How To Connect Fire Stick To New Wifi Without Remote

Connecting With Echo Or Echo Dot

How to Connect Fire TV Stick to Wifi Without Remote

You can also connect using Echo or Echo Dot. In this case, the Echo or Echo Dot will take the place of the second device. Instead of downloading the app, you can set everything up with voice commands.

Start by changing the initial network configuration using your tablet or smartphone, and then use voice commands to connect the Fire Stick to the new network.

Using The Fire Tv App

If you dont have a universal remote control or HDMI CEC remote control, you can connect the Fire Stick to Wi-Fi using the Fire TV app. There is an Amazon Fire TV app for this purpose. It is simple and easy to use.

Please note that it is not possible to connect the Fire Stick to the mobile Internet. It can only be connected to Wi-Fi. So, you will need two devices to make this method work. You can use two smartphones, or a tablet, or both. To connect you need:

  • Install the Fire TV app on your device.
  • Set up an access point on another device using the same SSID and password as your home network.
  • Connect the Firestick to the hotspot.
  • Make sure your device with the Fire TV app is also connected to the access point.
  • Once all connections are made, you will be able to use Fire TV to control the Firestick.
  • Use the app to go to settings and connect your device to the new Wi-Fi.
  • Once the Fire Stick is connected to the Wi-Fi you want, you can disconnect and reconfigure the access point.

    How To Connect Firestick To Wifi Without Remote Smartly

    Hey, so its presently an ideal opportunity to share some simple, best, and savvy ventures with you that will assist you with disposing of the difficulty as fast as could really be expected.

    We trust you are prepared to conquer this issue all alone, isnt that so? Thus, without consuming additional time, we examine the arrangements.

    You have to first do the stated steps and after that you can easily connect Firestick to WiFi without a remote. You can also skip these steps but there are chances of facing troubles. To Setup the device is important. If you will connect Firestick to WiFi after following these suggested steps then smoothly you will succeed to set up Firestick without a remote.

    Kindly have a careful look below

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    How To Pair Your Amazon Fire Tv Stick Remote


  • How to Use Your Phone as a Fire Stick Remote
  • The Amazon Fire TV Stick will turn a regular TV into a smart TV. But it wont be so smart if your remote isnt working. Out of the box, your remote should pair with your Fire TV Stick once you set it up. However, your remote can sometimes lose connection. Here are several ways to pair your Fire TV Stick remote manually, and how you can use your smartphone as a remote instead.

    Use Another Fire Tv Remote

    How To Connect Firestick To Wifi Without Remote 2021

    Since Fire Tv is now available almost everywhere, it wont be difficult finding another remote for your work. You can simply go for the store or else purchase another remote online. We also have an in-depth article on the 13 Best remote replacements for Firestick. You can give that a read to explore some really fun alternatives. Having a remote will surely reduce the difficulties of configuring the WiFi module.

    However, if it takes longer for the remote to arrive at your home, you can simply take the help of any other remote from your friends or the family to get one. Simply press the home button once and then you will be able to get the pairing confirmation message. It takes around 20-40 seconds for the complete setup. Once the setup is done, you will be able to control the application as per your needs.

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    How Do I Download A Remote To My Firestick

    This app is available on both Android as well as iOS devices so to download them just open App Store or Play Store. Now in the search box type Amazon Fire TV and open the first result you see, at this time click Install on Play Store and Get button in iOS. The app will start downloading and it will be able to use in just a few seconds.

    Fire Tv Stick Is A Portable Device That You Can Take With You Everywhere

    How to use fire stick without remote. Use of fire remote app I have not used the actual remote in a long time as i always use the app to control. Whatever your reason is, worry not because weve got you covered.

    Also, if you know of any other way to change the wi. If your remote isnt handy or you have lost it, you may think that its time to buy a new remote or even fire tv stick. When you want to give an order, just press and hold the microphone button, and say alexa, go to cbs .

    Amazon fire tv stick is backward compatible which means you can just grab an old fire tv sticks remote and use it as your default. The remote is compatible with fire tv stick, fire tv stick 4k and fire tv cube products. If you are looking to replace a remote for a firestick, you may find it in your best interest to purchase a new fire tv stick for an additional $10 to $20 depending on the model you get.

