How To Check Wifi Speed On Phone

Speed Test Speedsmart Wifi & Mobile Network Speedtest

How To Check Your Wifi Speed On Phone

Platforms iOS

Speed Test SpeedSmart WiFi & Mobile Network Speedtest is developed by VeeApps, and along with testing the Internet speed on your iOS devices, the app is also capable of:

  • Checking the latency in the data transmission.
  • Troubleshooting the Internet speed issues if your iOS device may have any.
  • Selecting the best speed test server as per your location.

How To Test The Wifi Speed Of An Iphone

In addition to making telephone calls and sending text messages, your Apple iPhone can access wireless hot spots. Wi-Fi hot spots enable you to access email, websites and other Internet content without having to use your cellular data plan. But not all wireless networks are created equal. If you are curious about the speed of the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected, you can test your connection by accessing free Internet speed-testing websites or by downloading a connection-evaluation app from the iTunes store.

How To Test Your Android Mobile Data Connection Speed

Checking the speeds youre getting from your Wi-Fi router or cellular connection is important to check. Here are two apps that will help you out.

Nowadays, a smartphone isnt a smartphone if it doesnt have a way to connect to a 3/4G LTE network or at least a Wi-Fi hotspot. In a previous groovyPost we explained how to test your internet connection on your PC however with so many new Android Mobile readers I thought it would be good to cover the steps for Android users explaining not only how to test your internet speed but also how to test its stability as well!

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What Is The Cox Speed Test Tool And How Does It Work

The test measures your current connections performance – the ping, download and upload speeds – between your device and a test server.The test mimics your online activity by downloading / uploading sample files and recording speeds. Speed tests are a good way to start troubleshooting.The Cox Speed Test tool works using testing from Ookla, a global leader in broadband speed testing applications, and creates a series of multiple connections to nearby test servers to measure and gather your speed performance data. All samples are sorted by speed and the fastest two results and the bottom quarter of the remaining samples are removed. The remaining samples are then averaged, giving you your speed test results.

Analyzing Your Mobile Data Speed Test Results

How To Check Your Wifi Speed On Phone

After the execution and finishing of the speed test, users are provided many different results to measure particular criteria. Listed below is a summarized explanation of what your results are specifying, depending on your residential or business broadband setup:

  • Instead of measuring pure speed, this measurement displays how much can be downloaded to your device per second.
  • Upload Speed: Similar to the rate of downloads, this isn’t a pure measurement of speed, rather it is a simple indication of the amount of data that can be uploaded per second from your mobile device to the web.
  • Ping: Measurement of the length of time one packet of data takes to transfer from one end point to another.
  • Jitter: Measurement of multiple ping results occurring sequentially. A score close to zero signifies a good jitter result.
  • Bufferbloat: This is an executed test of latency, occurring whenever low bandwidth is experienced during a connection. This is normally achieved through a check of bandwidth being performed in order to optimize the speed of the connection.
  • Packet loss: This is a measurement test that determines the number of packets, and how many reach their destination when sent from one device to another. 0% would be the best percentage score for how many packets lost.

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Ideal Upload And Download Speeds

Upload and download speeds are measured in megabits per second . The Wi-Fi speeds you need depend on the online activities you use most.

For casual web browsing, checking email and streaming online video, 4-8 Mbps is recommended. Netflix recommends 5.0 Mbps download speeds for watching HD quality videos. For streaming with Hulu, you can use Hulus auto-select feature to match the best viewing quality for your bandwidth. YouTube recommends a minimum of 1.5 Mbps download speeds, but it depends on the quality level of the video. 20+ Mbps is ideal for users who run a lot of Internet applications at once.

How To Run A Mobile Phone Wifi Speed Test On Your Smartphone

Running a WiFi speed test on your smartphone is a simple task. Most convenient are the speed tests that are able to run in your smartphones mobile web browser. Just follow the simple on-screen prompts to begin the test. If the online test doesnt save your results, take a screen shot after the finished test to provide a history.

Some tests are available as apps for both the iOS and Android platforms. To use these, download the app you want. Then follow the instructions to run the test and save your result.

