How To Connect Chromecast To Wifi

Plug Chromecast Into Your Tv

How To Set up Chromecast – Google Chromecast Setup – How To Use Cast Connect to Wifi & TV

After unpacking the device, wait for it to power up before plugging it into a power outlet.

The first step is plugging in the Chromecast device into your TVs HDMI port and then connecting the USB power cable to your Chromecast.

You can either plug the USB cable into the wall using the adapter included or simply use one of the USB ports located at the back of your TV. If the USB port at the back of your TV doesnt supply enough power to the Chromecast, plugging it into the wall is a good idea.

How To Set Up Chromecast Wifi

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This wikiHow teaches you how to set up Wi-Fi for your Chromecast. You can only do this using Google Home on a phone or tabletsetting up Chromecast Wi-Fi is no longer supported on a computer.

How Do I Connect Chromecast To Wi

If your Chromecast is new and you are connecting it to the Wi-Fi for the first time, you will need to first connect the Chromecast to the TV. Follow these steps:

  • Plug the Chromecast into the TV. You will also need to plug the other end of the Chromecast into an electrical outlet.
  • Set the TV to the HDMI input. Some TVs will do this automatically when you plug in the Chromecast. If not, use the input button on the remote.
  • This app is available for all Androids and IOS devices.
  • Run the Chromecast software. The app should ask if you want to run the software and will automatically detect your Chromecast.
  • Enter in the four digits shown on the screen. Once the setup is complete, four numbers should show on the TV screen. Enter the code on the app setup page.
  • Enter in the Wi-Fi network. The software should detect the Wi-Fi network that your app uses and connect to the same one. You will have to enter your Wi-Fi password.
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    Manually Resetting The Chromecast

  • Press and hold down the reset button on the side of the device. The reset button can be found on the side of your Chromecast, next to the micro-USB port. You will have to press and hold this button until the orange light starts flashing white.
  • Then disconnect the USB power cable and wait for a few seconds.
  • Reconnect the USB power cable to rest the device to factory conditions.
  • Once you reset your Chromecast, you will have to go through steps to set up your device again.
  • How To Change Your Chromecast To A New Wi


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    Device Links

    Various casting devices allow you to stream media files from mobile phones and tablets to your TV or PC, but Google Chromecast is one of the most portable devices amongst them. You can take it everywhere, but theres a small catchit can only remember one Wi-Fi network at a time.

    If you take your Chromecast with you or you have more than one Wi-Fi source inside the home, youll need to change its Wi-Fi regularly. Depending on the reason for the change, the process can be straightforward or a bit tricky.

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    Mirror An Android Device

    If you have an Android that runs Android KitKat 4.4.2 or later, you can just mirror what’s on your Android phone directly to the Chromecast. Here’s how:

    1. On your Android device, open the Google Home app.

    2. Tap the menu in the top right corner of the screen, which looks like three horizontal lines.

    3. Tap “Cast Screen/Audio.”

    4. Choose the name of your Chromecast from the menu.

    5. You can now begin playing whatever you want to play on your Android it should appear on the TV as well.

    Chromecast Setup Fix #: Check Your Wifi Network

    Wondering why Chromecast can’t connect to your WiFi? You may have recently changed your router password and forgot to update your Chromecast, or added a second WiFi network to your home and now your mobile devices and Chromecast are connected to different networks. Either way, the first and easiest thing to fix a WiFi setup error with your Chromecast is to make sure its connected to the same network as your mobile devices.

    Thankfully, there’s no difference in how to connect Chromecast vs. Chromecast Ultra to your WiFi. Check your phone’s settings to see what network it’s on, then cross-reference in your Chromecast settings. If you see different info for your Chromecast, change WiFi networks. Once youve confirmed that they match, you can try one of the following options.

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    How To Reconnect Chromecast To New Wifi Network

    Throughout the generations, WiFi has remained the primary method of connecting your phone or computer to your Chromecast up to the latest .

