How To Connect Chromecast To New Wifi

How To Change Wifi On Chromecast

How to Change Your Chromecast to a New Wi Fi Network

Tochange your WiFi network on a Chromecast, start the TV and open the Google Homeapp. Then select your device and tap the gear icon in the top-right corner ofyour screen. Finally, tap WiFi> Forget this Network.

Note: Before you start, make sure your smartphone or other device is connected to the same network as the Chromecast. If you cant connect to the same network, youll have to manually reset your Chromecast. You can find out how to reset your Chromecast in the instructions below.

  • Turn on the TV and plug in your Chromecast. You can tell the Chromecast is turned on if you can see a light on the device.
  • Open the Google Home app. You can find this app on the Apple App Store and the for free.
  • On your device, select your Chromecast. This will have the name that you gave it during the setup process. This might be something like Living Room TV.
  • Then tap the gear icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Next, select WiFi.
  • Then tap Forget this Network.
  • Once you forget your Chromecasts WiFi network, you can change it by setting up your device again. If you want to find out how to set up your Chromecast, check out the instructions below.
  • If you are connecting to a new WiFi network, you might not be able to connect to your Chromecast. If this is the case, you will have to manually reset your Chromecast. Then you can connect it to the new network by setting it up again.

    Why Is My Chromecast Not Connecting

    Turning the Chromecast, mobile device, and router off and on again at the same time can actually resolve many casting related issues. First try turning off your Chromecast by unplugging it, and while it’s unplugged power off your mobile device and home router. … Turn on your Chromecast. Turn on your mobile device.

    How Do I Connect Chromecast To Wi

    If your Chromecast is new and you are connecting it to the Wi-Fi for the first time, you will need to first connect the Chromecast to the TV. Follow these steps:

  • Plug the Chromecast into the TV. You will also need to plug the other end of the Chromecast into an electrical outlet.
  • Set the TV to the HDMI input. Some TVs will do this automatically when you plug in the Chromecast. If not, use the input button on the remote.
  • This app is available for all Androids and IOS devices.
  • Run the Chromecast software. The app should ask if you want to run the software and will automatically detect your Chromecast.
  • Enter in the four digits shown on the screen. Once the setup is complete, four numbers should show on the TV screen. Enter the code on the app setup page.
  • Enter in the Wi-Fi network. The software should detect the Wi-Fi network that your app uses and connect to the same one. You will have to enter your Wi-Fi password.
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    How Do You Connect Chromecast To Your Computer

    The Google Chromecast device is a popular Google product used to stream all types of media to your television from your laptop, PC, phone, or mobile device. To connect to it from your laptop or PC:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Chrome browser installed
  • Select Cast
  • Designate Chromecast as your choice of casting device
  • The connection should take seconds if you have an updated browser and your Chromecast is set up and working properly.

    Here is some additional information on what makes the Chromecast a unique and suitable tool for streaming all kinds of media, as well as how to handle the most common troubleshooting questions.

    How Do I Disconnect Chromecast

    Connect A non

    Select the three dots in the upper right corner to open the browser settings, then select Cast. You should see the Chromecast device currently casting in blue. To stop this Chromecast, select it from the list. If Google Chrome is connected to the Chromecast device properly, this should stop the Chromecast.

    Tap the Cast button in a Cast-enabled app.

  • Plug in Chromecast and visit
  • Connect Chromecast to your WiFi network.
  • Tap the Cast button in a Cast-enabled app.
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    Chromecast With Google Tv

    The latest model, called Chromecast with Google TV, runs the Android TV operating system and features a brand new user interface branded “” that is navigated with an included Bluetooth remote control. The remote has dedicated buttons for opening and Netflix, as well as a button for initiating voice commands or search queries through the remote’s microphone. The remote can be programmed to control the power, volume, and input functions of televisions and soundbars through HDMI-CEC or infrared signals. Like previous models, the Chromecast with Google TV allows content to be cast to it from other devices. It outputs video up to a 4K resolution and supports HDR through the Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HDR10+ formats, while also supporting the audio formats Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby Atmos. Support for Google’s Stadiacloud gaming service was added on the device on June 23, 2021. Unlike some previous models that could be powered by a television’s USB port, the Chromecast with Google TV requires a power adapter, which connects via USB cable to the dongle’s USB-C port. The Chromecast and its remote are available in three different colors: Snow, Sky, and Sunrise.

