How To Connect Chromecast To Hotel Wifi

Using An Ethernet Connection

How to connect Chromecast to hotel or dorm room wifi with security/login page

Another way to use Chromecast without WiFi is by connecting an Ethernet cable.

This method is helpful where your only options are local WiFi hotspots or hotel internet if youre traveling. In such cases, two-factor authentication, which uses browser functionality plus acceptance of certain terms and conditions, is required before you can access the WiFi.

Chromecast doesnt have browser functionality so you wont be able to stream content. With an Ethernet connection, however, you can connect to the internet and cast from your device to Chromecast.

For this method to work, youll need an Ethernet cable with a USB connection on the other end. If youre using Chromecast Ultra, plug in the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet power adapter, and then connect the USB cable to the Chromecast. Once done, plug into the active Ethernet jack and cast content as you normally would.

Note: If you have the new Android-TV powered Chromecast, it lacks Ethernet support but you can buy a special power and Ethernet adapter for that purpose. The Ethernet power adapter isnt included with older Chromecast models, but you can buy a third-party adapter like the Cable Matters micro USB to Ethernet adapter or UGREEN Ethernet adapter.

The New Chromecast Is The Answer

All I could think the entire time I was doing this was how the new Chromecast with Google TV would save me from this scenario in the future. While Ive been a bit of a casting purist for years and have long thought Google was right for leaving Android TV a bit on the sidelines, my outlook completely and utterly changed last night as I spent 10 minutes of my life simply trying to get logged into Netflix.

In the event youve never attempted it, using a Chromecast in a hotel is generally impossible using hotel Wi-Fi, and this reason alone has made it a terrible travel companion. When any Wi-Fi is bound by a captive portal there is no workaround to get your Chromecast set up on the network. With no on-screen controls or any real interface, the Chromecast simply cant navigate those pesky captive portals.

You can get it working on a phone hotspot or a pocketable Wi-Fi repeater, but only those who travel frequently are going to bother to bring all that hardware for a simple Chromecast setup. Instead, most do what I do and simply opt to deal with whatever atrocity the hotel offers up to its guests.

How To Connect Your Chromecast To Your Travel Router

  • Plug your Chromecast directly into your TV.
  • Using the included micro-USB cable, hook the Chromecast up to a power outlet or a free USB port on your PC.
  • Switch your TV’s source signal to the HDMI input that has the Chromecast on it. You should see a setup screen.

  • Choose whether to remember the password for setting up future devices.
  • Tap Connect.
  • You should be connected after some time. Google gives one last disclaimer that the app uses your Google Account for personalization.
  • Tap Next to dismiss it.

  • Once you’re checked in and unpacked at your hotel, setup should be a breeze. All we’re doing now is connecting the travel router to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. Once you have that going, you’re golden.

  • Repeat Steps 1-8 in the very first section of this guide, only instead of connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network, you’ll connect to the hotel’s.
  • On your smartphone and while connected to the travel hotspot, try and navigate to a reliable webpage such as . If you’re able to get there, no further steps are needed. Otherwise, read on.

  • You may come across the hotel’s login page at this point. This may look and work differently depending on which hotel you’re at. Some have specific usernames and passwords for each guest, some only require you to press a login button, and some might even require the help of hotel staff. Do whatever you need to do to login.
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    Chromecast Setup Fix #: Adjust Your Router Channels

    Most routers allow you to toggle between the wireless channels they run on. If the channel your router is automatically set to is the same one used by your neighbors, interference can occur. This may explain why your network is not working with Chromecast.

    Go into your router settings and look for a section called Wireless and a subsection called Channel and SSID.” The names of these menus may vary depending on your router.

    Find the channel field. If it is set to Auto, change it to any numbered option. If the problem continues, change it again until you find a channel with less interference. Alternatively, use a tool like WiFiInfoView to take a look at your surrounding WiFi networks and what channels they run on.