    However, Chromecast can only remember one WiFi network at a time. This means that you cannot switch between networks via just an option in the settings. Bummer, I know, right?

    So, if youve recently moved or your friend just invited you to a streaming party, Chromecast will not let you connect to your friends network unless you first wipe the previously saved network from its memory.

    To switch networks on your Chromecast, all you need is a mobile device, a stable internet connection, and youll be up and running in no time.

    In this article guide, I will demonstrate how you can reconnect Google Chromecast to a new WiFi network using the Google Home app.

    Plug Chromecast Into An Hdmi Port On Your Tv

    Fix Chromecast Can’t Connect to Wifi

    The first thing you should do when Chromecast arrives is to plug it into your TV. Chromecast will not start setting up until you have done this, so make sure to get this out of the way first!

    After Chromecasting has been plugged in, follow any on-screen prompts that appear on your screen. You may need to complete setup with a WiFi network or link an existing Google account for example.

    Follow through these instructions carefully as they are all necessary steps if you wish Chromecast to work properly once set up is finished! Don’t forget that Chromecast doesn’t come with HDMI cables included either so you’ll probably want one which you can buy.

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    Chromecast: Connect To Smartphone

    Once youre set up, your Chromecast will be connected to your smartphone. However, guest mode is available on Chromecast third-generation so your friends and family can use it. You dont need to share your WiFi password with anyone to do this. Unfortunately, Chromecast with Google TV doesnt support guest mode.

    Smartphone Hotspot Feature For Chromecast

    Just like a router, your smartphone can also create a public or private wireless connection via the hotspot feature available on the smartphone. Almost every Android, as well as Apple smartphone, features the hotspot feature, which allows you to share your phones internet connectivity to nearby phones or smart devices such as streaming box and Chromecast.

    To do this, simply enable the hotspot feature on your phone. Here, you will see the network SSID and optional password for your network. Now, just connect Google Chromecast to your phones network just like you connect it to any other WiFi network through the smartphone application.

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    Is It Possible To Use A Portable Router With Chromecast

    The Google Chromecast device is a compact and portable device. Hence, it is also popular amongst users who travel often. While traveling, you can still use the Chromecast device by connecting it with your travel router. Also, using your private router is a much safer alternative compared to public WiFi hotspots available in hotels, lobbies, and waiting areas.

    To do so, follow the steps given here.

  • Once you have set up your travel or portable router, head over to the Chromecast mobile app and connect it with the router.
  • As for the router, you can use any internet connectivity option supported by the router. You can either use the wireless option or plug a LAN cable into the router to get a stable connection.
  • How To Use Chromecast Without Wifi Iphone

    Chromecast not Connecting to Wifi

    You can also use ChromeCast without WiFi iPhone or iPad. Those with iPhone or iPad can connect to the ChromeCast smart TV without WiFi by using a Travel Router. The Travel Router will create a local WiFi network and thereby connect the iOS device to Chromecast without WiFi.

    Now that it has been explained in detail all about using ChromeCast without internet or WiFi let me answer here some of the related questions often asked by the Google ChromeCast users:

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    Switching From An Existing Network To A New Network

    If your Chromecast is connected to your current WiFi network and that one is still active, its quite simple to switch to a different WiFi network.

    • First, you need to make sure that your mobile device is connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast.
    • Now, open the Google Home app.
    • Now, tap on your Chromecast on the home screen.
    • Tap on the small gear icon at the top right corner to get the long list of options.
    • Just scroll down and locate the WiFi option, then tap on it.
    • There will be a big red button on your screen saying Forget Network. Tap that and select OK on the prompt menu.

    You have successfully disconnected your Chromecast from your old network. Now you can easily connect it to a new one.

    Now the process to connect to the new WiFi network is very simple. You are essentially setting up a new Chromecast device like you would if it were actually, well, new.