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Speedtestnet Mobile Speed Test

Platforms Android and iOS

OOKLA presents an app for testing Internet speed on Android and iOS devices with single tap. The most accurate results are displayed in as less as 30 seconds of time. The app offers the following sophisticated features:

  • Checks the download and upload speed of the available Internet connection.
  • Measures the Internet speed using the nearest speed test server in order to provide the most accurate results.
  • Upload and download speed results can be seen separately.

Mobile Phone Wifi Testing Is Easy

How to check wifi speed on your phone without software
Find a Provider
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Testing your mobile phone WiFi connection is a great way to make sure your Internet is operating at the speed promised by your service provider, but you arent limited to running those tests on your desktop computer. Mobile phone WiFi testing is a perfect way to test the power of your WiFi signal at various places in your home or office. Additionally, it is a great way to compare the quality of service between your home Internet provider and your mobile Internet service subscription.

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Mobile Phone Internet User Worldwide

Mobile phone internet users globally. .

Mobile users want speed and convenience. They want to pay their bills quickly, order food in a matter of seconds, and get immediate results for everything they search for on their phone. There are endless options when it comes to choosing a phone plan with an excellent data allowance at high speed. However, at times, your ISP may throttle your mobile internet speed.

Fortunately, you can check for the speed of your mobile internet by conducting a test to ensure your speeds arent being throttled or degraded.

There are a number of tools available for this purpose. Some of them are:

How Do I Test My Wifi Speed At Home

Is your WiFi slow or laggy? Are you having connectivity problems? Whether youre looking to test your WiFi speed to diagnose a problem or just to see if you have in general, there are several ways to go about it.

This guide will show you how to test your WiFi speed from your web browser, your mobile phone, and with the Minim app. If youre still having trouble resolving an issue, well show you how to troubleshoot some of the most common problems too.

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How Do I Improve My Wifi Speed

If after running the speed tests your WiFi just isnt kicking the way youd like it to, it might be time to diagnose the problem. Your WiFi speed test results are impacted by a variety of factors, such as the device youre using on the network, how many devices are currently on the network, the distance between your device and the network access point, and even the time of day. With so many factors potentially affecting your WiFi speed, its important to try and narrow them down until finding the root of the problem.

Here are some suggestions for improving your WiFi speed at home:

  • Move the device youre running the speed test on closer to the router or access point
  • Restart the router
  • Contact your ISP to ensure everything is configured and working properly on their end
  • Move your router or access point to a centralized location of your home where walls and floors wont obstruct the wireless signal
  • Check that you arent connected to the 2.4 GHz WiFi band while testing for 5 GHz speedstheres a big difference between the two
  • Use a different or newer device to retest sometimes older devices arent able to achieve the same speeds as newer devices

Why Do Isps Throttle Data

How to Check Internet Speed On Mobile Phone Without Any ...

There are a variety of reasons an ISP could block data:

  • You have exceeded your limit of data. Many people have limits on data on their internet connection, and if they exceed the limit of data speed, they will usually be reduced to a minimum. Instead of shutting off access to the internet completely, ISPs prioritize customers who are within the limits of their plans. The slow speeds can be frustrating, but its more preferable than not being able to browse the internet completely.
  • If you are connected during a high traffic time. While bandwidth isnt typically an issue for large broadband providers, however, the reality remains that its an indefinite resource. If youre using a lot of data that exceeds the limits, ISPs may need to limit certain connections to offer high-speed service to all their customers.
  • ISP chooses to restrict your particular activities. In the wake of the demise of Net Neutrality, the ability of an ISP to throttle its services could be increased, allowing the capability to throttle certain kinds of content or increase the fees charged to major users of data, such as streaming services such as Netflix. If the costs rise dramatically for these content providers, the cost of paying ISPs could be passed on to you.
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    Netflix And Youtube Throttling

    It is also possible to test the speed test for Netflix. Netflix developed this test to determine if your internet provider is throttling your connection for Netflix as well. Check the results against the speed that you can see on Speed Test. If Netflix speed tests are much slower, its a sign that your ISP is throttled.