    Popular opinion around the web is that Chromecast operates best on channels 1, 6 and 11, although weve seen no evidence of a specific channel making a spot of difference. Just make sure that as few of your neighbors as possible use the same channel as you. This will not only improve Chromecast performance, but WiFi speeds and reliability in general should be better once you make the change.

    If you’re unable to make adjustments to your router, you may want to look into buying a new one. We’ve rounded up our top wireless routers for you to review.

    Chromecast Setup Fix #: Check Your Network Signal

    Connect Chromecast to Hotel Wifi WITHOUT Second Phone or ...

    If a complete reset doesn’t work, it may be time to look at your router’s signal settings. There are two frequency bands over which WiFi networks operate: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Chromecasts only work on 2.4GHz.

    This can be annoying, but the silver lining is that 2.4GHz is the superior of the two options for a streaming device, thanks to its lower frequency being better at penetrating solid objects.

    Go in to your router settings and check the frequency its operating on. Select 2.4GHz for your Chromecast.

    If your other devices are connected to a 5GHz network you might be able to leave them be, depending on the abilities of your router. Just make sure you tick the option for Enable guest mode during the Chromecast setup process.

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    Looking For Chromecast Hotel Login Get Direct Access To Chromecast Hotel Login Through Official Links Providedbelow

    Go to chromecast hotel login page via official link below

    Login using your username and password. Login screen appears upon successful login

    If you still can’t access chromecast hotel login then see Troublshooting options or contact us for help.

    Any other device connected to the same hotspot can stream to the Chromecast. First connect your laptop to the hotel Wi-Fi as you normally would and log in to the hotel’s welcome page. Once your laptop is connected to the internet you’re ready to follow the next steps to connect your Chromecast.

    How Do I Cast To A Hotel Tv

    Even if you dont have a streaming stick, you can still stream your phone to the hotel TV. There is a need for an HDMI plug that has one end connected to the HDMI port and another end connected to the USB port. If you connect your USB end to your mobile and HDMI to your TV, all the data displayed on your phone screen will be mirrored on the TV.

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    Can I Cast To Tv Without Wifi Using Mobile Data

    In short, yes. If youre using guest mode , you must still have some form of internet connection. You can connect to another WiFi network that isnt connected to the Chromecast device or you can use your mobile data. You cannot, however, set up your Chromecast with mobile data you need to be connected via WiFi or by an Ethernet cable.

    Access Wireless Internet In A Hotel On All Your Devices

    Connect Chromecast to Hotel Wifi WITHOUT Second Phone or Laptop (Galaxy S7 / S8 / S9 Required)

    Many people find it hard to connect to the WiFi Internet connection in hotels. This usually happens with devices that are not computers, nor smartphones. We’re talking here mostly about streaming media players , gaming consoles and e-readers .

    The main reason why it’s harder on such devices is that almost all hotels nowadays use a WiFi sign in page. On those pages you either need to acknowledge the terms and conditions and click a button or enter your credentials to log in. By the way – this is also the case at coffee shops, airports and really any public place.

    So – how to connect to hotel WiFi easy on all your devices? Read below and find out!

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    Ethernet Card Mac Address

    This method is quite similar to the previous one. Here, you shall disguise the Ethernet network card MAC address as that of your Chromecast.

    Firstly, plug your laptop into the hotel ethernet port.

    Use the above procedure and make your Ethernet MAC address as that of your Chromecast.

    After logging in to the hotels home page, disconnect your laptop.

    Now, you have your Chromecast MAC address registered as that of your laptop.

    Next, Connect your Chromecast to the network without issues.

    Turn Your Chromecast Into A True Plug And Play Streaming Device

    Chromecast is a life-changing device. Simply plug it into a TV and enjoy everything from Netflix and Hulu to YouTube and Twitch. It seems like the perfect tool for the weary road warrioruntil you try and use it at your hotel. The biggest limitation and time consuming activity with the Chromecast is you have to set it up with every new WiFi network. If you are frequently traveling, this can make the Chromecast almost too much trouble to bother with.