    Three: Configure Your Chromecast

    With your Chromecast connected to your phone, its time to fire up the Google Home app and finish the configuration process. Most of the time youll be automatically prompted to begin the setup process right when you open the app, but if you arent, dont worry. Simply tap the device icon in the upper right corner, seen below.

    Devices in need of set up are grouped at the top of the screen. Confirm the Chromecast identifier on your phone matches the identifier displayed on your TV and tap Set Up.

    In the first step of the setup process, the app will confirm the temporary identifier assigned to the Chromecast. Click Continue.

    Next, the setup app will beam a confirmation code to your TVthe folks at Google are clearly very serious about making sure youre setting up the right Chromecast. Confirm that you see the code by tapping I See It.

    Next, youll be prompted to select your region . Click Continue. Youll be prompted to name your Chromecast. By default it has the randomly generated name , but the best thing to do is name it by the room its in for ease of use.


    Once youve made your selection, click Continue and then plug in the credentials for the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect the Chromecast to. If you have multiple Wi-Fi networks in your home, be sure to put the Chromecast on the Wi-Fi network you normally use on your phone or tablet, because thats what youll be casting from.

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    Chromecast Setup Fix #: Use The Extender

    One reason why your network isn’t working with Chromecast: It may be fighting to detect a signal. Televisions are essentially giant shields through which signals have a very difficult time passing. Your Chromecast needs all the help it can get.

    Your Chromecast came with a short HDMI extender cable in order to better connect Chromecast to WiFi. This is a stiff cable, a couple of inches long, that will cause your Chromecast to stick out of the back of the TV. The purpose of this cable is to give your device a little more breathing room to detect WiFi networks. If you’re not sure how to connect Chromecast’s HDMI extender, check out Google’s Chromecast setup guide.

    Even if this isn’t the problem, it’s a good idea to use on the off chance it will improve streaming speeds.

    Change Wifi Network On Chromecast

    How To Change Your Chromecast’s Wifi Network

    It is really easy to change the WiFi Network on your Chromecast in case you had already setup Chromecast and the WiFi network to which Chromecast is connected to is still active.

    However, things can get complicated when you change your Router and the Google Home App on your iPhone or Android Phone is unable to recognize your Chromecast.

    In this case, the best option is to Reset Chromecast and set it up all over again.

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    One: Plug In Your Chromecast And Download The Google Home App

  • Plug your Chromecast into your TV and download the Google Home app on your phone or tablet.
  • Open the Google Home app and tap the devices button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Tap Set Up under the option for your Chromecast and follow the prompts.
  • To set up your Chromecast, youll need the Google Home app , available on iOS and Android. If your Chromecast is a hand-me-down or an eBay find, you might want to take a moment to factory reset it before continuing so youre starting with a clean slate.

    Although there are multiple generations of Chromecast and a brand new app, the general setup process hasnt changed much. First, unpack your Chromecast, plug it in, and wait for it to power up. You can plug the USB cable into the wall using the included adapter, or the USB port on the back of your TV .

    Youll know its ready for setup when see the on-screen prompt, shown below. Note the randomly generated identifier in the lower left corner. Ours is Chromecast0082, but yours is likely different.

    With the setup prompt on your TV screen, nows the time to grab your phone or tablet and connect to the Chromecast to complete the setup process. Depending on which generation of Chromecast you have, the connecting-to bit is a slight different, so pay close attention to the next section.

    Finding And Registering Your Chromecast Mac Address

    You will need to find and register your Chromecast Mac Address so you can complete the Chromecast Configuration process.

  • Choose the UofM-Guest WiFi network.
  • DO NOT touch Next.
  • Touch the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. The screen refreshes.
  • Touch Next. The Chromecast and Home app will link up.
  • Touch Continue. The Almost done! page appears.
  • Review your configuration on the Almost done! page.
  • Touch Next.
  • You may see a screen asking if you want to automatically share data, and crash reports with Google. Touch No thanks or Yes, I’m in depending on your preferences.
  • Touch Finish.
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