    All the four methods are quite easy to perform to access fie tv without having a wireless remote. There are alternatives ways from which you can easily able to control the fire stick without remote. But if you want to reset firestick without remote, you can use your smartphone instead of a remote.

    Use your mobile phone as a hotspot and control your firesticks to the other device. I have been using fire tv stick with remote on my android phone. Download and install the fire tv.

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    The Amazon Fire Tv Stick Is Unboxed

    The first step is to take the fire TV stick out of the box. Youll see everything that comes with it once you unbox it.

    The items that should be included are listed below.

  • Adapter for the Wall
  • controllers
  • In this guide, well remove the batteries and the controller.

    Its simple to connect the fire TV stick to your television once youve unboxed it.

    Why Setup Firestickwithout The Remote

    How to Connect Firestick to WIFI Internet without Remote (Easy Method)

    Setting up your Firestick without its remote is pretty normal and straightforward.

    A vast majority of users might want this option for various reasons, some of which include:

    • Settings on it are extremely limited
    • You might be setting it up for somebody else
    • Privacy reasons

    But the most common reason is that you could have lost it. It could also have damages, or it might just be unavailable.

    Whatever your reason is, worry not because weve got you covered. In the next section, you will learn the Amazon Fire Stick initial setup without the remote.

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    Unboxing The Fire Tv Stick

    The very initial step is to unbox the fire TV stick. Once you unbox it, you will see everything that comes with it.

    Listed below are the items that should come with it.

    • Stick
    • Batteries

    We will take the batteries and the controller away in this guide.

    Once you have unboxed the fire TV stick it is simple to plug it into your television. Mention below is the steps on how you can do this.

    • Insert the USB micro cable into the power adapter
    • Another end of the cable meets the stick
    • Plug your TV stick to the HDMI port of your TV, once you are done with the above steps

    Make sure your TVs input is there, whatever HDMI port you plug it into.

    For example, if you are connected to the HDMI 2 port, charge the input into the HDMI 2 port.

    How Do I Change The Wi

    Unfortunately, you cant change your Fire Sticks Wi-Fi or other internet settings with Alexa voice commands, but you can do so with the following methods when youre without your remote:

    • The Fire TV mobile app. You can use the app as a remote to navigate the Fire Stick UI.
    • A new Fire Stick remote. You can connect up to seven remotes to your Fire Stick.
    • A compatible TV remote. You can use some remotes with HDMI-CEC functionality to navigate a Fire Stick and change settings.

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    Solutions For Wireless Security Cameras Without

    Connect your firestick to the tv and then connect the cec device too. Connecting firestick to wifi without a remote is quite simple.

    A1 h264 1080p remote wireless hidden camera mini wifi ip. And you can be set up the firestick tv by using the following steps:

    Automation rotation selfie stick 360 degree. As you will not have the access to the voice control features of the device, though still can do the navigation to the controls.

    Automation rotation selfie stick 360 degree just for you. But for this technique, you would need at least two devices.

    Automation rotation selfie stick 360 degree just for you. But of course, the tv does not connect and i cant change the network settings without a remote.

    Can i setup a router without a modem cable modem modem. Connect your firestick to the tv and then connect the cec device too.

    Can i use my fire stick while rv camping rvblogger in. Connecting firestick to wifi without a remote is quite simple.

    How to close apps and speed up your amazon fire tv stick. Dog chewed up our remote so we have been using the remote app that connects through wifi.

    Hikvision dvr remote viewing hikvision dvr cctv cameras. Enabling the cec by any of the names on tv will hook up the fire tv stick in an automatic way and then you will be able.

    How can i access multiple blink camera from one account. First, plug the fire tv into the hdmi port on the tv and plug the power adapter in the socket and then boot your tv.