    Now you can use the Connectify Hotspot software app on your Windows laptop as a middleman for the Chromecast. The first time you use Chromecast with your Connectify Hotspot you will have to set it up manually. But, every time after that, all you need to do is open up your laptop and turn on your Connectify Hotspot, your Chromecast will recognize the Connectify connection from its last connection.

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    Using Chromecast With A Travel Router

    Finally, you can create a local Wi-Fi connection using a travel router and stream media without internet. This will allow you to use Chromecast even in hotel rooms or other places while you travel. Before you get out on the road, configure your travel router. Give it a network name and a password.

    This method will work on both iOS and Android devices. Simply connect the Chromecast to the same wireless network as your device using the travel router.

    The travel router can work as a replacement for a Wi-Fi connection. You dont need to pay for hotel Wi-Fi. You may, however, have to configure the TV in the hotel to connect it to your travel router.

    Heres how to set up your Travel Router.

  • Connect the router. If the travel router connection is not visible, enter its name and password manually.
  • Connect your Chromecast. Once both devices are connected, the TV should be available as a Chromecast destination. Select it through the Google Home app. Here is the download link for iOS devices.
  • If needed, adjust the TVs settings.
  • Now you can stream your pre-downloaded content on the hotel or any other TV without using a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Create A Windows 10 Hotspot

    Hootoo Elite Bridge Hotel Wifi and Share USB Drive ...

    If you’re at a hotel with an open Wi-Fi network and no required login, plug your Chromecast into the TV and set it up on the Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, the easiest method is to create a Windows 10 hotspot. Chromecast can connect to it because there’s no welcome page needed. Any other device connected to the same hotspot can stream to the Chromecast.

    First, connect your laptop to the hotel Wi-Fi as you normally would and log in to the hotel’s welcome page. Once your laptop is connected to the internet, you’re ready to follow the next steps to connect your Chromecast.

  • Click Start, select Settings, and select Network & Internet.

  • Select Mobile hotspot from the left pane.

  • Click the selector to turn to On.

  • Ensure that is set to Wi-Fi.

  • Also, make sure is set to Wi-Fi.

  • Record the Network name and Network password that’s displayed at the bottom of the window.

  • Now that your laptop hotspot is enabled, set up your Chromecast as you normally would, but use the network name and password you recorded above for your connection settings.

    If you don’t have a Windows 10 laptop, you can as well. If you have an older Windows laptop, you can use Connectify to share your Wi-Fi connection.

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    Set Up Chromecast Without Wifi

    Whether youre traveling or cant access WiFi for some reason, there are plenty of options that can provide a wireless internet connection so you can continue enjoying your favorite content.

    If youre having issues with your Chromecast device, check out our guide on how to reset a Chromecast.

    Were you able to stream your content via Chromecast without WiFi? Share your experience in a comment.

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    Can You Turn Wi

    You can access mobile hotspot settings by selecting Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot from the Start button. You can share your Internet connection by choosing the Internet connection you want to share. You can change the name and password of your network by selecting Edit > enter a new name and password > Save. You can also turn on sharing your Internet connection with others.

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    Why Won’t My Chromecast Just Work On Hotel Wi

    More and more, folks are looking to take their streaming devices on the road as hotels refuse to budge on bloated movie rental prices. The Chromecast is a great little tool for this purpose considering how small it is and how easy it is to use.

    Unfortunately, hotels also want to sell expensive Wi-Fi, or they’ll use network management tools for security and performance reasons. These measures work in ways that make devices like Chromecast fail to work properly. If you find yourself in that predicament, a travel router is what you want.

    The reason this is the perfect tool to get your Chromecast up and running is that while your router is using the hotel’s network, it’s taking that connection and using it to create a wider network that doesn’t have messy access management tools that can cause your Chromecast to trip up. To the hotel, you’re still just using one device on that one connection.

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