also reset your wireless router from their end if needed. Refresh once the desired actions have been performed and here you go!
  • Industry Standards For Measuring Cell Signal Strength

    How to View Wi

    The standard industry measurement for cellular signal strength is decibel milliwatts, or dBm. You can find this measurement on your iPhone only when youre in field test mode.

    Field test mode is used by technicians and engineers. Because it isnt a feature that the iPhone promotes to customers, you wont find it easily accessible on an app or menu. You have to punch a series of commands into your phones keypad to enter field test mode, but its fairly straightforward. Lets walk through the process.

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    Make The Necessary Changes And Analyze Your Wifi Coverage Again

    After youve determined how to improve your WiFi coverage, its time to make the necessary changes and use NetSpot for iOS again to verify that youve achieved a measurable improvement. If you havent, try something different and measure again. To obtain accurate results, make sure to measure from the same place and during the same time of the day.

    Using Heat Mapping Software

    WiFi heatmaps are a visual representation of the invisible RF signals that are used to deliver WiFiincluding WiFi signal strength.

    No business, in our experience, has invested in this type of software and training. So you’ll need to schedule a WiFi performance assessment with an experienced service provider in order to check your WiFi signal strength using this method.

    At SecurEdge, we believe getting WiFi services should be quick and easy. If you want to know how much a WiFi performance assessment will cost, check out our WiFi Services Quoting Tool.

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    Reset The Network Settings

    Apply this option when the aforementioned has failed. This will have an impact on the current bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, similar server settings, APN, and restoring the default networks.

    Hereâs how to reset network settings:

  • Navigate to the settings option from your home screen and select general.
  • Tap reset .
  • Enter the passcode/PIN/pattern etc when you tap on the reset network setting option and confirm the reset option.
  • Your XR version will instigate the network resetting settings and restore the options that are default. Once the reset has been completed, the device will be rebooted automatically in order to apply the changes you have made. Go to your Wi-Fi settings to reconnect it once the device boots up.

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