    Google also offers the Google Video Quality report, revealing what the connection quality is with YouTubes servers. Suppose you have a speedy Internet connection but a low high-quality connection with YouTubes servers. In that case, this is a sign that your internet service provider might be slowing down YouTube connections.

    Speed Test: Network Ping Check

    With Speed Test: Network Ping Check, you can not only check the internet speed of your WiFi and cellular networks, but you can also track and compare the speed test results of the past. The user-interface of Speed Test: Network Ping Check is relatively clean and straightforward to use, and it sends you easy-to-read internet speed reports.

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    How Can I Increase My Mobile Internet Speed

    Sometimes your mobile data speeds may lag because of the nearest carrier tower location or signal blocking materials around your home. If your connectivity is lower than youd like, consider enhancing it with a signal booster. weBoost cell phone boosters can pick up and amplify an existing cellular signal distributing stronger signals inside your home, vehicle, and RV.

    Test My Speed With An Html5 Speed Test

    How to Check Internet Speed on Phone – Accurate WIFI Speed Test App for Mobile

    When you need to perform a quick Internet speed test on your smartphone, a test using HTML5 is probably your best option. HTML5 speed tests dont require Flash, and they dont force you to download an app when you a suffering from substandard bandwidth. Imagine trying to deal with a customer support rep from your wireless provider and having to download an app that takes over 10 minutes!

    All you really need to do is start your mobile web browser, navigate to the HTML5 speed test website, and perform your test. Boom! There are no Flash incompatibility issues, and a speed test app isnt now taking up valuable space on your smartphone.

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    How Are Coverage And Internet Speed Related

    Good coverage means your device is getting a strong WiFi signal. That strong signal will also deliver as much speed as your device can handle. As you move away from your Gateway , signal strength diminishes, slowing upload/download speeds and reducing coverage. The placement of your Gateway is the key to ensuring both coverage and speed for your devices.

    Testing Your Wifi Speed With A Web App

    The easiest way to test your at-home WiFi speed is through a free web app, usually provided by Internet Service Providers . On average, speed tests take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute and transfer roughly 40 MB of data or more, so keep that in mind if you have a data-based usage plan through your ISP.

    Heres a list of web-based apps that provide free at-home WiFi speed testing:

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    What To Expect In Australia

    Australians experience some of the fastest internet speeds in the world. Therefore, your internet connection should be pretty fast, and if it isnt, you can probably find a number of providers that provide faster speeds in your area.

    Global internet speed. .

    Of course, connection speeds are tailored to the areas being served. Some locations have faster speeds than others, and some locations are served by more providers than others. The number of choices you have available, along with the speeds, are thus dependent on location in some cases.

    Regardless of that, a speed test can help you determine if your provider is giving you service thats up to the standard of Australia. The country has been ranked fifth in the world for internet speeds, and so your internet experience should reflect that rank.

    How To Check If Your Isp Is Throttling Bandwidth

    How to Check Internet Speed on Phone

    The best way to find out whether your internet is restricted is to conduct a free speed test on the internet. The problem is that most internet providers will recognize speed tests and then artificially increase your speed to appear as if theyre not throttled.

    Therefore, a speed test isnt the most reliable method to detect Internet throttles.

    The most reliable method for verifying whether your connection is restricted is to use a Virtual Private Network, also called VPN. VPN.

    ISPs can sometimes block certain kinds of content, and a VPN could render this impossible through the masking of your IP address as well as your activities by separating your Internet service provider.

    With your ISP obliged to treat all your content equally due to the inability to distinguish what kind of sites youre visiting, youll be able to determine your actual speed with a speed test on the internet.

    To reiterate the point, you can identify whether your internet connection is restricted using these methods:

  • Run an Internet speed test
  • Do another speed test to see if you can get an alternative result.
  • Suppose your speed is significantly lower than usual, and youre unable to pinpoint the issue after taking the steps listed in the troubleshooting section. In that case, your internet connection has likely been slowed.

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