    In July 2019, the apps for Android and iOS added Chromecast support, marking the first time Amazon’s streaming service supported the device. The move followed a four-year dispute between Google and Amazon in which Amazon stopped selling Chromecast devices and Google pulled YouTube from .

    Fix : Check Your Chromecast Specifications

    If your Google Chromecast is sitting right beside your WiFi router and is still not displaying a 5GHz signal, it is most likely that you own the first generation of the product which only has support for 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n WiFi networks. Sadly, theres not much you can do in this scenario apart from buying a newer version of the Chromecast.

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    How To Change Wifi Network By Manually Resetting Your Chromecast

    Tomanually reset your Chromecast, press and hold down the reset button on theside of the device. Then disconnect and reconnect the USB power cable to yourChromecast.

  • Press and hold down the reset button. The reset button is located on the side of your Chromecast, next to the micro-USB port. Press this button until the LED light stops flashing orange and starts flashing white. If youre using a first-generation Chromecast, you can find the reset button at the back of your device. Press and hold down the button until the light on your streaming device stops flashing.
  • Disconnect the USB power cable. Then wait for a few seconds.
  • Reconnect the USB power cable. This will reset the device to factory conditions.
  • Once you reset your Chromecast, you will have to set up your device again.
  • Turn Your Pc Into A Virtual Router For Your Chromecast Set It And Forget It

    Fix Chromecast Can’t Connect to Wifi

    The Connectify Hotspot software app allows you to . This makes it the perfect solution when Chromecast won’t connect to WiFi.

    That’s because you can use your Connectify Hotspot as a middleman for the Chromecast. The first time you use Chromecast with your Connectify Hotspot you will have to setup Chromecast with your PC. But, every time after that, all you need to do is open up your laptop and turn on your Connectify Hotspot. Your Chromecast will recognize the Connectify connection and you’ll enjoy streaming video.

    Connectify Hotspot makes your Chromecast plug and play, even if you are staying a different hotel every night.

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    Chromecast Setup Fix #: Perform A Factory Data Reset

    The next fix is to completely reset your Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra back to its factory defaults. This will not delete any of your app dataall it means is that your Chromecast number will change and youll have to go through the setup process again.

    Not sure how to reset Chromecast? Your steps will change based on whether your model is first or second generation, or a Chromecast Ultra. Either use your Google Home app to reset Chromecast, or hold down the button on the back of your Chromecast dongle for at least 25 seconds. Once your TV screen goes blank you can let go and wait for it to clear its memory.

    It’s also a good idea to try a using different device during your second setup attempt. For example: If you tried to set it up using the Google Home app on your phone the first time, download the app to your housemate’s and try using theirs the second.

    Chromecast Not Working: 8 Simple Fixes

    To fix your Chromecast setup issues, you can try the following:

    • Make sure your Chromecast is connected to the same WiFi network
    • Use the HDMI extender cable that came with your Chromecast
    • Reset your Chromecast by holding the reset button your dongle for 25 seconds
    • Reset your modem or router
    • Move your router closer to your Chromecast
    • Make sure you’re running your Chromecast on a 2.4GHz network frequency
    • Update your router’s firmware, if needed
    • Adjust your router’s channels

    There are a few reasons that your Chromecast streaming device may be having trouble connecting to your WiFi network. Any oneor a combinationof these issues could be the cog in your wireless wheels. Luckily, there are a number of quick fixes to help you troubleshoot your Chromecast.

    On this page, we’ll walk you through some of the top troubleshooting contenders, including how to connect Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra to different WiFi networks and how to reset your Google Chromecast device.

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    What Is A 5ghz Wifi Network

    Google Chromecast supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11 b/g/n WiFi networks. For the layman, these terms may seem like Greek and Latin, but for those who truly care about connection speed and strength while streaming 4K HDR content over the air, the difference between these two networks is night and day. Simply put, one is way faster than the other and thats the 5GHz network that most modern-day routers provide alongside a traditional 2.4GHz signal.