    Smartphone At Your Rescue

    How to Change Wi

    A smartphone is literally a savior in times like these. Chances of forgetting a remote are high, but you cant forget your phone. Do you? Amazon offers an app for all the smartphone users to use Firestick on their TV. But here is a catch! Firestick can only be connected to WiFi and not to the internet on your phone. There are chances that you have connected Firestick to your home network, which is difficult to change at this time. So for solving this problem, you need two smartphones or a smartphone and tablet.

    For a smartphone to work as remote, it is essential to have both Firestick and the smartphone connected to the same WiFi connection. Follow this procedure step-by-step to connect Firestick to WiFi:

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    Connect Firestick To Wifi Without Remote

    A smartphone can always rescue under challenging situations. One can forget the remote control, but never a smartphone. Right?

    Thats why Amazon offers an excellent, handy Fire TV app that you can install on your smartphone to use Firestick on the TV.

    However, a hidden clause says that a Firestick can only be connected to WiFi and not to the Internet on your smartphone.

    You dont need one, but two smartphones or smartphones and a tablet to solve this problem.

    The idea is to connect both the Amazon Fire tv stick and the smartphone to the same WiFi connection. Moreover, you need to follow the following simple steps to connect Amazon Firestick to WiFi without remote:

    Amazon Firestick Setup Without Remote

    Setting up your firestick without a remote is quite easy. You can find the steps listed below,

    Unbox the FireTV Stick

    • Insert the USB micro cable into the power adapter.

    • Ensure that the other end of the cord meets the Stick.

    • Plug the TV stick to the HDMI port of the TV.

    Make sure that the HDMI port is the same as the TVs input.

    • Open the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile.

    • Search for Amazon Fire TV App.

    • Wait for the download and installation to complete.

    • Once it is done, launch the application and select the device.

    For this to work, you need to connect your phone and TV to the same network.

    Sign In or Sign Up

    Once the app is installed, you will have to sign in with your existing Amazon account or create a new account. To do this you will need the following information,

  • Username

  • Email Address

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    How To Use Your Phone As A Fire Stick Remote

    To use your phone as a Fire Stick remote, download and install the Amazon Fire TV app. Then open the app and select your Fire TV device. Log into your Amazon account and enter the PIN that you see on the TV screen into your phone.

  • You can find the app on the for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iPhones and other iOS devices. Make sure you download the app from AMZN Mobile LLC.

    Note: Your smartphone and Amazon Fire Stick need to be on the same Wi-Fi network for the app to work.

  • Then open the app and select your Fire TV device. The app will automatically connect to your Fire TV device. If you dont see your Fire TV Stick on the list, tap New Devices.
  • Next, sign in with your Amazon username and password.
  • Enter the four-digit PIN on your TV into your app.
  • You can now use your phone as a remote control for your Fire TV device. Once pairing is complete, you will see your remote buttons on your smartphone screen. You can continue to use your device as a remote, or use it to pair a new remote by following the steps in the previous section with your app.
  • Trick It With An Identical Hotspot


    When you are in a hotel, or a place where you have a different Wi-Fi network and the Fire TV remote isnt available, you cannot change the Wi-Fi even with the app as its registered with the old Wi-Fi.

    So the trick is to get the Fire TV Stick and the app on the same network. Here we will be combining the above method with a new trick.

    For that, we will connect Fire TV Stick to a new Wi-Fi with the same SSID and password as the old network. That will fool it into believing that its the old network and it will connect automatically. You can then use the app to change the Wi-Fi.

    Also on Guiding Tech

    Here are the steps in detail:


    Step 1: On the first phone, create a hotspot network having the same Wi-Fi credentials as the previous network that’s registered with the Fire TV Stick.

    Step 2: Turn on your TV. Now Fire TV will connect to the hotspot.

    Step 3: Install Fire TV app on the second phone and connect it to the newly created hotspot.

    Step 4: Now that both Fire TV and the app are on the same Wi-Fi, use the Fire TV app to navigate to Settings > Network to update Wi-Fi.

    Step 5: Once your Fire TV is connected to the new Wi-Fi network, turn off the hotspot on your phone. Then connect the first phone to the new Wi-Fi network too and use the Fire TV app to control and navigate Fire TV Stick.

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