    Being connected to a 5GHz network improves network speed dramatically, which is something youd need while streaming high-quality content to your Chromecast device on your TV. Google itself recommends that you connect your Chromecast to a reliable 5GHz network if possible. However, the fact that youre reading this means youve been unable to get your Google Chromecast to work with a 5GHz WiFi network. This is quite a peculiar problem and one that can only be caused by a few issues.

    Reason : Network Is No Longer Active

    How to Connect Chromecast to WiFi [Guide 2020 ...

    If the Wi-Fi network to which you connected your Chromecast is not active anymore, things will get a bit tricky. That will happen when you change your router. Youve set up your Chromecast for the network that doesnt exist anymore, so your Google Home app on your mobile device wont be able to recognize it.

    There is a solution for both, and this article provides a step-by-step guide to get you up and running again.

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    How Do I Setup My First Generation Chromecast

    1. Plug in: Plug Chromecast into your TV, then connect the USB power cable to your Chromecast. Next, either plug the other end of the USB power cable into an open USB port on your TV OR into the included power adapter which you will then plug into a power outlet. Note: Only use the provided AC adapter.

    Fix: Why Is My Google Chromecast Not Working On 5ghz Wifi

    Google Chromecast is one of the most affordable solutions that brings high-quality online content to your living room non-smart TV. Several iterations and years of improvisations later, it has never been easier to stream 4K HDR content on your TV without spending a fortune on a media player. Google Chromecast plugs into your TVs or monitors HDMI port, connects to your WiFi, and brings the sweetness of Android TV to your non-smart device.

    The recent iterations of Chromecast also support content in HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision HDR formats that takes your movie-watching experience to the next level. Easily the biggest reason behind the success of the Google Chromecast has definitely got to do with its size and portability. Add features like a fluid UI, access to thousands of Android apps, and seamless navigation through Google Assistant, and you just cant go wrong with Google Chromecast.

    Page Contents

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    How Do I Set Up Chromecast On Generation 1

    1. Plug in: Plug Chromecast into your TV, then connect the USB power cable to your Chromecast. Next, either plug the other end of the USB power cable into an open USB port on your TV OR into the included power adapter which you will then plug into a power outlet. Note: Only use the provided AC adapter.

    Chromecast Setup Fix #: Adjust Your Router Channels

    Chromecast How To Change Wifi Network – How To Change Wifi Chromecast Google Home

    Most routers allow you to toggle between the wireless channels they run on. If the channel your router is automatically set to is the same one used by your neighbors, interference can occur. This may explain why your network is not working with Chromecast.

    Go into your router settings and look for a section called Wireless and a subsection called Channel and SSID.” The names of these menus may vary depending on your router.

    Find the channel field. If it is set to Auto, change it to any numbered option. If the problem continues, change it again until you find a channel with less interference. Alternatively, use a tool like WiFiInfoView to take a look at your surrounding WiFi networks and what channels they run on.

    Popular opinion around the web is that Chromecast operates best on channels 1, 6 and 11, although weve seen no evidence of a specific channel making a spot of difference. Just make sure that as few of your neighbors as possible use the same channel as you. This will not only improve Chromecast performance, but WiFi speeds and reliability in general should be better once you make the change.

    If you’re unable to make adjustments to your router, you may want to look into buying a new one. We’ve rounded up our top wireless routers for you to review.

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    Changing Network By Resetting Chromecast Manually

    If your WiFi will not change using the above two methods then resetting it manually is the best option.

  • Plug the Chromecast to the TV and connect it to an adapter for power supply.
  • Hold down the reset button of the Chromecast for some seconds, it is present next to the USB port.
  • A light will be flashing on the Chromecast while you hold the reset button, release the reset button when the light will stop flashing.
  • Now, your Chromecast will reset, and the settings will restore to default ones.
  • Again set up your Chromecast like you did the first time and connect it to the new WiFi network while setting up.
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